Monthly Archives: June 2014

A dream of Putin


I dreamt I met Putin. I was remarkably relaxed around Vladimir Vladimirovich. He was alone in a kitchen and wearing a blue business suit. He was characteristically morose at first. Then we chatted easily. He was cooking for me. I did not fimd his strange. There was a saucepan on the hob. I do not know what he was cooking. He became animated and we exhcnaged wittixisms. We spoke partly in English and partly in Russian. I gave him my assessment of the Caucusus. Azerbaijan would not offend Russia too much becahse she fears Russia. Her obnly alternative for support in the region is Iran which is relfiously fundamentqalist. I never mentioend Armendia being the ebemy. I said that turkey had no land border with the main part of Az which s treu.


 There was another chapter to my dream which did not invocle Putin.


I maybe dreamt of Putin as I am consdeirng returning to Russia. I said to Emma eysterday that I dealt with billionaires and the thing is not be be afraid of them.

A dream of a horny woman


The night before last I dreamt of meeting a middle aged English brunette. She was skinnier than I would like and wore some skimpy silver outfit. She was clearly lustful and tried to tempt me. I had the horn but found her off putting. There were other parts to my dream but  I cannot remember them. Likewise I have forgotten the dream from last night.

 The evening when I had that dream about the Englishwoman i was abed with someone but she was not English and not physically similar to that woman in the dream. 

A dream of a hunger striker’s sister


I was speaking to a good looking woman of about 40. She had rust coloured hair. She looked a bit like Glora – that desirable Italian receptionist.


 She was the sister of an hunger striker. We discussed his death fast. I was objective and did not reveal my opinion. 

This woman asked me a bit about myself. She was confused that I was Irish but living in England and working in Costa Rica. I am not sure how Costa Rica came into it. Maybe because that country is in the world cup and years ago I saw an ad for a job there.

 I watched footage of MacSwiney’s funeral last night whcih accounts for the hunger strike theme.

A dream of going back to Moscow


I was speaking to Aizel – that air headed uber bitch I worked for in Moscow. She is so false and vain. She is totally shallow. Anyway she asked if I had resigned. I said no, no. She asked me to come back and start working for her. I think I was on the phone to her. I was in a flat in a small building. There was snow outside and a small car park. I realised I would have to go back to her screaming and loathsome children. Oh n- Oh My God! Why had I agreed to do it? I am looking for my next job. I would prefer not to return to Russia or to work with bumptiopus children bit I may have to. I have also thought of sending her a fruity email.

A dream of confused travel plans


I did not know if I was coming or going. Was I going by plane or some other mode of transport? WAS i GOing today or tomorrow? Whither was I going? I did not know. I was trying to explain this all to Gabi who wore a plae green dress. 

This reflects my genuine ignorance about my travel plans. I slept in her parents flat last night