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Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

What is Islamphobia?


This is hating people for their faith . It is hating people who are nominal Muslils; those who do not really believ ein the relgion or pracitse iteither.

A Msulim is someone who believes in Islam; Shahada

much of Islam is laudable like giving alms to the poor. Some of it is morally netural such as the haj, prayer is good exercise

Judge Muslims b average believers and unusally good ones not the wsorst only

The d rise of Jacob Rees Mogg


followers known as Jacob-ites

quoted on front pqge of newspqpers eqch weekend; this is illy seson

leqderhsp bid? Some Tory Mps say his leqdership would  cqlqmitous; they do not sqy it is impssible

he is v weqlthy self mqde lqn does ot clqim expnese just like adam afriiye

a good role model; has voiced qdmirqtion for trump thqt will cost him.



Trump’s Pershing lie.


President Trump has peddled a myth about General Pershing again. Gen Pershing fought in the Philippines around 1900. The United States defeated the Spanish there and then conquered the country. Many Filipinos then revolted against the American occupation. Over 1 000 000 Filipinos died in this insurgency. This attempt to gain independence was eventually quelled. Trump said that Pershing fought radical Islamic terrorists. 90 per cent of Filipinos are Christians. It is true that some of the Filipino nationalists were Muslims but the majority were not. Filipinos whether Christian or Muslim fought for independence rather than their faith. It is dubious whether they can be called terrorists.

The claim that Pershing dipped bullets in pig’s blood before shooting dead prisoners is widely said to be bogus. Would it not be an affront to human dignity to do this? Executing prisoners without a judicial process was controversial at the time. If they were unlawful combatants it might have been legal. But to put bullets in swine’s blood seems perverse.

Trump said that Mohammedans are so petrified that they might come into contact with pig’s blood that no one cause trouble for years afterwards. If this were so why has no one ever tried this tactic since?

Some Muslims eat pork. Few Muslims follow the Koran entirely. The Koran even states that one is allowed to eat pork if it is a matter of life and death. Moreover, to touch it by accident is no sin. Being shot but such a bullet would be a matter of life and death. Or indeed an accident since nobody intends to get apprehended. Further, in a war the usual rules are suspended. The idea that such a stratagem could best ISIS is for the birds. It is yet another example of Trump’s childishness. He is a simpleton and a pathological liar. His has long known that this tale is specious. It is an insult to the memory of a highly decorated general that a story of him visiting such indignity on prisoners of war is retailed by the commander in chief. It is also belittling the grief felt by the people of Barcelona to make such asinine remarks as though this is a solution. I wonder why the military genius Trump has no issued this as a standing order for the US military.


Dream of 20 ad 19 August


20 august 2017

dream from last nigt;
with the boy in France; he was in a tiny two storye building with his mater; he has a little sister too; maybe she repsetesn his csuin
that girl was not my srpog

the child spoke to me a little ; had seen him on video the night before; bedtime
it was bright and warm; going to be bed while the sun was still up: the top gloro was ahuge bed like a bunkebd; he reallt has
one in real life; he crwaled along the dge of t to find a suitbale nook: his mum and sister would sleep there
with him; otuside there was gravel; seemed like Mrs Farnorough’s house
i went away; the chold was not sad but had avoided eye contact

later was with parentasl: we wer ein france i was driving; a mercedes overtook us and sped forward ata figtieng
pace lieka llet: then a motorebike overtook us and did the same
what does it all ean; thoyght of going to eire aagan in sept and driving parents: they may visit the child in sept
seeing the child soon
the NIGHT BEFORE as in nineteenth of august

something about soul. i forgote tnow: there was ly offspring : my prgency gambiled in teh waves; he had been lef tunsuerpvised: w
shen i saw no one had taken care of him i was fightend but he was unharmed: perhas i fear negligence ; ther ehave eben ructions* ove rhim;
spendinf tile wiht him

What is going on at Charlottesville?


President Trump is not known for circumspection. His usual style is to shoot from the lip. He is a verbal volcano of vulgarities and insults. Yet when it came to white supremacists chanting racial slurs and committing murder the president was strangely reticent. It took Donald Trump two days to make any statement about the standoff that has transfixed the United States and indeed the globe. When Trump addressed the nation he was uncharacteristically statesmanlike and decent. His fulsome condemnation of white racists was just what Republican politicians and his staffers had been prodding him to say.

Then Trump undid his good work. He went back to equivocating between the Ku Klux Klan and those who oppose this terrorist outfit. Trump said there was violence “on many sides”. This is not so. The anti statue caucus has not committed violent acts. Several anti statue demonstrators were severely injured and one killed when a car was driven into them. Everyone has the right to be presumed innocent. No one doubts that the car was driven by someone from the pro statue side. Perhaps it was an accident but I doubt it.

David Duke is an erstwhile Grand Dragon of the KKK. Dr Duke spoke the truth for once when he said it was white nationalists who put Trump in the White House. Trump’s low cunning perhaps tells him that these bigots are his base. He is chary about upsetting them.

There are two groups that Trump does not wish to upset. These are white supremacists and the Russian Government. Is it because these two sets of people are the ones who made him win the Electoral College?

This Charlottesville embroglio has distracted public attention from Russiagate. To get the public away from watching the investigation is good news for Trump. Does he wish to up the ante for this reason? Perhaps I attribute him more logic than he really has.

With anyone else Trump lashes out. Politicians even from the Republican Party who critique his administration are subjected to a broadside. Journalists especially women who ask him worthwhile questions are insulted in the most scatological manner. Only when it comes to Putin and the KKK does Trump tiptoe around people’s sensitivities. I credit him with a little political intelligence. Do I overestimate him?

Let me be fair even to someone as nauseating as Donald J Trump. He said that there were reasonable people who wanted the statue to stay up. I am one of them. I hold no brief for Robert E Lee. I recognise slavery for what it was; satanic. I simply do not wish statues to be taken down. Should Hitler statues have been removed? I believe that they should. Hitler committed genocide as well as every other crime in the statute book and there was almost nothing he did in mitigation. Lee has a few good attributes and worked for reconciliation after the war. I heard he was civilised towards black undergraduates in college after the Civil War.

Trump also said something sensible. If Lee’ statue is taken down do we have to demolish statues of all who owned slaves? That means those of several presidents. Do institutions and toponyms in their honour have to be renamed like Washington DC and Washington State? This is the beginning of too much upheaval and revisionism. It is right that the record of presidents and generals should be scrutinised. The adulation of such figures was excessive. Taking away statues of Confederate generals is the beginning of a silly campaign of iconoclasm. Almost every politician in bygone generations advocated policies which are now seen as unacceptable such as a ban on same sex generation. If we were to dishnonour these people then we would be rubbishing our heritage. There were countless unethical things done in the past. It is churlish and irrational to view past centuries through a 21st century lens.

If the statue of Lee was taken away then I would not be upset. I would prefer that it is not taken away. Some of the statue’s adamant defenders are motivated by racial animus. To call them idiots is too kind and excuses them for their wickedness. Their attitude is so rebarbative that it tempts me to become anti statue.



What should happen at Charlottesville?


There is a statue of Robert E Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia. Robert E Lee was a general in the Confederate Army in the American Civil War. The Confederate States of America existed as a breakaway from the USA from 1861 to 1865. Why did these states secede from  United States? They did so for states’ rights; so their apologists claim. They wanted a state’s right to do what? To deny all rights to black people. The Confederacy existed to permit black people to be dehumanised. It was a society based on the frankest exploitation. It was built on the grossest injustice.

Robert E Lee owned people and he treated them like animals. He authorised the whipping of his workers. A man who holds others in servitude is not a good person. Lee was offered the command of the Union forces but said, “I cannot turn my hand against Virginia”.  He was given the chance to serve a moral cause but decided to fight for evil. It is true that the Union was not pledged to abolish slavery at the outbreak of the Civil War but only to save the Union. In the middle of the War Lincoln decided that slavery must be abolished throughout America. By then it was patent that this was freedom versus slavery. Lee served the cause of keeping people in servitude.

The Confederate States of America were never recognised as a nation by any other. It was a non sovereign entity. The CSA was in rebellion against the USA. CSA soldiers were fighting illegally. They would not be called terrorists. They wore uniforms and behaved like a conventional army but still they were terrorists by law.

Lee may have been a good family man and generous to his friends. This could be said of many a wicked person. Lee was a very effectual general. He was also an honourable soldier; not ordering any atrocities. However, he served a rotten cause. There can be no evading that salient fact.

Many African-Americans take the gravest possible exception to images of Confederate generals being in public squares. Quite a few non-blacks concur. The Confederate colours have been removed from many state flags which previously included them.

There is now a popular campaign to have the state of General Lee removed. Some white supremacists have foregathered in this town to insist that the state of Lee was remain in situ.

Who are the doughtiest defenders of Confederate imagery? These tend to be white nationalists. White nationalists are anti black in many cases. President Trump has perfervid support amongst these hate groups. The Ku Klux Klan is fervently pro Trump. President Trump has been slow to denounce the most notorious hate group in the United States. The KKK is a terrorist organisation. It ought to be outlawed.

One could say that Lee ought to be judged as a man of his time. By the 1860s most white Americans realised that slavery was totally unfair. Lee was behind the times as were most Southern whites.

Lee is exalted as a champion of whites. Lee killed more whites than any other man in America. The illogic and idiocy of white supremacists is laid bare. The anti-gay and anti-Semitic chants of these fiends showed what they are like.

I tend to oppose the removal of historic monuments. Lee is a significant figure in American History. There are many historical personalities who did things which are very tendentious or indeed now recognised to be totally unethical. It would be silly to remove all such likenesses of these people.

I sympathise with those who believe that the suffering of slaves need to be recognised. The real heroes are the likes of Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner.

Although I do not want Lee’s statue to be taken away I do not wish to be associated with the monsters of the KKK and their ilk. Their utter turpitude inclines me to think that perhaps Lee ought to be taken away and plonked in a musuem just to spite such foul beasts. No one should be mistreated on account of his or her colour. If Lee was removed I would not care overmuch. He holds no emotional purchase on me. I am concerned about the precedent. Where will it end?

There are reasons for Southern pride. These can be cuisine, cooking, architecture, sports, literature, the plastic arts, music and the like. The CSA is nothing to be proud of. Yes, there were valiant men on that side and they achieved some martial feats. Good causes and iniquitous ones have been served by courageous people.

Trump has vacillated on the issue. He talked about violence on all sides. There was only violence on that of the white supremacists. Duke is right that racists put Trump in the White House. These white supremacists in Charlottesville spoke up for Dr Assad who has butchered so many civilians. Do these anti Muslim bigots know that Assad is a Muslim?

Trump seems to equate Black Lives Matter with the KKK. I do not entirely agree with BLM but there is no doubt that they are immeasurably better than the KKK. BLM is multi racial whereas the KKK is an anti black criminal fraternity of cowards and sadists.