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Women – how to have a good dating profile. =======


What sort of man do you want? This is marketing. sell yourself.

No right and wrong answrs.

No animals. You not a child

A photo of you not a sketch. Not a tree or buiding. Must have a photo

good clothes, good slght,e happy. not grinning mady.

elegance. Not too sexy nor too demure. depends what you want.

picture tells a thousand words. where are you?

impossibly galmroisu. cocktail dreses legs in the air , heels. princess syndrome?

say something. likes – hobbies, goals. not dislikes so much.

love word.

dream of reem


I dreamt of her 18 days ago. She needed 3500 dirhams. I PLANned to send somethgn. I thought of asking to wed her. But in real life that is impractical. She is not what I want.

Then I was I Balile A Cliaht, CHildrne of different ehtncities wore Irish tricour clotes. I kneyw it was part of the hype fo the grand slam.

The Tea Partiers are stupid


They rail against high taxes. The Boston Tea Party was an attack on a tax cut!

The Tea Party want law and order but glorify a crime. The Boston Tea Party was an attack on private property. The Tea Partiers want to see taxes reduced but military spending increased. So much for small government! How would such an economically illiterate policy be financed? By borrowing even more and burdening generations yet unborn with an odious debt.




Dominica is a country in the American continent. This nation is an island that lies in the Caribbean Sea.

The aboriginal people of this land were Amerindian. Whites came to this country in the 16th century. European diseases spelt doom to the inhabitants of the island.

This island is very warm and fertile. The British seized control of it. It was hard toiling under the broiling sun. Britons sailed to Africa. The African countries often waged war against each other. Those who fell captive were sold into servitude. Enslaved persons were purchased by Britishers. These luckless prisoners were taken by ship across the briny ocean. They were forced to labour in Dominica.

In the 1830s slavery was outlawed throughout the British Empire. The people of Dominica were free. At first the white plantation owners still dominated the island’s legislature. Only men of property were permitted to vote. However, within a few years the majority of the electorate was black. The people of the island were left to their own devices.

Dominica became independent in the 1970s. In the 1980s the country was ruled by Eugenia Charles. She was the first woman to rule any Caribbean nation. She was called the Margaret Thatcher of the Caribbean but she was not as right wing as Thatcher. She supported the US military intervention in Grenada.

The head of state is Elizabeth II. She is the same person as the Queen of the United Kingdom. English is the official language. Most people are Christians. The majority of Dominicans are black.

The flag has a green field. There is a yellow and white cross. There is a blue and green of paradise on the flag. There is some black on the flag too.

The country is gorgeous but does not have good sandy beaches. There are not many tourists here. It is quieter than some other islands in the Antilles.


  1. Which continent is Dominica in?
  2. What sea is this country in?
  3. Does this country have a coast?
  4. Who is Dominica’s head of state?
  5. What is the main language in this country?
  6. What is the major religion?
  7. What is the main race?
  8. When did slavery end in this country?
  9. Which continent did the victims of slavery come from?
  10. In which century did whites reach this island?
  11. What happened to the Amerindians?
  12. Who was the PM in the 1980s?
  13. What nickname did Ms Charles have?
  14. WOULD you like to visit this land? Five marks.
  15. Draw this flag? Five marks.

Dominican Republic



The Dominican Republic is a country in the American Continent. This country is part of an island in the Caribbean Sea. The name of the island is Hispaniola. It used to be called Santo Domingo. The western third of the island is Haiti. The eastern two-thirds is the Dominican Republican.

The autochthonous people of this island were Amerindians. The Spanish arrived on the island in the late 15th century. Exposure to European maladies put paid to the inhabitants of the isle. Christopher C

The Spanish found the island to be exceptionally fertile. The land is very hot and tropical. The Spanish sailed to Africa. African countries fought each other. Those who were vanquished were often made chattel slaves. These captives were sometimes sold to Spaniards. The Spanish sailors took these people across the ocean. The enslaved people were subjected to the most horrific brutality. They were forced to work by whipping and torture.

The plantations in this country made a pretty penny for the Spanish masters.

The Dominican Republic ceased to be a Spanish colony in the 1820s. It became an independent state. The Spanish planter class still ruled the land. The black people gained their freedom in the late 19th century.

In the 1960s this country was ruled by a tyrant named Alejandro Turjillo. He was violently anti-communist and therefore had a good relationship with the United States.

The Dominican Republic has often had a vexed relationship with Haiti. There has been violence between people of the two nationalities sometimes.

Most people are Christians.

The flag of this country is blue and red.

The people of this country are mostly black. Some are Hispanic. Many people are mixed race. A few are white.

Tourism is a major part of the economy. The country is not very safe. Tourists often go around with armed guards.

There is beautiful plant life and there are many fabulous beaches.


  1. Which island is this country on/
  2. What sea surrounds the isle?
  3. This nation has a land border with which other nation?
  4. What is the official language?
  5. What is the main religion?
  6. What race are most Dominicans?
  7. How did so many black people come to live here?
  8. Would you like to visit this country? Five marks.
  9. Who ruled this country in the 1960s?




Ecuador is a country on the American Continent. It is located in South America.

The name of this country means ‘equator’ in Spanish. This is because the Equator passes through the country. The climate is hot on the coast and cool in the mountains. The neighbours of this land are Colombia, Peru and Brazil. The very west of the country is in the Amazon Rainforest.

In the late 16th century the Spanish conquered this country. That is why Spanish is the official language. Christianity is the main faith of this country. The Spanish Catholic missionaries grafted Catholicism onto pre-existing pantheons. Local divinities were reimagined as saints.

In the 1820s this country became independent. The Latin American independence fighter Simon de Bolivar passed through this land.

The Andes Mountains run through this country. Ecuador is beside the Pacific Ocean. The Galapagos Islands are Ecuadorean territory. These are the isles where Charles Darwin formed the theory of Evolution. This was based on the way lizards had developed the ability to stop their hearts and restart them at will.

The flag is made up of horizontal bars – yellow , blue and red. They are in that order from top to bottom. Yellow takes up half the flag and the other two colours have a quarter each. There is a symbol on the yellow part. This is similar to a few other South American countries.

The population is 16 000 000. Quito is the capital city. However, it is not the most populous metropolis in this nation.


  1. Which continent is Ecuador in?
  2. Name three neighbours of this land? Three marks.
  3. What ocean is this country beside?
  4. Which mountain range is in this land?
  5. What important line of latitude passes through Ecuador?
  6. What does Ecuador mean in Spanish?
  7. What are the colours of the flag? Three marks
  8. What is the major language of this nation?
  9. Which religion do most people in Ecuador subscribe to?
  10. What is the capital called?
  11. Which islands are part of Ecuador?

El Salvador



El Salvador is a country on the American Continent. This country is regarded as being in a region called Central America. Central America is in between North America and South America.

This nation is beside the Pacific Ocean. It borders Nicaragua and Guatemala. The climate is very warm. The land is fertile and hilly. It is in the Northern Hemisphere/

The original inhabitants of this land were Mesoamericans. They came here tens of thousands of years ago. The Spanish invaded in the 16th century. They swiftly subjugated the country.

Spanish is the official language of the country. Most people are Christians of the Catholic denomination.

In the 1820s this country broke away from Spain. It was part of the Central American Federation. Then El Salvador became independent.

The name of the country means ‘the Saviour’ which alludes to Jesus Christ. The capital city is San Salvador meaning ‘Holy Saviour’ in Spanish.

After independence the Spanish descended elite still lorded it over the indigenous people. Most people were illiterate until the late 20th century.

In the 20th century Marxist nostra spread among working class Salvadoreans. In the 1970s and 1980s there was a vicious civil war between communists and anti-communists. The United States backed the anti-communists who eventually came out on top. Some called it a slaughterhouse state in the 1980s. A film entitled Salvador by Oliver Stone depicts the horror of the civil war.

This is not a wealthy country at all. It has few natural resources. Crime is very high. The Pan American Highway passes through this land.

The flag has three horizontal bars. They are blue, white and blue. There is a symbol in the middle. This is like several Central American nations.


  1. Which continent is El Salvador in?
  2. Which ocean is this country beside?
  3. Which hemisphere is it in?
  4. Who were the original people of this nation?
  5. What is the official language?
  6. What is the main faith?
  7. Which federation was El Salvador part of?
  8. What do you call the people of this country?
  9. Name three neighbours of this land?
  10. What does El Salvador mean in English?
  11. What is the name of the capital?
  12. Is this an affluent nation?
  13. Who won the civil war?

Equatorial Guinea



Equatorial Guinea is a country in Africa. This nation lies on the west coast of the continent. Some of the country is on the mainland of Africa. The rest is a few islands in the Bight of Biafra.

The climate is very hot. The country is very close to the Equator – hence the word ‘equatorial’ in the name of the nation. This is also to distinguish it from Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and Papua New Guinea. The neighbours of Equatorial Guinea are Cameroon and Gabon.

The country is very small. Its population is a little over a million.