Monthly Archives: May 2014

A dream of Oriental oral.


I bedreamt me that I was nude and in a library – probably the Univ one. There was an Oriental girl wearing a blue jacket and skirt. She took it upon herself to fellate me. At first I pulled away thinking this was immoral. Then I thought the better of it and asked her to continue. 

Later I dreamt I was with Mordashov and his brood. We were on a yacht sailing past some coarse land. Later I realised that it was the Beara Peninsula. In my dreamt it was supposed to be Sardinia. I saw a map yesterday with Alghero on it and wondered whether I had been there last year.



I dream of Louis quite a lot. He was a Canadian I worked for lately. He was a total prick which has nothing to do with his nationality.



I dreamt a few nights ago of being on the street and naked below the waste. I grew self-conscious and tried to hide as I walked along Uxbridge Road. It indicates that I feel vulnerable when in that district. I have been around there to my lock up.

A dream of travel gone wrong


I dreamt I was flying off somewhere. Bizarrely Cherry was saying goodbye to me. This in-law of mine from Oxfordshire is no globe trotter so it was curious that she should have been bidding me adieu. There were not many other people milling about in that small airport. It looked like Bucharest Aurel Vlaicu which is no longer in use but I was in Great Britain. I was flyint to Romania. 

Then she was gone. I met this old woman, Cherry, not long ago and her mother died recently – so like another family I know.

I looked at my boarding pass – the main part was already torn off and gone. The stub was left and stated my desitnation as Bucharest but I was then told by someone I had to fly via Moscow. this clatrified things as the plane about to depart was going to Moscow. Would  be allowed aboard without the major portion of my boarding card? I was nervous. 

I was anxious that my bags would go astray.

 Later I was out on the tarmac. There were a few planeds taxiing by but no other people were on the ground. I was anxious. I had missed my plane and was distressed. I wondered if this was a dream. I touched the ground to see if it was  real – I could feel the tarmac so it was real. So it seemed.

 This reflect my worry about whither I am going and booking a plane to London. There is also my deesire t got to Romania to spend time witj the child. I looked at photso of him yesterday and felt acutely sad that I am not with him.



A dream of the prince


I had a dream the night before last that I was in bed with a young man whom I shall call the prince. I had not had sex with him of any description. I was nude and I presumed he was too. I have not been him in a few months. As I became more aware of being in bed with him I grew very uncomfortable. I reality I was in bed with a woman with whom I had copulated. Her voluptuous physique is very different from that of this youth and she is very white whereas he is very brown. 

A dream about my eldest sibling


The night after I saw my eldest sister I had a dream about her. I made a remark about people having children and she quipped that she would bear that in mind next time she had a child. Her family is complete.

Anyhow – in my revery I was in a large and well lit root. It was daytime and sunlight streeamed in the tall windows. The walls where white and luxurious curtains hung the by the windows. I saw the black and white chequered marble floor. 

I saw a tall slim black man there with a trimmed beard. He was handsome and wore a blue suit. He looked a little younger than me. He was silent and pensive. 

Then it was announced that he was about to marry that sister of mine. I did not think of her real husband. In she came but she was casually attired in a rugger jersey and jeans as is her wont. She announced that she was two months pregnant and was very matter of fact about it.


I have also dreamt that my baby mother is having another child but I protested it cannot be mine since I am incapable of siring more childer. Further I have not had congress with her in a long while. 


Curious dreams


The night before last I dreamt of arriving back in Baku. Was I daft? I had left on 21 December and was returning on 28 Decemer. I would not have had time to get a visa. Anyway, I was going to call Davood and tell him I was back. Sorry I had been deported. Back to the flat to open up. What a state it would be in. But would someone else be there? Davood spoke to me on the phone and was calm 0 unwelcoming but not rude. Later I saw him at a Mediterranean dockside beside a white motor yacht. 


I have been thinking of sending this most objectionable poseur a choice email. I shall wait till after my examinations are out of the way. 


I dreamt of being in Russia. The large building at that estate I lived on. A little snow lay on the ground. 

I was on a train through Central Europe. I saw a ravishing Alpine lake ringed by many trees. The trainw as so smooth and utterly clean. It was a little sunny but not hot. I was on a joyful holiday.

Later I took a cruise on this tranquil lake and felt sublime. I had a cheery conversation with someone. Was Judith with me?

How incongruous that next I was in an abortion clinic. A small and tubby man with black hair was there in his scrubs. He had olive skin and I think I was in Brazil. Tge clinic was none too clean and there were white tiles on the wall. 

A good looking mulatto woman lay on a bed. She looked like one I met in Leather Lane a couple of months back. She looked utterly calm and even indifferent. She did not make eye contact with me or the doctor. There was some strange contraption there for aspiration I assumed. It was a pale yellow and rather old.  It was not attached to her. The female was nude but I did not find this erotic in the least. The doctor asked her how long she had been pregnant and she said ”sete meses” – as in seven months. I was horrified to think a baby so well developed could be killed.

It was a morose and unedifying scene. In another bed a large and very obese woman lay there. She was white and I cannot recall much about her – her hair coloru. Maybe she represents a Russian I met in Milan lately. Again there was a large machine and soon it was put right up to her vagina. I did not see her vagina as such – I saw her side on. The woman was conascious. She was about 30. She seemed far away – not sad not gleeful. 

There was a huge plastic bin – bloodsmeared around the edges. I guessed this was for the discarded bodies of the babies. I did not peer into it. This was a nauseating and a sorrofwul episode. I wonder why it came up.

I saw something on faceboook about this very vexatious subject. Maybe tghat is what inspired the dream.