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putin on liberalism


What is liberalism?

constitution. separation of powrrs. independent judges. free press. legislature, limit executive.

“the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population,” and took aim at German Chancellor Angela Merkel for allowing large numbers of refugees to settle in Germany.
“This liberal idea presupposes that nothing needs to be done. That migrants can kill, plunder and rape with impunity because their rights as migrants have to be protected.”

rape is a crime. robbery a crime. murder is a crime.

WHO gives impunity? he does to his army

stoking animus against migrants

causing disharmonious relations is a crime


mutli cultural Russia.

shariat state.

Chechnya. gays.

Russia. media

journalist volkov with drugs planted on him. many more

[rotest stamped on despite constitution

dissident journalists killed. anna politkovskaya

boris Nemtsov.

no censorship. Elton john film censored

policing conformity.

closed minded. rigid. categorical. intolerant.

judgemental. conservatism – fear. external threats. trying to create bogeyman

misdirect people from the kelptocracy

spiral of alarmism. war in sight.


cult of the personality.

no independent judges. no limt on executive. legislature a rubber stamp.

flagrant vote rigging

cosying up tppo tyrants and despots toadying.


ultra nationalism. expansionism. irredentism.

appeal to a semi mythical past

anti gay prejudice

chauvinism. vociferous advocacy of the preponderant religion

big lies

sometimes liberalism has gone to far

inverse liberalism/ . cannot cause distress. cannot critise islam. all called racist.



morsi ===================================


dead in court

death sentence. terrorism

800 killed by army

thousands killed under mubarak

morsi only democrat.. islamic brotherhood

CDU. christian democracy italy

demcoracy in egypt

one million %

surveillance. rigged election. opended ended legislation.

political prisoners. gays. torture.

woman gaoled for wearing dress showing legs. children outside marriage. eating banana.

Bo Jo ==============================================


srapes and japes.

now blazing row with his gf . police. no case to answer. conspiracy? gf 31 years younger

BOjO is keeping shtum. uncharacterisitc reticence. knows how to hanel the media

do not start a hare. do not feed stories


against third runway, anti EU, anti establishment, panders to anti immigrant sentiment

pro law and order

darius guppy phone call stuart collier.


next election – Jeremy v Jeremy

head boy v class clown.

grass roots love him. amiability. pro Brexit. ciceronian orator

wordsmith. wry and ribald.

top Tory ==========================================================



rory stweat out. then sajid javid. then J Hunt.

BoJo cynosure of all eyes.

played it safe. majority of MPs

Gove is loathed. educational reform.

Bo Jo will appoint most of his rivas. Not Gove

Javid as chancellor. he was bad on srime as hime secretary

both gove and Bo Jo are leavers

remainers go to Hunt.


Gove is slimey. depicted as a snail.



norman stone ======================================================


1941. glasgow. gravelly voice. scabrous. eccentric. fearless. phlegmatic. wry and iconcclastic. maverick.

father RAF

scholarship. gonville and caius.

haitian. don. vienna. lanuages. russian

prof modern history. right wing. thatcher. gaza and roger scruton

christine. booker.

journalist. spectator. prncess diana thrown into the sea.

bilkent. armanian genocide.

chain smoker. taxi to heathrow.



a dream of evil females


two nights ago. I had a dark face – like tan or foundaiton on it. But I never but cosmetics on! what does it represent? It was not spread evebly. saw myself in the mirror. felt ashamed

later was bhan MacDowell. that foul woman. I felt cursed by her all those years ago. I hope you fall flat on your face = she said. it happened. I had reflected on my sorrows. perhas that is why that hideous woman arose in my revery.

then I taught. there were some young pupils. in the caucasus it seemed. docile. blue garments. behind say denise and the giant. she chided me loudly. I disliked being interrupted and reprimanded. she upbraided me for using the textbook . perhas it refers to the unhappy valley. I have thoygh of there and denise. exacting restitution.

someimes I think of ely or dorset. maybe it is a bad idea. so this is a warnign

Tory leadrrship ==============================================


Raab eliminated

stewaet. javid. Gove. hunt. Hunt is most credible. prime ministerial

Bo Jo was on back foot. challenged by ithers. did not want it. no one liners. comedy could not cut it.

Bo JO skipped debate

like heselintine

if Bo Jo PM

election? seemed to rule it out

honeymoon. brexit disappointment. labout may get more credible leader. can tou see him in downing street?

I can see BoJo backtrack on brexit as he did not early elections for new PM. Brown

heathrow. noc lear answer. opportunist. not jusy trimming.

intersection of egotism and lack of principle.