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dream of parachuting


I was on a military plane empty inside the hold ie no seats. whote englishmen were with me. trooper cipper from school. was about to parachute.was not too anxious. bizarre since I have vertiog

they told me what to do. had never done it. due to jump. poull cord right away

do nnot remember actually jumping

had though of rn yesterday. patrick jephons rn. adam K. should i be in it? not me . no way

regresta bout ccf tomfollery; why did I join? youhtful unwisdom and folly. twas eve thus. when will I ever learn. what can it signify? fear? fearlessness? what jump am I not taking?

plot against wilson ===============


labour mp

hugh gaitskell

sudden death. wilson?


cold war

marcia falkender. trips to USSR

hughie green

british army of the rhine

MI 5

hourse arrest chequers

lord mountbatten PM







stagnation. unemployment

three day week

nuclear arms

1976 stood down.

a v british coup. chris mullin.

lord north street


Afro Caribbean immigration ======================


jack hawkins

royal african company

triangular trade. trinkers. shells. gems. mirros, guns. booze.


jamaica. spanish town

trinidad. grenada. BVI. Antigua, barbados. st lucia. bahamas. st kitts.

18th century. people taken to London

olaudah equiano

james somersett. lord mansfield

wm robertson

late 18th century London 3% black

liverpool. bristol. glasgow. newcastle

inter marriage.

sialors. teacher.

christian cole. creole. sierra leone

first world war. royal west India regiment

charlie williams.

mayor of battersea.

joe johnson

rhodes scholars.

ricky tomlinson

learie constantine

michael manley

seond world war. RAF


lord pitt

1948. labour shrtage


hundreds of thousands


coldharbour lane

electric avenue


no anti discriminaton legislation

leage of empire loyalusts

claudia jones

notting hil

petet rhacmn

enoch powell.

immigration acts. ra e relations act

1971 you can stay

lenny henry. nlack and white minstrel show

part of the frutnute

politicaisn. plice. judges. music dancing acting


inter racial relationsh. faith. language . monarchy. sport. topoyms. names.


black caribbean males at cambrdge


S Mallon ================


died aged 83armagh. teacher. catholic. nationalist

wed. children

discriminaiton. non violence.


SDLP. tension with hume#

morass of spite and sectarianism. set his face like flint against prejudice

courage to be peaceful. pulled no punches. filsome denuncations of security forces and terrorists

ardent europhile

probity. strenght of character

hume kept him in the dark about secret meetngs with SF

good relations with trimble

first minister.

SF piggy backe don him. gained respectability.

sadly missed. honourable.




Presidents of the USA

James Monroe. 1817-25. Democratic-Republican

Set up Liberia

John Quincy Adams. 1825-29. Democratic Republican

his Vice President was John C Calhoun who was from the south

Son of the second president John Adams

Andrew Jackson 1829-37. Party: Democratic

from Tennessee. His VP was Calhoun again. Calhoun resigned part way through

Martin van Buren was then elected VP

Marin van Buren. Democrat

1837 – 41

1841-41 William Henry Harrison. Whig

Harrison died a month into his term


1841-45 John Tyler. Whig

He succeeded when Harrison died because Tyler has been VP

1845 – 49

Jame K Polk. Democrat

former governor of Tennessee


1849 -50

Zachary Taylor. Whig

former general. died in office

1850 – 53

Millard Fillmore / Whig.

former VP. took over when Taylor died.

1853 – 57

Franklin Pierce . Democrat

former general. Only man from New Hampshire to become president


James Buchanan . Democrat

former ambassador to the UK. Seen as one of the least effective presidents of all. He was from Pennsylvania but was regarded as pro Southern. He approved of the Dred Scott decision. He wanted Kansas to be a slave state.

his VP was John C Breckinridge

1861 lincoln. first Republican president.

VP was Hannibal Hamlin. Hamlin was from Maine. He was principled against slavery.



John C Calhoun. He was from S Carolina and was an outspoken advocate of slavery. He died in 1850.

John C Breckinridge. He was from Kentucky and was a slaveholder. After being VP he was elected to the US Senate. He served in the Confederate Army.




hist of monarchy ==========





kenneth macalpine

irish high kings

welsh princes


not primogeniute

bible. lords annointed

archbishop. pope.

oath. keep laws

could be deposed?

judicial role

lord chancellor. confessor

virginity of brides. no touching


edward the confessor. chair slippers

stone of destiny

blue blood

armourial rank



End of WW 1


End of WWI

11 Nov 1918 armistice

Armistice is stopping the fighting while the permanent peace is negotiated

There was a possibility that negotiations would fail and the war would restart

Germany was almost starving due to blockade

January 1918 Allied leaders met in Paris to negotiate peace

Why Paris> France had been main battle zone

Allied leaders negotiated among themselves. Germans allowed to listen but not speak.

Big Three. France PM Georges Clemenceau. US President Woodrow Wilson . UK PM Lloyd George. Sometimes we mention Italian PM Vittorio Orlando.

Lloyd George was fairly harsh on Germany

Clemenceau was the harshest

Wilson said that they should be forgiving. It was easy for him to be so mild because the US suffered much less than the UK and France

Wilson wanted all countries to disarm down to the lowest level consistent with national security. He opposed secret treaties. He suggested setting up League of Nations – an international body to discuss international problems and disputes. To keep the peace.

June 1918 Treaty of Versailles was signed

Allies signed with Germany

Germans signed under protest. They had to sign or the Allies would attack immediately.

Clause 231 – war guilt clause. Germany had to accept they caused the war

Germany had to pay reparations to repair the cost of the war. Allied Reparations Commission set up to calculate this.

Germany lost 13% of its land. All overseas colonies all confiscated.

Anschluss  – unification with Austria – was banned.

Austria is German speaking

Hitler was born in Austria

Versailles was a peace by diktat

Germans believed peace would be along lines of Wilson’s 14 Points

French and British said they never agreed to the 14 Points.

14 Points were in January 1918.

Germany signed because they were in no state to fight. June 1919 Germany was in a much weaker position than 7 months earlier.


St Germain – Allies and Austria

Trianon – Allies and Hungary

Sevres – Allies and the Ottoman Empire

Neuilly – Allies and Bulgaria