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more ideas


we don’t need no education ————


torture ——————————

should not fight war 1939 ——————–

British Nazis —————–

what aboyt the commonwealth ———-

reparations for slavery ———————

black and tans – freedom fighters ———–

sarah ferguson———————–

shoigu president —————–

is charles suitable to be king ——–

peace in ukraine ———–

freedom going up in smoke ———

ireland superpower ———–

endgame in syria¬† ————-

where next for labour ———–

scotland ——————–


a dream of apprehension


was in an out of a building in n britain. spoke to men abiut it. twas centuries old stone. had had extensions . bonnie prince charlie had stayed there. maybe came into dream as I consider returning to n b. thought of tatty. anothert hing – spoke to someone with a 16th century house. would like to moe there

later went into a shop. assistants v courtousely rook me aisde. showed me video.removing items without platit. they respectufylyl requet I stupm up. so I did.

perhap s fear.

ukraine gate =================


ukraine. independence



yanukovich. crime. 2004.

2014. police kill over 100. yanukovich fled.

crimea invaded. lies#


mariupol. berdyanks. odessa.

language issue. downgrading russian.

arms to ukaine. passed by bth parties. signed by trump

zelensky. 2019.

arms. trump quid pro quo.

burisma. hunter biden. joe biden. prosecutor

phone call. meeting. weapons.

withheld. pay back

zelensky could not refuse

giuliani. lawyer diplomat.


hacking. spurious claims.

why should we give money to corrupt land ? he likes corruption


cadre of trump appointees testify against him

testimony does not count. documents do not count. trumps own public pronouncements do not count

inveighing against career foreign service officers

traducing honourable people who serve the public. trashing the reputation of state dept

republicans totally partisan. blind faith

careening from one implausible defense to another.

minsk agreement. why is russia at talks?

normandy. steinmeier

disengagement POWS. corridor. ships. border. elections