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The US facilitation of genocide in Indonesia


It was on the largest scale mass slayings since the Second World War. The enormous slaughter was committed with the imprimatur of the US Government.  Even the CIA termed its handiwork ‘’one of the worst mass murders of the 20th century.’’ But precious few in the United States or the Occident more broadly care to recall what happened to a poverty-stricken non-white people in 1965. To paraphrase Hitler: who now remembers the Indonesians?

1965. Indonesia was ruled by President Achmed Soekarno or Sukarno as it is now spelt. Sukarno had led the country to independence from the Netherlands. By the 60s he was ailing and some said was not in command of his faculties. The burgeoning populace groaned under a great weight of poverty. Officials and military officers creamed off the budget. Many malnourished children walked barefoot not to school but to full time work.

Indonesia was flexing its muscles. The country was aware it was the most puissant in the region. It had cast covetous eyes on the former British possessions of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. There was the konfrontasi with these countries. British troops were still stationed in these erstwhile colonies to have a dissuasive effect on the Indonesians from doing anything rash. It worked. Jakarta began to wonder whether East Timor could be annexed from Portugal. But the Indonesians did not fancy their chances against the Portuguese Army despite outnumbering them 100 to 1. Only a few years later Henry Kissinger was to give the go ahead to a plan to conquer East Timor.

Land grabbing would do nothing to alleviate the suffering of the deprived masses in Indonesia’s slums and villages. The impecuniosity of the majority of the people was all the harder to explicate in view of the country’s enormous economic resources. The maldistribution of the wealth was unjustifiable.

The United States had taken note of Indonesia’s growing importance. The archipelago of 18 000 islands was situated in a location of strategic importance. Islands were very defensible in a Third World War scenario since the US Navy was convinced it could thrash the Soviets. The Soviets were not thought to be so well versed in matters neptunean. Control of Indonesia would allow the US to control all the sea lanes from Singapore to Australia. That Indonesia has huge reserves of oil, coal, metals and even timber had not escaped Washington’s notice. The potential wealth of this land was staggering. No wonder the US was feeling very hawky with regard to this nation.

The Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) felt that Marxist-Leninism had the formula to solve the country’s woes. They said that a centrally planned economy was the way to abolish pauperism. They believed that the capitalist system occasioned the grossly inequable state of society. They started to attract a large following among those suffering the frankest privation. It was hard to convince people living in abject poverty that capitalism brought prosperity. The PKI promised decent wages, affordable housing, clean drinking water, guaranteed food, publicly funded healthcare, public education, secularism, gender equality and social justice. It was hard not to be attracted to such promises.

As the PKI saw it the unworker was profiting from the sweat of the worker’s brow. The reds considered this invidious.

90% of Indonesians are Muslims. My rule of thumb is that the further you go from Mecca the milder Muslims are. Indonesia being at the very edge of Dar al Islam was among the least Islamic. Among the Indonesian Muslim community there was a spectrum. Many were nominal Mohammedans. In the middle were some fairly observant people. At the opposite end were reactionaries.

There was a strong correlation between religious mania and anti-communism. The wealthy were against communism. The PKI vowed that they would confiscate all the realty and chattels of the bourgeoisie without compensation. The bourgeoisie’s unacceptance of this policy meant that they had to oppose communism with any means they could. Capitalism plainly had little appeal to the downtrodden masses. Therefore, affluent people tried to persuade the peasantry and the proletariat that the PKI would take away their religion. This had some effect in winning people around to the anti-communist cause. A few mullahs wanted to establish a hagiocracy.

The Christian minority in Indonesia was also won over to the cause of anti-communism. Observant Christians outside the communist world were often led to believe that communism was inimical to their faith.

The army officers were overwhelmingly anti-communist. They were drawn from well-off families. If a child went to school at all then he was better off than most. An army officer has to be able to write.

The CIA had been building a relationship with high ranking Indonesian Army officers. By 1965 they had a few on their payroll. If religion could not convince them to be anti-communist then greenbacks could.

Sukarno was revered for having led the insurrection against the Dutch. He was on a pedestal. The president appeared to be above the fray. There was the PKI on one side and the anti-communists on the other. The officer corps respected the president. Many of them had been his comrades in arms 1945-49 in the fight against imperialism. Sukarno was not anti-communist. But nor was he in the PKI. He appeared to be performing a delicate balancing act between the PKI and its deadly foes.

The army top brass was becoming increasingly political involved and influential. They were veterans of the anti-Dutch revolt. The country was supposed to be a heroarchy.

On 30 September 1965 six senior Indonesian army officers were invited to a clandestine meeting on the outskirts of Jakarta. All half a dozen were shot dead. But who killed them? It was the Presidential Guard. But who ultimately ordered the Presidential Guard to shoot the generals? Was it the PKI? Was it right wingers seeking to pin it on the PKI. To this day no one is certain who killed them or why. Was it a rival general wanted them eliminated?

On October 1 it was announced on the radio that the six generals had been slain because they were conspiring to overthrow the president. The six generals were said to be part of ‘’30 September Movement.’’ It was claimed that the six generals were secret PKI members. This seems improbable as they were all known to be conservative Muslims. It is also counterclaimed that they were anti PKI and were killed by the PKI.

There was a few days of unrest and confusion. Soldiers were on the streets of Jakarta holding key installations. The one who seized the initiative was a general named Suharto.

Whenever a crime has to be solved the detectives ask; cui bono? Suharto certainly benefited from what transpired. That does not prove that he instigated. Within a fortnight of the six generals being killed he was appointed army commander.

Suharto unleashed his hounds on leftists. Communists, socialists and anyone even merely suspected of leftist leanings was fair game. At least 500 000 people were killed. They were not killed in combat. The PKI had no weapons with which to fight back. Reputed left wingers were rounded up and they were summarily slain. These were not judicial executions. Three times that number were imprisoned often without trial nor charge.

Some communists had been elected to public office. They were especially likely to be assassinated. Even if a communist was the mayorlet of a hamlet he was marked for instant death.

We are told that the PKI provoked this by assassinating that handful of generals. It is dubious that they did so. It provided a pretext for the PKI to be annihilated. The so called provokee did far worse than the alleged provocateur.

The United States Government knew precisely what was going on. The CIA had longstanding relations with numerous Indonesian Army officer. The wretched regime at Langley Farm had even supplied death lists of PKI members to be killed by the Indonesian Army.

There was a racist and religionist element to the killings. Ethnic and religious minorities were targeted whether they were communists or not. The Abangan people, ethnic Chinese people and those of the Javanese and Balinese ethnicities were butchered.

At least a million people were incarcerated for allegedly belonging to the PKI. Bear in mind that the PKI was a legal party! The PKI was only prohibited after the slaughtered had commenced. Some of those thrown into prison for suspected PKI membership were not released for ten years.

The survivors of the genocide suffering injuries both mental and physical for decades. Those known to be kinsfolk or associates of murder victims were discriminated against the Suharto years.

The CIA was very satisfied with its handiwork. The United States was engaged in its war to prevent Vietnamese unity in the region. The US was having a difficult time of it in Indochina. If there was a large communist country to America’s rear then that would have made matters even more trying for Uncle Sam.

All this came under the Presidency of Lyndon Baines Johnson. LBJ strove for the betterment of his people. He dreamt of building ‘a Great Society.’ President Johnson is hailed as a man committed to racial equality. Yet he is the one who was more than complicit with the industrial scale killing of civilians in Indonesia.

The US documented its provision of weapons, communications equipment and cash for the express purpose of expediting the large scall killing of leftists. You cannot fault the Americans for honesty! The US Government tends to lie at the time but release the documents proving the truth decades later. Washington DC is a meticulous recordkeeper. Supplying the weapons with assassinative intent is at least being an accessory before the fact. Someone who does this might even be charged as a principal in a murder case. It is no use for Uncle Sam to plead duncedom. The US knew precisely what was about to transpire. You cannot fuggle your way out of it. The US Government is condemned by its own documentation.

The United Kingdom and Australia also followed events closely. In those days the two countries worked concert. Both had major commercial interests in Indonesia. Both Australia and the UK viewed the rising popularity of the PKI with horror. The British Ambassador wrote at the time that crushing the PKI would necessarily involve some killing.

There is a superb and scintillating film about 1965 in Indonesia called The Year of Living Dangerously starring a youthful Mel Gibson.

There was scarcely a squeaklet out of any American politician against the huge scale slaying of reds and pinks. To give him his due Robert Kennedy was the lone dissenting voice who valiantly denounced the monstrousness.

The 1965 putsch paved the way for General Suharto to become president in 1970. He was already effectually ruling the country from 1967. His oppressive and kleptocratic regime immiserated the Indonesian people for three decades.

It is flabbergasting that the United States should say that it ‘the last, best hope of earth.’ So often the US has not been ‘a shining city on a hill’ for the rest of the world. Such mythmaking is amplified by American politicians, journalists and teachers. I am in no sense anti-American. There are plenty of Americans who are sickened by what their government has done. Some of architects of such policies are still alive and at liberty. For example, Henry Kissinger is still alive at 97. Admittedly he was only involved in Indonesian affairs from the 1970s and not the 1965 coup d’etat. It is galling that the US should preach ‘liberty and justice for all’ while so often implementing policies which are the polar opposite of these fine sentiments abroad. The sanctimonious tone in which US presidents scold the rest of the world smacks of a staggering arrogance in view of the retrograde and barbaric regimes that they have so often propped up in other lands. There is no way that it can be successfully argued that the US action in Indonesia was uncriminal.

The United States has been righteous on some occasions.  That has been when this coincided with the advantage of the corpocracy. There were times when the US fought against wickedness. However, it must be recognised that the US has by no means always been against turpitude. It is true that some communist regimes in the 1960s were execrable.




It is a place that is in limbo. Transdniestria is officially part of the Republic of Moldova. But the Moldovan Government has had no control over it for almost 30 years.

Transdniestria lies on the east bank of the River Dniestria: hence the name. The name is clearly invented by Occidentocentric types. There is no major difference between people to the west and the east of the said river.

What is now the Republic of Moldova has changed hands between Romania and the Russian Empire over the centuries. The country borders Romania to the west. The adjacent Romanian province is also called Moldova. That is why some are careful to say the Republic of Moldova to indicate the independent country. This avoids confusion with the Romanian Province of Moldova.

At one time it was held by the Ottoman Empire. Legacies of the Ottoman epoch are found in those of Turkish stock, in those who speak a Turkic language (despite being Christian) and the Muslim community in the country.

The most recent time the country returned to Russian sway was in 1944. The Red Army took it back from Romania which was an Axis nation at the time. Stalin soon appointed Brezhnev to be general-secretary of the communist party there: effectively governor. Leonid Brezhnev became the witchfinder-general. He was rooting out dissidents.

In the autumn of 1991, the USSR dissolved. Moldova became independent. Moldova proclaimed its two official languages to be Romanian and Russian. The government later renamed the version of Romanian it used ‘Moldovan.’ In truth Romanian as spoken in that country is virtually identical to the language of Romania. Moldovans used some antiquated lexis and a few Russian loanwords.

Over the centuries many Russians and Ukrainians had moved into Moldova. Even Moldovans of the Romanian ethnicity often spoken Russian too in some cases fluently.

In the east of the country most people were mother tongue speakers of Russian. The Soviet Army was also stationed in the country. As of 25 December 1991 the USSR no longer existed. The Soviet Army was to be split up into 15 different armies. The Soviet Army was not the Russian Army. Only 50% of Soviets were Russian. But Russia was still much the largest entity within the former Soviet Union. The bulk of the Soviet troops in Moldova became Russian troops. Ukraine and Russia had every cordial relations back then.

The Russian Army was supposed to withdraw from the infant state. However, the Russian Army  withdrew from Moldova west of the River Dniestria but remained in Trandniestria. Why? The army had weapons that could not be removed. The Russian Army managed to remove it weapons from dozens of other countries. But for some reason within was impossible only in Moldova.

If Russia could not take its arms away it could simply have turned them over to the Moldovans. If Moscow did not want to give these weapons to the Moldovans then it could have destroyed them.  It took ten years before the Russian Army resolved the situation. The Russian Army is still there on what Moscow describes as a peacekeeping mission. This is not under the auspices of the UN. The Russian troops often fly into Chisinau before being transferred to Transdniestria. If the Moldovan Government does not want there soldiers there then it ought not expedite their arrival!

There was fighting in Moldova even before it was obvious that the USSR was about to break up. Some Transdniestrians did not wish to be part of Moldova.

A civil war erupted. Transdniestria declared independence. The war lasted a few months and was never very intense. Several hundred people were killed.

A truce was signed. The peace is now easy. You are able to cross from Moldova Proper into Transdniestria at several points.

Moldova is an excellent place to hide money. You can get car registration there in an advantageous manner. Transdniestria is a law unto itself. In this statelet there is a timewarp. It is as though the USSR never ended. The country used a version of the Soviet Flag. Its coat of arms is a Soviet sunburst cornucopia with a hammer and sickle crest. The place is as if preserved in aspic. No one will invest there because it is legally nowheresville. It is part of the Republic of Moldova but the Moldovan State does not control it.

The tiny unrecognised state of Transdniestria has under half a million people. It is about the poorest place in Europe. Many go abroad to seek their fortune. Some young women have been duped into prostitution. Some of them have gone to other countries on the promise of handsomely remunerated work in factories and kitchens. But in fact they are forced to sell their bodies.

Oddly Transdniestria has a football stadium which is compliant with the European Premiership regulations. FC Sheriff is there. It is the best team in the country. The Sheriff players are known as ‘soldiers’. The cheerleaders chant ‘go soldiers go!’ The team is based in Tiraspol. This is the capital of the breakaway region.

The outside world does not care much about Transdniestria. Even Moldova does not seem fussed about getting it back.

What is that is so different about Transdniestria that necessitates it being unofficially separated from the rest of the republic? The Gaugaz people live in Transdniestria but they are a tiny minority. They do not have to live somewhere outside of the control of Chisinau. Transdniestria is a bit more Russophone than the rest of the country. Romanian is written in the Cyrillic alphabet in Transdniestria. Romanian even in Romania used that alphabet until the 1850s.

People from Transdniestria are allowed to go to Moldova Proper and vice versa. There are people who go back and forth on a daily basis. Is this the government tacitly accepting the situation? Perhaps some politicians benefit from the situation.

There does not appear to be any resolution to the situation on the cards. The rest of the world is unbothered by it. Perhaps it shall remain a frozen conflict interminably. The Jammu and Kashmir Dispute has been in stasis since 1947. The situation remaining like this is not as bad as bloodshed. As Harold Macmillan said, ‘’better jaw-jaw than war war.’’

Hong Kong Security Law


In June 2020 the new ‘security’ law was passed in Hong Kong. The law is designed to suffocate free speech and subject the Hong Kongers to the same totalitarian oppression as exists in mainland China. The law flies in the face of many international human rights instruments that China has signed. This piece of legislation is also a grave breach of the treaty that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) signed with the United Kingdom. The UK agreed to hand back all of Hong Kong – including the island that was ceded in perpetuity – in return for guarantees for the people of Hong that were to last for 50 years after the handover.

Therefore, what happened in HK was Britain’s business after 1997. After the year 2047 it no longer would have been.

We should always care about the wellbeing of people in every land. Tyrants always hide behind ‘national sovereignty.’ But we ought to speak out against oppression and cruelty wherever it occurs. Oppressors mewl ‘it is none of your business’ when they know their conduct is indefensible.

Why should we care about people in other lands? ‘Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.’ Because oppression can spread. Yes, I am my brother’s keeper. No man is an island entire of himself. We are involved in mankind.

From 1997 until 2020 Hong Kong was the one place in the PRC where freedom reigned. That freedom was gradually eroded. In Hong Kong there were free and fair elections; the judiciary was independent; the death penalty had long since been abolished; the state did not torture and people were free to speak their minds. Hong Kong was a beacon to the rest of the PRC. The Communist Party would have us believe that liberty necessarily leads to mayhem and impoverishment. Hong Kong was a standing rebuke to this. Hong Kong was the only region of China with freedom and it is also by far the most prosperous.

The Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong was a dangerous example – so the Communist Party thought. Mainlanders might see that freedom is no bad thing and is in fact desirable. There was a danger that people in the rest of the PRC might want the same rights as had been conferred by the British colonial administration in HK. This simply could not be allowed to happen.

In the PRC ‘challenging state power’ is a crime. This is a legal catch-all. Anyone who criticises the state even when totally justified in doing so is criminalised. The massive scale human rights abuses perpetrated every day by the communist regime cannot be discussed. To speak out against brutality and injustice is regarded as a heinous crime. The oppressors brook no dissent. They mercilessly quash any attempt to protest against sadism.

HK was a thorn in the side of the on party state. Little by little is liberties were taken away. People elected to the Legislative Council had to take a loyalty oath to the PRC. This is reasonable. Almost every country in the world has this.

Northern Ireland is almost unique in not requiring people in the legislature to swear and oath to the sovereign state – the United Kingdom – or indeed the local state (Northern Ireland). It shows how incredibly broad minded, liberal and tolerant the UK is.

Some HK politicians uttered the words of the oath in a sarcastic and contemptuous tone. They disdainfully and purposively accentuated ‘China’ wrong. In time the rules were changed and anyone deemed not to have said the words in a sincere manner was disbarred.

For years Beijing had been trying to bring HK to heel. The brave umbrella protestors managed to prevent it.

The communist hired thugs to beat up pro-democracy campaigners. Some human rights activists were abducted in HK and brought to the mainland for trial. For simply telling the truth a person can be awarded reclusio perpetua.

The communist government brought in ‘patriotic education.’ As Dr Johnson said ‘patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.’ This villainous regime misused the word ‘patriotic’ to mean ‘chauvinistic.’ China can glory in its manifold accomplishments. I give them that. Cathay was much more civilisised than most countries – particularly European ones – for centuries. The Chinese have many inventions to their credit. Their nation was highly sophisticated when the Occident languished in the dark ages. I salute their ingenuity and their prowess. Even today the country’s turbocharged economic growth is astounding.

However, there are dark chapters to China’s history. The state has consistently abused its citizens. This is true in most countries. But a free country would not hide such wickedness from the textbooks. Even now the economic growth figures are likely exaggerated. Beijing tells outright lies all the time. These whopper lies include denying its racist policies against the Uyghurs. Over a million of people are locked up without trial or charge. For years and years the regime lied and lied about this before finally acknowledging that it has detained over a million people for the crime of being born Uyghur.

The Falun Gong religious group has been viciously persecuted. You can see Falun Gong practitioners performing exercises in many Western cities. They are unthreatening.

Mao Zedong brought calamity on China well within recent memory. But ‘patriotic’ education would not let you know that. He is on a pedestal. The Great Leap Forward was in fact an enormous leap backwards. Millions upon millions of Chinese people were starved to death by him. At least hundreds of thousands were executed for crimes such as owing too much land. Often Mao had been peopled in especially gruesome ways. As Hong Kong shone under beneficent British rule the mainland was a morass of misery and starvation. Colonialism can be splendid.

‘Patriotic’ education is in fact miseducation. Pupils are forcefed fallacies and myths. Critical thinking is strongly discouraged. Conformism and blind loyalty to the regime are inculcated as virtues.

President Xi wants to be exalted on the same level as Mao.  Xi is now to be president for life. This ought to trouble anyone.

As Rahm Emanuel said never let a crisis go to waste. A crisis is also a golden opportunity. Authoritarians always exploit on. The PRC is no exception. The communist dictatorship saw the chance to impose the security law when demonstrations were banned on health grounds. Because the epidemiological situation no one in his right mind would gather in a dense crowd anyway.

The PRC was able to railroad through the security law. Now anyone who says anything disobliging to the tyrants can be sent to the mainland. Judges there are selected specifically for their political bias. In China, to paraphrase Lord Hewart, injustice is done and injustice is manifestly and indubitably seen to be done.

The so-called security law is really about the insecurity of Hong Kongers. The people of Hong Kong are to be made vulnerable to arbitrary arrest, kangaroo courts and very long sentences for making statements of fact or indeed for opining.

A Hong Konger told me that the mainlanders did not really trust them. They still regard Hong Kongers as semi-British.

Because Beijing reneged on the treaty the United Kingdom has said HK people who are British Nationals Overseas (BNO) can come to live in the UK with a view to obtaining full British citizenship. BNOs plus their dependents make about 3 000 000 people. That is almost half the population of HK.

Boris Johnson’s audacious gambit might be morally praiseworthy. But it makes a mockery of a policy he previously advocated. That was keeping immigration down to a net figure of 100 000 per annum. How about 3 000 000 per annum?

Not all the three million will want to come. But if even half do it is an enormous number.

There is an idea abroad that all Hong Kongers speak flawless English. This is not so. Some speak perfect English. Others speak it well, others speak it intermediately and others poorly. Some speak none at all. The HKers you meet abroad tend to be highly educated, motivated and affluent. They are atypical of Hong Kong people. Someone has to do the menial jobs. It is not just recent arrivals from the mainland who do this. Of course, every land needs low skill workers. The United Kingdom is not just going to get financial wizards from HK. It will get cleaners too. I do not mean any disrespect to cleaners. We need them and they do something vital. But the UK does not desperately need more such people.

The PRC is a superpower. They care deeply about face. They are not going to lose face by performing a volte-face on this issue. The lack of support from other Western countries for the UK’s stance has been palpable. Beijing is getting away with it. We have to learn to live with that.

Hong Kongers mostly recognise that there is no way back now. Many have made their accommodation with Beijing. Children who have been conditioned by anti-freedom diatribe tend to believe the furphy that they have been taught

India a superpower


Will India be a superpower?

India shall rise to be the mightiest power on earth. I affirm my belief in India’s future mastery.

Hindustan has the second highest population of any sovereign state. As China’s population faces decline over this century the Indian population is rising. There is strength in numbers. The Indians are getting their fertility rate down. Fewer births means more money per child. There is no purpose is having more people enter the labour market faster than jobs are created. 

A free press, fair elections, freedom from torture, the right to life, property rights, free association, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, free movement, freedom from want, gender equality, secularism and an independent judiciary: what more could you want? Most of the people in free countries live in India. The Government of India provides the necessities of life to the people. The state subsidises basic foods such as rice and vegetables.

Too many people in the West take freedom for granted. Thank your lucky stars if you were born in a free country. It is well worth reminding yourself that freedom is the exception and certainly not the norm.

The Republic of India in which a person knows that he or she shall receive a fair trial. Justice reigns in India. This cannot be said of many other countries.

There is real gender equality in India. India had her first female prime minister in 1966 for goodness’ sake. The US still has not had a woman even as vice-president.

There is a very low crime rate. The murder rate is particularly low. The Indian Police Force is often castigated. Whatever their shortcomings the efficacy with which they execute their duties cannot be doubted.

The Indian model is surely the best one. Do not let it be said that Asian countries are unsuited to democracy. This might be true in some cases. However, democracy clearly words in Bharat. The Government of India is accountable to the people. Joe Public has the right to hire and fire politicians. State governments in India often subsidise staple foods. That is why foodstuffs such as vegetables and rice are sold at below cost price. This means that even the poorest dine decently. It also means that people have a disposable income to stimulate the economy. 

Because India is a free country problems can be discussed frankly. This leads to solutions. That is why India is on the right path. India rightly regards a free media not as a debility but as strength. Freedom of expression is the reason for India’s progress. The airlessness of the Chinese public space leads to airlessness in a more literal sense. As the Chinese are not permitted to denounce horrific pollution the government does precious little about it. India is at least making some headway in reducing smog. 

As many an Indian will tell you Hindustan invented democracy long before the concept entered the mind of any European. There were panchayats (councils) in villages millennia ago. It is true that these institutions fell into abeyance. The Emperor Ashoka invented human rights centuries before the Occidentals thought of such ideals. For centuries much of India devolved into despotism and obscurantism.

It is tristful to note that liberty in India is under threat from its own government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has broadened the definition of sedition. The Bharatiya Janata Party is reducing the space for free expression. India’s glorious tradition of liberty is being gradually eroded.

The BJP and its allies have degraded Indian democracy. The government has absurdly broadened the definition of sedition. This has become a legal catchall. The government is especially likely to say there is trahison des clercs but not in the original sense of the term. The BJP are quick to accuse people of being anti-national. Anyone who says something disobliging about the BJP worldview is liable to find himself accused of being a seditionist. 

The Modi Administration has arrogated to itself greater discretion in appointing judges. It wants people on the bench who will politicise the judiciary. This is a baleful trend. 

The rise of Hindutva is pernicious. There is nothing wrong with being a Hindu. However, the BJP promotes Hindu chauvinism. Non-Hindus are given short shrift.

Prime Minister Modi has appointed Rao to the Indian Council Historical Research. Rao’s claims to scholarship are slender to say the least. Rao is tasked with the furtherance of the BJP take on things. Modi would have falsifiers of history disseminating the disinformation to ductile youths. 

The execrable citizenship law has stripped Indian citizenship from many non-Hindus. Modi has created many stateless persons. 

Even the BJP allows some liberty. Despite the manifold failings of the Modi Administration the country is still a beacon to her neighbours.

Despite the manifold iniquities and puerilities of the Modi Government it will not be there forever. India has a vigorous multiparty system. One day the electorate will send Modi and his cronies packing. 

You may say that it is all very well that India is a democracy but does that lead to economic growth? China is still much more affluent that Hindustan. There are those who claim that freedom retards economic growth. Some say that Cathay sped up economically precisely because it is a dictatorship.

It is true that certain advantages accrue to dictatorships. They can make quick and decisive decisions. They can railroad through policies that are unpopular. A dictatorship can think in very long time scales and not just in terms of the electoral cycle.

On the other hand in the long run a democracy has greater advantages in economic development than a dictatorship. A democracy has independent courts. There is therefore security of tenure of property. In India property is safe as the Bank of England. Contracts are adjudicated fairly. It is worth investing in India for this reason. Patents are also honoured. Therefore, intellectual property is safe. Unfortunately, China has been stealing this like there is no tomorrow.

If India does not rule the world a century from now then who shall? It would be China. When there is a conflict between India and China every liberty loving person should cast in his lot with India. This is not being in the least bit sinophobic. It is the regime that is so diabolical and not the much put upon and benighted masses. 

If I had to be a colony of India or of China I would choose India any day of the week. The Indians bring freedom where the PRC brings brutal oppression. The Chinese regime oppresses even the Han Chinese. I shudder to think what wickedry they would visit upon other races. They have attempted to sinicise and deracinate the Uighurs. They have hideously oppressed the peaceable people of Tibet. But nothing can bring Tibet’s proud soul under. 

There is an unfriendly rivalry between India and the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The two clash over the frontier. Beijing supports Pakistan in the latter’s frozen conflict with India. Pakistan controls a third of Jammu and Kashmir. The Pakistanis even ceded some of it to the Chinese.

At the moment India’s GDP is half that of China. Yet India’s is growing and China’s growth is slowing down. The PRC is poisoning its people. China might soon be in a demographic death spiral.

The one child policy is laudable in many ways. However, this also means that too many children are spoilt. There is the little emperor syndrome.

In the East many feel a marked preference for males over females. There is a sex disequilibrium in China. This problem exists in India too but it is more pronounced in China. Because the Chinese could only produce one baby per couple they were even more minded to ensure that the baby is a boy. Baby girls are often killed before birth. This will lead to a lot of sexually frustrated Chinamen.

The one child policy ruled for almost 40 years. Therefore, parents are often the only child too. Being the only child of two only children means there are no first cousins.

The one child policy has been done away with. However, many shall continue to have only one infant.

The Government of India takes into account the commonweal precisely because this magnificent nation is a democracy. Therefore, Hindustan will limit carbon emissions and strive to improve air quality. By contrast the dictator in Beijing cares not one jot nor tittle for the wellbeing of this subjects. The people of the so-called ‘People’s Republic’ can die of asphyxiation. China is a plutocracy at best.

India was so often the nurse of civilisation and the teacher of mankind. I just can’t hold it in any longer. I love India!

Despite me uttermost admiration for India I am no naif. I am intensely cognizant of the countries deficiencies. Of course, there are wicked Indians just as there are good Pakistanis and adorable Chinese people. There are felons and tricksters in India. Bribery remains a widespread and grave problem in India.

Though India is extraordinarily admirable that does not mean that India shall come out on top. It is not use being starry eyed. Analysis worth the name is hardheaded. Good guys mostly lose.

Patently a free society is best for innovation. Because courts are independent there is security of property. People are willing to invest. Assets and property will not be sequestered by an almighty and unaccountable state.

In India a thousand schools of thought can contend. Ironically China does not adhere to this maxim of Confucius. The battle of ideas can be won by the best one. This is why India will come to the forefront of research and development.

Let us turn out minds to soft power. India has a diaspora of tens and millions across the globe. China does too. However, the Indians do not try to weaponise them. Those of Indian stock who are citizens of other nations are not turned into fifth columnists for India. Sadly Beijing has its people abroad act as agents. Some take part in carefully orchestrated protests. They protest against protesting!

Delhi does so much good for the world. It has an aid agency to relieve poverty in less fortunate lands. As the Sikhs say ‘Service of man is the true service of God.’

By contrast China is using debt trap diplomacy. It wants to get people into debt bondage. It will turn half the world into sharecroppers if it can. But people may rise up against these odious debts.

It is true that India faces significant problems. India has 20% of the world’s population. Yet not one university is in the global top 100. Indians who can afford to study abroad do so. They go to the UK, the United States, Australia, Germany, Singapore and even the UAE.

It must be admitted that India has certain structural problems. Unfortunately, corruption is widespread. A disinterested gift in politics is unknown. Peculation is persistent but not as widespread as it once was. There is almost endemic academic fraud with certificates being forged. India has thousands of universities. Not one of them is in the top 100 of the QSI world rankings.


Cheating is fairly common. If everyone else is doing it and getting away with it then you would be a fool not it. It will be assumed that you cheated anyway. Of course, there are plenty of brainy and hardworking Indians. But you cannot tell who is who from certificates. Sadly academic fraud has become a way of life for too many people. Once integrity is gone it is hard to put the genie back in the bottle.

Hindustan is girt around with cruel foes. China and Pakistan at least are adversaries of India. The relationship with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh is reasonable. Myanmar (Burma) is increasingly coming within the orbit of Beijing.

The Maldives has suffered an attempt on its virtue by the PRC. Thus far it has managed to stay free. Bharat rightly views the situation with anxious solicitude. Delhi fears encirclement by the minions of the red emperor.

The good name of India is so often calumniated by her foes. From China you can hear a transparent tissue of stinking lies which stream from a sinful and slavering maw. The Republic of India is traduced as though it mistreats its people. India is accused of unlawfully holding Chinese sovereign soil. This is projection. It is Beijing that is illegally occupying Indian land. This is why China tries so hard to besmirch the good name of India.

India suffers from the scourge of terrorism. The wirepullers of these outfits are in the ISI – Pakistan’s intelligence service. The ISI has often tried to assassinate top Indian politicians. Pakistan is incapable of accomplishing even a simple murder plot. The best they can manage are bestial attacks on India’s civil population.

The Government of Pakistan is chiefly comprised of crooks. The administration of Imran Khan seems less loathsome than its predecessors. Yet Imran Khan supports the death penalty for apostates and those who express views that are disobliging towards Islam.

Being a free country is India’s proudest boast. The country has sadhus and joggis who wander the land. They are perceived as vagabonds and suchlike. There are men who call themselves gurus. Some are genuine sages. But there are more than a few villains and crooks in their ranks.

There are factors that militate in favour of India ascending to be the mightiest power on earth. The population might one day comprise 25% of the world. Numbers alone shall confer a most considerable advantage on Bharat. India’s free constitution will make it a more attractive place to invest. India’s soft power based on benevolence and honesty redound to the nation’s credit. Western countries will beat a path to India’s door wishing to form an alliance with this free nation.

It is probable that India shall become a superpower. It is unlikely that Bharat will be the sole superpower. Indeed, it might not even be at parity with China or the United States. But by the end of the 21st century India will be broadly recognised as a superpower. But beyond that: in the 22nd century the direction of travel is unmistakeable. On this trajectory the Indians shall surely become the global hegemon.



Sisi is sissy


President Sisi has ruled Egypt since 2014. The former general is the latest in an almost unbroken line of Egyptian military dictators. Not all military dictators are bad especially when one considers the alternative. However, Sisi has little to recommend him.

In Egypt’s 5 000 year history it has had one fair election. That was won by the Muslim Brotherhood. Love them or loath them – this party won fair and square. Mohammed Morsi became President of Egypt in 2013.

Egypt’s only ever democratic president faced an exceptionally challenging situation. The economy was screaming. Tourism – a vital source of revenue – had all but evaporated after the Arab Spring of 2011. The country had massive unemployment. The population explosion had made it virtually impossible to create enough jobs. Wage compression had made the middle class  declasse – driving them into working class status and the working class were demoted into abject penury. If the price of bread rose a few cents that sparked riots. This price rise was the difference between life and death for many people. Decades of peculation and embezzlement by the Mubarak regime had ruined civil society. People had no faith in public institutions such as the courts, the police, the armed forces and the civil service.

People blame Morsi for all that went wrong on his watch. This is unfair. No president has complete control. But in particular Morsi’s wings were clipped. Despite civilian rule having been introduced in January 2011 the army still arrested people as well as the police. Courts martial still tried civilians.

What was so bad about Morsi? People accused him of having an Islamist agenda. He was not exactly Osama Bin Laden. He called for the maintenance of peace with Israel. Morsi did not outlaw alcohol. He did not introduce stricter clothing laws. Entertainment was not prohibited. He did very little to move the country in a more puritanical direction. Morsi was willing to shake hands with women. Islamic fundamentalists do not do this. He had also spent some years studying in the United States.

There were some terrorist attacks on Coptic Christians whilst he was president. This is no wise implicates the president. That would be like saying that Putin set off all the bombs that ever went off in Moscow.

People had been oppressed under the military dictatorship that they yearned for better. Hopes for an improving situation were too strong. The expectations of higher living standards in the short term were unrealistic.

Some of Morsi’s acolytes said some worrying things. A few wanted to reduce female emancipation or suggested making the Copts have dhimmi status and pay jizya. But these were nutcases within the party. No party should be judged by its lunatic fringe.

By the summer of 2014 there was serious disorder. Who benefitted? It was certainly not the Muslim Brotherhood. Did the army want it this way? They were itching to get back into power. Disorder provided them with the excuse to launch a putsch. A knot of reactionary militarists hatched a plot.

The military top brass gave Morsi a few days to bring the situation under control or they would remove him by force. It was an impossible task especially as the generals refused to help him. Morsi was overthrown in a military coup. He was given a flagrantly unfair trial. The military kangaroo court convicted him on trumped up charges. Morsi was awarded life imprisonment. He died in prison.

Abdel Fattah El Sisi was then selected by a coterie of generals to be their front man. Sisi was installed as interim president. He called an election.

An army spokesman informed the public that the poll would be ‘’one million per cent democratic.’’ The need to make such a ludicrous claim speaks for itself. It is surprising that Sisi did not announce that he had won 1 000 000 % of the vote!

Sisi is clean shaved which in Egypt hints at his being relatively secular. However, his attitudes belie his image. His beliefs are not dissimilar to Morsi’s on religious issues. Just because Morsi was hirsute does not mean he was ultra-conservative. Sisi is a bland control freak. Morsi was more cosmopolitan than Sisi. Morsi at least spoke fluent English.

There was a massacre of hundreds of people by Sisi’s ‘’security forces.’’ The Rabaa Massacre was carried out by his men. Even the Egyptian Government admits that over 600 civilians were killed. They claim that some police officers were killed too. The regime cannot get its story straight on how many police were slain. It is anywhere between 8 and 43. That is quite a discrepancy. If some policemen were killed is not possible that some were accidentally killed by other policemen? Some undercover policemen may have been in the crowd. If protesters used force against the police it was surely in self-defence. They would not use it pre-emptively. The police would use the slightest excuse to slaughter hundreds of people. Unbiased sources such as Human Rights Watch say that the true death toll is over 1 000.

The people who were murdered were demonstrating as is their right under the Egyptian Constitution. Remember Sisi said he wants to uphold people’s rights. Which rights? The right to be murdered with impunity?

Sisi is remorseless about this wanton butchery. This massacre is far worse than anything that ISIS or Al Qa’eda has done in Egypt.

The Al Rabaa Massacre took place AFTER Morsi’s ouster. Why did Sisi say he had to overthrow Morsi? To prevent violence. No, the coup was so Sisi could commit violence.

As Sisi’s religious beliefs are akin to Morsi’s why did he overthrow him? Sisi presumably hates democracy. Moreover, Sisi and his military cronies had been ripping off the public for decades. They wanted to continue. They did not want to be held to account.

Egypt is a deeply dysfunctional country. The military is about the only institution that actually works. The officer corps have lorded it over the civilian population for decades. Every president since the overthrow of the monarchy has been a military man even if he wore a civilian suit as president. The top brass has been creaming off the budget since 1954.

In fine old style Sisi has appointed his sons to high positions for which they are unfit. One of head of Mukhabarat. That makes him in effect witchfinder general. His job is to smell out human rights activists and call them terrorists.

President Sisi has presided over grossly unfair trials. At a single trial over 500 people were sentenced to death for murder. The judges are the lapdogs of the regime.

There is almost no freedom of expression in Egypt. Undercover police officers are still arresting dissidents. They are still entrapping gays online. Torture is widely used as many human rights organisations have documented.

The Egyptian Government co-operates with Israel on eliminating their enemies. Sisi moronically admitted this in an interview on American TV. He asked for that statement to be edited out. Of course, the TV channel went with this scoop. Assisting Israel is unacceptable to Egyptian public opinion. The Palestinian cause has been abandoned.

Sisi was asked why he oppressed his people. He claimed his opponents want to deprive people of their rights. In fact Sisi allows his people almost no rights.

Egypt has backed the Libyan National Army (LNA). The LNA is rebelling against the Government of Libya. So much for Sisi represented stability. He is now threatening to invade a neighbour which does his country no harm.

Someone who fights illegally against his own government is generally regarded as a terrorist. Yet Sisi supports the LNA who do just this. By contrast, those who are peaceful and law abiding dissidents in his own country are called terrorists. Egyptian Law grants people all the rights you might want. But the government simply flagrantly breaks its own laws.

Sisi has not made the country more secular. A woman was convicted for wearing a dress that showed her lower legs! A woman who ate a banana suggestively on television and said having a child outside wedlock was fine was convicted of outraging public decency. A man can divorce his wife by telling her ‘’I divorce thee’’ thrice. Egypt is not as bad as Saudi Arabia. But neither it a free country.

General Sisi is not anti-Christian. That is one of the few things which can be said in his defence. But the same was true of Morsi.




azeri. KBG

capitalist communist

female bruno. egotistical. self obsessed. self regarding.

false. superficial. shameless social climber. cfrashing snob. inveterate name dropper.

fetishises clothes. pathological. OCD. shallow. narcissitic

egomaniacal. flihty. by turns choleric and saturnine

direct. unhappy marriage. unhappy about children.

simpering prissy. two faced. false smiles. little girl giggling demeanour

treacly. oiligeanous saponaceous sort.

Histrionic P D


Theatrical sub type Affected, mannered, put-on; postures are striking, eyecatching, graphic; markets self-appearance; is synthesized, stagy; simulates desirable/dramatic poses

Signs and symptoms[edit]

People with HPD are usually high-functioning, both socially and professionally. They usually have good social skills, despite tending to use them to manipulate others into making them the center of attention.[4] HPD may also affect a person’s social and romantic relationships, as well as their ability to cope with losses or failures. They may seek treatment for clinical depression when romantic (or other close personal) relationships end.[citation needed]

Individuals with HPD often fail to see their own personal situation realistically, instead dramatizing and exaggerating their difficulties. They may go through frequent job changes, as they become easily bored and may prefer withdrawing from frustration (instead of facing it). Because they tend to crave novelty and excitement, they may place themselves in risky situations. All of these factors may lead to greater risk of developing clinical depression.[5]

Additional characteristics may include:

  • Exhibitionist behavior
  • Constant seeking of reassurance or approval
  • Excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval
  • Pride of own personality and unwillingness to change, viewing any change as a threat
  • Inappropriately seductive appearance or behavior of a sexual nature
  • Using factitious somatic symptoms (of physical illness) or psychological disorders to garner attention
  • A need to be the center of attention
  • Low tolerance for frustration or delayed gratification
  • Rapidly shifting emotional states that may appear superficial or exaggerated to others
  • Tendency to believe that relationships are more intimate than they actually are
  • Making rash decisions[4]
  • Blaming personal failures or disappointments on others
  • Being easily influenced by others, especially those who treat them approvingly
  • Being overly dramatic and emotional[5]
  • Influenced by the suggestions of others[6]

Some people with histrionic traits or personality disorder change their seduction technique into a more maternal or paternal style as they age.[7]


mnemonic that can be used to remember the characteristics of histrionic personality disorder is shortened as “PRAISE ME”:[8][9]

  • Provocative (or seductive) behavior
  • Relationships are considered more intimate than they actually are
  • Attention-seeking
  • Influenced easily by others or circumstances
  • Speech (style) wants to impress; lacks detail
  • Emotional lability; shallowness
  • Make-up; physical appearance is used to draw attention to self
  • Exaggerated emotions; theatrical


Little research has been done to find evidence of what causes histrionic personality disorder and from where it stems. Although direct causes are inconclusive, there are a few theories and studies conducted that suggests there are multiple possible causes. There are neurochemical, genetic, psychoanalytical, and environmental causes contributing to histrionic personality disorder. Traits such as extravagance, vanity, and seductiveness of hysteria have similar qualities to women diagnosed with HPD.[10] HPD symptoms do not fully develop until the age of 15 with treatment only beginning at approximately 40 years of age.[11][1

Another theory suggests a possible relationship between histrionic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. Research has found 2/3 of patients diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder also meet criteria similar to those of the antisocial personality disorder,[10] which suggests both disorders based towards sex-type expressions may have the same underlying cause. Women are hypersexualized in the media consistently, ingraining thoughts that the only way women are to get attention is by exploiting themselves, and when seductiveness isn’t enough, theatricals are the next step in achieving attentio

a dream of regression


fetched up on a beach in casual clothes. overcast sky. twas cold. damp clothes.

I was with AM. went to sherborne. Been there but once. asked to enroll. oddly. am I 13 again? Met the head . my age – dark blond hair slim no tie. pupils around. he was bluff, distant and sceptical.

walked around the grey stone courtyard. AM seemed male. did not look at her.

The head asked us a few things as we stood outside. said it would not be right tot ake us as pupils. saw kevin there – many from RIS.

when I was courteously told we could not enroll is struck me I should have asked to be on the staff. shrugged my shoulders and walked out,

why is thsis coming up? Am had a bf who had been there. first interview was in that place. thinking of CJD who was head man there. thinking of going to SW.

dream of china


I shaved myself badly. blood on my countenance.

was in cathaty. bored in that flat in hangzhou; how to get out/? twas first night back in london when I dreamt of ths. is isolaiton the rule.

where could I go. frustrated. I met whites whom I knew and discussed it with them. I had returned to catahty. why? It was am injudicipus decision. wgat to do?

The night afore I dreamt of cheshire. that one. she had the horn . accosted me in a car park. I gave her a seeing too. creampie. in fact she has v much frustrated me. twas due to be last day in schqyz. have told her of this revery. she asked to be when I obliquely mentioned a dream of her. was unsophoctaed. such things are seldom tales with symphoy orchestras in the background.

Trump sends in the feds ========================


trump of 20 000 lies

crime in chicago. shooting

by contrast – very unfair to me. lawful investigation of him after ample evidence of grave felonies. he says it s nazi.

ethnic minority. obamas. racial undertones.

more crimes in conurbations. criminology. young ppu. poor.

wnats to concatenate BLM with, de funding the police, crime

ignora police crime/ socio economic causes of crime

drug criminalization, family breakdown, low pajd jobs, unemployment

why now? 3 years nothing

did not get permission of governors or mayors

US Govt can only do so to protect federal property


republicans supposed to be believe in states’ riggts. weashington. beltway. coastal elites

strategy of tension. sarkozy. racaille. aggracate situation

the worse the better. de fudning



re election. wall. msulism. economy. trade. iran. afghanistan. iraq, syrua. tired of winning. tax. healthcare. medidince. medicare, medicaid. drain the swap. torture. lock her up.

trump champion of law and order

ye he wishes Ghislaine well. guest at mar a lago. 2015 ask prince andreew about the cesspool

40 women accused trump of sex crimes.

he is prolific criminal. fraud. sexual assault. ignoring subpoena. emolutments clause. US troops sent to his hotel. using ambassafor to UK to try to get gold courses.

treason. bribes from russia. collussion.

cannot tergiversate .

senile. alzheimers. cannot stand trial. unfit.