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Is Trump like Henry VIII?


The verisimilitude struck me today. They two share many traits>.

Both men and thin skinned, quick to anger and slow to forgive. They crave adulation and have an insatiable appetie for self aggrandisement. Neither will be gainsaid.* These adulterers were both flagrantly hypocritical, utterly untrusthworthy, infantile, aggressive, irresponsible and prone to erratic changes of Policy . They both espoused religious beliefs that they probably did not truly Harbour. These men were both totally subjective in their approach to things and were fixated with personal loyalty. These men had no truck with logic and any notion of integrity was Hebrew to theM.

There are of course some crucial dissimilarities between these two males. Henry VIII at least had the excuse of being born in the 15th century. He was brought up before the ENlightenment and indoctrinated into the divine right of Kings. Since his infancy he was told that he was born superior.

Trump on the other hand grew up in a democracy, in a rational era and in a place that paid lip service to the notion of equality.

A dream of Soul


I was at Christminster. Soul was giving a lecture on Biology! Whzt does that airhead know about anything but online shpping.? she knows about breeding subnorma sprogs

She gave her talk in a tower bulding  mosern style ugly one such as one finds at Brookes

there was a brzak and I went down: Not many undergardyésr at her talk; she spole without ,uch enegry; do not rcll a word she said: ,aybe this comes frm seeing a photo of her on whats pap posing with a steed; ,aybe because hubby is no stalion: odd she lieks those beast as she is supposed to eat them

later trump was walking around a square otusid the uni ad being ignired: he lookes sulkily and stuc up as per usual

A dream of Theresa May


I dreamt of T May. She wore leather trousers. She was in a small ENgish town. it was night. There was a caslt in the middle of te town. maybe durham; not her home town of maidenhead.

went to an underground cr park; there was a chemsitry lab down there; some tramps too

latre i was teaching in a place by  alke in n italy maybe on a boat; i had one pupil teen by frm oz; have atche a lot of sir les pattterson. ; he had been expelled the boy that is oe hataught in yo but behaved like that dernaged boy i taught in yorks.

othe adult came in an chided him; I sat ther eidling.

ther was an isan prisn on thr lake they were denied coffee; then a pln flew over and dropped a cloud of cofee on them so the prsiones coud i,bibe it

i have been tinking of how much coffeei have; i cut down on it perhaps to much: enjoy myself
then i saw a middle aged fenchwoman with bulky boobs; no one in particulr ; chestnut hair; she was in a car; she invited me in; i had a raging hardon; i as going to Uck her and she was gagging for it


*then suddnely i was in a room with ten males I proceeded to commit the sin of oan: had read about tt in fathers and sons by Waugh,

regrestsed it: felt it was forbidden: feared the conseaunqcues;

i felt i should falsely claim i was expaling it and not dooing it:

awoke rock hard

A dream of a rope bridge


i was in some other coutry by the sea: ther were white buldings around a bit like sharjag but ti was not ghasrtly

there were ealeir épisodes to the dream ahixhc I cannot now recollect

then I was with ,y sedonc hdild: I do not have one; this was a boy aged aboyt 4; I wndered f =e he was rally mine: this is eprhaps because yesternight I reminsiced aboyt when my pffsoring was younger :so adorable and inafntile

there was a terractote colorue lciff: I gave ,y child to Anouk which is ood: I thoyght of her in her black dress: the only elegant thing she ever wore: I do not desire her; i was onsdeir g ig I had work in the mirrow or not

there was a rope bridge with wooden slates arcorss it: I walked on that for a bit: but then the slatew were too far apart: i rwlaed on the bridge hodling onto the rope: i feared i might fall: i remember isina having to take a v big step to get into the suimaltor car

what is it i gear§? aybe that i shall get neihter job; james told me about arbay: they want a one month trial pronot.

Ave atque vale Sir Roger Moore.


SIR Roger Moore has gone to his reward. This actor was a consummate gentleman and best known for playing James Bond for twelve years.

Sir Roger took the rise out of himself. His self depreaction was refreshing. He was anything but a lovie/ . He was one of the cinematic knightage whi deserved his gong.

Moore was a humanitarian. He did a great deal for humanitarian causes. He said that he loathed guns and what they could do. This did not stop him monetising the glamorouisation of Killing n the Bond series.

Despite Moores charity work it is unclear how much of his millions he gave to noble causes. He was a taw exile in Monaco and Switzerland.