no trial of Mugabe


it would create presentational difficulties for the new president  until 16 days ago was committing all the same offences. Grace will want to get out of dodge before the long arm of the law actahcer her and force sher to disgorge her unstlt gained lcure.


Adams for president?


resigned as leader. just after Mugabe.

presidential run next year. mcguinness did t

last hurrah,

prostate problems, teated in USA . friends paif for this. some socialist.

coondtions not favourable FF recovered. GF doing well so are labour# he has name reocgntion. troubles 20 years ago.


Prince Charles had dirty investments


His claims to be a benign capitalist are laid bare as bogus. His advisers made the decisions but he should have over ruled them. If he takes the money he must take responsibility. He is only 69 years old! He is a multi millionaire. He did not earn this wealth. The prince deserves less sympathy than others. The Paradise papers have exposed his avarice. He needs to do more for the needy and give away the money to his mother’s subjects. Don’t bless the Prince of Wales.

Information sheet






What is this project about? The proposal is to study a small group of Russian speaking adults who have learnt or are learning English. English is increasingly popular in Russia but many Russophones find English very challenging. My objective to to understand the nature of this difficulties.





Who is undertaking the study? My name is ________________ and I am a Postgraduate student at Mary Immaculate College in the University of Limerick. I am currently doing an MA in Linguistics under the supervisions of ________________. This study will comprise part of my Master’s dissertation.




Why is this being done? The aim is to add to the corpus of knowledge of L1 difficulties that students have. This will enable students and teachers alike to anticipate these challenges and to develop strategies that overcome the challenges.




The long term goal is to comprehend these difficulties and thereby to develop methods of dealing with them. More effectual teaching and learning strategies can be invented.




The participants will be invited to a specially booked room on Blagoveshniy Street. They will be interviewed one by one on various days. There will be one person interviewed at a time. A participant will be interviewed once only. The interview will last about 40 minutes. The times will suit the participants.

The interviews will be conducted in English or if the participant prefers in Russian. There will be some questions about learning English – what ahs been fun, dull, difficult and easy.

The interviews will be audio recorded,  transcribed and translated if necessary. These will be given to the participants in request.



A participant has the right to withdraw at any time without saying why.



It shall be used to help me write my dissertation.



Participants will not be identified by name in the dissertation or by any other means that could lead to their identities being revealed. Data will be logged with a random ID number. The data will be destroyed three years after the project is over.



In consonance with the MIC Data Retention Schedule the data will be destroyed after three years.



If you have concerns about this study, you may contact: Dr Joan O’Sullivan Mary Immaculate College South Circular Road Limerick Tel: +353 61 774735




Informed Consent form.


Informed consent form

Dear Participant,

As outlined in the participant information sheet the current study will investigate the difficulties encountered by Russophones in learning English. Kindly read the participant information sheet fully and carefully. Do this before granting consent. Your anonymity is guaranteed. You have the right to withdraw a any moment without stating a reason for so doing.

The data captured shall remain confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

The information gathered will be held in accordance with the MIC Record Retention Schedule and shall be destroyed upon the expiry of three years after the completion of the study.

If you have read and understood the instructions and wish to participate please sign below

. I understand what the project is about and what the data will be used for.

I am aware of ALL the procedures involved.

I know that participation is of my own free will and I am entitled to withdraw at any time without being obliged to give a reason for my withdrawal.

I am conscious that any material and information that I supply shall remain strictly confidential.




My name is ______________. I am an MA in Linguistics student at the Mary Immaculate College University of Limerick. I am preparing a dissertation on the difficulties that Russophones face in learning English.

My supervisor is ______________________

The aim of my research is to identify these difficulties so Russophones can be more effectually taught in future.

Participants will take part in interviews. You will be given participant instruction sheets.


Yours sincerely,



Name (Print)_____________________– Date __________________________–

Signature ____________________________________

Hands off Charlie Rose


Charlie Rose has been accused of sexually harassing some female colleagues. It seems to be par for the course for broadcasters and politicians in the United States to be accused of this misconduct. I have no idea if these allegations are true or not. I must declare an interest. I dig Charlie Rose.

Let us suppose he is as guilty as can be. What does such behaviour amount to? Incivility and immaturity. He made some unwelcome comments to various women. That is the size of it. His behaviour may have been perceived as distasteful, irritating and perhaps even a tiny bit scary.

The world needs to come to it senses. Any perspective has long since been lost. There is a stridently moralistic tone by those who were persecute men for what was one called gallanterie. The panickers hugely exaggerate the degree of wrong doing. They turn trivial issues into something perilous. His colleague Gayle King said it was about the safety of women. Who ever said these people were in danger? It is indicative of the dishonesty and the cumulative radicalisation of the hysterical feminists.

Mr Rose is straight. He has committed the unforgivable offence of voicing his attraction to the opposite sex. You so called victims – grow up. Get over it. If he said something disgusting then tell him to fuck off or slap him. A hefty kick in the groin would more than do the trick. Do not go to law. Whatever happened to de minimus no curat lex. Suing people in the new national sport.

Why wouldn’t someone false accuse him? Being a fearless journalist he has ruffled many feathers. Mighty vested interests want him gone. Think of the huge damages that could be paid out in lawsuits. There might have been no malfeasance on his part but to avoid the chance of losing a tortious action he might be advised to settle. Bogus allegations are hugely incentivised. A false accuser will be hailed as a heroine. She will have her career made. Think of all the free publicity.

No man in politics of the media is safe from this monstrous regiment of gold diggers. They are assisted by a shrill chorus of the self-righteous. This is a preposterous inflation of a trifling issue. Woe betide anyone who tells the plain truth. You have to ump on the bandwagon and pretend to believe that this is a foul crime.

Sexual harassment always has happened and always shall. Let us not try to find a cure that is worse than the disease. No form of unpalatable behaviour can ever be banished totally. Let us restore a sense of proportionality.

classroom research. research methods module. unti 4.


you may wish to improve oyr pedagogy and imprve second langage acquisition

tom morton

discourse analysis. Birmingham school

collecting and presenting classroom data.


#look at discourse analysis – issues of power, identity and exclusion.

understand how students learn. look at bilingual education contexts. sometimes they use English as a foreign language to learn another subject.

why we try out classroom research. what we focus on.

there is multimodal critical discourse analysis

record and transcribe data from classrooms. there is an ongoing thread- evaluate topics and questions.

why study classroom discourse? what theoretical perspectives can we use.


corpus teaches us about our own practices.

one needs a framework to interpret corpus linguistics. one needs labels and concept s

a framework is needed to improve teaching.

menu of choice to analyse data from classrooms.

discourse analysis.

approach developed in 70s. systemic functional linguistics.

#conversation analysis used very detailed transcripts is more sociological.

socio cultural theory.

learning is scial driven forward by people of different levels of expertise

political discourse – power and ideology


researchers needs to be immersed in context and understand local cultural to comprehend meaning in contexts can take years

classrooms – popular and used ones


look at classroom from top level. record something bonded in time.

how education is chunked up.

analyse response. how lessons are staged.

watch a lesson. take notes and look at transcript. maybe four activities.

transactions. these are long stretches that have boundaries.

chains are smaller units of discourse. two or three turns.

famous one – IRS exchange. moves and within them there are acts.

hierarchical structure.

if you know about systemic functional linguistics one knows this is of import.

what came from tradition. most expansion launched decades of research.


IRS exchange,

Initiation – asking question


sequence is important.

audio recording is less intrusive.

back channelling mmmhhm – aha must be included

self correction d pauses included. longer pauses. when one turn follows another with no pause . laughter. pitch movement shown with arrows.

use super script.