Auto bio of a thief. review


bruce Reynolds. born 1931

engaging, entertaining. eloquent. never turgid. pace. thrilling. empathise with him. livelt dialgoeu.

character sketches. tales of derring do.

not true. clean up of farm. hitching ride with colonel types. dressed up like them. cavalry twills. Donegal tweeds. tunbull; and asser. congonscient. hareu  foreign lnaguges gets t wrong.

never dwells on anything too long

fantasy. brigand. soldier. uniforms. aristo.

1950s slang. mooning about.

no remorse. self pity.

extrinsically motivatred. status symbols

we got to be with te cream

glen miller. cleent miller.

named his son nick. nominative determinism?


Sinn Fein’s hypocrisy on Brexit


SF all about self determination

Ireland as 32 counties not recognized by any land nor ever has been.

Ireland consisted of semi indepent kingdoms until 12the century

Siamese union – Isaac Butt. a dependency on England.

SF decries Brexit. adams said it was  ahostile act. democracy is hostile>

52% voted for Brexit. not in NI

NI should have another border poll. had one in 1973 58% turnout. 98% pro Union.

why ever revisit it? we were told EEC referendum was forever and EU referneudm was forever.

1918 election SF 73/106 seats.  25 unopposed wins.

but 51% of vite. see Wikipedia article. much personation, intimidation . voting th dead.

allowed to recosncier.

SF had no plan. no particular objections. what policies did they want differently?

lAWS, tax, socialism, language?

Brexit questions. what about trade, military, immigration and emigration.

all these apply to Ireland 1921 even more stringy

currneyc. sue sterling for 50 years? print it on differnet paper. allowed to do that anyway as in NI and Scotland. interest rates se tin London.

follow rules but have no say in them.



The USA should join the International Criminal Court


ICC set up around 2000. supported by most nations and blair pro American

USA was behind previous attempts at intl courts

I C J in the Hague. USA has helped bring people ther

USA at Nuremberg

USA supported I C T F Y and bringing Charles Taylor to justice.

USA invaded pNama to bring its man Noriega to court.

USA lectures other lands about human rights. often laudable.

US demands legal imperialism for others but opposes fot itself

USA cannot interfere in others affairs and not epected the same

some are acidulous at this ifrignemtn of independence.

ample evidence of crimes against humanity in irq and afgshanitsna . makes me retch.

14 irawi civilians shot dead in one incident

abu ghraib

water boarding. 25% provedinnocnet. dick cheney not troubled inverted blackstone’s dictum.

afghan war diairies. exposed by bradly manning and Edward snowden

Russia, India, china and others not in ICC. but they do not stick their noses intp others affairs

USA takes moral jhigh gorund. gratingly self congratulatory rhetoric with mass incarcertiaon, torture unfair trials. many police killings of unarmed black men, USA last country in the world to outlaw the execution of children.

hypocrticial. illogical unjust and rebarbative.



Crowder wrong on Jersualem======================================


doing German accent be anti GERMAN calling them Nazis for not recognizing Jerusalem

other presidents said Jersualem was capitla . he did not show them saying they would shift the embassy

open a US Embassy to Palestine.

UN founded israle. it is true. then obey UN resoltuons. he then calls it anti Israel league

UN said Jerusalem should be a shared capital/ crowder speaks about being correct.

murder of count Bernadotte UN diplomat.

1956 attack on Egypt which he did not mention.

cited helen Thomas saying pasltine is occupied

go back to Poland and germany. no danger there. some Israelis have taken german citiznehspp. safwer there than in Israel.

crowder hated idea of israels leaving Israel. he likes deportations from the USA.

Palestinians have been driven out.

germany never stopped saying sorry and payinf reparations.

crowder opposes reparations for others. not many countries have done that.

wipe israle off the map. Palestine was wiped off the map. under illegal occupation

jewish only roads. discrimination

torture. miderate physical pressure. illegal detention incluidn of minors.

mass civilian casualties.

anti arab prejudice in Israel. detah to the jews. no conscription for arabs

Israel is a jewish state in #

Palestine is not a country. it is recognized by many nations has embassies.

arab israelsi 4 times higher standard of living in Israel. yes israle had investment. has not had brain drain. is not under illegal occupation. has oil. does not have stuff blown up.

”use your military to protect your border.s” he says people should do that. so let Palestinians defend their homes.

”shoot a home invader in the middle is certainly morally acceptable.”

”is it nice to blow away 50 something people because spome of them people are laying down land mines but it is certainly morally acceptable.”

churches – bimbs there. some palestinaisn are christina

UN school bimbed by Israel.

”It is morally wrong to target women and children,”


”home invaders” he deprecates.


”hard to bargain with these nations when they want the complete and totral destruction of Israel.” – Jordan and Egypt have had diplomatic relations with Israel.

dozens of unarmed Palestinian protestors killed by Israel

right to self defence.

right to bear arms.



What is IELTS?


IELTS is International English Language Testing System.

There are two types of IELTS – IELTS Academic and IELTS General.

I am going to talk about IELTS Academic. If you want to study at a college or university in the English speaking world you need to do this IELTS Academic test

Academic IELTs has four papers – reading, writing, listening and speaking.

You do reading, writing and listening on the same day. Altogether these take about 2 hours

you do speaking on another day. Speaking takes about 20 minutes.

There is no pass mark in IELTS

The maximum score is 9.

The scores are decimal as in 0 is the bottom score and they go up 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 , 0.4 and so on.

You are given a different score for each paper. For example you might get 5 in speaking, 6 in reading, 6 in writing and 7 in listening. There is then an average score. In this example it would be an average of 6.

What score do you need? It depends on the course or university that you are applying to.

Many universities demand and average of 6.  However, they might say your average must be 6 and you must get a minimum of 6 in all four papers.

Others say you must get an average of 6 and you must get 7 in writing and so on.

This is a very challenging exam. I would not get 9. The highest I ever heard of was 8.5.

The instructions are harder than the questions. The instructions are deliberately confusing

In the listening you get to hear things only once. You are given a chance to read the questions first and then a long time after you to listen to the text to write your answers

You answer on an answer sheet and no the question paper.

You can do IELTS at various educational companies or schools in Russia. It costs about $200 to do

You can do it any month of the year. If you are not satisfied with your exam result you can retake as many times as you want. However, you have to pay the full fee every time.

It is not a fun course.

If you want to know more about IELTS or any other educational please contact me.

TuckeR Carlson v Avenatti


Carlson is a demagogue and a liar

said he would not call him seedy porn lawyer but the screen said it.

he did not let mike speak – interrupted mostly.

two modes – sychophancy and savagery. monstered avenatti.

you are wearing $1 000 suit. should a lawyer be badly dressed on telly? Tucker wears expensive clothes

nothing wrong with that

stormy is stripping. because she wants to. she makes lots of $$$$

tucker thinks avenatti should pay stormy. clients pay laywers not the other way aroud

Carlson loves profit motive. so why dislike avenatti making money

stormy likes profit

stormy is exploited says Carlson. not at all

Carlson haa no problem with expolotstion . againsr minimu wage

what is wring wit porn and strippers . military like it.

Carlson did not answer question about porn

Carlson would not answer if trump lying was ok. led to illegal campaigb payment,

Carlson is very punitive n law

she has got so much publicity and money from avenattis defence and publicity.

Avenatti has not lied so far as I know.

How to get into Oxford for a Bachelor#s degree


Oxford is the oldest university in the English speaking world. By some measures it is the best university of all.

People usually start at Oxford University at the age of 18. A Bachelor#s degree takes three or four years depending on the subject.

If you are going to apply to Oxford University you need to have top grades in almost every subject.

The academic year at oxford starts in October and ends in June.

If you want to start at Oxford University in October 2019 you need to apply by the end of October 2018.

First of all choose your subject. You can study all the mainstream subjects at Oxford – English, Maths, History, Biology, Chemistry Physics, French etc…. You can do some subjects that do not exist at secondary school level – for example Medicine and Law.

You can study Business, Economics, Philosophy, Politics. You can study all the major languages.

If you are a native speaker of Russian can you do a degree in Russian at Oxford? Yes you can. It is about Russian Literature mainly. Most of the professors are not Russian but they still know more about Russian literature than the average native speaker.

Some subjects are less heavily subscribed than others. For examples in Classics (Latin and Ancient Greek) almost 50% of applications are accepted. In Law only about 10% of applicants get in.

You cannot do Architecture or Veterinary Medicine at Oxford.

Oxford University is divided into 39 colleges. It is a federal system. Think of a college being like an oblast in Russia. The largest college has 600 students and the smallest has 50. Most have about 400. All but one college are mixed between men and women.

Most colleges do most subjects. It is not the case that one college is for Geography and another is for Chinese. However, not all colleges do all subjects. For example some colleges do not offer Religious Studies others do not offer Egyptology.

The colleges are spread around the city. They have slightly different characters. However, the education is the same at all colleges. You call go to the same lectures and sit the same exams.

If you cannot decided which college to apply to then submit an open application. This means that Oxford University will send your application to the least heavily subscribed college.

You apply online via UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). You have to write a personal statement. They will ask your school for a reference. They will look at examples of your written work.

Oxford has five times more applicants than it has places. If your application is strong you will be invited to Oxford for an interview and more tests. I will tell you more about that in another video. If you do very well in these tests and interviews you will be offered a place.

If you want further advice about applying to Oxford or any other university in the UK or Republic of Ireland please contact me.

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