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oratory of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jnr==========================================


who he?

just cause. fought against the unrighteous cause.  born 1928.

physically unprepossessing,

no audio systems. bad acoustics, sonorous timbre. bottomless self assurance.

had to be heard. entertaining . lively. impossible to ingnore.

vivid. speak in imagery . prove his intellect

television just starting as a medium of the masses.

cicumlocuation. ”I am not unmindful”. come over as pretentious. too stilted?

vocal range. volume. speed. pause. power of pause. silence is impactful

engaging. uplifting. cheerful. diginiged. never spiteful. in control of himself.

facial expresions. arms. moving.

rising and falling


biblical allusion. lists, contrasts.

brother and sister.



referendum or election==========================================


commons rejects deal . lords delays

brussels says not buding. if they offer concessions thesw would be trifling. change few minds

brussels could even make the deal worse. rejecint and offer destroys it. counter offer.

no way forward. election. may lost authority. party divided cf 90s.

leadership contets. holed below water line.

refeendu, better.

all remainers remain reaminers. some leavers changed side.

40% tories leave. 90 labour.

labour win . no majorty coalition with lib dems. confidence and supply SNP

they would demand a referendum

most Labour MPs want this. Corbyn could not resist. remember his own party tried to kick him out. they were almost all remaienrs

corbun rejected referendum call but without much conviction.

he could not secure more fabourable terms than may

demand to resolve the situation woild eb deafening.

Jacob rees mogg Prime Minister===========================================


who is he? 1969. eton. oxford. investmnets.

tory. times. hk. supported legal challenge to Maastricht

married. catholic. children. disapproves of disippation.

from a bygone era

might have stepped form the pages of Bertie Wooster.

brexiteer. hard Brexit. challenge may. close to 48 signatures. 25 declared

may’s tenacity and resilience. thatcher?

allurements? eccentricity, sincerity, courtesy.

limited appeal. aureation.


throwback to Edwardian age. ducal manners and languid fruity. voice.



Westminster School===========================================



Westminster School is in the centre of London. This area of London is called ‘Westminster’ because it is beside Westminster Abbey. St Paul’s Cathedral is the main cathedral in London. St Paul’s is 10 km to the east of Westminster. Then a new cathedral (‘minster) was built in the 11th century. It was to the west of St Paul’s. This new cathedral became known as Westminster. Originally London and Westminster were separate cities. In Mediaeval Christendom every city had a cathedral. A city could not have two cathedrals. A very large town was a town and not a city if it did not have a cathedral.

In the 1530s Henry VIII closed down many schools. This was part of his Dissolution of the Monasteries. Religious houses were suppressed. These were places that monks and nuns lived. They provided education. Henry VIII said that the monks and nuns were continuing the old form of Christianity – Roman Catholicism. Henry VIII had set up the Church of England. This form of Christianity was called Anglicanism as in it was founded in England (Anglia).

In 1558 Elizabeth I became queen. She decided to fill the educational gap created by his most illustrious father. She set up many schools. One of these is Westminster School. It is right beside Westminster Abbey. This is the royal church. Coronations take place there. Kings and queens are laid to rest there. Royal weddings have taken place there. The tomb of the Unknown Soldier is there. There is poets’ corner in which poets are memorialized. The throne there is St Edward’s Throne – as in it was sat upon by Edward the Confessor. Some have called it a national Valhalla. It is inspiring indeed for a young historian. Westminster scholars are allowed to take part in the coronation.

Westminster Abbey is one of the most historic places of worship in the realm. Edward the Confessor built it in the 1050s. The coat of Arms of the Saxon kings is etched into its stone. There were Benedictine monks there. The large community of monks was called an abbey. The head monk had the title of abbot. The abbey was closed in the 1530s and the monks were sent away. Despite that the word ‘abbey ‘ still applies to the cathedral there.

Those who win scholarships to Westminster care called Queen’s Scholars. This is because of Elizabeth I. There are also pupils who pay fees. At first the school was for boys only.

The curriculum was originally about Latin and Ancient Greek. There was some history and divinity. These were taught through Latin. Over time other subjects assumed greater importance such as Maths, the sciences, modern languages, art, technology and drama.

Many boys from the school went on to the two great English universities. This was a school for well to do professionals. It was unusual for the sons of the gentry to attend this school but some did.

Old boys of the school are called Old Westminsters. Many most distinguished personages have attended this estimable school. Among them are Sir Christopher Wren, Kim Philby, St John Philby, Samuel Pepys, Cowper, Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne.

The school is very close to Parliament. Therefore there is a strong political connection.

For the past few decades girls have been able to attend the school in sixth form. There is a prep school called Westminster Under School.


  1. Which city is Westminster School in?
  2.  How did the City of Westminster get its name?
  3. What is an abbey?
  4. Is this school well regarded?
  5.  Do any of the pupils go to university?
  6.  Are there girls at the school?
  7. What is the name of the prep school?
  8.  Is the school near Parliament?
  9.  Name three famous pupils?
  10. Who founded the school?

What if May succeeds?=================================================


May. going well Jul 2016 to May 2017

referendum result. what else she should have done? No one before 2016 that the result should not be implemented

cf. Scotland 2014. 55%. . Wales devolution 50%

economy. other policy areas. crime rise due to police cuts

former home secretary.

Brexit. got a not dreadful deal. crowning achievemebt

pound  jumps. recovers lost ground. been in tge ksude for 3 years

economic growth picks up. turbo charged.

able to concentrate on other areas

hardline brexiteers stop carping . headbangers. public bored. business happy that it is settled

remainers shut up

no conflict in Ireland.

labour have to attack on other issues.

May has proved her worth. seen to have triumphed. leadership enhanced. 2022. win? iron lady?


remain would win a second referendum==================================


second ref likely

may said no . but she ruled out early election. pledges often broken. Cameron on Lisbon. reneged

Cameron would not resign.

lib dems want . Europhile tories want. SNP want.

no other way to break deadlock

EU want. some extreme remainers conspire to undercut their own govt.

eu got states to vite again. Denmark. Ireland. twice.

pretend Lisbon was not eu constituaitn.




withdrawl agreement


vote in commons. 315 cons.

10 DUP. want their cake and eat it. no separationa dn no hard border.

250 loyal tories

vote defeated. no confidence/ remainers against some eurosceptics against

knives are out. akready collecting signature.s need 48, sir graham brady

DUP will vote for her.

f brought down stay in as caretaker to elect new leader. sajid javid. no Bo Jo.

possible election. good chance for labour

toreis do badly in Scotland and metropolitan areas.

lib dems come up a bit.

Corbyn government. ninority. confidence and supply

second refernedum

if tories still there. maybe second referendum.

remain narrowly win.