10 in 10. august 71. inncoent. mother. priest white flag.

w belfast. war zone . scroes of shooting incidents. no front line. fluid.

paras. sniping. UVF. honest mistakes.

utnrained. low intensity. impuntiy,


self defence defence.

top 10 British musical acts of the last 100 years



Elton John

Mary Hopkins

Ed Sheeran



Spice Girls



Led Zeppelin

George Michael



pet shop boys

peter gabriel

dire straits

duran duran

bonnie tyler

david bowie

black sabbath

rolling stones

bee gees

eric clapton

the animals

b local elections ==============


hartlepool shock. mandelson. labout since 1974. working classm bastion.

starmer must go. damning indictment. mid term blues for tories? NO. decline in govt populairyt

why labour lost. woke. coronavirus. brexit unacceptance.

new leader. angela rayner. david lammy?

wales labour win for 5th time.

locals not good for labour.

london. labour win.

dream of yorks


finally called con air. have been thinking of it for yonks. wound him up. said I had tapes – had recorded our meetings on me dog and bone. to my chagrin this did not perturb him overmuch. I disguised my voice for a bit but then I lapsed and he guessed twas me.

then I befound myself in the abbey church. he was there. It was oddly unemotional to see my nemesis. How I revile him. reminds me of V I P. negativistic features. OCD. catastrophist.

everyone was coming into the church. but I was unnoticed thoygh in casuals. dd not recgnise amyoe. thought would be time to go into the monastrery no one would be there. film there.

then in came gum boots. she dd not set eyes on me. was tickled pink to see her. it was as though a voiceover said she was given the heave ho from the cannonesses’ place due to her mishandling of situations. reminded me of the december crisis though was not stressed by it. now she was head of yorks. droll. had been thiking yorks would close an could goad con air saying twas due to his crimes.

I was explaing what happened with gum boots to femei care e invatatoara. had never told her afore. she was not shocked. then realised the unwisdom of my disclosure of such info.

later qadin ABD was there. future there?

predictions for 2021 election



S Khan to win Mayoralty. 51%. Bailey 30%. Greens . 9 %. Lib Dem 8%

London assembly. Labour to extend majority

Welsh assembly. Labour 25 seats. Con. 20. PC 13. Lib dem 12.

Hartlepool . lABOUr to win by 17%

Richmond Council. Lib dems gain 3 councillors.


SNP 63 MSPs. 45% of vote

Con. 27. 25%

Labour 26 24%

Lib dem. 14 . 6%

napoleon ===========



a brandy. a complex. code napoleon.


not enigmatic. proto hitler. military dictator. imitators. napoleon III. bokassa. zulfiqar ali bhutto.

parvenu. social inferiority.

born 1769. corsica. corsu. letitizia. father studied at pisa.

brother louis. brienne. minim monks. maths history. snow balls

army. artillery. never a corporal

jacobi. imprisoned. time server

italy. booty or reparations. vae victis. to the victor the spoils. spoilation

presidnet of itly. kign.

egypt. massacre

josephine. racialism. =

barras. affairs. mistresses.

lie like bulle tin.

shamelss. unprincipled. referenda. crowned himse. ultimate arrogance.

coalitions. over reached himself. numerial superirority

charismatic. poor orato.

elba. st helena.


partition of ireland =========================


3 may 1921

ulster. prods. 17cent

home rule

exclsuon govt of irelad

1921. july NI Parliament, PM

treaty 6 december 1921.

SF. 54-47.

election. 75% pro treaty

unionsist pro

address by parliemt of NI

boundary commission

2% loss to NI. shelved. Eire forgiven debt payments

hostile acts. reneging on treayt. bad faith

govt of irelad act.r epublic. bases.

anti partiton . indivisible island.

EU reunidication

republicans against EU at first. so we unionists


treay of rome



contract law. implied terms. rights


section 12, 13, 14 . SGA

sec 12 applies to all sales. private sales and in bsuiness sales. implies a term seller has right to sell.

this term is a condition. you cannot pass on better title than you have.

roland v deval.

claimant bought car from deval. roland was a dealer. sold it for 400. then impounded by police 2 months later. car had been stolen

delaer returned 400 to customer. dealer and customer had not known it was stolen

ownership remained with origianl owner. claimant got no compensation car

impled term. goods free from any charge or encumbrance. goods subject to hire purcahse are sometimes sold on without telling buyer. this term is a warranty

you cannot legally sell on somethng you have on hire purchase.

purchaser can claim for lss but not rescined

section 2. implied term that buyer will have quiet enjoyment of goods. no one will interfe. warranty

section 13. sale by description. implied term that goods confrom to description

goods solely by description this applies

if you see the goods then the section can be relied upon.

interent sales are sale by description.

sectin 13 and section 14 overlap. what is described might be unfit for purpose.

christpher hull fine arts 1991. painting boyght from defendant for 6 000

describe as bieng by german impresisonist. purchaser inspected painting ahd experts do it

buyers then found it was afake worth 100 pounds.

action brought base don section 13. painting not as described. by sending their experts this meant that this sale was not by descruption

the buyers had no ptotection.

arkass v renaissance. 1933.

woodn staves sold. were half and inch. but in reality 7/16ths to 9/16ths. rejected.

description does not mean that the text. if the thing is described but you inspected it and you chose to buy it then it is not sale by description