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Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

Illegal immigration into US


Trump suddenly changed policy

said it was a law

said it was up to congress

he often passes the back like over sanctions on Iran

government shutdown etc…

children released? They cannot go to prison. parents to be released? Bail> They might disappear

detention centres together>?

why change of heart? he is so fickle

because of laura bush? church leaders . Ivanka and melania?

not out of decency

could have doubled down. no longer tough. he is the ultimate flip flopper.

GOP derided Kerry for being a flip flopper.

will disappoint alex jones. jones said if trump goes sideways then jones will denounce him

illegal immigration down due to trump’s repuatioon

starred creeping up

would be a major embarrassment for trump

some religious leaders back him. what about compassionate conservatism? family values? jesus – meek and mild. suffer the little children to come unto me.

suffer the children

who would jesis lock up

more illegals will come over desert – more will die.

problems with trump’s policies. applications not accepted. people kidnapped. not sure oif it is all true

cages? Fences aroubnd outdoor play areas

not concentration camps. they chose to go into that situation.

adequate food, housing medical care. no forced work. no unfirms. no beatings. no one killed

let us not resort to hyperbole

excessive focus on illegals. Obama removed many

far from the gravest problem facing the USA but exercises the minds of blue collar MAGA voters.



should illegal immigrant children be separated from parents? =======================


illegal immigration is a crime. prosecuted

we can let things gift.

parents are gaoled on remand . children cannot be gaoled.

some claim asylum and some do not.

they are fed, housed, provided medical care.

whose fault is it that parents are in criminal justice system?

could take deportation route . reunit parents if they agree to go home.

so much for family values

zero tolerance. trump was elected for this

children cry they cry about a lt. is that the basis for policy> No war. no poverty, no walls.

I went to boarding school

is this policy fair, proportionate, wise?

brings USA into dispute

will it reduce illal immigration> probably.

the only commendable thing Trump has done….


….was to release an elderly woman who had served decades in prison for selling drugs. She had more than paid her debt to society. Kim Kardashian pleaded for this woman to be set free. I have little time for Kim but for once she used her media profile for a worthy cause. There are a million more people in prison in the US who do not deserve to be there. Some have served too long and others are innocent. Liberate them too.

Did Trump do it to cynically appeal to the young, trendy and ethnic minorities? Perhaps. At least he did it.

Why have Republicans not lambasted Trump for being limp wristed on crime? They are nauseating hypocrites. He also pardoned Dinesh D’Souza. Should the GOP not rail against this> Imagine if Obama had done the same.

Reveries of the past week


dreamt of Friday’s child the day before I visited him. do not recall what happened. there was little emotion in it

dreamt of kevin roland and an NDA. points to the bear. Have to do that and send then write

I was due to return to the third rome. I was glad. Valentina had told me. Michael of oxford was returing to. driving bacl=k. but that would not work. I realized. I had a lesson at four thirty. would I make it> Timetable messed up

I was irate yeseternight about car facts not telling to come hither or go thither. this dream points tot hat

I was advertised about. people thought I was tremendous. talk of hogdford. if I was there could advertise self and go extras.

MPs should not oppose Brexit====================


referendum decided it.

whole point was to let people decide. elite consensus

no problem with regular referenda

Eire has regular referenda and does not undermine democracy

lib dems used to love referenda because they were so bad at elections wanetd on on AV

Lib dems wanted referendum on Lisbon and EU membership#

they go what they wanted. be careful what yoy wish for.  now they refuse to accept the outcome

55^% voted for Scotland to be in UK. Imagine if Soctland were expelled anyway