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German anti Brexit letter=======================================



asking UK to stay

goodwill amity.

1945 UK welcomed germany as a sovereign nation. Germany is not sovereign now!

we respect decision. well then do not ask UK to stay.

we will miss pints and panto.

Pints and panto are not going away. anti Brexit warm fug

EU should have made cocnessions before 2016

even after referendum offer something

ungenerous offer now.

Germany should follow the UK out.



This house would abolish exams========================================



exams are unfair reflection of effort and achievemtn

do not prepare people for life and jobs.

fluke. lucky quesitins. time mismanagement’

bad for people with dyslexia. PMT. unfair on females.




life is time linited. working fast is vital

we can also have coursework

women getting better at exams.

courseowkr can be cheated at. plagiarism. internet, people paid to do it. parents and tachers overstep the mark.


no confidence vote===================================


worst defeat in almost a century.

May seems like a malapert

negotiating Brexit was never going to be easy . took the UK 10 years to get into the EEC. there were two refusals. split parties . referendum on staying in.

May fumbled hand dealt her with the election. pact with DUP, have her cake and eat it

DUP want an one border and no single market alignment. want your cake and eat it.

may cut off at the knees by her own party.

Labour being partisan . playng games to gain ground. poisoned chalice to take over

many are hardline remainers

May is insouciant

Corbyn;s troubles may just be beginning . he is remain but used to be leave. no second referendum at odds with party which tried t kick him out

labout heartlands v pro leave/





Brexit defeat====================================


lost by 230. worse than I thought

people vote no for two reasons. remainers and hard brexiteers

may tried to scare hard brexiteers bu saying defeat would lead to styin in the EU. sHE MIGHT be right

humiliation for May.

could not dodge the ssue second time. ducked the vote in december

motion of no confidence. she will survive DUP. but some tories may vote against her.

May’s fays are numbered.

changing PM will not help

another election in feb . no other way

suspend article 50 if EU accepts

uk can cancel Brexit. ECJ confrmed

11th hur attempt to sotp Brexit gathering momentum.



A dream of nono’s demise and that of she-devil


I was in a college perhaps my old one. People sat at tables in hall and conversed merrily. There were sheets of paper on the tables. seemed like a revision session. no food to be seen. maybe this comes from sending messages to Miss McCormick yesternight.

There was something about returning Friday’s child to Suffolk. I am unsure where in the sequence that was. Had spoken to Ludabel yesternight about how irked I was that she devil insisted he be back so soon.

Next I was given some sheet of paper. Said ”we regret…” or some such softening opening. Informed me that Nono had died. I took it with equanimity. Not a pang of grief. Perhaps this comes from another Hibernian Byrne being on his death bed. I did not stir myself. I went some time later to a house where she was. Had she not died in hisptial> Thought the letter was from an infirmary>

Got to the small non desceipt house. did not see the outside. sparsel funished. some grieving relatives sat around all female. do not remember them indivusally. they were not loud in their lamentaitons. Asked where the cadaver was. they directed me to an inner room. I steeled myself. to see her ciorpse would throw me

I went in. there she lay on the bed. she instantly stirred and was cheerfully alive? I was relieve dbut not elated. she chatted to me. it had not been a ruse. the false report of her death did not puzzle me.

suddenly the reported death became of the she-devil. I was not over the moon as I should be. I turned my mind to Friday. What is to become of him. Will Joan take him>/ Shall I? Is that practical> Shall I move there? Be careful what you wish for.

I am cognizant that Nono may not be long for this world. Need to record her and send her a telephonic cable more frequently. IĀ  Do not treasure her. Not since I was 7. I am highly soncious of mortality.



sunk without trace. controversialist.

did not tell truth about name.

drop out. attention seeking contrarian. heakty to puncture conceit and moral authoriatatians

a clown. court jester of breitbart.

compulsive dissent.

provocateur. did he believe what he said?

sometimes. black bf.

engaging. neverĀ  dull moment

performance art. racism.

over reached himself. touched the third rail

a million in debt’ good while it lasted

a cautionary tale

rode the tiger of controversy.