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trump will not be impeached =============================================


never happened

articles in house

trial in senate

high crimes and misdemeanours two-thirds

republic majoiryt.

Andrew johnson


Clinton. rehnquist

dems did not go it right away

tedious. distraction

Clinton left popular

mueller did not interview trump. perjury

know him by the company he keeps. 7 sent to prison

if you are listening Russia look for emails

joke? coulter

subpoenas disregarded. tax returns

ordering people not to comply.

security passes

do not believe the recitation


his name measn praised one

he was a prophet he said. how do we know? how can we tell true from false?

he is most exalted man of all. he says so

recite. hallucination? invention

illiterate. literal? or unlearned. not erudite about bible so could not be plagiarising

taken from bible and rabbinical utterances

written over years. when he is tired leve his house

absolute inerrancy

shaky foundations

vwhwmwnt denial. freud – guilty conscience

austerity, rigidity, harshness , puritnism

hellholes due to islam

mo question his humility

shameless self publicist

dare not touch his persona

relics beard swords  – test for dna? cloaks standard

com[anions took hair, saliva and ablution water

saintleiness and devoption to the poor

obvious fakery

self serving

soft heart and soft head

eschew need for reform

some do not relaly believe

draw inferences form koran

soeak in riddles. parables

when is he literal? left guessing

draw inferences


vehement distase for dogs

flat out contradicts himself on jews

only marry when you can afford 4. rich

boils down to mo s greatness

this is a religion of oeace and if you disagree I will kil you

unsavoyry crook


resonate with many when I call it intolerant

hinds betters

justice curiouslt detached. slavery

pacifist but violent. cannot have it borth ways

betterment of women

unsupported opinion

mo over rated

unmask a charlatan

aviwed asceticism

fraud fleecing

dupes. mark

mono dimensitonaality of monotheism

plythtiem si more tolerant by its nature




acquisition of real property.



contradicts himself no compulsion but yes compulson

written down after he died from memory.w ritten in lifetime.

even if he was a prophet how can we be certin the book is flawless

inerrancy? different version for centuries. errata crept in.  how do we know they correct edition was preserved.

hadith so many. contradictory,. can we be sure

some are weak. written centuries later. prayer. one of five ppillars.

Ramadan . blatantly made for Saudi




A dream of interviewing trump


walk down a woodland path to a house. was with camera man. greeted by receptionit  – a slender brunette.

I wore shorts and s T shirt. greeted bys ecreart waited in reception area. arabesque décor. minimalist and looked like assad’s place. jotted doqn q ‘s to ask.

decied to pit decent clothes on. then there was press conference. many oeople ther.e I asked him severl questions. did not rile him unfirtyanely.

wish to be a journo?

central European statesman speaks


late. enter back of hall . warm up

tension. say nothing. suspense

stormy face. groumpy. rm folded.

beging slowly softly.  halting. faltering. staccato. sporadically.

hands over balls.

growing in self-assurance and volume.

arms folded.

I am one of you. working class. soldier.

then move. build up cresdenco

twist nd stab

repition. shrieking

shake arm. point . stab. beat chest

look up. up down thrash arm

emotional roller coaster

tranquil;. melancholy. anguish. fury. prode joy



Christian faith


bible . word of god. hwo do we know> moses dies in books of moses

2 creations. methusaleh

incest? genocide. rape. slavery.

epic of glgamesh. flood false.


decalogue. different versions

first ones abiut religion

no art.

thy neighbour

covet ox, ass, wife. property.


virgin. young woman. common trope. list of ancestors

census false.

prophets in psychiatric hostpias . auditory halluncaitons. visions.

16 gospels. in one he kills a child

canon not for centuries.

emotiona. identity. parents. useful thing misfiring. do not go near danger. myths to scare and persuade

binding of tales. morals.

ritual . sycholgi. clothes. buuldings. power and wealth

consolation/ afterlife

fully god and fulld man

International socialism ============================================



socialism. Greece. france. henri de st simon. USA

Marx. class not nation. co operation

une species

resolve disputes peaceably

nattoon states did not exist. one nation build on the bones of another.

intl co-oepration

congress of Vienna

intl court of justice. conferences

congress of berlin 1885.

time zones. law of the sea.

international workingmen’s association London


second intenrational

‘nations’ within the US.





league of nations.

liberal international

democratic international



churches charities./


countries vary. ideas cannot always be replicated in other lands.





manifold manifestations


patriot. pater. fatherland. motherland

tribes. territory

stories bond even false ones. myths. ancestors. clans ancestor ancestress

protean. forever in flux.


religion. language. land. culture. state institutions

nation state. multinational state empire

new polities. EU. AU. Mercosur. SAARC


CSA ‘nations’

Ireland. easy. island

how did Ireland come to be united?

no nation is eternal //

Russia. Rus.




religion. Pakistan. Bangladesh

spain. nations.

Bedouin reject nations

Saudi arabia. one family

language. multilingual nations. india. states. sveerl state languages

language elss important now. English. world language