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shia and sunni differences ========================================



sunni. sunnah

koran. hadith.

son in law or grandson. husayen ibn ali.

ibadi. oman

Hussein  ibn ali. 680 AD. . karbala

khalifa, caliph  .

imam. 7 ers 12 ers. occulation. hidden imam. ahmedinajad. return of the messiah.

second adventists

druze. abu hakim

iconographic. iconoclastic.

ritualitist. tombs.  hierarchy. pir in sunni islam . sufi saints

no intermeidayr. priestly caste.

sheikh. ulema.



both puritanical.

iran. Iraq, Bahrain, Azerbaijan.  was Egypt. shah buried.

sectarian conflict. faghanistan. Iraq. pakisyan. bhuttos. Saudi. eastern province qatif.

sometimes cordial relaitons. assad

sometime enmity.

umar. omer



what is liberalism ===========================


1800. libertas.

liber. children book.

civil liberty . normn rockwells freedoms. from want. religion. speech.

constituon. no more untrammeled xexutive power.

divine right of kings.

18th century. englightnement

physiocrats. encyclopediasts

Voltaire. ecrasaz l infame. anti clericialism

opposed irrationalism. hidebound by tradition.blind faith. hierarchy. rigid class system

structyred inequslitis. la corvee. lettres de cachet

whigs . buff and blue. soverign lord the people . bowood people.

dualism. millenarian view of history. almighty showdown

tyranny v liberty

less government. no censorship. press. theatre. no established religion. end to discrimination. end to racism. vindication of the rights of women

classical liberalism. night watchman state. Benjamin franklin he who governs lest governs best.

if it does not pick my picket or break my bones…

wall of separation.

no compulsory military service.  billeting.

minimum government. james malthus.

masterly inactivity.

laissex faire laissez passer

limits. women gays. non whites. drugs.

free market fundaamentlaists/

tory paternsisalit oastelr saddler

poor man;s earl. shafstbruy.. 1o hours act. real choice. duress.

extend the franchise.

liberals against democracy. 1885. addullmaites

new liberalism. 1900s. Haldane and hobhhouse

socialism. literate workers

self governenace in colonies

peace retrenechmen refirm. candle ends and cheese pairings.

faddists. rainbow alliance. celtic fringe. home rule. temperance. non conformist conscience.

forst world war killed it

llody george

no more progress. DORA. nationalism. class warfare. did not represent an interest. not class based.

mission complete. non conformist. temperance.

simon. smauel and Lloyd George.

20th century .  lineral left. social liberals. gays. immigration.

free market on workers. freedom if expression. thorppe on the bible. violence, and adultery.

PC. intervention. prohibiting things. bog state . elfare warfare.

eduction. environment.




protestant catholic differences ==============================================


proto prods

john wycliffe

martin luther

sola scriptura. justification.

little ritual. iconoclasm.


bishops or not. ministers pastors

bishops church of Scotland

Presbyterian. elders. general assembly . moderator.

simpler cheaper.

Catholicism. pope. power from top down. apostolic succession. 12 disciples.

seven sacraments. catechism. celibacy. monasticism.


prorogue parliament =============================================


told it is unacceptable

many MPs sworns tp prevent breixt or at lest no deal

lord Mandelson has a trick up his sleeve. project fear mark 2

economic meltdown. no food. no medicine

march lack of panic was palpable

IRA in ulster


rory stweart . says it is not a building

could neet in church house 2003

parliament only meets when summoned. speaker must be there

parliament is prorogued anyway twice per year . this would be out of the usual sequene.


pitt the younger prorogued parliament twice for 6 months ech time

another tactic could be used. call an election with a long campaign to go beyong 31 October deadline.


crowder v young turks


he wants to reopen wounds. Kasparian and uygur want to heal. . ethnoreligious prejudice

staggering stupidity. bottomless bigtory

make surrender attractive. be humane. best example of brutality. desecration. they are iconoclastic. protestants dod the same. islamsists murder chrisitnas and hindus.

mirthful pass notes


27 june.

best comedian in grove. niormal audience members. no normal

real audience member. not heard of tv/ why you here? cricket

air new Zealand. haka

kiwi cannot fly. does not inspire confidence. its s a kiwi thing.

australins not so stupid tp put an emu on their planes qantas.

fat middle aged hopless with women talent only for insults

boris pm

second referendum. Johnson and cunt. Jeremy v Jeremy

gun nuts worried if someone does not have a gun

chicken wire blues brothers.

luke we are not the final product. speak for yourself

funeral directors thinl inside the box

tfl. trinidnad

nhs. hindustani

billy Connolly Scotland’s finest export

Oscar pistorius

women spend too long in bathroom

magis trick turn 20 pounds into a bottle of wine.

comedy words


11 july.

afraod of Japanese lady I look like whale china japan. what is difference. Ireland england

wake me up ebfore you o go.

job on washington

peter not a prostitute. what a pity. I like east eurpen immigriation. boon to prostition

sperm donations. royal baptism/ I am posh. sisrers India and pakistan

even pakistantis do not name their daughters Pakistan. boris johnsn

hunt head boy. good two shoes

second referendum. remain, are you from remainia?

pole land

trump. michale Jackson

women world cup.

Wimbledon bacl chick won. Somalis in the UK

comedy scripts


14 july

worst enemies are white. proves my anti racism. wolrd cup irsh victor

new zealdn. Jacinda ardern. over grown sytudnet union woman’s officer.  bo jo. fat kid feel good movie. kim jong un of the west. enthisastic game show contestant. same hairdresser


trump forty one gun salute should have hit him where it hurts but his hands are too small a target .

woman said she was Persian. as in does not want to be seen as iranian

meghan markle