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THB that school uniform should be abolished =================================



Uniform is good for identity. smart. appropriate. not showing too much

it is cheap. prevents shaming poor kids

helps pupils stay together on school trips

clothed cognizance.



takes away freedom. old fashioned . totalitarian. treat us as adults.

free expression

expensive. school and company make profit

aim of keeping people together on trips can be achieved other ways. caps bags, badges. phones

does not improve behavior or exam results.

more debating motions====================================



THW introduce a voluntary one child policy———————

TH has no confidence in the government.

THB that the fashion industry is immoral————————

TH would ban hate speech.————————-

THB that technology has gone too far.————————————

THB we should have annual elections——————————-

THW outlaw inheritance———————————

THW introduce proportional representation———————

THB that we should use the dollar as our currency——————–

THW introduce a maximum income—————————————-

THW abolish immigration controls all over the world——————-

THB in one government for the whole world———————————-

THW pay reparations for slavery —————————-

THB that immigration has done more harm than good———————————

THB that freedom of expression is dangerous———————————–

THB that quotas for women are needed in some professions—————————————-

THW require all adults do military service—————————————–

THW derail privatisation—————————————————-

THW require all healthy adults to donate blood.————————————-

THB that democracy has failed.—————————–

THB that nationality is nonsense

THB that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel

THW under no circumstances fight for our country————————————–

THW torture in extremis————————-

THW kill a poacher to save an endangered animal————————



THB that we should abolish coursework————————–

THB we ought to abolish exams—————————

TH would ban home schooling——————————

THW make PE a daily subject—————————-

THW allow children to leave school at 14 if they want——————————–



THB that global warming must be stopped.———————

THB that global warming is the greatest threat to humanity

THB that global warming is not anthropogenic



THW ban cosmetic surgery ————————–

T HW rather save a good animal than an evil human

THW let some species go extinct

THW shoot dead poachers trying to kill endangered animals————————

TH respects religion

THW legalise assisted suicide———————————————

THW outlaw boxing———————-

THB that abortion should be allowed ———————–



TH prefers family to friends

TH wants to live to 150

THB that the best things in life are free

THB that money cannot buy happiness

TH prefers giving to receiving

THB that creativity can be taught

THW rather have a daughter than a son

TH respects faith



THB that life is too short to drink cheap wine

THB that life is too short to count money

THW rather be pretty than witty

TH prefers beauty to brains

THB that blondes prefer gentlemen

THB that the way to a woman’s heart is through the jewelry shop

THB that girls are sugar and spice and all things nice

THW let the future be the past

THB that diamonds are forever

TH cannot resist temptation

THB that rules are made to be broken

TH does not need men


Can you be a debater?=================


bristling with an opinion




a people person. logical

do you ask yuorseld – what are the arguments for and against? How would I get myself out of that as a politician being interviewed

listen to arguments and think you could do better

annoyed at specious or feeble arguments

marshal the evidence.


seek info

broad midned

can comprehend the opposing view ppint


a good listener

stand up tp full heigt. chin up. look around

decorously dressed

feet sholder width apart

breathe deeply

hands by hips fingers open

deploy the info

debate for audience

play to the gallery

mirth. emotion

debate for judge. rational.

forensic analysis of other argument

lawyerly point scoring.




A dream of squeaky


I was in another country. NZ I think. I was staying in a house with two women who were much old than me. Then mother eas there. he house had a woden floor. I was trying not to annout these people in that pokey house. It was unlovely and I do not recall the view. Not sure what I was doing there. Then mater said I was a Ganymede. She said it slowly and deliberately. It was notn quite ana ccusation. I was docile and responded in a measured manner that she was mistaken. she kept repeating it. we had discussed such conduct at the duke;s head yesternigth with the chums who showed up.

Laer I thoyght of a small man with a very dense warm brown beard. He was known as squaeaky n account of his rasping voice. He served foul beer. remers had compaliedn about such a chap in kent in 1994. Remers nonetheless drank the horrid beer. I awaoke and laughed myself silly at the name Squeaky remidned me of sequaky ave the very slender bald chap in dukhan.

later I was upin the thorne. had been dressed up as dracual playing with Fridays child. then he looked in 0 loo door was open. buni and bu came in. came too close. disliked being crowded. someone beside me was crowding me in reality. bu pulled a wooden partition out to guard my dignty.

going to the house. I feel a tad gauche that I shall spend time in saddler’s place.

Anne McElvoy had an affair with Boris Johnson


Around 2002 Anne McElvoy had a affair with Boris Johnson. Johnson was married to Marina Wheeler then – he still is. At the time Bo Jo was MP for Henley. He was also editor for the Spectator.

I have this on good authority from someone who worked with Boris every day. Miss McElvoy has reported on Bo Jo and never declared and interest. In 2008 when he stood for the mayoralty of London she questioned him in front of an audience. This was no grilling. Could it be due to the tenderness of an old flame?

The odd thing is the media did not publish news of this adulterous affair. It bothers me not one whit if Bo Jo had a hundred affairs. But when he had a liaison with Petronella Wyatt it was front page news. This is perhaps because Miss Wyatt became pregnant with Johnson’s baby and then aborted the baby. Petronella Wyatt’s mother told the press the whole sordid tale.

People say that Alexander Boris de Pffefel Johnson is like Trump.

How to tour London from loo to loo


Public lavatory at Westminster tube.

Walk to St James Park. A loo is at the Horseguards’ Parade end.

Walk up the Mall. There is a public loo near Buckingham Palace. Walk to Green Park tube. There is another loo

Wlak to the Institute of Contemporary Arts. There isa  free loo

Wlak to Traflagar Square. There is a free loo. Charing Cross station a free loo

Walk into National Gallery  – there isa  free loo

go to the National Portrait Gallery. there is a free loo#

go to the library on Charing Criss Library for a free loo

go to Leicester Sq for a free loo

go to ST Ann’S CHURCH Soho for a free loo

farewell McCain ================================================


88. born in panama

us navy. family in navy


shot down. POW. refused rlease. chritsin

republican politics. cold warrior

pro life

against big money but took it

tried for GOP nomination 2000. dirty tricks from bush

loayl to bush. for liberation of Iraq.

2008. candidate. backing from Lieberman. mixed up sunni and shia

knew little about economics

anti-racist. Bangladeshi daughter

loathed trump

brain cancer.