Fuck off Meghan Markle


Fuck off Meghan

Meghan Markle is a disgrace. You could be forgiven for thinking that this willful woman was hellbent on destroying the British monarchy. Grasping, deceitful, vain, twofaced, treacherous and manipulative – that is enough about her good traits. Her Royal Highness has been a walking disaster zone since the day she wed Prince Harry.

It could have been a Hollywood script. It was the Prince and the Showgirl. But it has turned into a bedroom farce. It is a horrid tale of being woke! MM wants the royal family to be the shock troops of me too but she ignores her husband’s sexual harassment of women despite photographic evidence. The woman is a political extremist. Her views are two standard deviations from the mean. The miserly pair have dragged the family name through the mire.

Look at the Queen’s honourable life. She has been blameless. Her family must cause her to hide her face and weep. Her motto has been service before self. With Meghan Markle it is self-service before all.

The Duchess of Sussex may believe herself to be the biggest royal martyr since Charles I was decapitated. But she is more like Cromwell than a king. Meghan wanted to be the cynosure of all eyes. She achieved her highest ambition yet gripes about it.

What is the difference between Meghan and Oliver Cromwell? One was a cold hearted, calculating tyrant who destroyed the monarchy. The other one lived in the 17th century.

The House of Windsor bent over backwards to accommodate Miss Markle. They strove to make this woman feel welcome. But nothing was good enough her. She thought she was more majestic than the Queen. At her wedding she was bridezilla. She threw a hissy fit over her tiara. She complained that St George’s Chapel Windsor was not nice enough. She reduced Kate Middleton to tears by insulting her child’s dress. Despite the millions spent on her second wedding nothing was good enough for her. At her wedding she chose to wear virginal white. At least she has a sense of humour!

Prince Harry is under her spell. Did she seduce him in every sense? She may have learnt her amorous arts in security acting roles. She has always been on the make and on the take. Friends and relatives are the merest trifles to her. They are instruments to be used on her climb to the top. Once someone is no longer exploitable she casts this person aside without so much as a backward glance. The woman is utterly bereft of any sentimentality. But my God can she feign it when needs be. She can turn on the waterworks to garner sympathy. The thing is to never forget that she is an actress par excellence. And she never stops acting. Beneath the performance there is no personality. All the world’s a stage! At her wedding her demeanour was completely composed. It was as though she was playing a part. It is apt that she has self-belief. But this was not acting a bride it was being a bride.

The contrast between Meghan and Kate is enormous. They are about the same age. There the similarities end. When Kate is asked a question she looked transfixed by terror. She is petrified of making a mistake. She does not wish to let the side down. Princess Kate cares about her family’s reputation. She is reputable. Amiable vacuity does well for her. She is thought free and blessed with grace in generous measure. She is always immaculate in word, deed and garment. The female is unobtrusive, anodyne and unopinionated. By the age of 29 she had achieved no more than gracile calves. Her banality ensures she never puts a foot wrong. The princess comports herself with a dignity that it would profit Meghan to study.

Princess Meghan need to put a sock in it. We do not need to be bored rigid by her incessant moaning. This woman married into the House of Windsor. She was attracted by the glitter but more by the full spectrum publicity. Having stepped into the gilded cage she has no business complaining about it. Being a princess is a step up after a scapegrace youth. She does not appreciate that being a princess is not something tawdry. Harvey Weinstein would know how to close her cakehole.

The Duchess of Sussex wishes to be herself. It is a desire which born members of the royal house have expressed. The trouble is they fulfill a role that is not personal. Kingship is an office as is queenship. Likewise the same holds valid of being a prince or princess. Such a person is to discharge his or her office in a fitting fashion. It ought to be well understood by members of the royal house that it is not just about you – what you want or do not want. It is about what is best for the survival of the dynasty and the service of your subjects.

The Duke of Sussex was a damaged child. His mother was a negligent egomaniac. This troubled young man sought a substitute mother. That is why he fell into the arms of an older woman who affects the same persona has his academically disastrous emotionally unstable mother. Unfortunately the duke suffers the same psychological debilities as his late mother of unhappy and inglorious memory. Harry is cognitively challenged. He only got one A level – Art – and that was because his teacher did his coursework for him as her secret recording of him proved. The flame haired prince a fiery temper as red heads are notorious for. His disputed paternity cannot have failed to cause an identity crisis.

How pitiful that the duke fell into the arms of a consummate back stabber. MM is notoriously duplicitous. Look at her record of broken friendships. The woman is heartless. If she calculates that it will advantage her to cast her husband aside she shall do it again.

The duke has always nursed a grudge against the media. He blames journalists for his mother’s death. He ought to blame Dodi for having a drunkard drive the car. The driver is to blame for being three times over the limit. He should not have been doing double the speed limit. Some papparazzi wanted photos. No need to outrun them. Which is worse a photo or death? A million photos had been taken of Diana. One more made no difference. Diana is partly culpable for failing to obey the law and wear a seatbelt. But since that day the prince has been a sworn enemy of certain sections of the press. His ire has been misdirected. His goodwife has been able to exploit this fury of his and misdirect it at the media instead of her. At least this choleric young man is no longer committing battery against photographers. They say to command others one must first be in command of oneself. Harry’s explosive temper renders him unfit for his title. How on earth was he commissioned as an army officer? Someone so volatile could commit war crimes. His harum scarum youth would have made him a decent squaddy.

At first the golden couple garnered acres of laudatory coverage. This was despite their disregard of protocol. Adult members of the royal house do not touch each other in public. But these two lovebirds could not keep their hands off each other. Have they no decorum. They wish to behave like this but that is not the royal way.  Wearing ripped jeans when on show caused negative comment. When you are a member of the royal family every sartorial choice is not just about you. This woman considers dressing respectably to be infra dig.  She represented the United Kingdom and all the other Commonwealth realms. On her royal profile she listed herself as a feminist. This is partisan. No member of the royal family would declares themselves to be anti-feminist so saying you are feminist is just as bad. She is a divider and not a uniter.

The honeymoon with MM soon faded. Her true personality asserted itself. When the disobliging truth was told she found it intolerable. If you choose to become royalty then you have to take the rough with the smooth. As a princess Meghan was accorded more attention than she ever dreamt of, extraordinary deference and lived in the lap of luxury. The price you pay for this fairy tale lifestyle is that people will sometimes say things which are less than complimentary. Whenever anything that she did not like was published she threw a temper tantrum. This prima donna was forever playing the race card. She really is Queen of the Snowflakes. Such claims of racialism are spurious. Her Royal Highness claimed much vaunted victim status. A royal victim? Get over yourself. Or as she would say – check your privilege.

Some journalists had the temerity to look into Meghan. She has a past. It is not pretty. Her life is an unedifying tale of infidelity and selfishness. Actresses tend to be catty and envious. But they way they all but universally asperse MM says something.

When Princess Harry embarked on his intimate liaison some courtiers were perturbed. Their worst fears have been far surpassed by this woman’s monstrous misconduct. But at first perhaps some new blood seemed welcome. Harry had been fished out of a stagnant gene pool. The progeny of any intercourse with the American would not be a mutant inbred.

Meghan went on a man hunt. She brought him back alive.  How could Harry lower himself to boning someone so cheap? It was less she stoops to conquer and more he stoops to bonk her.

MM did middling well in Tinsel Town which is a morass of immorality. She brought those mores with her. The woman is a media ho. Someone who weds into the Windsors does not have to be an exhibitionist. She is a show off without much to show off about.

What do we know about Meghan? She clearly craved the limelight. She got it! She was an actress and a ruthless arriviste. Friends and relatives were cast aside when they did not serve her purposes. The princess is shallow, materialistic, heartless and utterly mercenary. No wonder she is known as ‘me again’. This female has already wrecked two families and she is well on her way to wrecking a third. But of course we are all supposed to pity her!

The unscrupulous scamp soon showed her true colours. The woman is a charlatan. Sadly her victim, er, husband has not the light to see that. The female is a rapscallion, a blackguard and a mountebank. She has trash talked her own blood.

Meghan is a shameless social climber. She was also a passable actress. She subscribed to every view that was en vogue. She was very fashionable and an attention seeker. When she became a princess it was her wet dream come true. This supposed avowed enemy of privileged strove might and main to be privileged. As a washed up B list actress she did well to bag a prince.

Only a year into their marriage the wheels came off. The couple seemed to be as close as ever. But when the media dared to say an unflattering word about her they went ballistic. They could not abide it when the press exercised its rights. These two think that entirely sycophantic coverage is no more than their due. They want a cult of the personality. Sorry Meghan but this is not North Korea!

Rightly or wrongly tens of millions look up to the royal house. Some Windsors try their damndest to be worthy of the kudos they receive. It behoves royalty to bear themselves with dignity. MM is unmannerly be contrast.

Meghan should be grateful to us and not us to her. She is egocentric, self-indulgent and poisonous. She demanded media attention but only on her own terms. You cannot always get your own way. If you invite the media into your private life by choosing a wedding to broadcast live around the world then you do not get to tell the media to butt out when it suits you. Her attention addiction can never be satiated.

I would like to ask HRH Meghan, ‘What first attracted you to this prince?’. The idea that this woman is into equality makes me vomit. The Princess of Equality. Per-lease! Isn’t there something a teensy bit inegalitarian about a monarchy? She was a crashing snob and a gold digger. She is a Social Justice Warrior is extremely acquisitive and never gives a bean to the poor. She likes to pretend to care about the poor.

What did she find so alluring about His Royal Highness Prince Harry? Was it his educational failure? Was it killing brown people in Afghanistan? Was it his racist screeds?  Was it his violent assaults on journalists? Was it his drug addiction? Was it his frequenting of strip bars? None of this is very ‘woke’. The idea that she liked him for his character is ludicrous. He was the antithesis of the PC warrior that she is.

It is hard not to feel a modicum of sympathy for HRH the Duke of Sussex. He grew up in a dysfunctional family. He comes from a broken home. His parents had the most public divorce of all time. His mother was a London public bike from the mid 1980s. Her passion to find a cure for AIDS might not have been disinterested.  Princess Diana was born Lady Diana. Yet her behaviour was anything but ladylike. In fact she was as ignoble as can be. Not that this is uncommon among royalty. Other members of the family have often behaved disgracefully.

Harry was one adored. People showed forbearance for his puerile antics. His swastika armband and use of the word Paki were swiftly forgiven. He showed his penis to women in Las Vegas. That is a me too moment. Meghan why aren’t you calling for your husband to go to prison as a sex fiend?

Whatever happened to the fun prince Harry? The roister doister has gone. Tigger has well and truly lost his bounce. He has become dull, dull, dull . He has gone fro rambunctious to sanctimonious. He has been bewitched. Now Harry is under the thumb of MM.

The Duke of Sussex was once very popular with the media. He took the press corps to the pub and picked up the bill for them. Small wonder that Fleet Street ate out of his hand. The clown prince was forgiven for all his gaffes. He was down to earth and genuine. Then along came the temptress.

Meghan is a Lady MacBeth figure. She has her dimwit wrapped around her little finger. All of a sudden he was on board with every PC idea there is. There was a rumour that their infant would be raised gender fluid. They wave the flag for gay pride. Doubtless their highest ambition is that their child is transgender in self-understanding and undergoes a sex change live on television.

We are told that Meghan care for the poor. The give your money away! But oh no she will never give a penny. If she did her PR team would shout it from the rooftops. Donating to charity is for the peasants. Meghan and Harry simply virtue signal rather than have real virtue. On trips to meet the poor they pose for a minute and then go away. They are pharisees. The same goes for most royals.

MM is a partisan figure. She thinks she is a politician. She appears to believe she can advocate for tendentious causes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Princes and princesses are not supposed to be the stormtroopers of ultra liberalism.

The royal house is supposed to be a team. They say do not hit a man when he is down. When Prince Andrew was reeling from the fallout after his cataclysmic interview Meghan released a statement that was a dig at him. So much for family solidarity! She demands unstinting support from her new family. But such loyalty is strictly a one way street. She treated her staff like dirt. Many loyal retainers have been dismissed because they cannot manage her mood swings. She is a non violent psychopath.

Harry should stop mewling over media stories. He needs to grow a pair. What a cry baby! He was supposed to be a soldier! Now this poor witless freak parrots the most nauseating liberal pieties

She who lives by the media shall die by the media. You cannot court maximum publicity and then whinge when you get it. She knew what she signed up for. As MM said herself in an interview British friends warned her the media would sometimes attacks her. Heedless of these she charged headlong into offending Fleet Street.

Meghan would not tell us anything about the birth of the baby. Kate and William did it so differently. Who are the godparents of Archie? We were not told. What if it is someone totally unsuitable? Archie not even a proper name. They wanted to keep things private. As a royal the one thing you do not get is privacy. Her claim of invasion of privacy founder on her constant intrusion on her own privacy. No one forced herself to have the vaulting ambition to bag a prince.

MM went into this advisedly. She was counselled not to wed Harry by her British friends as she vouchsafed in an interview. This woman did not have the excuse of being a naif or an idiot like Diana.

At Wimbledon MM demanded dozens of seats around her be cleared. She had the temerity to tell her bodyguards to ask people not to take photos. The guards are there to stop her being shot with a gun not with a camera. It is sickening.

Harry and MM’s climate change hypocrisy is notorious. They are pharisees. It is nauseating that they should be so moralistic. Do as I say not as I do! Practise what you preach! They are too tight fisted to pay for their own transport. They always take freebies.

The royal couple gave overly frank interviews. Their tell it all style shattered the royal mystique. They have unlearned the lessons of the 90s. But they are aggravating the mistakes of the 90s. Why not wash your dirty linen in private. Remember Bagehot said – don’t let too much daylight in on the magic. They have shattered the mystique of monarchy. People looked to the monarchy for leadership. We felt all was right in the world. They royal family are like tender parents. But parents need to be strong and resilient. Where is the fortitude? There is no stiff upper lip now. Self-control has been abandoned in favour of unrestrained emotionalism.

The couple took a well-deserved six week holiday in Canada. They did nothing to take a break from doing nothing. Nice work if you can get it! These whingebags should man up!

Yes, some newspapers published articles which were not to their taste. But the misconduct of this pair was unpalatable. They are their own worst enemies. They could have ridden out the storm. If they had carried on public duties their image would have improved.

On returning to the United Kingdom the couple made a bombshell announcement without informing the Queen. Harry and Meghan said that they wished to bow out of being front rank royalty. They will ‘work towards financial independence.’ This pair of freeloaders want to take public money without even showing up to public events. How long will this transition to actually earning a living take? Will it be one year or ten years? In the meantime, this lot of tight fisted scumbags will take public money. People on minimum wage have to subsidise these two!

People had to pay £2.4 million to refurbish the house of this couple. What a charmed life they lead. £2.4 million is more money than most ever earn. But these two are total ingrates. They are entirely unappreciative of the largesse shown to them.

These two did not have the common courtesy to tell the Queen first. The poor old woman found out from the media. What a kick in the teeth for an ailing 93 year old. The monarch is worrying about her dying near centenarian husband. She did not need this problem dumped on her without warning. To add insult to injury they have threatened a tell all interview if they do not get their way. This is outright blackmail. One of their media pals who made a documentary with their cooperation revealed this. The royal family is being held to ransom. Meghan’s contemulious treatment of the monarchy is par for the course. She has previous. Look what she did to her own family and to her husband.

Meghan and Harry are totally ill-mannered. How badly brought up can you be? They are completely self-centred. They have no sense of duty. They received adulation and £4 million tax free in public funds a year but that is not enough for them. Is their no end to their avarice? They are so tawdry. The woman is a crass Crassus. They are not common and they have no common decency.

The statement realeased by the Frogmore couple was revealing. It mentioned ‘a progressive new role’. Are we to understand the word ‘progressive’ in the political sense? That is most unbecoming.

The duchess has got everything she wanted from the House of Windsor. She is a malcontent. Harry dances to her tune. Meghan clearly wears the strap on in the relationship. She is a ball breaker. She may soon follow a well worn path to a divorce lawyer and clean out her hubby. It is sick making.

We are told that Harry and Meghan will make their own living. How? They have branded the name Royal Sussex. Some people applaud them for wanting to work. Work? They will simply sell tacky trinkets and garments. This is capitalising on their regal status. It is as low as you can go.

People say Harry will never be king. I would not be so sure. All it takes is a plane crash. Exclude these scumbags from the succession now!

This gruesome twosome wants it both ways. They want the kudos of royalty without the few restraints it places on their behaviour. Harry is an unprincely as it gets. They wish to shamelessly exploit their royal titles to make money. Capitalising on their HRH status is as tawdry as it gets. The Crown is dragged through the gutter. Why not set up a royal brothel for God’s sake! Knowing Meghan it would probably be a Royal Abortion Clinic. She thinks she is like Charles I. The difference is she wants other people to be decapitated – babies.

Even if the couple jettisons their royal handle they will still be popularly known as prince and princess. They can shamelessly monetise their erstwhile royal status. They will rake in the cash. These freebooters are beneath contempt.

If these two really want out then renounce their royal status. No more titles, not a penny from the taxpayer and no security paid for. Harry would struggle to get a job as a security guard in a car park. This educationally subnormal, psychologically unstable brute is unworthy of the position he holds.

Harry even sported a beard whilst a full-time army officer. Army officers need a dispensation to wear a beard. This is granted for a dermatological condition that makes shaving inadvisable. It should not be given simply because he is pogonophile.

In 2019 Meghan and Harry toured Africa. This was poverty porn. They were posing as friends of the needy. But these two with their unearned tens of millions are niggardly. They never give a brass farthing to the impecunious. The privileged pair met the underprivileged and terminally ill children. Meghan then expressed her sorrow for – herself. One might have thought meeting an AIDS stricken child would put her own travails in perspective. It is beyond parody!  What a maudlin scene! A princess has to endure people not worshipping her. How does she bear it? A dying child was not poignant by comparison. Such navel gazing is nauseating.

The royal couple’s interest in charity is solely skin deep. They are simply poseurs. After they take the photo opportunity it is over. There is no altruism to them.

MM will always hide behind her race. She is about 20% black. I do not care if she is 100% black. No race is bad. The one thing I would never criticize about her is her ethnicity. But having black ancestry does not entitle her to get away with anything. Harry should be castigated too. He knew the rules. He allowed himself to be cajole by his wife. This female clearly wears the trousers. She has exploited her husband’s intellectual inferiority. He should be classified as a vulnerable adult.

Harry has been guilty of dereliction of duty. He ought to have toughed it out. Other members of his family endured far worse. He braved the Taleban but not the media. If the press really is the foe then this is desertion in face of the enemy. If he had stayed and reformed himself his reputation would have improved. His father was despised in the 90s and is popular now. The Prince of Wales manfully carried on. He did his duty. Eventually he earned public respect.

The pair have a duty to the Commonwealth. They are remiss to say the least. MM knowingly took on these duties. There were 2 000 000 000 other men she could have married. It was indecent of her to fail in her duty so soon.

Look at the caning that Camilla Parker-Bowles took in the 1990s. She was the most reviled person in the realm. She endured hate mail and death threats. She was the wicked witch of the West Country. She was a stock joke for vulgar comics. She never once whined. Mrs Parker-Bowles gave no interviews. She tried to be discrete. She underwent the indignity of hiding in the boot of a car countless times to be spirited in and out of royal estates. However hurt she was she did not let it show. She did not blub but soldiered on. The people have come to accept her. Those who have run afoul of the press should sometimes blame themselves.

I shall strive to be kind. I wish to redress the balance. HRH the Duchess of Sussex has her talents. She is an accomplished actress. She is lissom and well togged out. She has a few bedrock beliefs. She has drawn attention to what she feels are worthy causes. It is true that she has been the victim of racial slurs on the wilder quarters of the internet. Lunatic rumours are abroad that her infant is suppositious or else a mannequin.

Her Royal Highness Princess Meghan has her partisan supporters. Her fervent fans will excuse well nigh all in her case. Entrenched defenders of the duchess are convinced that she is smeared simply due to her race. Now the actress is being a tragedian.

The court case between the Daily Mail and Meghan reminds us why the royal family almost never takes legal action. The princess may have to take the witness stand. She has bad mouthed her father nonstop. Her claims that he was bad to her are bogus. Soon he will testify under oath about how good he was to her and how coldly she shunned him even when he was on death’s door. The name of Windsor will be besmirched yet again.

Harry and Meghan are disloyal, arrogant, self-absorbed and self-pitying. Some people feel the UK is disgraced by them leaving these shores. But most of us can do without them. These two are so forlorn. We have failed them! I do not think it tristful that they are buggering off. Why should they be in tenebrous mood? They are off to enjoy a life of ease. The conceited couple are no loss to Britain. Their staggering self-regard is part of a wider malaise among certain people of my generation.

MM is impossible to work for. She has sacked many household staff.

This pair should not scapegoat the press. They should not make up allegations of racialism. They are talking Britain down. It is sick making. These jaded accusations should be stopped.

Prince Harry is a caitiff. If the media is his foe then he should stand and fight! Instead he is slinking off to Canada in a cowardly fashion. It is a shameful abandonment of his post. He is a poltroon for not leading his people. He has stained the honour of his family.

The couple say they wish to work for a living and eschew royal duties. They suggest that they will not be trading on the royal name. Are you having a laugh? What work will they do? They shall not be waiting tables or working in a factory. Their so-called work will be making public appearances. They might lend their name to some goods or services. It will be all about prostituting the monarchy. Therefore they shall not be shunning the limelight one bit. They will make their filthy lucre through publicity. The only difference to their royal role is there will be no modicum of restraint, decency or service in their new life.

The nerve of this pair in expecting Canada to shell out for them is beyond belief. Have they no shame? It is breathtaking that Justin Trudeau wants to do so. People struggling on pitiful wages will have to pay the bill for these chancers. As these two have quit Britain’s shores the UK do not have to exorcise the demonic duo. Canada is a Commonwealth realm but I fear not for much longer. The couple are not going their to serve the people. They are going there for themselves.

Meghan’s first marriage lasted two years. Will this one be any different? In two years she has managed to cause enormous heartache to millions of British people. Yet she thinks she is the victim! They say a man looks for a woman to replace his mother. In finding someone sordid, self-obsessed, self-pitying, greedy, meretricious, promiscuous and traitorous Harry could not have done better. This malignant narcissist is a pestilential curse on Britain. This low life should jog on! They are rightly regarded with derision.

I can say without fear of contradiction that I speak on behalf of most British people when I tell her that she is most cordially invited to fuck off. I pity the Canadians. Why should the much put upon Canucks pick up the tab for this freebooter? This cheapskate should pay for her own security. If the Canadians wish to host this ingrate they are welcome to her. She will be the death knell of the Canadian monarchy.

Good riddance!

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Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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  1. She is crazy trying to destroy the Royal Family like her broken faimily too.No Up-Bringing all!She is maipulating Harry-its very obvios she is usng hin..How glad she had to get a Child immediately to her her Security!-what a Shake! She is not even aware she dont even know how to walk with High-heel shoes hahaha!—She is very far to compare from Kate:Educated,Respectful and Obedient serve to be d future Queen. ..MEGHAN GO BACK WHERE YOU BELONG TO YOUR BASTARD ENVIRONMENT.LEAVE HARRY ALONE!

  2. As a Canadian and a royal fan, it was clear to me that MM had plans of using her title to pursue her career, She a “c” category actress hoping to achieve fame using her sad pouse as her crutch. Look at every pic she directly looking into the camera. As a Canadian I refuse to pay for her residency. She deserves every criticism she deserves. She thought being n American she would change the monarchy. Dream on Meaghan and shame on you Harry.. ever question your lineage and the royal house still accepted you.

    She will be gone in 2 to 3 years,she has run away once by herself and again with the child

    Grow up Harry.

    Love the Royal forever but not MM or Harry. Welcome to the real world hope you are prepared


    • The media hopes to make us regular followers of the “Markles”. We’re stuck with them because the media thinks the “Markles” are a revenue source– and the “Markles” love the media. Nothing to do but ignore them.

      • Harry wants to be the king over the water. M and H have clearly got their PR people to tell them have to inflict the maximum reputational damage on the Windsor. M and H aretrying to make the story run and run. They might try to reveal more shocking claims. Wait till they name the person who allegedly asked about Archie’s colour. They will probably accuse Charles or William. Meghan will then say her father molested her.

  3. This is all well-written, except you didn’t need to trash Diana and Kate to make your point. That weakens your argument against this narcissistic, lying model-actress who fooled a prince into marrying her. No one has ever been less deserving of being called royal. She is trash. Diana and Kate were never that.

  4. Wow, just came across this, and you pretty much nailed it.
    Even Harry now, commenting on Captain Tom Moore, while he’s living it up in America… I just want to him to shut up and leave us alone.
    Guessing he’s missing home, but he made his bed. And that wretched creature is sharing it with him.

  5. You say it all . As a Canadian my only bone of contention is Trudeau did not agree to pay their expenses. They have about $23 million in Canadian dollars and can damn well pay for their own expenses. Meghan and Harry betrayed Canadians too with their lies about how wonderful Canada is and how they wanted to live here. Meghan said she would never go back to the US when Trump was president. Guess where they are now. LA is an obvious choice. She will be back on the screen in a flash. No Grace Kelly here. She did give up her career to marry Prince Rainer. I suppose now she has Harry in tow she will think she is a big time celebrity and get bigger movie parts. As for the US about the only thing Trump has done that I agree with is saying they will get no financial support from the US

  6. Hi Caller, I’m American. Can you please tell me whether or not you personally write all the things on your blog, or is this a team of writers? I only ask because it’s an impressive amount, and I was just feeling impressed with myself about how I can knock out a decently detailed page-long blog entry in about 10 minutes, but then I found your blog. Secondly, and as to the topic, I think the greatest asset of the UK’s monarchy was actually Meghan, the Dutches of Sussux, and dare I say for obvious reasons. Meghan would have helped the monarchy appear truly relevant to the entire world, Meghan has that universal appeal quality, which Catherine, the Dutches of Cambridge does not have. Seeing photos of Kate visiting Africa after Mexit was just highlighted the obvious gap, like someone is missing, where’s Meghan? Then, the rest of the world’s regular and downtrodden people (especially among non-European ethnic people) see that she was driven out of the UK more than anything, which is what I honestly suspect is how people even outside of the US feel. So, wouldn’t it have been wise for the people and media of the UK just to be a little more forgiving of her nontraditional background, family issues, and other flaws, via a stiff upper lip? At some point it should have become obvious that things were going too far with all the bad press and thousands of nasty comments. In the end, even if Meghan is a spoiled bratt, the monarchy and the UK to some extent, lost. Sometimes it’s better to just let things go, for the greater good. Meghan would have eventually adapted better if given more of a chance, and in five years or so, would have ensured the Monarchy’s relevance to the rest of the world for several more generations. It’s possibly too late now, unless she and Prince Harry decide to return to their royal duties, which seems unlikely. The Monarchy, the newspapers and the entire UK would need to have an apology campaign to get them back.

    • Dear Dakota, I write most of it but there are items on the blog by others. Meghan has her virtues. She was not driven out of the UK. She received some negative coverage. Everyone gets that. She was also extolled by sections of the media. No one expelled her! She can come back any time. The departure was Harry’s decision too. Thanks for liking my blog. Please tell others. See my you tube channel ‘George from Ireland’. I teach people online, help people with essays and I translate documents from various languages. Yours, Calers.

    • Oh pleaaassee, what a bunch of baloney! We in the USA can’t stand her. Always whining about something or another, talking about helping global environmental issues, all the while flying around in a jet that uses fossil fuels. Yea, right! Hypocrisy from both of them. They are vain attention whoremongers. Someone else mentioned she is always smiling into the camera, yes she is. There are very few pictures of her when she is not. I personally had not even known she existed until she became the newest Harry addiction. I wish they would go somewhere else and live their little fantasy. Somewhere, oh well like Antarctica. She won’t help anyone other than herself. Someone please take them!

      • Never heard of her—like, EVER—before she started banging Harry. 🤣 Supposedly she is an “actress”—couldn’t name one thing she’s been in if someone pointed a gun at me. Was she on a tv show/game show/infomercial/diarrhea ad/etc. or something??? 😄 I think I remember that she was married before. Also, I never would have guessed that she was black before—not that I GAF either way, much less that it matters—but I had no clue til they put it front and center as a BFD.

        Love their attention whoring in every damn place they move to—if they couldn’t deal with CANADA—like, the nicest, most polite people on the planet—why the F are they HERE?? We don’t want ‘em either.

        They keep on whining about their “privacy “, but they never STFU from the constant bitching and apparently can’t stay out of public view any longer than the time it takes for a nanny to change the royal crotchfruit’s diaper. 🤮

        Then the interview with Oprah. 🙄 Yup—exactly what one does when one just “wants to be left alone”—book an audience with Oprah. 😂 Didn’t watch—can’t stand them, but you can’t get away from the media coverage of this dumpster fire even on the local news—it’s a top “news story”. 🥱 If they’re going to accuse other royals of whatever shit they’ve allegedly done/said to her, then she needs to NAME whomever she’s accusing. It’s a shit ton of “she said/they said”—whatever. Fuck it. This BS about some mysterious “someone” saying things about her/her spawn/whatever doesn’t hold water unless she says WHO said it. It’s total chickenshit at best for her to accuse some anonymous entity. F her.

        I can’t understand the fascination with this whole mess. Tired of the over saturation of it on every media platform—you can’t turn on the tv where it’s not the main story for at least 10 minutes. GTFOI, everyone. I cannot understand why people are concerned with the “problems”—seemingly self-inflicted—of a couple of pampered, spoiled individuals who make more money simply by whining and sitting on their privileged asses than most people ever will in a lifetime. What a load.

    • I’m not from the UK, but even I can understand why the Brits got so angry about her conduct. She did nothing but complain nearly right from the get go, she barely worked during her 18 months stint, preached to the small people while spending more tax payer money than any other member of the royal family and vacationing with private jets, and showed a level of entitlement which really was revolting. And the last drop was all the fuss about her son.

      Sorry to break it to you, but the bad press she got was fully deserved and completely her own doing. She behaved and still behaves appallingly. I’m sure no one would have lifted an eyebrow over small faux pas here and there. People understand that we all start somewhere. What people do not easily forgive are lies, hypocrisy, greed, bullying, and entitlement.

      I am very happy she’s gone, and do not miss her one bit. I gladly choose a warm, genuine, honest person like Catherine over a narcissistic sociopath like her any day. Things would be even better if she apologised to the RF and the British people for her abominable behaviour and then shut up forever to enjoy the privacy the says she craves so much.

  7. I found myself excited in the beginning and happy for Harry. I adored them both/ Then I saw that wedding and I thought…too much pomp. It should have been toned down. A simple dress, no tiara, quiet ceremony. I think if they had kept their lives low key and focused on their marriage and having a quiet life within the royal household and confines they could have been quite happy. Megan was foolish and ill advised about royal life. She has lost her own family, her friends and Harry has lost everything. I wish they had just stayed home at Frogmore and enjoyed life without the need to “change the world” or “use their platform”. It’s all nonsense. They could be home among family, in a protected environment, estranged from no-one, enjoying the perks and still make a difference thru their patronages and benefit events. People and press would have adored them both and all would be well. What a shame it turned out like this….for all involved.

    • Exactly. I was a fan in the beginning—I enjoyed the wedding and all—I even got up at an ungodly hour to watch in the US—but then the whining and bitching began—especially after the appearance of the royal crotch fruit—and I got tired of them real quickly. 🙄

    • This was never what she wanted. She uses the royal family as a stepping stone to up her ‘career’ in Tinseltown. Through Harry she has gained the global outreach she craved all her life but would never have achieved on own merit. So much for her feminist beliefs.
      Even now she cannot shut up. She says she couldn’t cope with the UK and wanted privacy. Fine, she’s back in Callie, with more money than she could ever dream of. Yet the only person who deprives her of the craved privacy is herself.

  8. It’s far worse. She has a hard core porn past, easily dig up on internet porn sites. The Palace background checkers did a terrible job. She has no place in the royal family.

  9. Great read you hit the nail on the head. Canadians ie,The Tax Payors Federation of Canada, estimated their security costs to be 100 thousand dollars for their short stay here. What a couple of parasites. A petition was posted to social media,calling for Canadians to sign in order for us not to foot the bill for their security. As far as I am concerned this selfish bitch owes Canadians money, and her dim witted husband as well. The RCMP provided their security at Canadian tax payers cost WTF. I now officially hate Turdo.

  10. As people across the Globe are dying, and families are ripped apart by job losses and debts, seems this blog sums it all up rather well, they are MAGGOTS who would take the pennies out of a dead mans eyes.

    • These detestable parasites care for none but themselves and then have the nerve to call themselves charity workers. Neither has even given a bean of their unearned millions to the needy. Prince Harry’s grandfather is dying and they choose to attack the family. Meghan brags of being compassionate. So pick up the phone to your father who is alone and infirm.

  11. She’s a complete disgrace. She likes to play the victim card. Harry’s a real fool. They deserve each other. They will eventually fade into obscurity. Hopefully it will be sooner than later. Someone needs to put a sock in their dirty mouths. The Queen should strip them of their titles as they are nothing more than lazy , photo op, money hungry narcissist.

  12. I can’t really understand why they can’t have their issues sorted directly with the family and why they want to destroy them by going public with their bulldust.
    What end game are they after?? They have their own family to raise and they should concentrate on that….what you reap is what you sow…..maybe one day their family will sell them out for a quick buck!

    • They are airing all these grievances. It is hugely disrespectful. No family would want all these internal disputes publicised. Their end game is fame and money.

  13. A year+ on and still so relevant. Can’t believe she’s getting so much air time. At first I thought she was a breath of fresh air for the Royal Family and rooted for her. But there seemed disparity between her behaviour and what she voiced, something didn’t stack up, e.g. her behaviour at Wimbledon, not speaking to so many of her family members, they spoke so viciously of her, and then there were friends and employees who reported she was a user and backstabber in her bid to self-promote, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt but there were just too many negative reports to ignore… Your blogpost nails the situation. That she was prepared to walk down the aisle herself looking so smug was testament to her getting what she’d pushed for, poor Harry he didn’t stand a chance and now she’s alienated him from his family and so many of the British public who loved him for who he was, faults and all. But everything’s changed now. The unnecessary public whingeing when so many people are really struggling, it’s so disrespectful of real people and the daily struggles they face. She needs to get over herself. Oprah’s been used to voice her latest attack and the damage she will cause will be immense when she could have used her voice, determination and wealth to so much better use. Where’s her dignity? Where is her respect for the family she married into, especially the Queen and with Prince Philip in hospital… really, her behaviour is detestable, and Harry too for going along with it, but I do feel he’s been used in pushing through her agenda… I’m not saying the Royal Family are blameless and have to take responsibility for their part they’ve played, but it would have been better to have aired their grievances in private. I feel the public on both sides of the ocean have been hoodwinked and the sympathy she’s currently receiving has been carefully orchestrated by the role she played in that interview. Her words were so measured like she’d rehearsed it from a script. People forget she’s an actress. She knew exactly what she was doing playing the mental health and racism cards as well as putting a hand on her tummy to emphasise her pregnancy… but all her words and actions, past, current and future are building the real picture, and it doesn’t look too pretty. She and Harry should quit public life now while they can (and let’s face it they both have enough money to) and live an honest humble life where their kids come first, will that ever happen though.

  14. Meghan Markle is a fraud! I want to kick her in the teeth! All this bullshit about color, etc. She has the most dysfunctional family in history. Please go away you bitch!

  15. Meghan Markle is the most ungrateful (attacking the Queen when she agreed to their marriage), uncompassionate (choosing this period to air their unhappiness when Prince Philip is ill), unfilial (her father has raised her), disrespectful (to Kate, her elder sister-in-law in helping out the wedding).
    She is scheming, a hypocrite, bad temper (making staff cried), greedy (want more status & privileges), very discontented person, self-center, selfish, dominating (over Harry), mercenary (wanted more monies).
    The most uncaring person in the world!! Opening the old wound of Harry & breaking up the good brotherhood between brothers.
    A trouble-maker, full of lies, a disturbance to our world (for creating color war). She is digging a deep hole for Harry to jump in!
    Is high time Harry say STOP & let’s us be graceful for people who have shown us kindness. Let us look forward to each day with happiness & be contented for there are millions of sufferings in this world.
    STOP all these bad karma and do virtuous deeds.
    So help the world by giving your monies to Charity and not highlight your accusations.

  16. And the Royal Family of The “United Kingdom” got their wealth from…. Subjugating and colonizing African and Asian countries and exploiting the natural resources , like “spices and tea from India, Rubber, platinum, fold and diamonds from Africa. Fuck The Queen and the Leopard Pelt she slithered in on. Yes, they are racist and they have profited enormously from it!!

  17. This lying idiot is half black. Why then Megain do you straighten your hair and bleach your skin? White expropriation you also lied on your resume and said white. This woman is a pathological liar right from the very first interview. Stay in the U.S trust me no one wants either of them here in Canada. Both of them freeloaders

  18. As an American, I am not a big supporter of the apology culture we seem to perpetuate, but if the United States was going to apologize for one thing, it should be Megan.

  19. Good reading, entertaining. It reflects most of my views. Many companies have a longer probation period than 18 months that The Sussexes gave to trying to “play” Senior Royals. They were clearly either unwilling to make effort or seriously unfit for the role. Shame, but also, good riddance. They had an opportunity to be a good influence within their role as a couple, supporting William in his future role as the King: it was not enough limelight and centre-stage for her. She’ll be all right despite all those tears that she failed to conjure on camera during the interview (despite being a well trained actress), I do worry about Harry and Archie as well as the “band aid baby” on the way: the children will be caught in the web of ambition, deceit and separation. Harry is trying to support his wife, an admirable trait. The fact that she is ruining him is just a sad story. He has a “saviour complex” and she latched on it masterfully.

  20. I don’t care at all about the royal family. And even less so, about Meghan. She is an outcast and has nothing at all to do with royal history. Social justice warriors can all jump off a cliff for all I care lol

  21. im neutral to this i dont hate her and i dont like her neither of that but harry needs to put diana necklace somewhere else not on her shes not princess diana so yeah that pretty much what bothers me in this royal family

  22. Why don’t they both just get on with there own lives and stay in America

    They take the piss out the same family that gives them everything

    Not only takers but horrible people who love preaching but only hurt everyone around them

    Harrys a wet blanket now , she only interested in herself

  23. Despite all that has transpired and who knows what is next, I fear for Archie and the one on the way. That recent sepia picture of Archie looks like a memorial photo. What will he think ,as he becomes aware of how his parents have chosen to share him with the world. Will he think they are ashamed of his appearance or held our for financial gain. They could shed light on his eye problem and help other families with similar conditions. So far they seem to be hiding it under a rug.

  24. D list actress. I live in Canada never heard of her or Suits. Totally obvious this lying bitch, would have fucked a snake,Harry if she recieved maximum media exposure and money. I challenge Meghan to a charity boxing match on Canadian soil. Can’t wait to give you my best left hook, when your jaw is broken and wired shut, maybe you’ll shut up and Fuck Off.

  25. We dont want you or harry back in uk , your shite lying hypocrisy doesn’t wash with us , your a disgrace to your country your race .
    My royal family are not racists , my queen is the greatest person alive a remarkable woman who can rally her empire.

  26. Low life Mm is Trouble maker,scum bag all she can get for nothing.Very poor actress,Prince Harry could not have dug lower.Mm is attention seeker me me me!No big catch!Harry should have gone to spec savers. Mm very poor example of being Humanatarian when she has trashed her poooor Father that helped to educate her. Don’t expect much from a low life like her.Mm their are plenty of good looking woman and you are no big catch.You are just a low life,no class,fake woman liar, and thought you could try to rule the world.
    Your in dream land.everyone is equal.Why did you not wear your flash jewellery when you were posing with the poor children.How many million did you give to the poor. All you want is to be seen,attention seeker,who thinks she is a real big film star.Think again.Take a good look at yourself and stop washing your dirty linen in public.The world today has many problems,and so many good people count their blessings and you are not one of them.All you do is create trouble moaning Meghan Markle.

  27. I can’t stand Megan
    Selfish overbearing monster
    Grow a back bone harry
    Hopefully these two will get some
    Bad karma back at them
    And Megan ain’t no beauty
    Short little troll 😤

  28. Perfectly said! This woman has been a distraction, nightmare, whiner, bottom feeder since day 1. Ughhh….she sickens me…I’m embarrassed for her and everything she represents…those poor children…I don’t feel a bit bad for Harry…he’s an absolute moron smitten by the devil herself.

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