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As the title suggests this is a mixed bunch of pieces. What more can I say? Try your pot luck. You might like what you get.





This country is in Central Asia.

The official language is Uzbek. That is a Turkic language meaning that it is related to Turkish. This language is written in the Latin alphabet.

The capital city is Tashkent. It is pronounced ”TOSH town” and means ”stone city.” Other notable cities are Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand. These are ancient cities with magnificent mosques, palaces, forts and suchlike.

The Mongols conquered this country in the Middle Ages. The khans brought their soldiers with them. This land is an ethnic crossroads. It borders Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The population of Uzbekistan is about 26 000 000.

The country has some oil and gas. Many people are farmers. The country produces a lot of cotton.

Tamurlane was interred in Uzbekistan. There was a curse attached to his tomb. Whomsoever opened his tomb would suffer the most horrific suffering on his people. Heedless of this warning, Soviet archaeologists broke open his tomb. Hours later Germany invaded the USSR and slew 20 000 000 Soviets.

The people of this nation are mostly Muslim. It is a secular state. Most of the people are ethnically Uzbek. There are also Uzbek citizens of the Russian ethnicity.

The Uzbek Flag is blue, green and white. There is a crescent moon as the symbol of Islam on the flag.

Uzbekistan was part of the Russian Empire and subsequently the Soviet Union. Uzbekistan became independent in 1991. The founding president of the Republic of Uzbekistan was Islam Karimov.

President Karimov was extraordinarily popular. He was known to defend human rights and to strive for the upliftment of his people. It is melancholy to report that President Karimov died in 2016. He was succeeded by Mirziyoyev.

Many Uzbeks live and work abroad. They reside in countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan and the UAE.


  1. What is the capital of this country?
  2. Who was the founding president of this country?
  3. What are the colours of the flag?
  4. Why is there a crescent moon on the flag?
  5. What is the official language?
  6. Which alphabet is Uzbek written in?
  7. Name four neighbours of this country. Four marks.
  8. Was this country part of the USSR?
  9. What is the surname of the current president?
  10. Name a country where many Uzbeks work besides Uzbekistan.



Farzad Bazoft.


On Iraqi television he said that he was spying on Iraq and doing so at the behhest of the Zionist entity. It was a claim that was so ludicrous that it did not deserve a minute’s consideration. I too regarded such a statement as blatantly bogus.

For those of you who do not know about Farzad Bazoft here is his background. He was born in Iran in 1959. He moved to the United Kingdom in the 70s for his education. He became absolutely fluent in English. He was out of Iran when the Revolution occurred in 1979. He was an outspoken opponent of the new theocratic regime. Bazoft was penurious in 1980 and robbed a premises in the UK. For this he served a year in prison. He became a journalist on his release.

In the late 1980s he went to Iraq several times. The Iraqi Government knew he was Iranian born. Because he was a forthright critic of the mullahs the Ba’athists welcomed him with open arms. Several thousand Iranians were in Iraq fighting alongside the Iraqi Army. They hoped to defeat the mullahs and restore secularism in Iran.

Bazoft went with British nurse to investigate an enormous explosion near Baghdad. 700 people had been killed in it. F Bazoft was aware of rumours that this explosion was evidence that Iraq was making weapons of mass destruction. Mr Bazoft and his friend Daphne Parish were later arrested and charged with espionage.

Bazfot lost a huge amount of weight in prison. No one knows for sure what Mukhabarat did to him in prison. Suffice it to say that the Iraqi secret police had a reputation as being the cruelest torturers in the world. They were known to dip limbs in acid and drill through bones. They could easily have extracted a false statement from Bazoft. In the video of him saying he worked for the Zionist entity notice how much he blinks. This is a sign of lying.

The Iraqi authorities were canny enough to clean him up to make this statement. He wore a suit and sat in a luxurious room while he made this declaration. Why would he say he worked for the Institute even if this were the case? To say so would be to sentence himself to death. He knew that. He would only have said this under duress. F Bazoft was executed by hanging a few months later.

Many people dismissed this claim as furphy. In Gordon Thomas’ book he claims that Bazoft really did work for Mossad. Can this be true? Is such a statement so daft after all?

Why do people work as secret agents for another country? They say MICE – Money, Ideology, Compromise and E .

Bazoft had financial problems and had robbed before. It is possible that he was paid by Tel Aviv.

It could have been ideology. He said he detested the Iranian Government. But did he? In the UK in the 1980s that was the only sensible thing to say. Teheran decried the UK as the Little Satan. He might secretly have approved of the Iranian regime. On the other hand he may have wished to serve Iran whatever its government. Your country is your country. The Iran-Iraq War had ended in 1988 but relations were still very tense in 1990. There was a possibility that the war would re-erupt. Remember that Israel and Iran co operated against Iraq. The enemy of my enemy of my friend. The Zionist Entity sold weapons to Persia. Iraq was seen as the most immediate threat to Israel so anything that weakened Iraq was good for Tel Aviv. That is why Bazoft might have served the Institute and done so in good conscience that he was advancing the cause of his native land. He could have been doing so because Iran wanted him to. He still had friends and relatives in Iran. They could be harmed if he did not play ball.

Compromise – he might have been caught doing something embarrassing and blackmailed into working for the Jewish State. No one has suggested what this might be.

Revenge – he might have been doing this to exact revenge.

We may never know the truth. Overall, I think it unlikely that he was a spy at all. He told the Iraqi authorities where he was going. He was pursuing a journalistic interest. He did not use tradecraft. He seemed to have no training as a secret agent. No one tried to get him out. In his case the Institute abandon people like him since he was not one of them.  The Iraqi Army officer who was judge at the man’s trial said that he knew the defendant was innocent. Nevertheless the man presiding over the military court pronounced Bazoft guilty since he had been ordered to do so.


One Direction



This is a British Irish band. It is a five piece boy band. These five boys come from different cities in the UK and Republic of Ireland. One of the English members is half Pakistani.

They are considered good looking as well as musically gifted. Harry Styles is their front man. They are noted for their big hair and their numerous tattoos. They sing songs like ‘One way or another’ as well as love songs. They are exceedingly popular with teenage girls.

They have toured many nations. They have numberless dedicated fans.


  1. What nationality are the band members?
  2.  Who is the front man?

3. What is special about their apperance?


4. Is this a girl band?


5. Who are their loyalest fans?

6. Name a song by them?

7. How many members of the band are there?


Why do people sometimes have an anal fixation?


Some people derive sexual pleasure from their anus. This is bizarre and unhealthy. I am not suggesting that it is unethical or that people should be ashamed of this.

We have sexual urges for reproductive reasons. Our instincts usually have a biological purpose. Rectal sex has no procreative purpose. Indeed it is wasteful. It can cause people to catch infections because of the bacteria in the rectum. Men can contract such infection and women can catch vaginal infection if their boyfriend is double dipping. Bum sex caused lower bowel damage. This is before we talk about communicable diseases. At the very least botty sex is a waste of energy and semen. I am not suggesting people should refrain from it. If they find it enjoyable then go ahead.

Some people like to stimulate their anuses for the sake of sexual arousal. Some men like prostate massage including straight men. But putting one’s hand inside one;s rectum is unhealthy. Everyone knows that this is the filthiest part of the body.

Gay men often like rectal intercourse. Being a homosexual is not shameful or immoral. My point is that biologically it does not make sense. Let these men do as they wish. There may well be a gay gene. I suspect it is a misfiring or the reproductive urge. We now have IVF. But if we did not have IVF we would need people to be straight – most of them. If too many people were gay the human race would have become extinct.

I suspect those who have a penchant for anal sex have a gene that has gone wrong. The generative instinct has been a little misplaced. They are doing something a tad unhealthy and unproductive. Let people enjoy their sexuality however they want. This is a comment and I am not being judgmental.

a dream of the bairn.


I was with the child. he had come out of school on top pf the hill. it was not his school. looked a bit liek near my hotel in Cuba. it was not his.

He came with me and he was elated to see me. How I am anguished not to be with him more. PerhaPS I am thinking this because of aggro with my pater.

I took him on a red double decker Lodnon bus. we were chatting gleefully. It was an old routmaster with no back door

he wanted to get ff while it was moving. I fooloshly let him and got off too. the he waned tpo get anc on so he chase dit. so did I. he held onto the while pole for a while and ran along then he lifted himself on. I jumped on. Later he fell on the bus face first and hurt himsle.f I cradled him. he  oaned but was not badly hurt. I fear being in charge of him. I dd not want hom to get hurt.

I had seen his mum yellow o skype the nigt before but did not call. was on a bsuiness call.