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Outbreak of the American Civil War.


state conventions on secession

Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union“.

  • S Carolina. 20 dec 1860

Jan to feb six more states secede. sam houston asked Texas not to secede but it did

4 feb 1861 – CSA formed

James Buchanan said dredd scott decision said that secession was not needed. he said that union was forever. he said that he could not compel states to stay in the union

a quarter of federnal troops in texas s urrendered to state forces. come joined CSA

southerners in congress resigned. the congress was then able to pass many acts blocked by south

crittenden comrpomise – proposal to ee examine missouri compromise which banned slavery expanding north of a certain line but allowed it south of the line. Lincoln and republicans rejected it. it would not have appeased the most extreme confederates

republican proposed not interfering where slaevry existed but allowing to expansion

lincoln inauguration said secession was a nulluty

he would collect taxes. Hewould not invade

CSA sent men to washington to offer to buy federal property. lincoln refused to meet them as they had no standing

Wm sweward secretaty of state was more experienced than lincoln and tried to parley with the south.

border states – maryland, delaware, kentucky and missouri.

fort sumter. 12 april



Nigerian life.


Seamus had known Twin for a mere two months when she told him she was pregnant. They both took is philosophically. Neither was glad. She even said she wanted a miscarriage.

They spent Valentine’s together. Soon it was clear this foetus was firmly planted in the womb

Seamus began to take his job more seriously as he had to provide for her. She carried on working in the hotel. Then she took maternity leave.

He told his employers and was confirmed in his job for the coming year. He moved into a better flat. Twin moved in with him.

He cleaned up his act. That October the baby was born.

After a few months she returned to work. Seamus worked all the hours there were tutoring.

They took holidays to France and stayed with her relatives.

To boost their money she did porn.

Seamus did CELTA in the summer. He also worked in summer schools to boost his income.

Twin did a French degree part time. Seamus did the coursework for her when it involved writing ENglish

She then did a PGCE and was able to teach.

They were elated to live in London. He liked cycling around. He got himself elected a local councillor.

Seamus had his tubes tied. They then branched out into swinging to keep things spicy.

Finally they got a mortgage on a 2 bedroom flat in Greenford.

Midlands life..


Seamus had a good job at a school in the Midlands. He resisted the urge to go back to Christ Minster. He met a German in Amsterdam and started doing a line with her.

He liked his head of department. He disliked the housemaster whose house he lived in. After a year he moved out but was still in school accomm. In his second year he grew the Politics Society. He also took over inviting speakers for sixth form extension days.

He also had to organise a Berlin trip. He was faintly afraid of this. With a little help he made a good fist of it. It was largely repeating what had been done many times before.

He had enormous fun coaching rugger. the pupils respected him more as he had been there some time. He learnt how to handle their conduct. He knew the exam and reports system.

Seamus got his driving licence within a year of starting in the Midlands. He was able to visit Christ Minster regularly.

Seamus then started that internally assessed PGCE. He passed.

That was two years he had been in the Midlands. The next year he bought himself a 2 bedroom flat in the town. He then started doing a Master’s via the University of London external programmes. He sat his exams and presented a dissertation. He passed with a distinction. That took 2 years. So it was after 4 years in the Midlands he had that down pat.

Seamus went on the St Petersburg and Moscow trip.

In his 5th year he began a Ph D via the University of London. It took him 6 years. He had  been in the Midlands 10 years by the time he finished that. He had been at Midlands 5 years by the time. Barbie finished her degree. She came to Midlands as the German assistant.

Barbie did that for a year. Then she did a PGCE at Cambridge and passed it. Barbie the taught German and Special Needs. She taught Art in the prep school..

Barbie and Seamus were 29 when she became pregnant. Their daughter Susan was born there. The next year they wed.

Barbie and Seamus both has QTS.

Seamus was elected a Tory councillor. Aged 30 he got himself on the Tory candidate’s list.

He fought a nearby no hoper seat of Leicester East. He took a sabbatical to do so. That was 2005

Then he was selected for a target seat in 2010. That was Peterborough. He just made it into Parliament.

Hillary will still win.


The FBI has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton. This is blatantly unwelcome news for her. It reminds the public of her gross incompetence. It also takes away airtime from her policy announcements. For once Donald Trump’s foul outbursts will not be on the airwaves.

This latest event will dent her support but not deny her victory. With only 9 days to go it is too late to change many people’s minds. SOme people have already cast their ballots.

Trump is clutching at straws. Unfortunately he will not perform as badly as polls state. His showing has also improved since Gary Johnson’s support has tumbled in recent days. As it draws closer to polling day some of those who were thinking of voting for a guaranteed loser have decided to vote for Trump after all since he stands at least a slim chance of winning.

An investigation does not prove anything. The FBI might decided not to charge Mrs Clinton again. Even if they did lay charges against her these might be dropped subsequently. Even of she is charged she might be acquitted. She might do a plea bargain and get off with a slap on the wrist. If things proceeded against her very fast could she be pardoned by Obama? That would require this affair to be done and dusted by 20 January? An unlikely proposition. Could a president pardon herself? Hillary Clinton has many bites of the cherry.u

Although Donald Trump is faring a little better than a week ago this is not in swing states. He is simply piling up larger majorities in states he is bound to win anyway. Significantly he is no longer whingeing that the election is being fixed by illegal practices such as non citizens voting. Perhaps even he was canny enough to realise this was demotivating to his supporters.

Trump has done all he can to undermine faith in democracy. Not all those who vote for him believe all his flagrant lies. His arrant dishonesty has put some Republicans off voting for him. Some moderate Republicans will vote for him holding their noses. They are voting for him out of party identity and also because he is the only one with a hope of keeping Mrs Clinton out of the White House. Despite all this at least half of those who cast their votes for Trump will believe his arrant lie that the election will be stolen by bent electoral officials. This means about a quarter of Americans will not accept the legitimacy of Hillary Clinton’s presidency. This is surely unprecedented. Almost all Americans accepted George W Bush as the rightful president despite him receiving 500 000 votes fewer than Al Gore and the tendentious nature of the vote in Florida.


A dream of a Hispanic woman


I was in a small wooden house in a forest. The soil was damp outside and covered in fallen and rotten leaves. There were bark chippings. The sylvan glad was quiet and verdant.

There were several people in the house – adults and children.

The only person I remembered was a Hispanic woman. She was short and slight. She had boyish hair and was only a little olive skinned. I wonder who she represents Рmauube that Italian Benedetta I met 10 years ago. She had dyed part of her hair green. She was a nose stud and several tattoos. She wore s  lseeveless top and trousers. she was an alternative lifestyle person

there was some day of the dead thing foing on whch I found faintly scary.

She wanted me to take part in some bizarre ceremony and chew leaves with a narcotc effect. I refused to do so.

I wnder what this reresents. iwas with Gift when I had this dream. I saw some women with several tattoos the day before.

Why do people vote Trump?


Some people will vote for Trump because they are Republicans and will vote for their party even if it puts up a monster as candidate. Which is has.

Some Trumpsters genuinely admire this ghoul. They are attracted by his race baiting and his bellicose rhetoric.

Some people so revile Hillary that they will do anything to prevent that woman getting te keys to the White House. Trump calls her crooked Hillary. Can the devil speak true? Yes, even the devil tells the truth sometimes. Hillary is a serial liar as many official reports have proven. She was criminally incompetent over her emails. Her extreme pro abortion stance is reprehensible. Her advocacy of mass murder in Palestine is worthy of Trump. But these atrocities meet with the approval of most Americans.

For the working class there is a lot to be furious about. Their living standards have been in decline for 40 years. There is poverty pay when there is employment at all for blue collars. They identify the right problems about cost of living and illegal immigration. Their notion of the solution is totally wrong. Economic protectionism is not going to work. Corporations that back Trump will not allow it.

There are many reasons by life has got worse for the proletariat. Illegal immigration is only a minor factor. Corporations pay less. Medicare and Medicaid are underfunded. Healthcare has gotten too expensive and the Affordable Healthcare Act has only partly addressed this. It needs to go further not be scrapped. Higher education is getting costlier all the time. There are insufficient jobs. They are often poorly paid and precarious.

Some people think draft dodger Trump is a he man. It is true that Bill Clinton avoided the draft. The difference is that he did not pretend to be a hard man.

Some people mistake brutality for toughness. Real toughness is being humane even when that is very difficult.

SOme people are frankly moronic. They fall for birther bullshit. They believe flagrant lies such as Hillary will outlaw the words Merry Christmas or confiscate all firearms.

There are no policy reasons to back him since he has no policies. He is extremely erratic. He changes his mind daily. He cannot be trusted to be pro Life since he was pro Choice till not long ago. He tells the most barefaced lies and yet thinks his credibility is unimpeachable.

SOme people are stupid enough to believe a billionaire can be anti establishment. He has been cronies with politicians of both parties for decades. He was a Clinton donor. He was born a multimillionaire. He is not anti corporate. He is a corporation in himself. Many people fool themselves. The uninformed and the anti analytical are easily hoodwinked. These people have blind faith. No wonder so many of them are religious nuts and climate change deniers. They want someone to blame – usually other ethnicities.

Trump’s malevolent demagoguery holds some allure for the unintelligent. Many people are easily gulled. For some patriotism blurs into racism and aggression.

The defeat of fascism


Italy declared war in 1940.

some early success

loss of Abyssinia

need for german support in Libya


italian anti fascist agents

1943 bombing

July 1943 landings.

Grand council of fascism

Mussolini’s capture

rescue by skorzeny

Social republic of salo

civil war. partisans.

capture and execution

ongoing civil war?

How to save species from extinction.


There has been a report revealing that wildlife has been devastated since 1970. Poaching and habitat construction have caused numbers of certain species to fall precipitously.

Animal rights activists have been pushing the notion that zoos are animal prisons. They seem to want all animals released into the wild. Some apply this not only to animals de ferae naturae. Some apply this to pets as well.

The solution to save animals from extinction is to completely reverse our approach. We must allow all sorts of animals to be kept as pets. This includes even beasts that cannot be domesticated. If a Chinese billionaire wants to keep African elephants on his estate he should be allowed to do so. This might be the only way to save these animals from being wiped out.

If tigers were kept in captivity and bred even through artificial insemination that would keep the species going. We could make the sale of tiger bone legal. It would mean the bottom would fall out of the market. There would be much more supply.

Captive breeding programmes saved oryxes and ibixes.