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Mohammed Ali Jinnah. super advanced course lesson 8


super advanced course lesson 8


Jinnah was born in Karachi. The city lay in the province of Sindh which was part of British India. He was brought up a Muslim in the Shia denomination. The Jinnah family were prosperous merchants. They spoke the Kutchi language. Mohammed Ali had one sister Fatima to whom he was very close. He had several other siblings but he was not to close to them.

The family later shifted to Mumbai which was then called Bombay. M A Jinnah did very well at school and acquired absolute fluency in English.  He briefly attended the University of Bombay. It was decided that he should be called to the bar. He set sail to England and enrolled at the Inns of Court in London. Jinnah studied law. M A Jinnah chose Lincoln’s Inn out of the four inns. Why? Because there was a depiction of the Prophet Mohammed there as a lawgiver. Jinnah later said he saw the name ‘Mohammed’ written on a wall in Lincoln’s Inn to honour the Prophet as a magnificent lawgiver. M A Jinnah did not want to tell Muslims elsewhere that there was an image of the Prophet in London because most Muslims consider it an abomination to fashion such an image. He had to sit exams some of which were in Latin. Whilst in London it was decided that he should wet. He agreed. Jinnah married in Mumbai.  He spent only a few weeks with her before setting sail. Later that woman died without Jinnah having any children.

After being called to the bar Jinnah returned to India. He practised law in Bombay and did extremely well for himself. He soon amassed a fortune. He spoke only English and his native language. The Muslims of North India mostly spoke Urdu which is Hindi with some Persian words. He never learnt that language.

Mr Jinnah met a young lady named Rutti Petit who was Parsee. The Parsees are a religion which only has 100 000 adherents. This miniscule minority achieved a most mind blowing degree of success in many fields in India. In business, law, politics, science, music and military affairs the Parsees are worth their weight in gold. Rutti Petit whom Jinnah fell in love with was the daughter of a colleague. A Parsee can only be a Parsee if both the mother and father are Parsees. The child who has one Parsee parent and one non-Parsee parent is not a Parsee. Jinnah and the woman decided to marry. They informed her father Mr Petit. He was apoplectic with rage! Mr Petit would never consent to his daughter marrying a non-Parsee. Petit’s grandchildren would not be considered Parsee. Despite this the 18 year old Rutti Petit bravely chose to wed the middle aged Jinnah. Her father never spoke to her again. Rutti converted to Islam.

Dina was Jinnah’s only child. She was raised in Islam. When Dina was only 11 her mother died of an illness. Jinnah did not marry again.

Jinnah was a slim, effete, calculating and aloof man. He was very self-assured but desiccated. He never did anything without reason. Jinnah was also a chain smoker. Observant Muslims disapproved of smoking.

The Indian political party called Congress was making waves in the early 20th century. Jinnah joined it. He was very anglophile and wore British clothes. He drank alcohol and made little attempt to practise Islam. He did not socialise with Muslims all that much.

The Muslim League broke off Congress and Jinnah went with it. Jinnah was not concerned about pushing for Indian independence.

Some Muslim intellectuals like the poet Allama Mohammed Iqbal and Chaudhry Rehmat Ali said their ought to be a homeland created for the Muslims of India. What should this be called? Ali said ‘Pakistan.’ How did he come up with the name? ‘P’ for Punjabis, ‘A’ for Afghans, ‘K’ for Kashmiris and ‘S’ for Sindhis and ‘tan’ for Baluchistan. In Urdu ‘Pakistan’ means ‘Land of the Pure.’

Muslims predominated in the north-east and north-west of India. The Muslims in the north-east were mostly Bengalis. There is no ‘B’ in Pakistan. What about the Bengalis? For some reason Ali only identified with Muslims in the west of India. Why was there letter ‘A’ for Afghans in the name Pakistan? Afghanistan is a separate country. By ‘Afghans’ and Pathans. These people often speak Persian or Pashto which are the languages of Afghanistan.

In the 1930s the notion of establishing Pakistan seemed far-fetched. Jinnah called it, ”an impossible dream”. Some Muslims said in an independent India they would be treated unfairly. The activities of some hardline Hindus made this seem plausible. The Hindu Mahasabha organisation said that an independent India must be zealously Hindu and the law of the land must reflect that. They wanted Muslims to become Hindu. They wished to make killing cows a felony. The Hindu Mahasabha noted that Indian Muslims had converted from Hinduism centuries before. The Hindu Mahasabha wanted these Muslims to reconvert. The Hindu Mahasabha recalled that Muslims had destroyed hundreds of Hindu temples in the 16th and 17th century. A few Hindus said it would be payback time once independence came!

At that time Jinnah was more worried about his only child. His daughter Dina fell in love with a Parsee. She requested her father’s approval to marry him. Jinnah refused to consent to her marrying outside the faith. She left and married the man anyway. Jinnah never spoke to her again. He was hypocritical since she was doing exactly what her mother had done with Jinnah.

Congress campaigned ardently for ‘Swadesh’ or independence. The Muslim League was preoccupied in securing the wellbeing of Muslims and was not het up about independence. Congress were being sent to prison for illegal protests. The Muslim League never broke the law. They were allowed to continue their activities.

The Second World War broke out in 1939. Congress resigned for the provincial governments it was running. This was a protest at the UK bringing India into the war without the agreement of Indians. The Muslim League took over some of these provincial governments. Astonishingly they sometimes went into coalition with the Hindu Mahasabha.

It seemed that the British Empire was living on borrowed time. Jinnah turned his mind to the post-British era. He decided that creating a new country for Muslims was a must. In the meantime the Muslim League adopted a posture of neutrality towards the Second World War. They neither encouraged nor discouraged men from joining the Indian Army.

In 1940 Jinnah addressed a crowd in Lahore.  M A Jinnah spoke in English for the benefit of foreign journalists. He could not speak the languages of the local people – Punjabi or Urdu. He issued the Lahore Declaration. He said that when British rule in India ended a new homeland must be created for Muslims in the north-east and north-west of India. His statement did not make it clear if there were to be two separate Muslim homelands or one united Muslim homeland. He later said he meant one Muslim homeland. There as a big problem. What about the 1 000 miles of Hindu majority territory in between the two Muslim majority areas? Jinnah said the two Muslim areas could still be a single country despite not being geographically contiguous.

The Lahore Declaration did not contain the word ‘Pakistan’. It has since been given the misnomer ‘the Pakistan Declaration’. Pakistan has the Minar i Pakistan (Tower of Pakistan) in the park where the declaration was made.

The war ended in 1945. Congress leaders were let out of prison. For six years Congress had not been running any provinces. In those 6 years the Muslim League had become popular in areas where Congress had been strong in the 1930s. Congress perhaps made a grave mistake in their Non-Cooperation campaign. Congress had once had been strong in places like the North-West Frontier Province.

A lot of Congress disliked the Muslim League. It had done nothing to end British rule but was going to reap the reward. Jinnah had only campaigned legally for his ideal.  Jinnah had never been arrested. If Congress had not broken the law then the British Raj would not be drawing to a close or certainly not so soon.

The idea of Pakistan was gaining ground. Jinnah demanded Partition. The British did not want this nor did Congress nor did the Sikhs nor did the Hindu Mahasabha. But Jinnah’s will was inflexible. He argued that the Muslims of India were a nation. Muslims and Hindus were different in clothing, cuisine, music, law and architecture. He said that the new India would be Hindustan and run for Hindus.

In 1946 Jinnah found out he his tuberculosis was fatal.  M A Jinnah had been suffering from this disease since the 1930s. He knew he was dying. But this was a closely guarded secret. Lord Mountbatten and others tried to talk Jinnah out of the idea of partitioning India. Could the Muslim provinces not band together to form mega-provinces in India? Muslim rights would be guaranteed. They could have a lot of autonomy within India. But Jinnah was not to be moved. He demanded that Pakistan must become a totally separate country. He said that Muslims had ”nothing in common with Hindus but their slavery to the British.” That was the only time he referred to the British Raj as ”slavery.”

Jinnah started wearing traditional Muslim clothing. Until that point he had been completely anglicised. He started to sport a Kashmiri cap.

Lord Mountbatten became viceroy in 1947. He had a number of one on one meetings with Jinnah. He tried to talk sense into Jinnah – as Mountbatten saw it anyway. The two did not form a rapport. His lordship found Jinnah desiccated, false and distant. By contrast he had an excellent working relationship with Nehru. Nehru got along with the vicereine very well indeed.

Mountbatten subsequently said that if he had known Jinnah was dying he would have stalled and stalled. The Pakistan Movement was based around his personality. If Jinnah had died he movement might have run out of steam. Partition could have been avoided.

Jinnah wanted the whole of the Punjab. Muslims made up just over 50% of the Punjab. But Jinnah said that a Punjabi is a Punjabi first and foremost. That matters more than religion. Mountbatten said that showed how ridiculous partition was. If religion did not determine nationality then do not divide India. Jinnah wanted the whole of Bengal too despite Muslims only being about 55% of the people. Again he said a Bengali is a Bengali before he is Muslim or Hindu. Mountbatten said that Jinnah was contradicting himself. It was as though Jinnah was eloquently pleading his opponent’s cause. Jinnah said he did not want ”a moth eaten Pakistan”.

Punjab is the homeland of the Sikhs. Almost all Sikhs lived there. They did not want their homeland being cut in two. There was a lot of bad blood between Muslims and Sikhs.

With a heavy heart Lord Mountbatten and Congress agreed to Partition. But where was the boundary to be? A British judge called Sir Cyril Radcliffe was brought out. Sir Cyril had never been to India before. He worked in uttermost secrecy. He had to give as many Muslims to Pakistan as he could without taking more Hindus and Sikhs than absolutely unavoidable. He asked for submissions from both sides. The Indians wanted to give Pakistan almost nothing. Contrarily, the Muslim League claimed huge swathes of land that contained almost no Muslims. The border he drew is called the Radcliffe Award. When it was announced amazingly both sides accepted it.

When it was announced that Pakistan would come into being Jinnah made a speech on the radio in English. He ended with ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ – in Urdu that means ‘Long Live Pakistan!’  He hardly spoke any Urdu. Many people believed that he was speaking English even at the end and had said ‘Pakistan’s in the bag!’

Lord Mountbatten thought that having a country with two wings that were not connected by land was crazy. West Pakistan and East Pakistan were separated by 1 000 miles of India. He said with incredible prescience that this arrangement could not last 25 years. It lasted 24.

On 14 August 1947 Pakistan was born. Lord Mountbatten went to Karachi with Jinnah for the celebrations. Jinnah became the Governor-General of the Dominion of Pakistan. The Prime Minister was Liaquat Ali Khan. There was said to be a Hindu fanatic in the crowd who wanted to assassinate Jinnah. Jinnah and Lord Mountbatten drove very slowly in an open car through the crowded streets. In the end the would be assassin did not try to kill M A Jinnah.

The next day India became independent.

Millions of Hindus and Sikhs fled Pakistan. Many were waylaid and slaughtered. Many women were subjected to a heinous crime. Millions of Muslims moved to Pakistan. Many of them were killed too. About 14 000 000 people moved. Many people had to leave all their property behind.

Had Jinnah caused catastrophe? He laid the blame on his opponents. But if he had not called for Partition none of this would have happened. Pakistanis say that had Partition not happened then Muslims would have been killed en masse and those who survived would have been forced to to change to Hinduism. The Government of India said this is nonsense. There are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan. There are countless mosques in India and Muslims worship freely.

There were many teething problems for the new country. There were millions of refugees to accommodate. Many of them arrived wounded or ill. What would Pakistan do about the property of Hindus and Sikhs who fled? There were lots of missing people and orphaned children. The country was in chaos.

All the property of pre-1947 India was divided on a 70:30 basis. 30% of the property went to Pakistan. This was true of armaments, furniture, money in the bank and so forth. This all required a huge amount of reorganisation.

Pakistan had to set up its army. These were made up of former Muslim regiments of the Indian Army. The Pakistani Navy was established and so was the Pakistani Air Force. The civil service also had to be established.

Pakistan was still using the Indian Rupee. It stamped the notes with a ‘P’ for Pakistan. In time the country printed its own currency.

There were Dalit Hindus in Karachi who ran the sewage system. They were attacked for their religion. Jinnah issued them with special bands to indicate that they were Dalits and not ordinary Hindus. They were vital to the running of the city.

Christians and Parsees in Pakistan were left unmolested.

In October 1947 Pakistani tribesmen attacked Kashmir. This was a huge Muslim princely state run by a Hindu. The Maharajah of Kashmir then asked to join India. The Indian Army was airlifted to Kashmir. Pakistan made war on India. The UN brokered a ceasefire the next year. It is a frozen conflict to this day.

Jinnah said Pakistan must be a secular country. Though it was a home for Muslims it was not to be an Islamic state. Sharia was not to be the law of the land. People were free to practise any faith. There are Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Jews and Parsees in Pakistan. Jinnah said they must have equality. They were guaranteed representation in the National Assembly (parliament).

In September 1948 Jinnah died of tuberculosis. He is remembered as ”Qaid i Azam” meaning ”The Great Leader”. He has a mausoleum in Karachi. His house in Mumbai still stands. His descendants do not still live there. His birthday is 25 December. Therefore it is a public holiday in Pakistan not because it is Christmas Day!


  1. In which city was Jinnah born?
  2. What was his religion?
  3. Which denomination of Islam did he belong to?
  4. What was his father’s trade?
  5. Which city did M A Jinnah grow up in?
  6. What does ‘ M A’ stand for in the name  M A Jinnah?
  7. What was his profession?
  8. Why was his marriage controversial?
  9. What was his personality like?
  10. Which party did he first join?
  11. What did the Muslim League do with regard to its place within Congress?
  12. Who invented the name Pakistan?
  13. What is the etymology of Pakistan?
  14. What did the Lahore Declaration say about Pakistan?
  15. Why was Jinnah never imprisoned by the British?
  16. Why did Jinnah say Muslims were a nation in India?
  17. What did Jinnah prefer to call India post 1947?
  18. When did he die?
  19. What is your opinion of him? Five marks.
  20. Was the Partition of India good or bad? Five marks





trump exacerbates coronavirus =========================


Trump said do not make cure worse than disease . this crisis taxes even and alpha mind.

lie after lie. wrong predicton after wrong prediction

evidential reason. statements with no evidentiary basis

anti-enlightenment. encylopiedists. hypothesis. test. anti science.

he has over reached himself

it will go away. miracle. like peter pan. I believe in fairies. wishful thinking. he has outdone himself for overrationality

a personal best for malice.

trump notorous for his poor competence in logical reasoning. maths. nous.  business failures. ungrammatical untterances.

Trump turned down WHO offer of tests. take firm action. that will also save economy

a stitch in time saves nine

nurses without kit . plastic bags.

tell it to people straight. straight talking. runs away from reality

many weeks of sacrifice.

disease which kills.

cure which makes us slightly less rich.

corona is picking up speed. multiplying. swamp the healthcare system

26 February trump. 15 people had corona. in 15 days number would be close to zero.

trump knew it would be a massive killer. intelligence briefings. world experts counselling him

grossly neglectful. attenion span of a may fly

open at Easter. beautiful time/ death and resurrection

churh. when 2 or 3 are gathered in my name

not Jesus and Lazarus.

like a war. vacilating.

we need unequivocal crystal clear and consstent advice

reasons for instructions. obey. wash hands 20 seconds lather.

work cancelled £ 240. life wirth more

UK 75% of wages.

stock market matters more

”near the end f our hustoric battle with the invisible enemy”.

stimulus packahe. government intervention can help the market ad peopel/ wow? GET Government off the backs of the people

single payer healthcare would save lives . tests, treatment

doctors nurses not recognises in other states. over regulation. litigious.

does not care a fig for people/ priorities

privileges money over lives. kill customers.

ethically sub optimal

indifferent to suffering of others.

total dearth of empathy.

trump lacks intellectual ability and temperament to cope with this

face up to the trtuh

”do not sacrifice the country” Dan Patrick lieutenant governor of Texas said on Fox.  i e kill them?

larry kudlow. people should go to work

”wouldnt it be great to have churches packed at easter”?

cups. handshakes.

when 2 or 3 are gathere din my nmame

he has set so much store by stock market

”I would love to have it open by easter”. 3 weeks

UK. 12 weeks. we can beat it.

battle has hardly begun

#highly irresponsible.

denying reality.

growing assault on truth and ibjectivity. abetted by fox, republicans and evangelical christians.

does not have cognitive faculty to cope

mind malfunctioning. tirades. non sequiturs pepper his speeches.

workers dying. health spending. no tourism. people leave the cpuntry. some refuse to work and to buy.

peter pan. I believe in fairies.

ostrich stick head in the sand.

magical thinking

said it was going down not up

when warm miraculously go away

devin nunes. go to restaurant

oklahome governor in restaurant

new york . california. internationall engaged coasts

Trump does not care about democrats. two states that he will lose again

10% of NYC cops infected. cannot get tests.


sky ricket like italy. contagion.

do not trust the government . federal versus state

v strict measure in chian and W europe to keep it under contorl. only just stabilising it

lift restriction too soon ti will spread like wildfire.

if we are lucky has peaked in italy. pinnacle in spain?

6 weeks of severe measures in wuhan.


in USA only the beginning.

fact based decision making. study data projections. educated guess

uneducated guess.  USA is lucky in ebing one of last seriously affected

the sleep of reasos brings forth monsters. spansih artist. franciso Goya

there’s a silver lining through the dakr

air quality. we can be happy without shopping. no commute.

prof haseltine former harvard medical school. 2004 warning. SARS. develop drugs against coronavirus. pandemic war plan.

drug companies did not find it protfitable

US Government made drugs against bioweapons. bill gates said it would come.

coronavirus ====================


rationale proportional fear. tranquil. soberly reflect on the severity of the situation.

pandemic. not epidemic

film outbreak.

rand paul . poetic justice.

fix the roof whil the sun is shining.

measures that would make draco of athens blush.

NI, Wales, Scotland

england most impacted . particularly london

firday PM order

M and S. wetherpsoons. barbers. geriatrics

cull the senior generation. respiatory

prophents of doom. jeremiad.

4 000 ventilators

5 000 cases


coute de coute.  quarantine

south korea

singpaore. warmth

police state.

france police and gendarmeria. .

fear is a friend

racist gargoyle.

USA. deny, deflect, disinform

mendacious ignorant ghoul.

economy going to hell in a handcart.

pants on fire. hoax. insurance paying for more.

kung flu. pander to sinophobia.

nativism. xenophobia


this does not resolve issue

underlying issues. health insurance.  seema verma. ventilators. testing.

paid sick leave. devin nunes. governor of oklahoma

mega churches. trumpsters. snake handlers. providentialist view. anti vaxxers.

reduce life expectancy.

trump would end debt.  make drugs way cheaper and far better.


worst equipped president

lacks the cognitive ability. the temperament or the empathy. problems needs to be examined unemotionally.

Endgame in Syria =============================



Assad. Ba’athists. not commie but Russian Soviet ally for decades.


Shia. Alawi



Yazidi. peacock angel



Syrian Democratic Forces

Free Syria Army

Al Nusra Front


Iranians pile in. spooks Israelis. Israel bombs Iranian positions . de conflicitng areas with Russians.

complex interplay between the competing powers in the region.

US pull out

Turkish Army in North


Iraqi Kurdistan. Peshmergas.


gallantly battling ISIS

outcry against US withdrawal

oil pipelines from Iraq through Turkey

Turkey NATO

2015. Russian jet shot down

2016 July coup in Turkey

authoritarianism. unfair trials. no free speech. cult of the personality. chauvinism. fight with no holds barred. jingoism. militarism. expansionism. closing down dissent by calling it extremism.

where next?

US will pull out eventually. no stomch for the fight. who rules syria is unimportant for US

it is nver going to be pro US.

Assad will win. Russian bases there. Syria broken. in debt to Russia, China and Iran.

no chance of reform or democracy there.


social housing 7 sept


cheaper than private. 80% of market rate

housing associations councils

1.2 m on housing list

some are ex prison and ex army ex homeless

shelter has a petition for more houses

London needs 39 000 a year builds 17 000

social rent pegged to incme. central govt controls

those in greatest need given reasonable preference

social home is permanent

housing assoc is independent of council

social hosuing run at arms length from council

there is a regulator of social housing UK govt

Theresa may 2017 announced 2 bn for new houses

only 5 000 more houses built a year. now only 40 000 social houses a year built

2011 it was 50 000

1950s 200 000 houses a year built

house costs 8 times more than annual salary. in London 11 times

people under 50 vote labour

1990s councils were banned from borrowing money

2003 71% of people owned houses

now it is 64% lowest since 1987


sajid javid announced 600 m to buily 50 000 new homes in s e england


England’s small towns are set to swell with increasing numbers of elderly people as they reject city living amid a hidden housing crisis caused by a lack of appropriate homes for a rapidly ageing population, a new study reveals.
Bexhill in East Sussex, Corby in Northamptonshire and Denton in Greater Manchester are forecast to see the biggest increases in populations aged 55 and above during the next two decades, according to the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Centre for Towns thinktank.
Failure to improve housing options for the elderly could add hugely to care and NHS costs, with the Building Research Establishment forecasting that inappropriate housing for the over-55s will cost nearly £20bn by 2041. Hip fractures caused by falls on stairs, excess cold and overcrowding are among the threats.


ales and profits at Persimmon have slipped as the UK’s second biggest housebuilder attempts to repair its battered reputation after criticism of its shoddy workmanship, huge executive rewards and an overreliance on the government’s help-to-buy scheme.
The company said it had increased spending on customer service by some 40% over the first six months of the year, adding an extra 200 staff to its 5,000-strong workforce to help deal with customer calls and site visits.
Persimmon said it expected to spend an extra £15m on the initiative on top of the additional £140m being spent on homes in progress after criticism over poor-quality builds that included leaks and cracking windows.

Britons indulge in surprise pre-Brexit house buying spree
Read more

The group’s half-year profits dropped from £516m to £509m. The number of homes sold totalled 7,584, meaning Persimmon generated more than £67,000 profit from every house completed. The average selling price rose to £216,942, up more than £1,000 on the same time a year ago.



If hospitals deliberately spread disease, it would be a scandal. But with an acute housing crisis, local councils, housing associations and other public bodies are routinely selling off homes intended for social rent at public auction. Those with a responsibility to reduce housing need are making the situation worse.
This month, at least 37 homes are due to go under the hammer at four separate auctions held in West End hotels. Among the sellers are Wandsworth and Westminster councils, which have a combined housing waiting list of 9,000 families, and Oxford Citizens Housing Association, part of GreenSquare Group, which operates in the city with the most unequal housing market outside London.

In east London, Newlon Housing Association is offering a five-bedroom family home in Cable Street, Tower Hamlets – a borough in which 18,000 families are languishing on the housing waiting list. Even London mayor Sadiq Khan is getting-in on the act, with City Hall flogging a three-bedroom semi in Finchley. Another repeat offender is Peabody, one of t


An additional three million social homes are needed to solve the housing crisis, according to a landmark report which calls on the government to extend the criteria for who is eligible for social housing.
A major review by housing charity Shelter, commissioned in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster, urges ministers to invest £214bn in a 20-year housebuilding programme that will “reverse the decay” of social mobility in Britain.

The proposals, produced by 16 independent commissioners from across the political spectrum, would offer social homes to millions who fail to qualify under the current system, including young families and elderly people who are “trapped” in rented housing.


More families are being housed in hotels and other nightly rooms in Brighton due to a lack of short-term accommodation, the BBC has learned.
One household made homeless by a fire were put up in a four-star seafront hotel.
Conservative politicians said Brighton and Hove City Council had failed to address the wider shortage of housing and build more homes.
The council is due to discuss plans to find more accommodation this month.
Between April and August, 198 households were placed in “spot-purchased” accommodation, in which the council buys a room on a last-minute, nightly basis in hotels, B&Bs and other rented rooms.
The council forecasts it will have to do this for 337 households by March 2020, compared to an average of 284 per year in the previous four financial years.
Three people made homeless by a fire in December were put up at the Jurys Inn on Brighton seafront, at a cost of £75 per person.





death of khasoggi================================


push back

did Saudis underestimate fall out?

maybe they knew there would be response but consider killing a priority

money or morality?

is trump an ingenue thinking he was not killed

only a naif would doubt he was murdered.

cleaners in. chemicals can clean up blood stains.

Turkish staff suddenly given day off.

Turkish police cannot go in. diplomatic immunity. no demi viergerie.

mid terms. USA distracted. USA has a one month attention span. think about florida school shooting in march.


Trump was right to cancel military aid to Pakistan ===================================


ISI backs taliban

Taliban kills thousands of Pakistanis

taleban not united.a  brand name. opportunistic criminals too

sometimes they slay shia, ahmadis or christians

ISI a mind of its own. pak is Prussia or sparta

problem of ISI backing Taleban is indisputable. Clinton and Obama and busg knew it

trump warned them. pak did not play ball

could make problem worse

some money and arms go to tlaben from pak. so why fund pak

make pak worry about India

India forges linskw ith afghanitsn

ethnic and linsutic and family ties – pak and Afghanistan

ISI wanst afgahnistan as an adjuncit

do not want encirclement

tlaben control half country. loss of will by NATO. wr weary. no commitment. drawn down

talebna have good relationship woth china and irna . bith enemies of this ideology but think tlaben is winning

defeat in agfgansiat for NATO/

Trump’s Islamophobic tweets are shameful =========


Trump stokes anti Muslim

emetic . rebarbative.

usig info from Britain first,#

American first. isolationist fascist slogan. trump is no itnernvetionist

far cry from country first of McCain. hyper interventionist.

usa needs muslim co operation to win

why hug king of Saudi. muslism key allies.

playing to bigoted gallery# US arms sales to muslim countries.

make America hate again

muslims belong in the USA. growing fast.

images not from UK. we do not know if they show Muslims

they do not typify Muslim

# Christian do wrog too

intervention in UK poltivis.

what f UK did the same?

bigger problems for USA to solve

mulims essentua part of UK and Europe.

Assessment of Mugabe


Mugabe is history. ZANU PF is Mugabe fan club. miliyary and CIO onlt things tyat work. they get paid n time.

hithens – Mugabe turned into everything his enemies said he was.

born 1924


Married ghanean. pan Africanist.

battled smith.


pm then president.


gurukhundi campaign.


despot from central casting.

preposterous cult of personality.

Hitler ten fold.

look East policy.

Little ground for optimism.

Emmerson mwanwaga.