Bhutan is a country in Asia.





Bolivia is a country in the American continent. This country is located in South America. It is called a Latin American country since its official language is Spanish which is derived from Latin.

The neighbours of Bolivia are Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. This country is landlocked. It is in the Andes Mountains. The country is at a high altitude and was mild summers and cold winters.

Indigenous Amerindian people lived here for millennia. In the 16th century they were conquered by the Spanish. The Spanish introduced their Christian faith. It remains the preponderant religion of the people.

The Spanish outlawed the erstwhile religion. The Spanish sought gold there. The natives of the land were reduced to helot status. Coca leaves grow in the mountains. Spaniards found that these could  be turned into a powder.

In 1810 a revolt against Spanish rule started throughout South America. This was often led by those of Iberian stock. Bolivia and many other South American countries became independent republics. The country takes its name from Simon de Bolivar. He was a Colombian statesman and soldier who led the revolt.

Bolivia was ruled for decades by those of Spanish blood. Most people were illiterate and lived in dire poverty. In the late 19th century Bolivia fought a war against Chile. The Peruvians were on Bolivia’s side. This was called the War of the Pacific. The Bolivians were bested. They lost their littoral. They still have an admiral of their non existent navy.

In the 20th century Marxism was introduced to the country. Anti-communist elements were firmly in control of the country. They had a very cosy relationship with the United States.

In 1967 Che Guevara moved to Bolivia. He was an Argentine communist. Dr Guevara essayed to start a communist uprising in Bolivia. He met with indifference from the tenant farmers. The Bolivian Government soon quelled his rebellion and he was killed.

For years this country was ruled by a general named Alfredo Stroessner. Stroessner was half German and half indigenous. He welcomed Nazi war criminals.

In the 1990s the country transitioned to democracy. The indigenous majority got a fair crack of the whip. This is the only country in Latin American where the majority of the people are indigenous.

Evo Morales was elected president in 2004. He was the first man of solely indigenous blood to rule the country. He was an antagonist of the USA.

The country has two capitals. These are Sucre and La Paz. La Paz is much larger. It has San Pedro Prison which for years was open to tourists. La Paz means ”the peace.”

The country has a lake called Titicaca. It is on the border with Peru. Lake Titicaca is the biggest in the country.

The country has narrow windy roads in the mountains. One of these is called La Carraterra de la muerte – the highway of death. Many vehicles have fallen off it into the depths of an abyss.


  1. Which continent is Bolivia in?
  2. Name its neighbours. Five marks.
  3. What is the official language?
  4. Who were the first people to live here?
  5. What range of mountains is this country in?
  6. What is the largest lake in the country?
  7. What is the major religion?
  8. What is unusual about San Pedro Prison?
  9. How many capital cities does Bolivia have?
  10. Who was Evo Morales?
  11. Who was Stroessner? Three marks.
  12. Why does this country not have a coast?

Is abortion wrong/


What is it? Not miscarriage. Hitchens said nature was an abortionist. deflecting issue

I know about 20 women who have doen this

is an embryo or feotus human

DNA. mother or father. girl or boy

nomenclature. embruo or baby. girl or boy. daughter or son.


embryos not implanted. no signs of life

when abortion is acceptable. to save woman’s life.

what if she threatens suicide.

image is not an argument so pro abortinists say. but they shpw photos of dead women.


let him who is without sin.

I am not moralistic

am I my brother’s keeper?

Yes I would take stem cells from embryos. I would benefit from stem cell research/


pro abortionists say males are not allowed to oppose. but they are permitted to support.

shoot the messenger. Attack the person making the argument . ad hominem

choice. woman’s health they call it feminism, equality, human rights. reproductive choice , autonomy, agency,

no choice for baby or father.

killing somone is a hoice

heakthcare – like a firing squad. Like the guilltone cures headaces. Orwellian language. make murder respectable.

repercussion sof banning abortion. more DIY. more women die. but fewer babies?

no law is totally enforced.


Dream of a Safa


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