A dream of finals and st pete’s


finals were coming up. I was with some undergrduates of my year. twas a sunday. we were gathered outside

an austrain woman came along. she did not look that like dr hegewald – not so tall. but she was a young don. she was to collect work for us. I had no idea we were supposed to submit theses. I was worrie when was the deadline I asked. she smiled nd said today. could I knock one off in a few hours I wondered/

next bit of dream. in st peter’s burg. many find 18th century building snot too tall but mostly sandstones. like the british isles. I was boriwnf  small soviet era car off someone . drove up a hair pin bend. a low hill. a handsome old chuch stood ther.e looked catholic but was Russian. then I gout and walked past the lenin opera house. not sure if it exists. I was listening tor ed army choir the cliff eysternight maybe this inspired this segment

cannot remember the rest. I year to be in bligty. the dissertation – maybe that is about fryher degrees. warning. don’t do them. also though maybe she represents letncuky. do not want editing to be known.

Trump and state of emergency=========================================


Trump’s mind is the emergency. a diastsre zone. so full of cant about danger of crime – he incites violent crime..

a modern day nero. but nero could at least play the fiddle.

does not want peope committing sexual assault. tat is his job. gracless. disloyal to subordinates. a glory boy, demand to be lionized. has so many faults

health check up. no particulars.  hyperbole about health.

trump at 70 helthier than JFK at 43. stats from others

contrast Obama. W,  Busg senior Carter.

trump offered 50 mils of wall. can he take it and declare state of emergency

dems should say they will declare gun violence and healthcare a state of emergency

no state of emergency for puetro rico or nw orleans

deal maker. n Korean. he and kim jon un not freres enemis. but lovers

he likes lands that perceutte chirstians. Christian fundamentalists love him.

wall. iran. tel aviv

trump not saving country from catastrophe but creating them.

perversion of democratic process. autrocratic tendencies

inexorably moving towards authoritarianism

no principles

elevated to iconic status by the credulous

if no wall what can expiate that?

nfathomable that people trust him

shameless. never remoserful. christins are penitent. never sees himself as a sinner

once seen as a  gadlfy, colourful crank. now just cranky

never a philantrhopost. misanthropist. so full of bile and spite.

confrontational. then caves. guide dby ann coulter and Hannity. Hannity and piro claim  dfeat is not a defatea. a glorious retreat.

trump dmnable. his dishonesty is the most loathsome. mendaicyt is the core of his stragetgy.

unfit for command. a role model. huper aggresson. hits blow the belt. dishonorable. mentally unbalanced. fanatical about himself. dysfunctional WH.

monutmental hypocrite. foreigners. religion sued to cloak adultery.

contrast between lofty ideals of brotherhood of man, compassion, charity grace, peace and liberality with his low and brutal character –  xenophobia, spiteful, odium, mercilessness, mean spiritedness , belligerent, biting , revengeful,  rapacious

does not embrace illegals as his rothers in Jesus Christ.

ludicrous figure, deranged egomaniac, ill tempered.  impatient , intemperate . erratic, changes mind so often, ,  volatile , capricious, utterly unreliable,  lead his part to calamity.

he is abominable. grossly inflated sense of his own abilites and no notion of his debilities.


staunch patriot who hires illegals and avoided the draft.


THB in a minimum wage===============================================




social justice

will not reduce number of jobs

stiumatles economy.

unfathomable that anyone should oppose.

privilege for the few and privation for the many

wage slavery. strength rets in you for others to use.




destroys jobs.

uneconomic. uncompetitive

get a new job. work more. cut back.

government cannot regulate everything. leads to socialism.