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more ideas


we don’t need no education


what aboyt the commonwealth

reparations for slavery

black and tans – freedom fighters

sarah ferguson

shoigu president

is charles suitable to be king

peace in ukraine ———–

freedom going up in smoke

ireland superpower

endgame in syria



a dream of apprehension


was in an out of a building in n britain. spoke to men abiut it. twas centuries old stone. had had extensions . bonnie prince charlie had stayed there. maybe came into dream as I consider returning to n b. thought of tatty. anothert hing – spoke to someone with a 16th century house. would like to moe there

later went into a shop. assistants v courtousely rook me aisde. showed me video.removing items without platit. they respectufylyl requet I stupm up. so I did.

perhap s fear.