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Parliamentary sovereignty and Brexit ==============================



bagehot . the english constitutin.

parlianent is supreme in all things

no parliament may bind its successors.

take back control.

1975 referneudm. membership of EEC will depend on tje continuing assent of parliament

merchant shipping act. factortame.

prorogation. john major 1997.

referendum act

notuc of withdrawl act

withdrawal act

executive power. prorgation.

legislative power.

resolution to delay or prevent brexit.

withdrawl act could with repealed.4

act of accession

european communities act.

ratify treaties.








democracy in the UK


Brexit. prorogue parliament.

people v parliament.

boyel said catholics did not have vote in NI till 1969.

Greek democracy

indian democracy.

anglo Saxons . hunreds. moots. shire moot. shire reeve. witan moot. church and state


parliament 1266. plutocracy

ex officio seats for peers.

supremacy 1642. independence of parliament.


franchise. women.

1790 darlings of democracy

reform acts. representation of the people. before property or territory was represented. 1832, 1866, 1886

chartists. mahood suffrage. annual parliaments. equal constitutencies

secret ballot.

tory democracy. lord randoplh Churchill. opportunism mostly. householders

multiple votes. universities

property. local elections.


constitutional monarcy. dignified crown. no personal crown. above politics. netural

speker. neutral. I have not yees to see nor tngue to spek except as this house give me leave




A dream of the county


OI was driving through my native county. On the north side of the city into the country near Glanmire. I was with the Rosscarbery doctor’s wife. always a figure of loust for me. thought of her as she is an arch Europhile. I do not recall saying anything or doing anything with her. have considered returning to the audld sod to drive again. saw EU protest eusterday.

cannot remember what ahappened next.


Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein =====================


Andrew born 1960. named after grandfather.

gordonstoun. Royal Navy.

married sarah fergsuon. polo manager. mother ran off with an argentine

beatreice and uegenie’.

randy andy.

jhn bryan. financial aviser. topless by pool. kissing her toes.

toe job to no job. the abominable toe man.

Andrew friends with epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell. Robert Maxwell. daily mirror. publishing. friend of communist tyrants. Ghislaine paris born half French. gf of Epstein. set up for her dad in New York

Andrew trade envoy.

Kazakhstan. sold house for way over the odds.

2008 Epstein conviction.

. andrew on plane in house 2010.

accused . does not drink.

presumption of innocence.




dream of Edinburgh, manning, Indians, scott


I was in Kentucky t someone’e house. it was like two dormer bungalows with a patch of grass in the middle. white on the outside. not many people around. I do not recall the furnishings. the day was refulgent. The US Navy sailor was there. So was another American woman. I met the sailor’s father. He was tall, lean and a man of few wordsin a black baseball cap. It was not a gauche moment.

was going to do show in Edinburgh. was there again. I had someone read a review of my performance. I was panned. no one laughing for first few minutes. I was a trifle dispirited. tried to shrug it off.

I met two nubile british indian girls on the street. they were chirpy. suggested going out witht hem. they proved to be unsuitable. I wonder if they represent someone I know.

later I was doing my show. many people were there seated at 360 degrees. some behind me. was like a trump rally in that sense. I watched a don’t be stupud video on trump rallies.

I used some Bernard manning lines. Noticed mr scott in the audience. He comes from c heshire so close to manning. I was successful. do not recall more of my gags. it wa snot the usuall jaded content. I was chuffed. I avoided the blue material as scott was there.

August comedy


start comedy. woman take drink. racist against whites. some of my worst against enemies are white. Indian get us back. curry. teeth marks on the sink. I will never call the n word. nurse. deliver babies of women

trans gender. gf giving birth. poor me. rohypnol ched evans. lioness den

constable. cons table.

constable cunt. molester. sex dream self bj. middle east shoplifting. take it literally.

solve Israel Palestine become a colony. boris Johnson. anne wideecombe. defeat gays.


war against iran

meghan markle. el paso shopping centre. princess diana. royal porn. NHS

. protstae exame

Trump willful ignorance ==================================


belligerent stupidity

entitled to your own opinions not your own facts

comment is free  . facts are sacred.  c  p scott.

incurious. obstinate idiocy.

emotionalises things. preconceived nostra. head in the sand attitude.

confirmation bias. filters according to preference.

inconvenient truth

objectivity. lay aside prejudice.

watn to believability. a fatal lflaw

dispassionate. open minded. intellectual humility. comprehend arguments of the other side

see it from the other angle

trump is volatile . volte face. only cares about numero uno.

rep. dem . rep

guns. iraq. no walk back.

obama founded isis. did not did.

launch missiles on iran. aborted last minute.

Bill Clinton asked the right questions – Colin Powell.

there is truth with the opposite of falsity and it is worth the seeking. John Locke#

trump is against the enlightenment. anti intellectual.

construction. ISIS. deal maker. bsuinessman. milita ry

overestimates his abilities. no aptitude for learning. no scholar#

dunning kruger.

people have committed. to embarrassing to come down

harden their positions. entrenched supporters. invested in him

beliefs disconfrmed. fake news. refuse to face facts. cognitive cowardice

truth hurts . will not acknowledge unpalatable truth