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Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.




Tanzania is a country in East Africa. The name of the land is pronounced ”tan ZAN ee a” and not ”tan za NEE a” as one often hears. This country is situated by the Indian Ocean. The Rift Valley runs through it. Tanzania borders Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, Burundi, Zambia and Rwanda. Mount Kiliminjaro is located in Tanzania. It is tallest mountain in Africa.

This country was founded in 1963 by a merger of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Zanzibar is an island off the coast of Tanzania. Zanzibar was wealthier. Its coffers were emptied to prop up the mainland.

Over 99 per cent of Tanzanians are black. A few are Indians or white. The black people are Bantu. They are divided into several tribes.

The official languages are English and Swahili. The currency is the Tanzanian Schilling.

The national flag is black, green, yellow and blue.

The country is a democratic republic. There is a president. The founder of the United Republic of Tanzania was an eminent scholar named Julius Nyere.

Tanzania has a lot of savannah. That is dry grassland. There are many charismatic megafauna such as elephants, zebra, lions, giraffes and wildebeeste. People go on safari there. That means a journey to look at animals.

Coffee and tea grow well in the highlands. There are many cattle farms too. Some people grows yams and maize.

Half of the Tanzanians are Christians and half Muslims.


  1. What two countries formed Tanzania? Two marks.
  2. What are the colours of the flag? Four marks.
  3. What is the currency?
  4. Which ocean is Tanzania beside?
  5. What are the two official languages of Tanzania?
  6. Name two of Tanzania’s neighbours.
  7. What is the highest mountain in Africa?
  8. What is savannah?
  9. Name a food that is grown in Tanzania.
  10. Would you like to visit this country? Why or why not? Five marks.








This country is in Central Asia.

The official language is Uzbek. That is a Turkic language meaning that it is related to Turkish. This language is written in the Latin alphabet.

The capital city is Tashkent. It is pronounced ”TOSH town” and means ”stone city.” Other notable cities are Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand. These are ancient cities with magnificent mosques, palaces, forts and suchlike.

The Mongols conquered this country in the Middle Ages. The khans brought their soldiers with them. This land is an ethnic crossroads. It borders Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The population of Uzbekistan is about 26 000 000.

The country has some oil and gas. Many people are farmers. The country produces a lot of cotton.

Tamurlane was interred in Uzbekistan. There was a curse attached to his tomb. Whomsoever opened his tomb would suffer the most horrific suffering on his people. Heedless of this warning, Soviet archaeologists broke open his tomb. Hours later Germany invaded the USSR and slew 20 000 000 Soviets.

The people of this nation are mostly Muslim. It is a secular state. Most of the people are ethnically Uzbek. There are also Uzbek citizens of the Russian ethnicity.

The Uzbek Flag is blue, green and white. There is a crescent moon as the symbol of Islam on the flag.

Uzbekistan was part of the Russian Empire and subsequently the Soviet Union. Uzbekistan became independent in 1991. The founding president of the Republic of Uzbekistan was Islam Karimov.

President Karimov was extraordinarily popular. He was known to defend human rights and to strive for the upliftment of his people. It is melancholy to report that President Karimov died in 2016. He was succeeded by Mirziyoyev.

Many Uzbeks live and work abroad. They reside in countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan and the UAE.


  1. What is the capital of this country?
  2. Who was the founding president of this country?
  3. What are the colours of the flag?
  4. Why is there a crescent moon on the flag?
  5. What is the official language?
  6. Which alphabet is Uzbek written in?
  7. Name four neighbours of this country. Four marks.
  8. Was this country part of the USSR?
  9. What is the surname of the current president?
  10. Name a country where many Uzbeks work besides Uzbekistan.


A dream of loss of control


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No Scots separation shall occur. ===============


even more improbably than before

no one can resist an ideas that’s time has come – Napoleon III.

SNP popularity slipping. 50 per cent to 45 to 37

what goes up must come down.

Nicola Sturgeon’s standing slipping

domestic problems on ecucation. teacher shortage. blame the English will not cut it.

soft brexit complete within 2 years.

UKIP gone,
Labour and Lib Dem recovery.

SNP will have been in office too lng by 202

Catalonia example

economic growth. pound has jumped

no austerity.

EU in trouble.

oil rpices lowe.

green energy coming

Tories out of office.

with independence and we will neve rhave a tory government again.

stange resurrection of the Tory party in scotland


points in faviur oo sepatto.

where is devo maz?

peoepein their 30s very pro separation

elderly ying an are r Union

Western Samoa.


Western Samoa.

This country is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. The people of these isles are Polynesians. The peoples of the Pacific islands are mostly Polynesians. This name comes from the Ancient Greek words ‘poly’ meaning ‘many’ and ‘nesia’ meaning ‘islands.’ The Western Samoans have their own language.

In the 1880s these islands were annexed by Germany. After the Second World War these islands were ceded to the United Kingdom. The British introduced English as the official language.

In the 1970s these islands became independent.
It is democratic.
Samoa is know for its superb rugby team.

Western Samoans are mostly Christians.
Western Samoa is by the international date line. Every day finishes in Western Samoa. This country has the word ‘Western’ in its name to distinguishing it from ‘American Samoa’ which lies just to the east.

1. What does Polynesia translate as?
2. What is the official language of this country?
3. What sport is Western Samoa best at?
4. What is the main religion of this nation?
5. Which country first colonised this country?
6. Does this land have a coastline?
7. Is Western Samoa by the international date line?
8. Which ocean is Western Samoa in?
9. Which country lies just east of this country?
10. In Western Samoa democratic?