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M A Jinnah ===============



saviour. Christmas.

flawed hero. human

wanted best for his daughter


failed by heirs.



Pakistan not going away

problems caused by india.

homeland. not shariat state. self determination.

two nations.


dream of Edinburgh, manning, Indians, scott


I was in Kentucky t someone’e house. it was like two dormer bungalows with a patch of grass in the middle. white on the outside. not many people around. I do not recall the furnishings. the day was refulgent. The US Navy sailor was there. So was another American woman. I met the sailor’s father. He was tall, lean and a man of few wordsin a black baseball cap. It was not a gauche moment.

was going to do show in Edinburgh. was there again. I had someone read a review of my performance. I was panned. no one laughing for first few minutes. I was a trifle dispirited. tried to shrug it off.

I met two nubile british indian girls on the street. they were chirpy. suggested going out witht hem. they proved to be unsuitable. I wonder if they represent someone I know.

later I was doing my show. many people were there seated at 360 degrees. some behind me. was like a trump rally in that sense. I watched a don’t be stupud video on trump rallies.

I used some Bernard manning lines. Noticed mr scott in the audience. He comes from c heshire so close to manning. I was successful. do not recall more of my gags. it wa snot the usuall jaded content. I was chuffed. I avoided the blue material as scott was there.