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Dreams of recent days


I was in Dun Edin – the original one – I had a dream about a white female in her early 20s being in my embrace. I cannot think quite which one she was. It was blatant that copulation was on the cards. I rose to the occasion but did not have a revery about the actual business. I had been frustrated about the lack of nooky.

Some days later I dreamt of hugging my child. How I miss him and hope I get to see the tot before long.

A dream of movement.


I left the window open.  A chil win blew. That surely explains why I dsream I wa walking across he dese in Kazakhstan. Iwas covered in snow. I was welldressed bt still fet cold. A camel staggered by. I entered a hotel after a while – the decor ws all beige. IT was quit smart and the ooms were needessly large


ater I was in casletnwbere. I was walkg along. I saw the coast below. I reminded me of dreams  I had had about ebng back there recenrely. No that I have been bak in 4 years bbut I may vist oon. It had rained reently nd the land shone after haivng been wahed by the benevoent rain. I walked alog the road whth the forest 0n either side. I was headede twards dunbuy castle I thought f the sp[ot where that arsehole had got himself and hs matges killed by stupid driving.

Latet IWAS BOARIG A TAIN ARUND THGERE. iN FACT THER IS NO AILWAY SyATION WITHIN 50 MILES OF THERE. i was on he train with a nub ile girl who was amyabe 1`0 years yougeer than me. She was whoote and had mid lmeght bornw hr.  cannot thik wh sh rpeserensts.

Lter we were in a htel room. here was a skinny Rba youh we had met onm the trainwh cmae into opur rom unannounced. he kept dong this,. Arrbs are like hat I thyght,. The tghinjk it acceptable to doo ths if they are rienfs. he interruoted me asI was bout to bne the girl and he did not apo;ogise. I am thnking of workimng m,ongst the shmaelites.

What bcan it al signify? Perhaps I am thinking of wh\ither I shall go.


A dream of a curious airport


I was i an aierport in a strange land/ Later I suddenly knew it ws North Krea and I aw Air Koryo jets. That isthe airline of North Koorea. I saw mny US military tarbsport planes landing and tkaig ff. It did no seem od to me ha these gey planes were landing in Norh Korea. I saw one of these US military aircraft had a name on t  Katherie Turner.She was an American diplomat killed on duy – or s I rationalised it i my dram.It was a suny day.


There were other parts t my drea but I do not re call them. I have thought of going \to Korea – the Repbiblic of. I have thggh of plane spotting at Heathrow. I am somehwere at the mment with architecture like the Peple Dmecratic Republoc of Krea. 

A dream of Frankie Boyle


I was being savaged by mosquitoes last nigt and slept but fitfully. I dreamt of being on a computer. I was clicking the mousr and opening windows. Not sure what iw as lookiing at. This is my first ever dream about using a coimputer or as I cal it a porno box.


Then I dreamt I was speaking to my hero Frankie Boyle. He is the greatest Scotsman since Ian Brady. I have been thinking how he should do a show call Frankie, King of Scots and dress up in a grown and ermined robes. He could go around doing spoofs a la Sir Les Patterson and go to other lands ands pretend he really is the king in exile.


anyhow, I had a fgood chat with Frankie who was enthused by me. I told him some jokes that he thought were fabulous and he wold use in his act. I have thought of translating some of his material in Russian and performing it in Russua. Why are you spend so many billipon on the world cup? For tyhat amount of money you could wrte fuck off American onto the moon. 



A dream of a comedy gig


I was at a comedy show. I do not know which city I was in but it was warm. There wer ebare limestone walls and it seemed to be outside and night. Various perfomers – all male – got up and did their bit. One of them was that Turkish lawyer Can. I was thinking about his mother yesterday and how I offended her and cannot get work out of her. I do not remember the little man’ set but he wore a suit and was natty as usual. I performed but it was not my usual repertoire. My soliloquy was something different but it went down well. I am thinking a lot of the upcoming drama festival. I wish I could recall some of the wheezes from that show. 

I have often had a dream about being a new boy at my secondary school. In the dream I am disoriented and I keep arrinv late and getting lost. The place is so huge that it is daunting. I have not had that dream in a couple of years but I must have had it a dozen time sin my life. It is not exactly the same. I remember as a child saying I was ‘bewildered’ by the place. In fact I was in a state of total confusion and I messed everything up. That is typical of my disorganisation. I dreamt about my old school and a sense of discombobulation lately.As I have somewhere to go I suppose my anxiety shall abate muchly. 


I awoke on 1 August with this dream. 

I was back a school and we were all adults bu somehow schoolboys. We wore the unifrom. The building we walked around was Oxford Brookes but to me it was my school. I noticed that we were remarkably tolerant of each other which adolescents are not usually. I skipped lessons. There was a fire alarm. We all rushed outside. Sudenyl there were girls too but this dd not strie me as out of order. I sa Chantal there – the Chinese one. I met her brother a few months ago. I did the waste man hand gesture to her which I really did several years ago. AT tat tie she had commented to her classmate ”I cannot believe he jyst dud that.” 

Then I was n a field towards dusk and there was  Hispanic boy. He was like the one on Grand Hotel Budapetst. He was boasting that he had a shotgun but no ammunuiiton and he had found ou how to bita ammunitoon. I wanted him not to get the shells because this is no game. Then I saw he had the shells. I decided ti iform on him to prevent him killing anyone

 ;later I was wakig around a town. The land was very flat. I walked in Barclasy Bnak. I had been reading about Bralcsy in Peter Hains autobuogprhay becaus ehe demontsrated aginas ti. I saw a sexy brunette bank clerk. She immediately becase to conqueet with me. She lifted her clothes and showed some of her flesh bt no erogeneosu zones. She had evsel atttos. She suugetsd we go somwehere for ooky.  sinatly capted. We wnate dot find a loo. WQe went tino anothe rbank but te lo was occupied. Wewr went into another and theerw as sa queue for the privy. I awoke needing to take  aslash. She looked like Sioba Dodd who is negaged to the AASIACIT. tehre was also a sequence about meeting Amini and him being very corutoeus. That is odd. he would not be. I have cosndierd giving him a peice of my mind,  I alwaos wrte to Boanners asking g they will take me back which tey saurely shall not.