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A dream of a Wimbledon synagogue, a bus ride and more/


Last night I dreamt of being in a synagogue with my roly poly chum Roland. This amiable arse bandit was garbed in tweeds as is his bent bent. We sat on wooden pews. I am not sure how we came to be in the Jewish Prayer House. The fact that it was Wimbledon may have come from the fact that I read that Lord Haw Haw attended King’s College School Wimbledon. The congregation was substantial. They were mostly oldish people. They were not Orthodox. The ceiling was high and plenty light came in.

The rabbi was clean-shaven and old. He was very animated. He said many witticisms. Everyone was chortling. We almost fell off our chairs. He did pastiche versions of Christian hymns and we all thought this was hilarious. I was worried that Roland and I might be fingered as being Gentiles.


Later I was on a red London bus. I passed by Wimbledon. I was with Gabi on it. Later we were in a shopping centre – walking around. There was a corridor some stories up with white polished stone floor.

I was thinking yesternight about how she once lived in Wimbledon and never visited the Common.

There was a scene of speaking to a brainy child named Megan.

Kate Middleton’s kegs.


I am not the only one who looked up Kate Middleclass’s cans. I only did it so I could take an informed part in this philosophical dialogue on the limits of free speech versus the merits of privacy. Oh bollocks – that is not remotely convincing. So I wanted to make sure that her blest progeny shall be amply nourished with the milk of human kindness. Having said that there must be a market for human milk. I am sure that pervs would pay top dollar for such milk.

Anyway, she got her norks out in a private garden fairly far from the road and surrounded by a hedge. She has a very reasonable expectation of privacy. A papparazo with a telephoto lens took a topless photo of her. The snap was very grainy so he must have been hundreds of metres away. He will have lain in wait like an assassin.

I do feel a little sorry for her.

I have an idea for her to raise funds. If she really wants to help the starving children in Africa why not get her tits out in the Sun? Then she would be a real modern princess – a real girl of the people. For that matter – why not full frontal nudity in Playboy. Not being flippant – think what that would do to relieve world poverty. You may talk about royal dignity but more kudos should accrue to such an act because it is humanitarian.

I am against that peeping Tom who took a photo of her with his mega zoom camera. Now it is a tad hypocritical that I chose to view the offending photograph. That said, as millions have gazed upon her baby bottles I am unconvinced that my perusing of her puppies has made a major difference to the legality of the lensman’s action.

I think the editor of Closer deserves a very hefty fine to obviate the incentive to do this again. It must ensure that publishing such a pic leads to a loss. France is said to have strong privacy laws. I would like to see this proven.




Parnell’s zenith and downfall.


In April 1882 Charles Stewart Parnell was released from Kilmainham Gaol.

In May 1882 Lord Frederick Cavendish arrived in Dublin having sailed from Great Britain. Lord Cavendish was the new Secretary of State for Ireland. It was Lord Cavendish’s first evening on post. He took a summer evening stroll around Phoenix Park – just beside his house. He was accompanied on his walk by Thomas Henry Burke.  Then the Invincibles struck.

Why I want Obama to win.


I supported John McCain in the previous presidential election.  I now think I was wrong to do so.  His running mate proved to be a great liability.  She was a heartbeat away from the presidency as the hackneyed phrase runs. McCain had no inspiring policies that I know of. He stood on his war record and fell.


Anyhow, Obama seems not to have committed any cardinal errors. The economy has recovered but not enough. Unemployment is still too high. He has successfully ended US military involvement in Iraq. If I were him I would also have withdrawn from Afghanistan. He has brought in a healthcare package that Clinton tried and failed to do.

I criticise him for not closing Guantanamo Bay. He was also cynical in slamming Bush for policies  that he – Obama – persisted with. Overall, he has improved America’s standing in the world. He is eloquent and amiable. It is know that likeability is the most important quality in an American presidential candidate.

I appreciate Michelle Obama. She is too lanky and she looked scary to me at first. Having heard her speak she shows that she is highly intelligent without being a show off. She is successful and personable.  I contrast her with Laura Bush. Mrs Bush was smiling like a Cheshire cat. Was there a personality behind that smile? It seemed that she was a woman of exceptional vacuity that her fixed grin only advertised. I know the First Lady ought not to influence one but it does. It should be about policies and not personalities. The trouble with electing a head of state by popular vote is that it always becomes a personality contest. People often vote for the most insubstantial reasons.

I cannot think of any sound policies that Romney. He is a flip flopper. It is sometimes right to change your mind but it strikes me that he has done so for entirely self-interested reasons. He has changed his mind on abortion and other touchstone issues. He opposes Obamacare despite introducing something very similar as governor of Massachusetts. He is even more likely to start a war against Iran. He is extremely wealthy which is not bad thing. However, a public figure ought to be public-spirited and pay a decent amount of tax. He has refused to release his tax returns. His avarice is scandalous. He could pay his fair share of tax and still be rich beyond the most raving reveries of ordinary folk. As one Democratic pundit said Romney must have calculated that it would be more damaging for him to come clean about his tax affairs than to obfuscate on this vexatious issue.

Romney’s rather stiff person has little appeal. He might even win. His character is not as winning as Obama’s.

I have always supported the Republicans before. They are too capitalist for me now. They have been involved in some daft campaigns such as to suggest that Obama is not American.


I not only want Obama to win – I believe that he shall carry the day. This is not wishful thinking. He has been ahead in almost every poll. He fell behind a little when Romney made his acceptance of the nomination oration. This normally happens. The increased media focus makes a candidate even more popular. There is an advantage in incumbency. Incumbents are more likely to win than challengers. African-Americans will turn out for Obama in huge numbers.


To my knowledge Barak Hussein Obama has not visited Kenya – his father’s native land. He would have got as rapturous reception there. He was in Ireland and despite being only a fraction Irish he was hailed loudly. Enda Kenny;s gushing welcome was almost cringe-making. Kenny got a little carried away.

I saw a song called There is no one as Irish as Barak Obama. That ought to have been shown at the Democrat Convention.

A dream of unburdening.


I had a revery last night. It involved speaking to my parents on the phone. It was a very upbeat conversation. Then I dreamt of going to the lavatory to evacuate both orifices. I awoke needing to do just that.  I have been thinking of giving my parents a tinkle and that must have inspired it. It was a wish fulfillment dream. I do not recollect the dream of the night before last.

The Union Flag as a fashion symbol.


I see at least a dozen Union Flags on people’s tops each day in whichver country I am. These are worn mostly by young ladies. Why is it that people who are not British and in many cases, presumably, have never been to the United Kingdom? Is it just that they like the colours and the arrangement? It may have something to do with this – simply the aesthetic appeal/ In some cases presumably it conveys a sense of Cool Britannia. It suggests an admiration for at least some aspects of Britishness. I find it pleasing that so many people in all corners of the globe should choose to wear the British Flag on their T-shirts, handbags and so forth. I suspect that the Union Flag has supplanted Old Glory as the flag of choice for the fashion conscious. The Union Flag’s design is all but unique. The Basque Flag is the only one that is similar. The Flags of Australia, Fiji and so one contain the Union Flag in the ensign but only in deference to the Union Flag and not out of originality. It must say something rather positive about the United Kingdom that lots of people in many lands see fit to wear it.