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death of khasoggi================================


push back

did Saudis underestimate fall out?

maybe they knew there would be response but consider killing a priority

money or morality?

is trump an ingenue thinking he was not killed

only a naif would doubt he was murdered.

cleaners in. chemicals can clean up blood stains.

Turkish staff suddenly given day off.

Turkish police cannot go in. diplomatic immunity. no demi viergerie.

mid terms. USA distracted. USA has a one month attention span. think about florida school shooting in march.



Trump was right to cancel military aid to Pakistan ===================================


ISI backs taliban

Taliban kills thousands of Pakistanis

taleban not united.a  brand name. opportunistic criminals too

sometimes they slay shia, ahmadis or christians

ISI a mind of its own. pak is Prussia or sparta

problem of ISI backing Taleban is indisputable. Clinton and Obama and busg knew it

trump warned them. pak did not play ball

could make problem worse

some money and arms go to tlaben from pak. so why fund pak

make pak worry about India

India forges linskw ith afghanitsn

ethnic and linsutic and family ties – pak and Afghanistan

ISI wanst afgahnistan as an adjuncit

do not want encirclement

tlaben control half country. loss of will by NATO. wr weary. no commitment. drawn down

talebna have good relationship woth china and irna . bith enemies of this ideology but think tlaben is winning

defeat in agfgansiat for NATO/

Trump’s Islamophobic tweets are shameful =========


Trump stokes anti Muslim

emetic . rebarbative.

usig info from Britain first,#

American first. isolationist fascist slogan. trump is no itnernvetionist

far cry from country first of McCain. hyper interventionist.

usa needs muslim co operation to win

why hug king of Saudi. muslism key allies.

playing to bigoted gallery# US arms sales to muslim countries.

make America hate again

muslims belong in the USA. growing fast.

images not from UK. we do not know if they show Muslims

they do not typify Muslim

# Christian do wrog too

intervention in UK poltivis.

what f UK did the same?

bigger problems for USA to solve

mulims essentua part of UK and Europe.

Assessment of Mugabe


Mugabe is history. ZANU PF is Mugabe fan club. miliyary and CIO onlt things tyat work. they get paid n time.

hithens – Mugabe turned into everything his enemies said he was.

born 1924


Married ghanean. pan Africanist.

battled smith.


pm then president.


gurukhundi campaign.


despot from central casting.

preposterous cult of personality.

Hitler ten fold.

look East policy.

Little ground for optimism.

Emmerson mwanwaga.

The military putsch in Zimbabwe.


The Zimbabwean military has seized control of the country.

A few days ago the head of the army gave a speech calling for national unity. He denounced person unnamed who represented a threat to the country.

President Robert Gabriel Mugabe is an ailing 93 year old. Mr President has not been in the best of sorts for several years. He has regularly been seen ”resting his eyes” at international conferences. More than a few have speculated that the old boy is gaga.

There is succession fever. Speculation is rife as to whether he shall be succeeded by the vice-president or by the First Lady Grace Mugabe. The vice-president was dismissed some weeks ago and he too flight to South Africa.

Gucci Grace is unpopular due to her extravagant spending. It sticks in the craw that a soi-disant socialist should spend millions on haute couture while her people starve. Mugabe’s former secretary became his mistress. She bore him a child while the president was still married to his first wife. As a Christian this is regarded as immoral conduct.

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces are out on the streets. They have established control over key installations. They are providing security for the president. Is that not their job anyway? Why surround his house with tanks?

The military is the only thing that actually works in Zimbabwe besides the Central Intelligence Organisation  (CIO). The CIO were presumably in on the plot. If they had got wind of this conspiracy and not approved it they surely would have informed the president. The military and the CIO are the only people who get paid in time in this basket case country.

Why now? Mugabe dismissed his vice-president. The vice-president’s cronies in the army must want him for the top spot. He is an alter kampfer from the Bush War. There is another factor. Do the coupsters know something about R G Mugabe’s health that we do not? I don’t know but I think we should be told if Mugabe is on death’s door. Despite protestations om the even of his 90th birthday that he is ”as fit as a fiddle” it must be that the president is not long for this world. He has been abroad for medical treatment a few times this year. Perhaps the top brass want to ensure that there man makes it to the state house. They wish to secure his succession before Mugabe is called to his reward.

President Mugabe has turned a fine country into a terrible mess. By corruption, pillaging, suppressing free expression, unfair trial, police brutality, stuffed ballot boxes and murder he has wrecked the country. It is good that the stiff necked racism of Smith has been consigned to the lavatory. But Mugabe’s cackocracy has been even worse.

It is lugubrious to reflect that there is little hope on the horizon. The only two contenders for the highest office in the land are Gucci Grace and the vice-president. This is a power struggle in ZANU-PF. Mugabe was grooming G 40 t take over. This means the generation that was too young to fight against the Smith regime. There will be no real election. There is no prospect of a good leader taking over. The two candidates both came up through the ZANU-PF system. Both are complicit in crimes against humanity.

Is this not a military takeover? Why did the army deny an accusation that had not been put? Guilty conscience it seems. If it looks like an elephant, it walks like and elephant and it talks like an elephant  it is probably …

The army will probably keep Mugabe on as a puppet. The camarilla around him can wheel him out for photo opportunities sometimes. He has probably lost his mind. The president can be persuaded to sign whatever they put in front of him. They have control over him. Significantly, his wife has not been seen for some time. She is probably in luxurious detention.

This is like Indonesia 1967 but so far without the killing.

I wonder if it like the Kornilov coup. It is a coup against a non-coup. A general has used a bogus claim if a coupe to make a grab for power himself. That said it seems that the generals do not want the top spot for themselves. Mugabe will be the titular president even if the vice -president is now restored and becomes l’eminence grise.

The geriatric Mugabe will be a figurehead for military government. He has a semblance of legitimacy in the minds of many. Those who detest him are dead or have fled. Whether senile or not the president is not in control of the country. He may well not be in control of his faculties. The army could impanel a medical commission to judge the president unable to discharge his duties on medical grounds. He could thereby be deposed. I suspect they will not do that. It is more useful to have him as a marionette.



Trump states that the Kremlin did not hack the Democratic National Committee.


President Trump has been meeting President Putin lately. Trump stated that Putin felt ”very insulted” by the accusation that the Russian Government hacked into the DNC’s computers. It is lovely to see Trump being oh so sensitive. Trump would not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Donald Trump is always so caring and never wants to upset anyone. He would never be rude to anyone. He would not stoke racial hatred or make vile sexual insults against female journalists who asked him some worthwhile questions.

Trump also said he believed the US intelligence community when it stated that it was probable that the DNC was hacked from Russia. I have no idea who hacked the DNC.

Trump said the DNC computer system could have been broken into by Russia or by a lot of other people. Someone else also uses this tactics – by coming up with a very long list of suspects. The idea is to put many false theories out there. It is a masquerade to sew confusion.

How can Trump believe the US intelligence community AND Putin? It shows Trump’s double think. The man is a total fool. He contradicts himself all the time. He is utterly despicable and a disgrace.

Trump denounced extremist Islam. Then he went to hug the King of Saudi Arabia who heads the most Islamic extremist government on earth. The Saudi Government has consistently supported ISIS. Trump wants ISIS to be annihilated yet he cosies up to ISIS;s sugar daddy. He rails against Iran which is a deadly foe of ISIS. Trump is clueless and completely mendacious.

It is nauseating that such a fool has his finger on the nuclear button. His is an emotionally incontinent child. At least the finger on the nuclear button is very, very small.