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<Un site american a întrebat fanii cine şi-ar dori să moară în sezonul al 7-lea din Game of Thrones.docx>


An American site has asked fans whom they want to die in the seventh season of Game of Thrones.

Site-ul de predicţii cinematografice Gold Derby le-a cerut fanilor “Game of Thrones”, al cărui al şaptelea sezon este difuzat începând de duminică, să voteze personajele a căror moarte o doresc cel mai mult în acest sezon. Poate deloc suprinzător, ţinând cont de evoluţiile lor din sezonul al şaselea, pe primele locuri în topul resentimentelor fanilor s-au aflat Cersei şi Littlefinger.

The cinematic predictions site Derby Gold requested the fans of Game of Thrones , the seventh season of which will be broadcast starting on Sunday, to vote for the people whom they most want want to die in this season. It could be not at all surprising taking into account the development of the sixth season, in first place the resentment of fans was found out Cersei and Littlefinger.

“Când joci Jocul tronurilor, câştigi sau mori. Nu există cale de mijloc”, i-a spus Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) lui Ned Stark în primul sezon al “Game of Thrones”. La puţin timp după aceea Ned a murit, decapitat de fiul lui Cersei, Regele Joffrey (Jack Gleeson). În cele din urmă Cersei a câştigat, urcând pe Tronul de fier la finalul sezonului al şaselea, deşi a costat-o aproape totul. Până atunci, toţi cei trei copii ai ei au murit: Joffrey şi Myrcella (Nell Tiger Free) au fost otrăviţi, în timp ce Tommen s-a sinucis după ce Cersei i-a ucis soţia, alături de mulţi alţi membri ai curţii, într-o explozie gigantică.

“When the game of thrones is played you win or die. There is no middle way” said Cersei Lannnister who plays Ned Stark in the first seasons of Game of Thrones. The least time after these Ned died ; decapitated by the son of Cersei, the king Joffrey (Jack Gleeson). In these next Cersei has won, urcand on the Throne of iron the final season to the sixth . These cost him almost all. Until then all three of their children had died; Joffrey and Myrcella were killed in the time which Tommen committed suicide after which Cersei killed his wife; Furthermore; many members were killed i gigantic explosions.


Aşadar, scrie Gold Derby, Cersei a fost neîndurătoare în modul în care a jucat Jocul tronurilor. Când însă i-am întrebat pe fani cine ar trebui să fie pe tronul din Westeros la finalul serialului, Cersei nu a câştigat multe voturi. Aşa că, dacă nu ar trebui să câştige Jocul tronurilor, ar trebui să moară?, întreabă Gold Derby despre popularul personaj, îndemnându-i pe fanii serialului să voteze pe site.

This is what Gold Derby wrote, Cersei was undoubtedly in the mode in which he judged the game of Thrones. When insa they asked the fans who they needed in the throng of the west in the final series, Cersei did not win many votes. So if he did not win the game of Thrones did he need to die? This is what Gold Derby asked the fans to vote about. He asked about the popular person to the fans on the site.

Conform voturilor acordate, 34% dintre fani au votat pentru moartea lui Cersei, 27% pentru cea a lui Littlefinger, 11% îşi doresc moartea lui Theon Greyjoy, iar 7% pe cea a Ellariei Sand.

Conforming to the votes 34 per cent of the fans voted for the death of Cersei, 27 per cent for that of Littlefinger, 11 per cent of them wanted the death of Theon Greyjoy, 7 per cent for that of Ellariei Sand.

De-a lungul serialului au existat mai multe morţi de personaje primite cu urale de fani, precum cele ale sadicului Joffrey sau monstruosului Ramsay Bolton.

In the length of the serial there were many more deaths of important people which caused a fan outcry. Among them was that of the sadist Joffrey or the monster of Ramsay Bolton.

În acelaşi timp, site-ul de predicţii îi întreabă pe fani dacă nu şi-ar dori mai degrabă să-i vadă morţi pe Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) sau Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), personajele pozitive ale serialului.AGERPRES

In thise time the site predicted the questions of the fans if they were given the death of Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, or Daenerys, Targaryen, positive people from the series.



Let Myers write for the Times.


Kevin Myers if one of Ireland’s best regarded journalists. For decades he has been known for his incisive reportage, his coverage of the Troubles and his tendentious columns.

Lately there has been much comment on BBC pay scales where two-thirds of the best paid presenters are male. Kevin  Myers wrote about some of the most handsomely remunerated women in the BBC. Mr Myers pointed out that these two women : Claudia Winkelmanna dn Vanessa Feltz are Jewish. He went on to write that people of that ethno-religious community “are not known for selling their talent for the lowest possible price.” Is any community known for selling itself short? I think not.

*What was the implication of Myers’ column? Was he suggesting that they are better paid on account of being Semites? Do they drive a hard bargain or is there Jewish Cabal that helps them? The former is the kindest interpretation of his words. It could be that this man is peddling Judophobia

Myers has long been noted for his controversial columns: The Times knew this. He once called himself a Holocaust denier. When he explained his beliefs it was patent that he was nothing of the sort. The worst thıng he saıd was the horrıfıcally offensıve claım that Afrıca exports nothıng but AIDS. Myers seems to be juvenile and prone to stoking controversy simply to attract attention.

There are two ıssues here – do I agree wıth hıs vıews and second of all should he be allozed to wrote for the Tımes of London ın spite of his edgy vıews. I disagree with what he wrote about Miss Feltz and Miss Winkelmann. Some of those who profess the most outrage about Myers’ column will be Zionists. One could draw the inference from this piece that Jewish people are avaricious. This is a well known anti Semitic trope. Yet Zionists then defend the State of Israel which appointed spokespeople who call for the deliberate killing of civilians. This is much worse than Myers’ unpleasant opinions. This is not to say that everyone is permitted to be horrid to different ethnicities. It would be better if no one disseminated such bile. If Myers does not learn his lesson then perhaps in future he should be let go.

Of course the Times should still keep him on. They approved his column without endorsing every word. We read columns to expose ourselves to views that we do not share. That incldues unpalatable ones like tthose of Myers to some extent he is a provocateur. He is paid to stir controversy. We do not want anodyne columns.

A dream of Anouk


A few nights ago I dreamt that I was late for work. Anouk was calling me. i would be in big trouble. It was tne am alrrady; bt ws this when i worked fr the vicereine? Perhoas anoutk reprtsend her ;I lay have been in Tyrey when I dreamt this. maybe it was before going some place; there had been bad siganls from vicerine ; facial expresisons about not eating my tucker and suchlike; the imp had said it was ly last day; i thouygh it and idle threat but there was mre to it than that; he lust have had conversaitonw with lady willingdon. I realose that now;

A dream of lions


Within the last week I had this dream. It was while I was staying in London that this occurred.* I was walking in the countryside and there were lions about/ It was daytime and I felt ver meance dbyt them. I was frightened; iT did not appear to be bizarre that thee felines wer ein the vicintity. In my dream I was somewhere flat and dry with tawny vegetation. What can these beasts represetn? They stood for some other danger in my life; Mabe females from the December criiss; I had thought of looking up someone I knew frol Decelber but one who was favourbale tme. She sounds like a lioness. In the dream these ere males: But then I turned into a lion. This did not strike me as odd at the time; the arid land where I walked was the Rover Crane walk where I was consideirn strilling nehxt day


Tips about Baku


Here are some pointers about living in the capital of Azerbaijan. It is a city of two million people beside the Caspian Sea. It has hot summers and cool winters but is windy all year. The city centre has many pubs; shopping centres and leisure facilities. If you have children avoid the British School in Baku like the plague. It is hugely over priced and offers a woeful education. It is extremely badly equipped and its health and safety is non existent. It has no British teachers and staff usually leave after a few months because they are so mistreated such as having their salaries cut by 20 per cent arbitrarily. There are many hard working, talented, trustworthy Azerbaijanis. Unfortunately the most mendacious people tend to get to the top through nepotism.



High Speed Two is the United Kingdom’s plan to build a fast railway from  will then diverge into a line to Manchester and another to Leeds. There will be a few intermediate stations along the way. The top speed of trains in the UK will rise from 125 miles per hour to 175 mph. This will shva twnty minutes off a London to Manchets journey. s that vlaue for money? No; But it will ncrease capxity hurgely becus of the number of trains one can put down a line in an hour. The current system will be insufficient oc arry the necessayr number of passngers in tne years time so this upgrade was needed;

HS2 is going ahead now so it should be completed. It would be a huge waste of money to abandon it now.

The money could be better spent by improving signalling on the rail network. This would have a greter positive effect n transport. Many small project in totality would be more of a boon than one huge vanity project.


Guidance on tourism in Ireland


Ireland offers a huge amount to people of all ages and on most budgets. Ireland has enchanting , unspoilt landscape and architecture that is pretty and human scale. The arts scene is renowned festivals such as the West Belfast Festival, the Kilkenny Comedy Festival and quirky fests such as Puck Fair and the Rose of Tralee. There are horse races aplenty and a golf course can be found in any town. There is a lot of sailingIreland is a gastronome’s delight; this is especially so if you like seafood. Prepare for rain even in the height of summer. It is never particularly cold even in mid winter. Ireland is a pricey destination but costs can be kept down; After all we are the people who invented Ryan Air and thereby started no frills airlines. Dublin is a pulsating and historic city but make sure you get out to see some smaller towns.

Trump seeks to pervert the course of justice.


President Trump is irate at Jeff Sessions recusal from the investigation into the Trump Campaign’s collaboration with the Russian Government. Attorney-General Sessions did the only conceivable thing by insulating himself from this investigation. It would have been an undoubted conflict of interests for him to be involved in this investigation.

Donald J Trump is incensed that Sessions is ot going to fix the investigation for him. The notion of objectivity is Hebrew to Trump. Donald Trump Senior is willfully ignorant. He seems to lack a very basic knowledge of the constitution. This ignoramus needs to be educated. There is the well known legal maxim: “Nemo iudex in causa sua” meaning “nobody may be judge in his own cause.” One could call to mind Lord Hewart’s dictum of 1924 “Justice must not only be done. It must manifestly and indubitably be seen to be done.” That is a tall order. One cannot expect everyone to like every judgment. The losing side tend to say the process was unfair. Justice is about substance and not appearances.*

In the case of Attorney General Sessions this is not a matter of appearances. It would materially affect the course of justice for him to be involved in this investigation.

Grade inflation at UK universities.


In the United Kingdom universities are awarding more and more higher classes of degrees.

A first class degree was the gold star of British education. In ye old days few people were awarded Firsts. Nowadays over 20 per cent of people are given Firsts. Why is this? This maybe partly due to undergraduates being more industrious. In bygone decades someone with any class of degree was more or less guaranteed a white collar job. With 40 per cent of youngsters going to university this is no longer the case. People are more competitive so it could be that undergraduates are more likely to approach their studies with a sense of mission. There are other possible explanations. Universities have been encouraged to see themselves for business for the past 20 years. They get less government funding as such. Much of it comes from fees ; in fact the government pays the fees up front and the students are supposed to pay the government back but I digress. Because undergraduates have to pay they feel they own the dons. They believe they should complain a lot/ Sometimes these complaints are warranted. I may be that universities have raised their game in terms of teaching quality. Previously some academics saw undergraduates as distraction or even and irritant.

Universities strive t attract applicants; Boldly emblazoned on their brochures is the statistic about what percnetage of people acquire Firsts or 2;1 degrees. There is patently a perverse incentive. Universities will be tempted to award undergraduates higher classes of degree than they deserve. This is on order to ne alluring to applicants. Universities will do well in student satisfaction surveys of they inflate grades. There is a blatant conflict of interests. Universities are responsible for maintaining quality of teaching and academic rigour. There is little oversight on this. Universities are also eager to maintain their revenue steal; undergraduates. These two imperatives collide. The commercial one wins every time.

This  is not just a  case of lowering academic standards. The course content can be made easier. In language degrees translating from German to English remains. But some universities have reduced or even removed translating from English to German which is a much trickier task.

*Grade inflation has ruined schooling in the UK. It is not doing so in universities.

There are brainy and hard working people as ever there were. Some people with Firsts certainly merit them richly. Grade inflation is not the whole answer but it is part of the reason why more people are awarded high classes of degree. A first becomes declasse. Degrees are enormously devalued.

This issue needs to be addressed. It is undermining the United Kingdom’s reputation. The United States has undergone this experience because money talks. Exorbitant fees meant that colleges felt obliged to award degrees for shoddy work. Lecturers are instructed to award unduly high grades for substandard work/. This is not to demean current undergraduates. Most of them are good and some are superb as was always the case. The achievements of the best are devalued by high grades being given to mediocre or even bad students;