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Prince harry =======================


therapeutic overdose. MM told him to get therapy

tenebrous mood. downbeat. maudlin. pathos. tristful


califnoria. gone native.

drink and drugs self medicate for childhood sorrow and angst. death of his mother.

marriage a car crash . messiest divorce of all time. family name dragged throyght eh mud. sordid. affairs

squidgy gate. chalres anted to be tampon.

bear themselves with dignity. decorum. fountain of honour

trash talking royal family. break the cycle of anguish and pain. bad childhood. upbringing

had everyting achild could want . poor A levels. eton sandhurts.t army/

paki. drugs. las vegas. lap dancer. assault the press.

family did not talk abouthis mother sdeath. pre freudian way/

stiff upper life. undemonstrative. in command of others much acheve self command. steely and cold.

bury it relive trauam. move on. accentuate the posotive negate the negative. jonnie mercer.

savaging his relative. lacerates shis father.

mourn together. family solidarity. bereavement.

adds to the traumae of his grieivng grandmother.

before Mm was wel adjasted. balanced. chripy chipper cheeky chappy. adoried .lionised

gregarious garrulous. upbreat effervescent. sanguine

now melancholic. intropunitive. snarling huper aggresse before it as with his fists.


happiest time in hsi life army. like many solders cannot adjust.

diana martin bashir ================================


interview 1995. my history talk.

bbc journalist. briths akistani christina.

charles interview david dimbleby. until it became irretrievably brolen down

under the radar. slupped in acknolwedgement of adultery.

not so candid.

melancholic. self-pity. mournful demeanour.

woe is me. st hard done by . martyrdom complex.

yes I was on love with him

prince of wales. not king. william

queen of hearts.

separated. divorce.

did bashir trick her. bank statements

willima angry. why? unhelpful remarks by mom. templates for prince harry. bad moutig the firm. disharmonious relations.

wiliam tells himself a truth he can tolerate. cannot hold his mom culpble


harry v 1st amendment ================================


family pain. badl brought up. trash talking. bad dad.

craves privacy. put a sock in it. snowflakes. cry baby. whing e bag

washes dirty linen in public

loves the queen/ what? odd way of showing it. renournce princely status.

avarice. has no class. prostitute his titles. scum bag.

angst. anguish. pain. hurt. thin skinned. barbs.

poison. toxic. mental health. self care.


under the thumb of MM.


bad mouth



woke warriors. skin cream.

millions from mouting off – slander. defamnation.

against 1st amendment. seec assembly.

he likes to speak.

megahn book on dads.

filial piety. preachments. nauseating

sick joke. no sense if irony’ a tin ear.

I take no lessons from her.

not taught how t o be royal. you were. do s and dont s . not a fairytlae

duty. not about uou. cannot do whatever you pelase. cannot say whatever you feel like

have regard for feelings of others. service befre self. self service.

symptomatic of broader socetla problms. egotism.

dream of tyoorma


was in cell. several males there. one was vosim let south asian. how odd he was there. Bunkeds . I had a single bed. mooning about. tedious but not disheartened. started wsitfully out a window towards the beateous undulating hills tapering away towards the horizon.

lukashenkao was ther eafellow prisoner. would like him to have his collar felt. I had three years for klepping but would serve one. chatted to lukashenkao a ltitle in english. he had an accent . did not strike me as curious that he should be cooling his heels there.

we were let out to walk a little. was Jonatahn wynn there too?

Some new lag wanted me bed told him twas mine. he accepted

does it signify I feel trapped? remember last time I felt like this. ? message – go and achieve.

revery of auntie


night afore last bedreamt of him. How covetous I feel. There he is with his accomplishments and think tank. How he scorned me in D still suppurates. He had not dropped a distinction. I met him on Traflagar square in 2014 was it with straw.

In my revery I recollect not where I happened upon him. Went for the jugular. I know him to be uxorious from his scribblings. asked about his spouse. sadly he did not react strongly. revenge is sweet but did not achieve it.

the dream bespeaks of regrets and rancorousness.

b local elections ==============


hartlepool shock. mandelson. labout since 1974. working classm bastion.

starmer must go. damning indictment. mid term blues for tories? NO. decline in govt populairyt

why labour lost. woke. coronavirus. brexit unacceptance.

new leader. angela rayner. david lammy?

wales labour win for 5th time.

locals not good for labour.

london. labour win.

dream of yorks


finally called con air. have been thinking of it for yonks. wound him up. said I had tapes – had recorded our meetings on me dog and bone. to my chagrin this did not perturb him overmuch. I disguised my voice for a bit but then I lapsed and he guessed twas me.

then I befound myself in the abbey church. he was there. It was oddly unemotional to see my nemesis. How I revile him. reminds me of V I P. negativistic features. OCD. catastrophist.

everyone was coming into the church. but I was unnoticed thoygh in casuals. dd not recgnise amyoe. thought would be time to go into the monastrery no one would be there. film there.

then in came gum boots. she dd not set eyes on me. was tickled pink to see her. it was as though a voiceover said she was given the heave ho from the cannonesses’ place due to her mishandling of situations. reminded me of the december crisis though was not stressed by it. now she was head of yorks. droll. had been thiking yorks would close an could goad con air saying twas due to his crimes.

I was explaing what happened with gum boots to femei care e invatatoara. had never told her afore. she was not shocked. then realised the unwisdom of my disclosure of such info.

later qadin ABD was there. future there?