Evidence that Trump is not a Putin stooge


He approved weapons sales to the Ukraine.


He bombed the Syrian military.

He appointed hawks like John Bolton.

Putin said he has no dirt on Trump.

Trump has beefed up the military. He has not withdrawn from NATO.


Do not trust Europhile experts


There is a bought priesthood of academics, journalists, CEOs, diplomats, bureaucrats and eurocrats.

The EU courts them assiduously. The EU funds pro EU propaganda courses in schools and universities. The EU has its flag on any project it funds. The European Project wastes taxpayers’ money in blowing its own trumpet. Do not trust tainted sources. It is trahison des clercs. Opinion formers are informally bribed to disseminate pro EU publicity.

Carson speech================================================


first recording

me loyal ornage brethren

we don t want those Dublin jackeens coming up telling us what to do.

if thems dubs come up here we will say will youse feck off out of it now will youse

youse will be banjaxed and my mammy will break your face for you.

they say we are irish. we are not irish

if you said that in Belfast you would be thrown in the liffey

I remember when the king as his mot came over. his mot is called the queen

they landed in the phoenix in a big balloon

we will not have a republic republic me rocks.