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why ae people racist==============================================


gargantuan topic and egregiously complex. difficult to explain in a pellucid manner. often crass and cruel. trifling nastiness all the way to genocide can even be positive racism.

Koreans are genereously blessed wth cleverness. the Chinese are hard working. the Japanese are clean.

knee jerk nastiness.

black people are athleticisim  in abudnance. americans have bags of self confidence.

musa okwgona said he was appointed unifficial ambassafor for black people

ethnic minorities assimilated. held to have same behavioural traits. nature-nurture debate.

variation wjthing a group. genes.

gestalt (shape)

principle of grouping

praegnanz. (pithiness) a short cut.

law of proximity. we perceive things that are similar being a group. speeds up process. short circuits the mental process. we judge by appearance. never get a second chance to make a first impression

law of similarity. ones that look the same are the same. easily perceived similaritie are notice such as colour.they must behave alike

law of closure. full in the gaps. see things that are not there

law of common fate. things will move together . act together

law of continuity. slow to perceive gradual change

law of past experience. I met a person who was your group before so I guess you are the same as her. reproductive thinking dealing with an issue based on previous encounter.

some people are gullible

absorb racist memes. drink in with mother’s milk

saloon bar prejudices.

great uncle. English are whores. we are lackadiazeckal.

self-loathing? negativistic attitudes to one’s own can show broad mindedness. we have some idlers amongst us

evidence anecdotal. not done a statistical study.

good and bad eocunters.

media. films. tv. reel bad arabs. people cannot tell fiction from fact


heueristics. ways we perceice things

relate it to something similar. do it quickly and simply. available info. familiarity

escalation of commitment. they believe in something start to commit to it ever more deeply.

anchor – we rely to heavily on first piece of info. first thing said ir notced.

recognition heuristics. similarity heuerisitc. contagion heuristic. everyone else believes it. we all know what they are like

what we are told to notice by police – age. build. colour.



we wish to belong. to draw boundaries. these are very subtle.  nuanace sin skin tone.

black and white. gradations of that.  who is what race matters deeply to racist who have very pronounced views on it.

you need a keen eye for racial detail to tell people apart.

racists are pettifogging about these things. who belongs where.

‘are you black or indian’?

whotes have been greedy and monopolized power.

call me gweiloh.

iranisn are not white. turks are not white

but some Spaniards and italins are swarthy. berbers are white.  some are distressingly asinine in insisting that words do not mean what they mean

how the irish became white…

pale Pakistanis. flaws in the white supremacist argument.

must to exclude.

sharp racial distinctions have little credibility

little self awareness in accepting we are all related.

dna tests throw this into sharp relief.

amusing to see people discover their race. white SA who were black. identity invested in that

stark contrasts in behavior are cultural more than raical

less compassion for other races.

prejudice. want to simpligy; categorise

dr Nathaniel coleman said people are put in their place. assumptions

jumoing to conclusion

takes greater self-assurance. patience and intelligence to say we do not know.

wirld is untidy

dawkins boys in a house. ‘character’

stereotype. culture. hard to distinguish

self-fulfilling prophecy. labelling acting up

englsh are arrogant. irish alcoholic. fun. loquacious.

so are scots and mean. welsh – I will not see it

black men are macho. good at sports. N at Eton.

exemptions made for good members of despised race.

natural but wrong. bad urges. nonces. violence. psychopathy

I asked jaanese if he did karate.

our notions of other lands are outdated and overstated. but a grain of truth.. these tales do not come from nowhere

differences are over emphasized. similarities are de emphasized.

irish totally different from English

look at Irish DNA


trsut and distrust based oon photos in psychological studies. disturbingly deep seated racial prejudice.


dismayingly resilient. can be destroyed and then resurrected.

unconscious bias. unwitting prejudice. not malevolent.





10 mile an hour speed limit


there is a 10 mph speed limit around schools now.

Who drives at 10 mph near a school? Only nonces do. But they should. They are driving one handed. Have you tried it? It is very difficult.

You know how you cannot rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time? You end up rubbing you head and patting your belly.

So when you drive one hande tyou end up wanking the steering wheel and steering your dick.

Sometimes you end up cleaning the windscreen frm the inside

it certainly keeps the squidgy men at bay. Do it out the window.

Trump’s plan to build the border wall backfires – bigly!==================================================


President Trump has been harping on about his map cap to build a border wall for a few years now. In his first two years in the White House he did nowt about it. Even when the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress no money was voted for his crazy plan. After the GOP lost the midterms the falling numbers of illegal immigrants suddenly became ‘a national emergency’ in Trump’s eyes. 4 000 people were killed in a hurricane in Puerto Rico but Trump did not give a damn. After all they are only Hispanics!

Note how even Trump and his deranged acolytes no longer pedal the blatant falsehood that Mexico will pay for the wall. Or is it a fence? But because of all this talk of a border barrier people in Latin America who wish to come to the United States illegally are doing so now just in case border security is increased. Trump rejected Democrat offers of more money for border patrol officers. Instead he is still tethered to his daft border wall scheme that engineers have said is impractical. It would cost something like $30 billion and take ten years to construct. More border patrols could have enhanced security in a tangible manner within weeks. It is highly improbable that his wall will ever be built. Trump cares so much for the military that he took money away from them to pay for a wall to keep out unarmed people!

Illegal border crossings are at the lowest levels in decades. That is partly owing to Obama’s tough stance on deportations. You will not hear him getting credit from the Republicans. Many illegal immigrants to the US arrive legally as tourists, students or business executives. They simply overstay.

Trump has achieved the impossible. He has increased the level of illegal border crossings. Well done! What an own goal. This has been a spectacular blunder. Illegal immigrants are coming in from Mexico, Guatemala and other countries. There is nothing wrong with being a citizen of any of these lands. Trump said that Middle Eastern terrorists were among those crossing the border from Mexico. I am unaware of a single person meeting that description. Perhaps Trump thinks they come from ‘Nambia’. His frequent solecisms prove that his English is worse than that of some illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are not bad per se. Their breach of the law is much less grave than that of Trump.

On the other hand this up tick in illegal arrivals could be cited as evidence that there is an existential threat to the United States. Is there method to his madness? No, that would be to attribute far too much intelligence and long term planning to this snarling, feckless, emotionally incontinent, egomaniacal loon. His speeches are a study in cacology.

Nikki haley threatened other nations for exercising their rights


November 2017 Miss Haley said she was taking names about a vote in the UN. She saw which countries voted differently to the US as every nation is entitled to do. Trump asked her to report which sovereign states voted against the US proposal. Trump could easily have found these out himself. It is doubtful that he would have heard of most of these lands. Perhaps they included ‘Nambia’.

Votes at the UN are not secret. Haley said that the United States can shift its embassy. This is true. JUst as other countries can disapprove of the US moving its capital to a disputed city that the Palestinians also claim. Part of Jerusalem is under illegal military occupation. The US is backing aggression and the illegal occupation of a victim country yet again.


dream of Friday in 40 40s


I was taking him around. He was happy t be with me. we went south of the river. waiitnf roa  boat cruise or bus tour. I explained how to get back via belars station in case he got lost.

frday’ schild seemed to have merged with geek. But then I recalled it eas ffirday. I was supposed to etach someone that arvo. was I workin in yorks> I dd not feel anxiety. I was leaivn that workplace for good soon.

Brexit what is happening==================================================


delay 2 weeks to 2 months

May lost 3 attempts – polarizing. no deal or no Brexit.

I said Brexit would not happen. May seems determined to ram it through. doff your cap to her for iron will.

inhertitng premiership was a hospital pass.

customs union or not?

rees mogg says he might vote for agreement

nigel dodds prefers EU to risking Union

petiton 5 m signature.s real voters?

Tusk says do not betray 5 m petition. but do betray 17 m voters?

euro fanatics scent an opporuntity. victory. no Brexit.

chaos? but proves parliament is real. party disciplein breaking down

another election?

SNP. demoralized>

SNP intitially accepted result of referneudm and became more popular

labour would like issue settled before next election. could tear rthem apart

dissatisifaciton with Corbyn. May has distaretced form that

vince cable standing down. grandfatherly without neng an elder statement.

stalin to Mr bean. twickneham MP.

issue resolved in 2 months? another delay? election. ? referendum.


review of the right side of history – how reason and moral purpose made the west great================================================


shapiro known as a rhetor. right wing hack. glib and guileful.

this is a the thinking man’s MAGA slogan. jaded old memes about god and commies.

USA, USA, verbal flag waving.  no need to be too intropunitive.

broadside aainst the liberal left. back slapping from Fox News. demorcats left speechless.

western civilization in peril. frredm based on being in the image of God. We are all capable of reason. hailed as magisterial by conservative commenatariat.

seen as an intellectual heavyweight. divisise. that is ok.

valentine to the splendor of America. preaching to the converted. not all bunkum

his nemeses are my nemsis. hitler was diabolical. not all nonsense. some statements not contentious.

US is so disharmonious from other western nations

reason and superstition make strange bedfellows. inimical. illogical

greek philosophy. Socrates. this is hemlock in print.

faith. take things on trust! argument from authority. my ancine tbook says …. you mjst believe it.

does not apply his spirit of inquiry to holy writ. divileny inspired.

pedaling self-serving myths throughout. easily debunked. does not withstand scrutiny. risibly one sided.

sometimes anodyn.e difficult to distill three millennia of philosophy into 250 pages

American self congratulation. snootiness  entirely predictable. I expose myself to books I will disagree with. he is proselytizing for religion andf GOP. Judeo-Christian. mutually exclusive. disparaging of non western contribution. Indians, chiense arabs all ahead once. has to pervert the truth.

native americans did not beat kids.

packed with fairytales of western moral superiority. American dream. land of opportunity. less opportunity there than in any other western land.

dishonest book.

stats do not vindicate him.

”America has a heart shaped hole at its heart”  – specious claim. most religious country in the US not godly enough. more islam? More buddhism? more Rastafari? more Satanism?

this whole ”we should not fill it with hate”. he constantly excoriates his opponents. as he wishes to demeans them – humiliate and destrory

not exactly sweet reason, decency, civil behavior. not raising the tone  – not gentlemanly debate. full of ad personam.

when US was more religious was not demi paradise. religious south in 1960s. KKK.

”As a society, we are forgetting that almost everything great that has ever happened in history happened because of people who believe in both Judeo-Christian values and the Greek-born power of reason.”

does not bear resembalcen to ancient Greece.

greeks did not have good-evil duality. their gods, goddesses, nymphs were vain, petty , lascivious, revengeful

hades not all bad. elysian field was for those propitiated the pantheon.

this is a book to caress the egos of americans who have had their bedrock beliefs questioned/ . exalting his own country. castigating his foes for not being American enough! hoodwinking his readers. a shill.

a shaky moment for the presupposition of western superiority.

this book is a ticker tape parade for self-flattering falsehood. Not all statements are bogus. historical synopsis is not water tight. drive a coach and four through it.

he bases his argument – if it can be called that – on the childish assumption that history is an eternal battle between good and evil. goodies and baddies? blinkered.

Socrates questioned the totems of his day. In the US they religion, demoracy, inherent superiiroity. capitalism, military industrial complex. inequality . lack of healthcare , no gun control

if Europe is so wrong and classics so important why is more latin and greek learnt in Europe?

he starts from premise that Judaism and the west must be morally upstanding. the west v the rest. comepttion. enmity?

misleading. sleight of hand. disingenuous throughout

by the way ancient greeks practiced ” abortion without scruple” as US supreme court ruled in roe v wade.

how did jews and rgeeks get on in ancient times? alexander the great. judad Maccabeus?

I do not think much of his punditry. neo Victorian. did not masturbate – contrubtion to western philosophy.

combative sort. spoling for a fight.

people try to prevent him speaking. bad of them/

his book drips with chauvinism. self delusion. my side bias at its most extreme. a highly partisan book. a very skwed verison of history. baffling willful misreading of the past.

replete with spurious claims.

only cites examples which buttress his case.  couched in highly emotive language. facts do not care about your feelings

the annals are disregared where they disprove his case. twists the narrative around his preconceicved notions . a gross distortion of history. dip into chronicles.

there are laudable things about western philosophy. but not alwYS right or the best. much to learn from other civilisations.

most of us can rationcinate. the religious reson less. we also emote. that helps us opine

where is the west? USA, Europe, Australia. brazil? SA? Singapore? Turkey?

highest in H D I – Denmark. finland. least religious

US almost lowstes for H D I among west and yet most religious

poverty and religion. NYC or West virginia. income.

outlandish about religion making us richer or more peacable.

Nigeria very religious. Pakistan. Afghanistan . Abrahamic religion. borrowed rabbinical preachments.

western civilization gave us science, human rights , progress, peace artistic beauty.

flagrantly false claims

NO. India invented human rights. Ashok. ancient Persia. ended slavery. panchayats in India

honking factual errors form the fact man..

France reinvented human rights.

progess has come and gone

reformation caused by renaissance – rediscovery of classical learning. thanks to the ottomas!

religion was often anti scientific. galilo. copernicus

enlightenment. scales fell from my eyes

evolution. moneky trials. scopes. William bryan Jennings v Clarence darrow

ahistorical drivel .

christniayt continued slavery. genesis chapter 9

grimke sisters on slave holding ministers.

church of England owned slaves

orthodox church owned slaves in Romania.


religion gave us peace. crusades. fight orthodox too Albigensian crusade. cathars

pope;s army. chrisitnas attack pagans in lithuanai.

thirty years war.

conquistadores. destruction of the indies.

northern Ireland conflict.


mornoms persecuted.

Jerusalem and Athens gave us prosperity.

moght be capitalism and welfare. minimum wages, schools, pensions. unemppyment, medicare, Medicaid.

”rhe best countries–and the best societies–are those where citizens are virtuous enough to sacrifice for the common good but unwilling to be forced to sacrifice for the “greater” good.”

so pay more tax? welfare, charity?

Jerusalem and Athens beats Nazism and communism

Nazism embraced positive Christianity. concordat. approval of lutherans

communism. marx had a PhD in greek philosophy. skeptical tradition of inquiry.

”the magna carta” – vitiated by  duress. declared void the catholioc church.

Jerusalem and Athens gave us treaty of westpahlia. ending 30 years war. what caused the war in the first instance?

higgly selective reading of scriptures. myopia as regards injustice committed by Christians especially when at heaven’s command. mandate for all this in the bible.

jeursalem and Athens gave us declaration of independnecce

gave us emancipation proclamation

gave us dr king’s letter from Birmingham jail.

Sosicites and spurned Athens and rome have fallen

USSR. but had links with orthodox church.  was about compassion. family values. tought on crime.

sneers at social justice. Israel is all about that.

the USSR went badly wrong . true the government eas tyrannical and heavily oppressive. under stalin as unjust as canbe imagined. famines were purposive. food removed at gun points. borders sealed. famine denied. denial maintained for half a century.

churches were packed in Nazi germany but closed inUSSR. sO Nazis embraced Judeo-Christian values?

Nazis rejected greek natural law. as thogh ancient greeks did not ivnsde other lands enslaves or slaughter even other greeks.

Venezuela rejects judeo Christian values and people have to eat dogs.

why is bad to deat doogs? Chinese and Koreans do.

there are severe probkems in Venezuela. hyperinflation

there is malnutrition in thr USA worse than almost any westner country

social democrac in Europe is beter by a country mile.

shapiro rails against moral subjectivism. he is being extremely subjective. skewering regimes he dislikes and giving ones he likes a pass for doing exatly the same thing

the world is equivoals. no demons and angels.

return to tribalism lameneted. he bifurcrates US politics by railing agasinst ”the left” and euologisng the right

picking the speck out of his own eye and ignoring the molt in his own.

he is a puritan against hedonism. greeks were into symposia and pederasty.

lesbian orgies in the woods. bacchus. prostitution. drugs allowed in western coutnries until 1960s.

prefer islam?

sacientici materialism rejected. but that gives us reason. judge on the basis of evidence.

he shuns authoritarianism. so trump?  shapiro is a moral authoritarian.

nationalistic solidarity conemdned. that is what he wants for israle and USA. American supremacism.

valurising Judeo-Christian values and ancient greeks ones. i.e. precursors of American values

socratic dictum – question everything

this led to disbelief in religion.

Christians did not like being questioned. reformation. counter-reformation. inquisition

Judaism and Christianity were in conflict for centuries. Christians did not show these Christian values to jews

slavery. genocide.

but worthwhile things there too. compassion. forgiveness. charity. welfare. socialism.

talks about left wanting to end democracy . GOP goes in for voter suppression

trump guahes over didtatcors. fell in love with kim jong on. likes xi president for life

trump hates free speech. free media. enemies of the people,

overzealous to blazon forth the glories of USA.

nothing original here. read it all before. god bless America.

broad range of historical and philosophical allusion

rudimentary vocab used. boils down some complex ideas – sometimes excessively simplified. but that is misinterpret them for partisan ends

has pace .  succient. pithy . readable . basic. lucid. cogent

it is a meretricious works. manages to stringe a narrative around a feeble factual case. lawyer. thrills to the task

struggles, sustains an argument,

how many self-congratulatory stereotypes can you pack into a book?

telling your readership what they wish to read. does not challenge his readers.

telling americanns you are great. money for old rope.

THB the UN has failed===================================================



UN founded 1945. Allies.

does not prevent war. human rights. famine. disease. education. poaching. global warming. disaster relief.

corruption. waste. sex abuse.

big nations exclude from being sec gen.

undemocratic. tyrants rule. china and san marino

causes war. authroises force. Libya .Syria. coutneies can commit aggression know UN will intervene and prevent counter attack. frozen conflict. failed in northern Ireland. Palestine. nagaorno karabakh.

not part of sulation. is the problem.



we cannot count wards that did not happen/.

no world wars. no nukes

not 100 % success. jaw jaw better than war war. yugislavia. Kashmir. Taiwan. korea. Cyprus. Colombia.

has to be for all . respect soverieny. UN SCR.

what was life like before UN> league. before that. rule of great powers. constant conquest.

arc bends toward jsutce. demcorayc. human rigths. literacy. polio. vaccination. women’s rights. welfare. population. UNHCR. UN passports.  ICC.

THB that global warming is the greatest threat================================================



what is global warming. anthropogenic

greenhouse gases. CO 2. melting ice caps. rising sea level. extreme weahther. hurricanes, cyclones, floods, drouggts. advance of deserts. snows of kilamanjaro.

an incvoncenient truth

diseases kill some.wars kill money. shoot down missiles. gas masks. MAD. terrorists kill a few. this kills all

reduce carbon emission. insulations. archiectyre. ssnbel clothes. smaller houses. fewer cars, less travel.



not proven. doubts. studies prove otherwise

superstition. desire for self loathing/

funded by leftists. state control. desire for green energy. vested interests profit

cannot disinvent the car. keep people in poverty

nukes could wipe oyt the world. AIDS . drug resistant tuberculosis. antibiotics not working. starvation. ebola.

climate cange hapepens naywya. ice age, frost fairs.  grapes in England. no English channel.