unfortunate name for a farmer


Pat Cowes


a dream of lovat


I dreamt of a conversation wth this detestable geek. He is my foe from the monastery. thought of sending hm a birthday card. season of goodwill. I wondered if he was the head somewhere. I wish to exact vengeance on a few.

Sir Oswald Mosley=============================================


born 1896

aristo. midlands. town


sandhurst. war. air

injury. eyes. mania

harrow mp. war generation deport aliens

pro IRA

viceroys’ aughter. quarter jewish

labour. chancellor of duchy of lanceser. rsing star

Mussolini. unemployemtn. the slump. interventiondid not give away house

womansing. satyriasis.

new party. ernest bevin. macmillan


WILLIAM joyce daily mail. black shirts. rallies speaking. salute. action. stewards. commies

jewish east end


anti war. who the heck would die for beck.

be patriotic. interned . section 18 B. royal Holloway. wife given birth. black prisoner

hire servants. 1944 let out

no ppassports. Ireland. france

union movemebt


Mosley was racist


streicher sent a telegram to Sir Oswald

When questioned on Frost about it Sir Oswald blinked rapidly while denying it and then said he MIGHT have said it.

”I greatly esteem your message in the midst of our hard struggle the future of Jewish corruption must be overcome in all great countries” Mosley to Streicher

printed in the Guardian and a German newspaper. Mosley did not contest it at the time.


trump’s speech


I use a teleprompter

I read real good. I read the whole bible. starting with the book of Genesis

and ending when Jesus hangs out with the 12 reindeer

” I am the pre side ent of the un I ted Statt es

we have to neig bors. I thought we are not allowed to call them nig bars any more?

They are me xi co and candida.

didn t I get candida from stormy Daniels?

Me xi co sends us their worst people. they are bringing drugs, they are rapists, they are brining healthcare, they are bringing gun control

Hispanic americans are not americans

when my mum came here in 1933 there was  no Hispanics in the USA or blacks or native americans.




Trump’s border wall.


He spoke about funding it to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. In the Oval Office meeting he said he would get it if needs be through ‘military’. He did not say ‘the military’ just ‘military’. Is he saying he will launch a military putsch? Or he shall order the military to build it?