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Why do people sometimes have an anal fixation?


Some people derive sexual pleasure from their anus. This is bizarre and unhealthy. I am not suggesting that it is unethical or that people should be ashamed of this.

We have sexual urges for reproductive reasons. Our instincts usually have a biological purpose. Rectal sex has no procreative purpose. Indeed it is wasteful. It can cause people to catch infections because of the bacteria in the rectum. Men can contract such infection and women can catch vaginal infection if their boyfriend is double dipping. Bum sex caused lower bowel damage. This is before we talk about communicable diseases. At the very least botty sex is a waste of energy and semen. I am not suggesting people should refrain from it. If they find it enjoyable then go ahead.

Some people like to stimulate their anuses for the sake of sexual arousal. Some men like prostate massage including straight men. But putting one’s hand inside one;s rectum is unhealthy. Everyone knows that this is the filthiest part of the body.

Gay men often like rectal intercourse. Being a homosexual is not shameful or immoral. My point is that biologically it does not make sense. Let these men do as they wish. There may well be a gay gene. I suspect it is a misfiring or the reproductive urge. We now have IVF. But if we did not have IVF we would need people to be straight – most of them. If too many people were gay the human race would have become extinct.

I suspect those who have a penchant for anal sex have a gene that has gone wrong. The generative instinct has been a little misplaced. They are doing something a tad unhealthy and unproductive. Let people enjoy their sexuality however they want. This is a comment and I am not being judgmental.

A dream about a dead child.


I was on a train in Romania with my mother. we wer eheading north out o f the captial. i did not recognise the land by the track – there ar e many buildings there I know well. There wa sa very old black train 0 like a steam train besode ours.

I asked where we were going. A number of stations were said by the ticket isnpector. But we would eb topping in almost eveyt station it seemed. I thoyght we should go to Brtasoc. seems we had got the slow train.

I have thoght of the baby going there over the summer and maybe his granny will take him around the country

later I was jn the sea. it was a cloduy day. a few people were in the water. it seemed more like Irleand. I had swum with my family here in Arabia yesterday so that must have caused this dream

myy hand bumped into something fleshy under the waves. the water was so cloudy that I could  not see below the surface. I pulled this obkect up – it was a dead child. It was a little girl. I was horrified and dropped the corpse. I hastedned ashore and told people what I had found. I realsised the bodyd needed to be retrieved but I did not want to do so. I imagained the body might be starting to rot. teh corpse looked a little like my favourite niece with whom I spoke yesterday. in fact this kid looked much younger than she is now

Maths test



1. 9 + 8

2. 27 + 44

3. 99 + 16

4. 155 + 38

5. 1739 + 2468

6. 1.3 + 2.8

7. 2.75 + 8.65

8. 12.8 + 7.95

9. 98.4 + 76.5

10. 102.3 + 478.3


1. 9 – 8

2. 87 – 43
3. 109 – 46

4. 1000 – 467

5. 9876 – 5432

6. 8.6 – 8.5

7. 6.3 – 2.9

8. 19.1 – 8.7

9. 101.8 – 90.1

10. 818.2 – 543.2

1. 2 x 6

2. 9 x 3

3. 12 x 10

4. 20 x 11

5. 32 x 5

6. 7 x 7

7. 59 x 3

8. 94 x 11

9. 100 x 70

10. 13 x 76

11. 3.5 x 2

12. 9.1 x 3

13. 2.5 x 2.5

14. 10.1 x 3.3

15. 19.1 x 3


1. 9 divided by 3

2. 20 divided by 5

3. 88 divided by 11

4. 100 divided by 8

5. 520 divided by 2


1. What is half of 16?

2. What is one third of 75?

3. What is a quarter of 800?

4. What is three-quarters of 12?

5. What is two-thirds of 33?

6. What is half of four plus one third of six?

7. What is 1/3rd of 18?

8. What is 1/2 of 100?

9. What is 2/3rds of 66?

10. What is 3/4ths of 60?

1. What is 25% of 40?

2. What is 50% of 100?

3. There are 20 children in a class. 12 of them are girls. What % is this?

4. A woman has $200 in the bank. Her money increased 5%. How much money does she have now?

5. What is 75% of 1000?

6. What fraction is 33%?

7. 4/5ths is what %?

8. 20% is what fraction?

9. Express 40% as a fraction?

10. What is 45% of 300?


1. How many centimetres are there in a metre?

2. What many kilogrammes are in a metric tonne?

3. What many millimetres are in 2 cm?

4. How many centimentres are there in 3.5 m?

5. How many milliltres are there in 2 litres?


1. How many sides does a rectangle have?

2. What is the same about all the sides of a square?

3. How many corners does a triangle have?

4. How many degrees are there in a full circle?

5. How many sides does a pentagon have?



1. 2 + (3-1)

2.. What is an index in Maths?

3. 4 divided by 2 plus 10

4. 8 divided by 4 x 5

5. 10 x 3 – 2




Galileo was an Italian scientist and astronomer. He lived in Pisa. At that time Italy was not united. Italy was divided into two dozen city states. They were often at war against each other.

Galileo used his telescope to look at the stars and planets. He realised that the Earth orbited the Sun. He was a Christian but the Christian authorities said that the Sun orbited the Earth. He published his findings. The Christian leaders threatened him with death is he did not publicly recant. To save his life he publicly renounced his findings even though he knew he was right.





This is the holy city of Islam. Mecca is where the Prophet Muhamad Peace and Blessings Upon Him was born. Here the Prophet PBUH received the message from the Archangel Gabriel to write the Holy Koran.

Before the time of the Prophet PBUH there were hundreds of idols in the Kaba. There were 360 gods and goddesses in the pagan religion – one for every day of the year. When Islam came there was iconoclasm. Muslims believe that the Kaba is a gift from Allah.

One of the pillars of Islam is that every Muslim who is able must go on Haj (pilgrimage) to Mecca. There is a specific set of actions to be performed on Haj. Haj only takes place at a certain time of year – shortly after Ramadan. Ramadan is according to the Muslim calendar which is lunar and not solar. Therefore Ramadan does not correspond to a month in the Gregorian (Western) Calendar.

Pilgrims circumambulate he Kaba. They walk across the Plains of Arafat. They throw pebbles at a pillar that represents the devil. They remember what happened in this place.

Pilgrims on Haj wear plain white cloth – for men. Women wear modest black abbayahs. This is so there is no distinction between the affluent and the poor. People must behave impeccably in Mecca.

Mecca was ruled by the Hashemite family for centuries. They are descendants of the Prophet Muhamad PBUH. The Hashemites were in alliance with the Ottoman Turks.

In the 1920s the Hashemites were defeated by the Saudis. The Saudis were a family from Riyadh in the centre of Arabia. The Saudis united much of Arabia under their rule. They named the country Saudi Arabia.

The Hashemites were driven out. They fled the country. They Hashemites were given Jordan and Iraq to rule. The Hashemites in Iraq were overthrown and killed in 1958. In Jordan the Hashemites still rule on.

The Saudi royal family claimed the title ‘Custodians of the two holy mosques.’ These are mosques in Mecca and Medina.

There were many ancient buildings in Mecca. Some of these were houses of early Muslim leaders. The Saudi authorities felt that this was close to idolatry so they razed many such buildings.

Mecca is in Hejaz province. The nearest airport is Jeddah.

Millions of pilgrims visit Mecca every year. There are hotels for them and campsites. There are signs in English and Arabic.

Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter Mecca.


  1. Which country is Mecca in?

2. Which family rules this country now?

3. Which family ruled it before.

4. What is the Kaba?

5. Who was the great prophet of Islam?

6. What is the Haj? (Write at least five sentences).

7. Which airport serves Mecca?

8. Are Christians allowed into Mecca?

9. What is your feeling about this city?

Bonnie and Clyde



Bonnie was an American born in 1910. Clyde was also and American born in 1909.

They both came from poor white families in Texas. Bonnie married in her mid teens as was not uncommon at the time. She had no children and her disastrous marriage soon ended.

Clyde was a small time criminal. He went to a juvenile detention centre as a teenager. He was abused by other criminals there. He swore he would never go back to prison.

Bonnie and Clyde met and formed a romantic relationship. They were dirt poor and decided to make money robbing people. The Great Depression had struck in 1929. Millions of Americans were out of work.

Bonnie and CLyde bought guns. This was cheap and very easy to do. The stole a car They started holding up small shops and petrol stations. They drove to and from their crimes. Soon their notoriety spread. They have some money to poor people they met

The newspapers began to cover them a lot. It was very unusual to have a couple committing armed robberies. Their identities became known and their families were interviewed. Bonnie and Clyde moved to larger targets. They held up some banks and stole thousands of dollars at a time. Banks were widely hated at the time. They were blamed for causing the Great Depression. They had repossessed people’s houses. Some working class Americans cheered on these bandits. This pair of desperadoes gave cash to the needy. Some people viewed them as latter day Robin Hoods. Some poor people supported this couple and warned them that the police were on their way.

Bonnie and Clyde drove around the centre of the United States. It was a sparsely populated region and therefore easy to hide. There were not many phones. State police forces did not co operate much.

On one occasion they robbed a butcher’s shop. They were getting back into their car when the butcher ran out after them with a meat cleaver. Clyde shot the man dead. He also shot two other men dead in bank robberies.

The US Government became very worried about Bonnie and Clyde. The newspapers covered their exploits. The government was worried about some of the public sympathising with these banditti. The FBI was put on the case. J Edgar Hoover promised to catch them. The FBI scoured the country for the couple.

A bounty was put on the heads of these two. One bounty hunter followed them but they caught him. They could have let him go but Clyde decided to kill the man. He wished to deter other bounty hunters.

Bonnie and Clyde were running out of options in 1934. They had had to change car a few times when their car became known. Banks were better protected and started to have armed guards. They went to see an old criminal contact of theirs who would shelter them. The man agreed to hide them in a barn. What they did not know is this man then went straight to the police to sell them out.

Next day the couple came out of the barn and went to the car, Several Texas Rangers were hiding in the bushes with machineguns. They shot Bonnie and Clyde dozens of times each.

They have been immortalised in film.


  1. Which country were they from?

2. Why did the media cover them?

3. In what way did Bonnie have a difficult early life?

4. Why did Clyde swear not to go back to prison?

5. What was their crime?

6. How did they die?

7. Why is it wrong to lionise them?

Bruce Lee



Bruce Lee was born in the United States to Chinese parents. When he was a baby they returned to Hong Kong. The Lee family lived there during the Second World War. They kept a low profile during the Japanese Occupation. That is how they managed to survive.

Lee grew up speaking Cantonese the local dialect of Chinese. He also learnt English. He was not academic. He was fascinated by martial arts. He was not into competition. Some people competed for belts in the martial arts. Bruce Lee said, ”the only belt I have is to hold up my trousers.”

When Lee was alive Hong Kong was a British colony. English was the official language. Over 90% of people living in HK were Chinese. Some of the British were racist towards the Chinese.

Lee got into a fight with some British sailors in Hong Kong. He beat them up. He was wanted by the police and went into hiding. Lee moved to the United States. He was an American citizen because of his American birth. Despite being a US citizen many white Americans would not accept him as being an American. They thought Americans had to be black or white.

Lee got small parts on television shows. He noticed the Orientals were evil characters. They were played by whites in makeup. He impressed people with his martial arts skills. Soon he was in demand for films. He also set up his own martial arts gym where he coached people. He grew wealthy. He married a white woman against the wishes of her family. They had a baby.

Mr Lee was the march of the one inch punch. He could chop wooden boards in two and bricks. He was friends with an African-American who was much taller than him. The two taught each other fighting techniques.

Lee became renowned. He was a star of major films. He was well known for his astonishing martial arts feats. He featured in kung fu films such as The Big Boss. He became a hero in Hong Kong.

He collapsed at a training session. He had swelling of the brain. He was rushed to hospital but succumbed.

He died in 1973.


  1. In which country was he born?
  2.  Which languages did he speal?

3. Did he seek belts for martial arts?

4. Did he wed?

5. Why did he move to the USA?

6. What difficulties did he encounter in the United States?

7. How many children did he have?

8. Why is he famous?

9. What is your view of him?




This is a criminal organisation from Italy. The Ndrangheta is from the Toe of Italy. It emerged in the 1860s. It is thought to have several thousand members.

Southern Italy was quite lawless at the time. The Italian Government was not much respected in the South of Italy at the time. The government was seen as northern and corrupt. Policemen were badly paid and easily bribed. The Ndrangheta assumed many state functions. They dished out very rough justice. It also distributed welfare. It was a shadow state..

The Ndrangheta ran protection rackets. It offered a genuine service as well as extorting money. It was not unpopular. To some extent this was because of the mentality – if you cannot beat them then join them.

In the 20th century the Ndrangheta went into decline. The Italian Police became more professional. Many Ndrangheta mobsters were sent to prison. The Ndrangheta last its quasi-police functions. It became an out and out criminal organisation..

The Ndrangheta still runs some protection rackets. It organised burglaries and people trafficking. It helps illegal immigrants get into Italy. It has been involved in drug running.

This is a contemptible gang of crooks and brutes. It has spread its tentacles into other countries such as Colombia.


  1. When did this organisation emerge?

2. Which country is it from?

3. What crimes does it engage in?

4. Why did it decline in the late 20th century?

5. Why did some people like it in the early days?

Usain Bolt



Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica in 1985. His parents split up when he was little. His mother and father both went on to have children with other people.

Bolt showed an early talent for running. His speed was truly exceptional. His is also very lanky. He stands 6’5” or 195 cm.

Bolt won a sports scholarship to the United States. He attended a college there. He also represented Jamaica at many international sporting competitions.

Bolt was so outstanding that some people accused him of taking performance enhancing drugs. He has been proved innocent of this. His event was 200 m. He was so tall that he was thought to be unsuitable for 100 m which suits shorter sprinters. His long legs take a long time to reach top speed. He started to do 100 m as part of his training for 200m. He proved to be much better than expected.

In 2008 Bolt travelled to China for the Summer Olympics. He stunned the world by winning the 100m on his 23rd birthday. As he won the band played Happy Birthday. He won three medals in that Olympics. One of them was for the relay race.

In 2012 he won another gold at the London Summer Olympics.

Bolt is very rich. He owns some high performance cars. He is idolised by the Jamaican Youth. He has met Prince Harry against whom he ran a joke race.


  1. Which country is Bolt from?
  2. Where did he go for his higher education?

3. How tall is Usain Bolt?

4. What does he spend his money on?

5. Where did he first win an Olympic Gold?

6. What was his original event?

7. What other events has he won medals at other than the 100 m?

8. Why is he so admired?

Indonesia – reading comprehension



This is a country in South-East Asia. Indonesia has 18 000 islands. It has a population well in excess of 200 000 000. It is one of the largest populations on earth. It is also the most populous Muslim country.

Indonesia was a series of many kingdoms until the 16th century. In the early 17th century the Dutch arrived. These people from the Netherlands were working for the Dutch East India Company. They came as traders. They came to buy land and sometimes take it by force. The Dutch came to rule Indonesia. They united it and ruled it until 1949.

The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta. Jakarta is an enormous city of over 20 000 000 people. It is very lively and had a lot to offer. The trouble is that the traffic there is horrific.  Jakarta was known as Batavia in the Dutch era. Jakarta is situated on the island of Java. Java is a small island but it has a huge population. There are many volcanoes there and the volcanic ash makes the soil very fertile.

The colours of the Indonesia Flag are red and white.

The currency of Indonesia is the rupiah. It is a week currency.

The official language of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa means ‘language.’ Bahasa Indonesia is written in the Latin Alphabet. Decades ago it was written in the Arabic script. Bahasa Indonesia is almost the same as Bahasa Malaysia which is the language of Malaysia. It is also similar to Tagalog-  the language of the Philippines.

There are many local languages for different islands. For instance on Java some people speak Javanese

90% of the people are Muslim. 9% are Christian. 1% are Hindu. They Hindus live on Bali. Indonesia used to be Hindu before Islam came.

Indonesia has a growing economy. Its agricultural sector and industry are thriving. It does well from tourism.

Indonesia is a republic. There is a president who is elected by the people. The current office holder is President Widodo. He is seen as firm against crime.


  1. How many islands are there in Indonesia?

2. When did Indonesia become independent?

3. What is the capital city?

4. What is the official language?

5. What colours are on the flag of this nation?

6. Who is the president?

7. What is the main religion of Indonesia?

8. What is your opinion of this country?