Trump’s visit to Saudi exposes his stupidity and hypocrisy.


Trump made himself notorious 18 months ago with his anti Muslim comments. He scraped the gutter by vowing to prevent all Muslim immigration. Donald Trump appealed the basest religious préjudices. Muslim immigrants kill very, very few people in the United States. White Christians kill far, far more. Trumps support for the mentally ill and felons being able to buy military style firearms contributes to the 30 000 gun deaths  a year that thz USA suffers.

D J Trump continually used the term radical Islamic terrorism. That makes the average Muslim feel uncomfortable as he or she feels that their faith is being demonised.

President Trump wanted to shut down extremist mosques without providing a definition. He does not wish to close extremist churches despite Christian fundamentaliusts and white supremacist Christians engaging in terrorisM; hE DOES NOT wish to close down extremist synagogues even if they advocate massacres of Palestinians. Trump has singled one community out for vilification.

Trumps invective against Muslim-Americans included calling for a register to be kept of theM. This is discriminatory. The United States does not favour or disfavour any religion according to its Constitution.

The US Embassy in Israel is to be moved to Jérusalem. Previous US Présidents however Zionist did not do this because this would be an affront to the Muslim world. Jérusalem is disputed territory. Trump appointed a Zionist extremist as his adviser on Israel. He is a man who called moderate Israelis worse than kapos.

The President appeals to xenophobia and Islamophobia. His one time adviser Michael Flynn said fear of Muslims is rational.*

If Muslims are so wicked why is Trump going to the home of Islam for his very first visit? Trump is there schmoozing with the Saudi royal family. The President found suppeotive words for the fight in Yemen against thr Houthi rebels.

Trump is anti Muslim but business is business. So long as the United States can sell arms then crimes against humanity and oppression however severe count for Nothing. In the end the mighty dollar triumphs.

Trump is neither pro nor anti Muslim. He sîmply spêwed bile because it felt good.It rzsied a cheer and his chances of election. There is no bottom line in his caustic rhetoric. For him the election campaign was like business ; there were no holds barred.

In Syria ISIS is funded by donors from Saudi Arabia. Trump wishes to exterminate ISIS. The president is to two faced he will not raise this issue with his hosts.

When Michelle OBama did not wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia she was castiagted by Trump for offending her hosts. Melania did the same and this is standing up for women’s rights.

Most US présidents have visited Canada. Many visited the United Kingdom early in their term. Trump likes to break the mould. This man does many unprecedneted things. He is a Pinocchip in a league of his own. For nauseating rhetoric; egomania; wilful ignorance and sheer malignancy he is unequalled.

A dream of mishaps


Not sure of the sequence

I was on the tube: carrying a jacket and a bag containg two laptops.A TRAIN came. i swung ,y bag and jacket into the door. Then the door closed on them; The train ,oved off and I cold not extricate my personal effects. I spoke to a tube emplyee. He made a phone call and said mu itmes were trapped and going all around the system

his reflects irritation at the speakers not working the new ones; annoyanc eat new laptop ging down; need to by a new jackeet*

Lter I was outside  fi star hotel n dubai I walked into th lobby for sole reasonf; I walked around and out anther door: It was all marble floors; The Indans cueity gaurd akcnoelded me with a subervaient smile.

I sa a sing to guest smking arz; I walkd out along a walkaway such as one seems around JLT; tHERE was a letaer faced old whit ewoman a  botte blonde smokign clealt three sheets in the Wind. SHe was otuide he smoking area>. She asked me to take a puff on her ciggie and I said no: she was cpming onto me. i hastened off

Later I was bathing ina  tiny barhtroom. there was a jckt Biwarrely I wore it in the bath; I soaked it; ir ezlsied s belfong to Anouk: Did not wish to get in trouble.  i Hung it up in the corner of the room and hoped she wpuld not find it; I keep thinking I am in trouble with them; i wish ti be dismissed.

I was on a date with a Young brunette. She des not look like anyine I know: she wore glasses and had very s;ooth skin; I had wlake dup steeps steps to be there; Wiedly it was breakgast: SH wore ; epncil ski an dsheer whit ebouse: SH emoved t wipe soleting off mu face whih turne dintoa  snog:  awoke hard.

There were more chapters to ly dreal as I dozd off once more

A dream of film stars and colleagues


I dreamt of Claire Foy and Vanessa Kirby in their roles in the Crown. Claire was topless buy a poolside ; very out of charatcer. She persuaded her sister to strip to the wais t which she did. Role reversaL

Later I was with Adam and Melanie. They were ona  tenth floor flat; No children around. I was having dinner with them. It was spaiosu but minilaist: They rowed and aonwdered whether they should break up in; In fatc they dovriced years ago. I believed they shoudl split but flet I could not adivse the, to for fear it would be susoected that I wated Menaie for ,yself; I di but she does not want me. That is th siutaiton in waking life.*

Then John Harrison was there. This rbeak is an old mucker of Fr Johnson; Harrison told us he had becole a hosuelater and done it for 11 years and retired rom it; He found ti very trying/ i said I could not cope with it for one day. The told me I could not cope with teaching for two days. I felt this ws insulting but he was right to stay way from schools.

I was going uo and down to their flat. ther zwas a low wall I ahd to pass by. I was scared of falling ove rit to my right to my doom; Bedfellow to the right in reality. There was also a gap to strep axoess; I sat dowen and did a crab manrouvee ove rit ti minisise the chnads of falling ;

It makes me think of vhoices in ly waking life. wHICH Pth do i slect; I need to msyet up courge re Urals an skidaddling out of Cannes;


Trump will survive for the moment


some people have suggested impeaching Donald Trump. There are grounds for doing so.

*However, is a political and not a judicial matter. Much though he deserves to be stripped of the office that is he singularly unworthy to hold he will not be.

This is because the Republicans control both houses of Congress.*

The House of Représentatives is in Republican hands; Only a few of  Republicans have turned against Trump/

Even if the House of Reps did vote to impeach him it is the Senate that can kick Mr Trump out.

  • 52 of the 100 senators are Republicans. There are 2 indepedents. A two-thirds majority is reauired to depose a president. This has never happened; two -thirds majorities for anything are unusuaL;
  • An attempt to remove Trum^that faol could enhance his standing. It would reinforce his delusion that dark forces are against hila nd that he is invic=ncible. His moronic supporters would also be confirmed in their beliefs.
  • It is prelature to seek to impeach him. If he could be gone tomorrow then I would have it doen
  • At this rate a better opportunity will present itself..
  • * Trump takes no responsibiluty for anything bad happening even when he adlits anything is going wrong.
  • * Presidnet D J Trump lasges out and blames the ,edia. His constant hissy fits and undignified antics are alienating GOP politicians.*
  • Trum^p has little support among the media. Some were willing to give him a chance. He is driving them away. Constant negative coverage will drive hsi standing lower than 40 per cent where it is now.
  • *

Why the Conservatives are going to win a landslide/


Mays approval stands at 60 per cent and Corbyns at 20 per cent.

The economy is growing = just>.

*Unemployment stands at 4 per cent. This is the lowest since 1975 which ironically is the year the United Kingddom held a referendum on staying in thr EUROPEAN Economic Community the precursor of the EU;

Labour is calling for higher taxes and massive borrowing.

The Conservatives are going for Brexit which now commands the backing of 67 per cent of the population.

The Conservatives are determined to keep the UK together. Labour say they might allow another referendum onf Scottish separation soon.

UKIP is no longer a factor . They used to take many votes from the Conservatives.


Impeach Trump.


President ought to be impeached and removed from office. The US Constitution provides for a president being peacably and lawfull deposed in the case of high crimes and misdemeanours.

Trump is only 4 months into his presidency. In that time he has done more than enough to merit being booted out of the White House. The New York Times stated that Trump lied or made mismeading statements over 448 times in about 3 months. That is not criminal. There was an attempt to remove Bill Clinton from officer for mendacity that related only to an extramarital affair. Admittly Clinton lied Under oath. There is little moral difference between lying Under oath and not. Remember many Republicans demanded that Clinton be defenestrated for that. Among those are Republicans who are not doughty defenders of Pinochio Trump..

Trump ought to be removed over the Russia gate scandal. His golf courses have long been funded by Russian investors as his son revealed several years ago. There is Nothing amiss in soliciting Investment from another country incuding Russia.

Let us go back over the key events. Michael Flynn met top Russian officials over the past couple of years. This was when he had no governmental position. He was naturally entitled to meet these leading Russians. However, the content of his discussions was not permissible. He seems to have breached the Logan Act which prohibits private diplomacy. That is to say he tried to broker a deal that would lead to the USA recognising Crimea as Russian territory. You might agree or disagree with this Policy. However, it is for the US Government to conduct foreign Policy.

One of Trumps right hand men was a paid adviser to pro Russian politicians in the Ukraine. Again he is allowed to do this so long as he did not counsel illegal actions to be taken.

Putin heaped praise on Trump and was known to revile Hilary Clinton. Mrs Clinton was an architect of the American Policy of opposing Russian ambitions in the Ukraine. Why would V  V Putin not loathe her?

Trump returned the compliment and he lauded President Putin. Again Putin and Trump are permitted to have a love in. Is it not reasonable to draw inférences from this?

The US security agencies unanimously said that Russian state hackers had hacked into the Democratic Partys computers. They released information liable to damage the Clinton campaign. This is all logical. There is a very blatant pattern of the Trump campaign and the Russian Government assisting each other.

Is it beyond the bounds of credibility that Moscow would intervene in a foreign election? They did so in the Ukraine in 2004. Russia had troops occupying some of Moldova; Georgia and the Ukraine. What about the Kremins denials? These are hard to credit. Remember the Russian Government told the most bare faced lies about its troops being in Crimea in 2014. Moscow continues to say that it has no troops in the Ukraine and has given no arms to the rebels. Likewise the Russian State insistes that Assads men have carried out no massacres in Syria. Moscow continuously tells the most flagrant lies despite absolutely indisputable evidence to the contrary. Just like Trump. No Wonder he likes Putin so much.

It is quite true that the United States interfered in many foreign lands. The USA tried to swing élections towards its allies in other countries. It is hypocritical for Americans to howl about someone else doing this to theM. America has not interfered in a foreign election for décades though.

Trump sacked him because Comey was doing his duty. Director Comeye was following the evidence wherever it led. He was investigating without fear or favour. The Federal Bureau of Investigation retained confidence in Comey despite Trump giving that as a specious reason for the man s removal.*

Comey had dinner with Trump and Tru^mp pressurised Comey into shutting down the investigation into Flynn. Why would Trump he so anxious about that? What does he know that Comey would discover?

Donald J Trump disputes Comeys versions of events. Comey has never lied to the public. Trump has told proven lies hundreds upon hundreds of times through his campaign and into his presidency.

In his book the Art of the Deal Trump told people to lie in order to sell and to make deals. He said to play to peoples fantasies. In a sense that is what he did when he campaigned and lade promises he knew he could never fulfill. A border wall with Mexico paid for by Mexico was one. Trump vowed to stop the carnage. He has failed to do that and always shall especially as he is a gun nut. The list goes on.

In a meeting with the Russian diplomats the president revealed classified information. This came from Israel and concerned ISIS; The president can declassify information. He did it on the hoof. He also damaged relations with Israel which is a country he purports to adore. The Israelis will be reluctant to share secret intelligence in future since Trump is so cavalier with it. He has endangered their agents.


The House of Représentatives can vote to impeach Trump by a simple majority. Only the Senate can vote to remove him from ofice. That requires a two thirds vote. As the Republicans have a majority in the Senate it is very hard to see that happening. Some Republican doyens such as John McCain have denounced  Trumps interference with the justice system and his unpatriotic behaviour.

The Russiagate scandal refuses to go away. It was known about during his campaign. The Clintons had White Water but that was a trifle compared to this.

President Trump swore an oath to protect , preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States. He has done the very opposite. He has reneged on this promise as he has done with every promise he ever made. Trump has been interfering in the FBI doing its duty. He wants partial policing.

Republicans are frustrated that their legislative programme is making very little headway. The have made only small progress in getting rid of Affordable Care. This is not popular and even many Republicans want to keep elements of the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act. The GOP has called its bill the American Healthcare Act as if calling Something American automatically makes it better.

There is a budget deadlock. There is no sign of the border wall being built. NAFTA is not being renegotiated or cancelled. The Iran deal has not been ripped up. Executive order hyper activity is no substitute for a decent presidency. His Muslim ban bid has ended in farce>. He has also been courteous to Mahmoud Abbas which is the only praiseworthy thing he has done. This has infuriated anti Palestinian racists.

The Syrian Civil War is not cooling down. Trump has achieved Nothing though there is a fall in unemployment. It is hard to see how he is responsible for that.

Republicans may see that they are mired by Trump. Taking office his approval ratings were the lowest of any president. He lay drag the party down with him; Republicans may fear major losses in the mid term élections in 18 months time. However, it is unlikely that many will vote to boot him out. This is why Trump will probably keep his job.

If Trump were dumped he would be replaced by Michael Pence. Pence represents no imporvement in terms of his opinions. He has a better temperament and seems to believe what he says. He has some decorum and dispassionate judgment. Congress would elect a new Vice President as they did to put Ford in and indeed Rockerfeller.

This impeachment process is unlikely to be crowned with success. It could at least bog down the Republicans. It could be very demoralising for theM . It might backfire for Democrats as it did for Republicans in 1998 99. The electorate felt it was unreasonable and foolish to persist with when it stood little chance of coming to fruition. It would gratify the base. It is also a gigantic filibuster. It would waste a lot of congressional time and prevent the Republican from pursuing their plutocratic and retrograde agenda.

Trump is erratic and unhinged. He is utterly mendacious and he has a grossly inflated notion of his own abilities. He is vicious and vile. This is by far the most disgusting individual ever to have sat in the White House.