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Dream of Obama and a holiday in Mexico.


I had a dream the night before last of copulating with a blonde of about 40 years of age who was on the podgy side.

Last night I dreamt of being on hols in Mexico. I was in a group of men and women – all of them younger than me. There were about a dozen of them. I was in a large hotel room.

I went into the sea with them. As we had flown in we had seen protcted areas with man made reefs. The sea was azure within these swimming areas. We were on the Pacific Coast. Sometimes I think maybe it was supposed to be Peru. 

The water was warm. We were told to get into an inflatable plastic life raft. It was way too small.  It would only accommodate one person. Then several more life rafts appeared. They were all in bright colours – fluorescent almost. I had mine. I lay on it and paddled. The others did likewise. We swam perhaps a 100 m in an arc back to the shore. 

I overslept and missed breakfast but they brought me some food up from the dining room. 

Then Barak OBama came along. We had a chat. He was relaxed and affable. 

I looked in the mirror and saw my hair was very long – longer than it has ever been. It was down to my shoulders. I decided I need it cut. In fact my child has long hair but her refuses to allow his grandmother to cut it.

A dream of Kate Middleton


I dreamt that Kate Middleton had been my girlfriend. I was meeting her a few years on. She was affable and humorous. We smiled and tittered gaily. She wore a magnolia dress fringed with navy blue. She wore high heels and looked as lively and radiant as ever. She was only a few months pregnant. I saucily quipped that maybe I should slip her one for old time;’s sake. It would not be an attempt on the Throne seeing as one cannot impregnate a girl who is already carrying a child. I joked that I could not be executed for treason for this.

I awoke almost believing that this babe used to be my bird.

I elided her in my dream with my slightly chubbier ex girlfriend Claudia. I was thinking of Claudia since I walked past her flat on Fulham Palace Road on Thursday night. First time since 2008. More to the point – she is engaged now. Maybe she will have a baby soon. I often lament that I did not fertilise her.


There was also ane pisode of my dream when I taunted Ilham the smiling snake. I blagged that odious little menstruating cunt into coming to my gaffe at five bells in the morn. The merkin told my mate Neil that I was a bad liar for doing this. In  my dream I patted his prematurely grey head. Drone strike!

A dream of a javelin


I was throwing javelins with school pupils about. It was only a fairly sunny day – no perfect for athletcis. These javelins were plastic and made from a bright colour like day glo orange. It was redolent of Revenge of the Nerds where the specially desopugedn javelin wobbles and thereby travels further. Some teenagers were watching. My colleague Emma the young grandmother was watching. This was several days ago. I cannot think of the significance of it. I was still in Arabia when I bedreamt me of this one.


Odd that I thought of being dismissed and seeking employ at the Oxford institute. This occurred about 2 days before I was given my marching orders. Nelephant did indeed speak to Kate the Russian glamour puss about getting me a job at the other place.

Notes from a 2005 lecture.


Philospphy and Educational Policy – by Anthony O’Hear.

Dewey was a pragmatist. He was a dyed in the wool democrat. He was anti-religious. He was part of the committee that investigated the slaying of Leon Trotsky.

Classrooms to be democracies in minature. Dewey was not concerned about contradictions.

Rousseau admired Ancient Rome.

1822-88 – Matthew Arnold. School inspector – felt German schools were superior.  Arnold opposed performance related pay.

Culture and Anarchy. Arnold said there were 3 classes in England. Barbarians – aristrocitrs. Etiqueett. great house, field sports, codes of manners  – unintelligent

PHILISTINES – middle classes. Hard work, philanthropy, narrow minded, mechanistic.

POPULUS – lower classes. Raw, half developed. hidden in squalor.


middle class is always done down by social commentators.

Englishman;s heaven born privilege of being what he likes. School derived from Greek skole – leisure.

[these notes are what I wrote at the time onthe paper].

m arnold did not want lower class to get an inferior education. Anrold wanmted best for al.

”rela thoyght and real beautry, nrea sweetness and real light” what he wanted for M Arnold.

Culture and Anrachy and the Death of Tragedy were wroitten int he same year,

The Death of Trageyd showed that Greek drama was not about hapiness but staring into the abyss of oajun and death and voercoming it.

Anrold – Hellenism too ehdoncitc/

Hebraism too moralitsict, stern, inhuman’They both need to be studied-  the combination is good.

1905 = the fUTURE of classicla music by Elgar,. Feklt tat good music schould be widely promited

furks snake kneeling on the ball. moved before.


no speaking out of trn. punctulaoty, politenss, attentiveness, handing in work on time. work of a hig standard, class particviaption, rbing right things to class. obedisnce, taking notes as instructed. showing initiative.

self respect. respect vieww are dosagress with with. Being repectiove to being taught. ”shareholders in colelctive responbaitlity.



learnt helplessness. udeal oupil teacher relatonshyop  is cordail respectufl, slightly distant. humourous, ductile. trsuting, cooperative authritncity, constancy.


problems with self meraning. I do not achive the folliwbg

disorgnasaiton. inpAXTIUNE. TOO CASUAL speak too fast.


Dreams this February


I had a dream a few nights ago which invloved me old mucker Bob Argent. I cannot recall more than that – shamefully really.

I have also dreamt of an obese goateed South African known as Nelly the Elephant.

I had an anxiety dream about a ship on the ocean. It was not as bad as a nightmare.

I have dreamt of a pleasant day on the beach.

Odd how I had a dream of dismissal and going to the rival organisation and then I was given the old heave ho. Nelephant talked to Katie the Muscovite about getting Geoff to give me a job. Not at my instigation. Nothing came of that.

I need to scribble down some remembrances of these reveries as soon as I rouse from my colourful slumbers. The dream vanishes in the light.