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crowder on the wall============================================


tendentious questions of public concern.

agitates for it.

free market. free labour. if Mexicans work for less… if they are harder eokring, more talented and qualified.

irrefrangible principle of private property. sequester prrvate property

guys coming to your house with guns! taking stuff

why not appropriate property to help the needy.

state land. states rights

big governe,tn. sepnding tax. federal government!

trumps state of emergency. big government. army corps of engineers build it. that is federal government. big government

get private entrepreise to do it.

a dream of bio drama


I was in a large room well lit and luxuriously funished room. There were several white females there. Theyw were in their 20s and 30.s All had raven hair or were brunettes. One looked like angel summers. It may have been before a bio drama shoot. I was encouraged to have my fill with them. I did. Never to the finish. I awoke with wood. Mojo back.

Steven Crowder is wrong on Marxism========================================


critieuq of school of life.

crowder. 16 min video on a 9 min video. gobbets

too brief. relies on misdirection and mirth. superficial. poorly informed on Marxism, sosicalist movements.


neglible intellectual clout.

calling him a bearded faggot. expletives delted

school of life – cerebral, tranquil, cultured, sophisticated

marx did not say how transition to socialist and capitalism would happen.

crowder says democratic socialists are same as Marxist.

Gotha programme.  Marx against democratic socalist. most men did not have votes. limited free press.

1917. Bolsheviks against SRs, trudoviki, Mensheviks also Marxists.


bolsheivks fougt civil war. fought other socialists viciousyly.

communists – monks. Christians.

communism successful in cuba 1960 to 1990. health, education.

moazambique, angola etc…

USSR economic growth.

huge suffering as in capitalist lands.

correct communism bad at innovation.

people who do not work do well in communism.

crowder saod the video pretends to be impartial. it does not. it says that marx s analysis is partly right.

crowder’s example invention. people did not invent land or minerals.

not just work ethic. luck.

”taking all of profit at gunpoint”. same could the same for medicine

”men with guns forcing you to give them yourself” – crowder likes guns

”use of violent force” he fights for fun. he crows of Israel kicking arab ass. he glamourizes hockey players fighting.

glut on the market in capitalism.

overproduction. empty houses. maldistribution.

excess. obesity. tonnes of clothes buried.

USSR almost no one obese.

breadlines in socialist countries . famines in capitalist world too

N Korea in a sense capitalist.

”this is not a factual argument it is a moral one” – crowder. school for life ”marx did not think that capitalsts were evil”

wage slavery. crowder is against minimum wage.

”you believe it is the government s job to encourage unemployemtn” look at high unemployment in US 1930s and udner Reagan. conquer inflaiton

no unemployment in Marxist lands.

crowder on vacations. USA stingiest vacations in western world. no paid maternity leave. many can afford no vacation

USSR vacations – workin in factory according to crowder.

school of life tells us what marx believed – did not say marx was right

marx was anti marriage – crowder. marx was married! communist countries traditional

better outcomes for married people. partly becase richer and healthier people tned to get married

marriage in 19th century underage and no always voluntary. no divorce.

marx on leisure. no paid time off . long hours in 19th cenutry

crowder against government bailing out banks. republicans. George W Bush. McCain. same under reaagn. crowder is pro republican. Trump failed businessman

”violent co ercion” – crowder. capitalist acquired property that way. texas.

”he has no idea to go about curing it” – school of life


british American differnces=====================================


roght to begin a sentence.

shire. county.

groceries. greengrocers.

backpack. rucksack or knapsack

checkers. draughts

draft. conscription. compulsory military service

military. services. forced.

tinnies. beer.

white coffee. black coffee.

high school . Glasgow high school. Dublin high school.

January 14.

4th of july.

dates. micro to macro.

merry Christmas not happy holidays.

shop assistant. clerk.

shop/ store

timely. on time.

assignment. homework.prep (preparation).

prep school.

secondary school.

public school. private school. independent


no thanksgiving.

st patricks day. ////

football involves the feet.




let one go.


”hate on”

hike. ramblers.

fishing pole.


enjoy your meal.



THB that Kashmir is Indian=======================================



Kashmir has been indian for centuries. sikh homeland. Punjab hill state

partition. maharajah opted for India

Pak invaded.

UN ceasefire. vote to be held once Pak withdraws

terrorism. murdereding moderate Muslims. hiundus etc..

aggression. distract from Pak;s own problems. Pak needs ane enmy

so the military industural compelx can lord it over the imporisged masses. keep people weak and divded  in ignorance.

nothing else unites the land. big budgets for army and ISI.

Pak gave land to china.

money through drusg. pak most corrupt country on earth as Cameron said . wealth goes out of the country

India is humane. rule of law. free speech. fair elections. detah penalty v rare. muslims well treated. more muslism in India than in pak. 2 muslim presints.

secular state. woman’s rights.

Pakistan fights in kashmire and denies it



Muslim jaoirty. they want tp be with Pakistan

anti muslim discrimination in India

terrorism in Pak caused by India

illegal occupation. oppression

masisve human rights abuses . disappearance and torrure. slaying ivilains.

many insurgences. Hindutva chauvsnis. intolernac. no freedom of expression

oak is richer. no cows on street.

Pakistan is  bakced by the umma.

azad Kashmir. independence for Kashmir.


THB that abortion should be allowed===========================================


THB that abortion should be allowed


women’s rights. too many kids. contraception

rape, underage , disability incompatible with life

health . anti woman regimes force this on us. religious mania forced on us. we will have bacl stret abortion otherwise.


do notjudge. what about men.

no time limit.



human rights. fetus is human. mass murder. potassium injected into heart

no moral difference bwteen before and after birth.

we allow for medical need. ectopic pregnancy. rape. uterine cancer.

it is killing. depriving of oxygen and nutrients . see the face. DNA, blood group, fingerprint

face in ultra sound.

women died killing soeone else. do not kill somsone

sex education. free contraception. vasectomies. penalize abortionsits not those who pay them

wipe put the human race.



shapiro Judaism and abortion—————————————————–


shapiro against abortion. a distaste I share.

Judaism is his pole star. yarmulke. does not quite wear his philaceteries.

93% of Jewish americans are pro abortion

higher than for any group. prominent pro abortion campainers lgoria Steinem. chuck shcumer etc… goldwater.

from my mother’s womb you knew me named my name

knit me together\

penalties in bible for killing unborn

why does scriptute not more jiwhs people pro life



TH welcomes the rise of china================================================



economy.  enriches all. cheap goods.

peace. resolve issues peacefully Taiwan, india, pak etc… N Korea.

human rights. not a dictatorship. they want strong government. cannot be controlled. development rights. oppose terrorism , dissent. drugs, uneuqla treaties  splittism.

multipolar world. stop US agreession. human right an excuse to attack



oppression. labour camps.. re education. racism. discrimination. brutality against falun gong.

forced abortion. death penalty secret.  huwaie spying.

building islands . kidnapping.

pollution. semi slsvaeyr. unpaid wages. people trafficking.

dark agenda/ .

pro chiense anti regime.