Repression in Turkey


Wikipedia is now blocked in Turkey> This is in case it reveals some facts that President Erodgan wishes were not true.

The crackdown on free expression in Turkey is disturbing. Turkey was never superb at free speech but it used to be much better than it is now.

Dozens of jounralists have been charged with terrorist offences and bank robberies. One of them is a 71 year old editor. It is odd that he was a law abiding journalist all his life and at the age of 71 suddenly started robbing banks. Turkish human rights activists abroad have been charged with terrorism in Turkey.

Army officers who are not outspokenly pro Erdogan risk being accused of participation in the coup d’etat. This is even if they were under sedation at the time as one was due to being in an operation on the day.



Comedy content


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Josie Cunningham


This single mum from Leeds has been labelled the most reviled woman in the United Kingdom.

As a teenager Miss Cunningham had a rare condition that mean she could not develop breast tissue. She felt inadequate and was horridly bullied.

Her low self -esteem was such that doctors agreed that she could have breast augmentation. Once her boobs were made large she was approached by a publicist with an idea about how to make more cash. She posed for photos covering her tits only with NHS tape. This was very tendentious.

La Cunningham has constantly been in the media; She wanted rhinoplasty. She became pregnant and was told she could not have the operation until a year after parturition. She therefore terminated her baby. This was again highly controversial/ Her dubious conduct generated a media furore anew. She also took part in porn she said because she liked sex.

Some of what she has done is not bad at all/ BY posing topless she earned thousands of pounds. If I could earn money that way then I would do likewise. She comes across as an extraordinarily unhappy woman. She clearly has a very low opinion of herself/ She has often been on Loose Women talking about herself.