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These are personal views on topical issues. Some of my opinions are popular and some unpopular. These articles are written in a punchy style.

steven crowder coal============================================


john oliver. Birmingham. Liverpool . coal country

black country. oliver a left winger

uk labour party all about coal miners,

is coal bad for environment

kills man. EPA figures. 24 000 americans a year

fly ash , bottom ash, thorium,

yes. carbon. arsenic. uranium. mercury, mad as a hatter. coal dust

coal lung. bad for miners.

slag heap. open cast.. water

clean coal. carbon capture. Arthur scargill. socialist Stalinist.

coal is at least 10 times more toxic than gas. some say 100 times more

coal miners killed in collapses.

green house gas. CO2 emissions coal is biggest polluter.

germany. 29% of energy is renewable,

coal and lignite brown coal

wants to put unkindes possible interpretation on environmentalism.

air quality. clean air act.

coal and oil people who watch crowder.

should not get oil from sauid. you do. no coal for asia. Saudi is in Asia. open an atlas.

big oil. special interests

USA and reneablws. area. hydro electicyt. river. geothermal energy. volcanoes.

solar power.

wind power. wave power. coastline

biomass. good for farmers. he likes rural whites. subsidies for them.

burninv trash.

eneegry efficiency. smaller homes. insulation. less clothes in heat. less Ac

public transport.

Smaller cars. men with big cars. nothing wrong with havng a micropenis . childish.

disbelief in global warming is a shibboleth for the American right

deeply invested.

desperate to concoct a pro coal argument no matter how flimsy the evidence

irrefragable tha coal is bad for environment. coal varies different grades

there is a creed.

catacheism. guns, abortion, tax. defence , muslims, immigration. healthcare, college, feminism.

crowder desperate to concoct an argument against green energy

big subsidies to clean ebergy true. is it worth it

one day coal will run out

ewnewablws ill not. they are enewbae.

once we perect technolgiy gift that keeps on giving

Norway 90% renwable. not Spitzbergen.


Farwell CJOC



I read the lugubrious news that Mr Cook died a few months ago. I had not know much about his background until I read the article. I shan’t rehash all that. It is best now to recall Mr Cook as I knew him.

I was aware of Mr Cook from my first half. This was chiefly because his house dined in the same area as us. I never once saw him irked in five years. Running a house is very trying indeed and he was never vexed. I do not know anyone who had a bad word to say about him. He was a masterly schoolmaster. This beak was well turned out, portly, affable, gracious, engaging and always popular. He was mirthful and happy to engage in badinage. Yet his pupils never overstepped the mark. He was actuated by a true hearted concern for the wellbeing of his boys. He never let his family life interfere with his pedagogical duties.

I remember his Geography lessons and indeed his Divinity lessons. Mr CJO Cook was composed and placid. We instantly stood up as he entered the room. He had an effortless authority about him. He commended universal respect and affection. What was it about him? I cannot put my figure on it. He was an ungainly figure with a generous middle aged spread and too many teeth crammed into his mouth.

His lessons were filled with his unusual enthusiasms. He taught us lots about south-west England. Moreover, he found Japan enthralling. He had been visiting Nippon since the 1970s. Back then flying to the far side of the globe was prohibitively expensive and very few Japanese spoke English. He was venturesome and had an inquiring mind.

This beak had a passion for word searches. He held an impromptu spelling bee which Drysdale one. His piece de resistance was escholschza. I am probably misspelling it. I recall his school hall assembly when he did the Times crossword in five minutes. One cryptic clue was ”a little lower” which was a calf. The man was blessed with a corkscrew mind.

Mr Cook was unflappable and ever approachable. I remember him entirely fondly. He has been called to the great big classroom in the sky. He had a zest for teaching. The gentleman had a very positive impact on my life. He is sorely missed.


Trump’s attitude and style===========================================


crowder democracy is bad  – mob rule. instructive to note that personable and popilar young republican polemicist is a sworn enemy of democracy

trump is also close with arch enemies of democracy. yes he eggs on the baying mob. that is ochlocracy – the mob rule that crowder despises.

trump is brutally dishonesty. tell the truth and shame the devil. sometimes he lets the truth slip out about real reason for firing comey or sessions. answers questions not asked. can the devil speak true? shows how he lacks self control.

emotionally incontinent. reacts with ire when thwarted. flying off the handle.

trump is characterized as fascist. he defies an easy categorization. has fascist tendencies

. lese majests. lke unenlightened despotism.   l ‘etat c est moi

hope it does not end in apres moi le deluge.

such an affinity for dictators. fellow feeling reciprocated. kindred spirit on those who have easily wounded egos. so fragile . trump is a snowflake. his pride is injured by reasoned criticms. yet he makes unreasoned criticism of others for appearance and suchlike.

rule by decree

trump like N korea opinions are scripted. rallies co orindate ans stage managed leader worship. no free speech. he does not conceal his admiration and enthusiasm for totalitarianism.

labile. towering rage when he does not get his way – like a hungry baby.

speechs – has an angle. never vanilla. almost unique. thundering like a fire and brimstone preacher.

snarling irate. never down in the mouth. fury passes for bravery among GOP.

haphazard policy making. posit decisions.

background. scapegrace youth. lamentable educational failure. entitle,ment. bluster carries the day.

harum scarum businesses. close witht he mob. he tight with fat tony salerno buying cement.

mobbed up. RICO. hoodlums

sharpster. racist housing policies.

ungentlemanly conduct – gentleman never tells on a lady. affairs in the press . marla maples.

unbecoming of president to insult people in a scatological manner. bleeding from her whatever. bleeding from facelift. like melania has not had work done. cannot crack a smile

formica face.

flagrant lying. fifth avenue principle.

fraudters hiding in plain sight.

hoax university. misnomer. hard sell. vicarious liabiluity? totally irresponsible.

never explain never apologise.

never fesses up. never mans up to accept responsibility. defeat is an orphan. John F kennedy bay of pigs.

brand name. name recognition propelled him. insatiable desire for publicity.

shameless. mountebank.

financial snake oil salesman. casinos – Christian fundamentalist against wagers.

addiction. exoloitiation. usury.

people believe in what is seen to be stringly believed in.

bush read one book at yale. trump read nothing’

politicians can be bought. money to salve your conscience

cross their palm with silver.

high  moral stanards. $

melania nude. Christian sgive her a pass. michelle excoriated for showing arms. Victorian prudery.

puritans so judhementa;. censorious. trumps consorts with hookers

roller coaser ride of presidency. buckle up. countlrss contradictions.

rodomondatde. holds forth vaingloriously.

fever pithc.

yelling. screaming. shrieking raving. unreasoning. white anxiety.

delirium of hatred. like football hoolihans.

negative cohesion what they are against.

piped piper.

enchants the ignorant. livid.

foaming at the mouth xenophones. ethno nationalism. civic nationalism.

swivel eyed lons. rabid with spite. acerbic philippics against immigrants


sharp tongue. spouts venomous lines.  acid tongue.

no poison pen. he dd not write books.

acrimony about tony Schwartz.

vilify opponents.

puerile ad personam attack in Christ Christie. pancakes.

trump is no stick insect. those who live in glass houses should not throw stones

even a child could tell you not do insult the fat f you are fat. look in the mirror.

monster FBO. blackguard judges. casting aspersions on their probity. beneath them to retort

he has no integrity.

striving to pervert the course of justice

defeat the ends of justice by appointing yes men no yes women.

that is obvious if you can see past your nose.

inveigh against those who gainsay him. experts on economy.

wants not just deference. submission. canine loyalty. panting puppy media


heavy breathing by fox news. Hannity his imperario

recriminations against former staff with tell all news. NDA why so many

demonized media. called for decorum in Washington press corps.

moral authoriyty coming from him. he sets tone. role model

flagrant lies. bras it out when challenged

ask to recosndier. restates claim more forthrightly

caravan figures. oxymoron. unknown middle easterners. we do not know whi they are?


beyond ludicrous. not credible. lapped up by his followers.

not forthomcing with detail.

speaks when he ahs nothing to say. no shriking violet. never camera shy. like the limeliggt.

melanie is a wallflower. martha. seen and not heard. nothing to say. vacuous as her husband’s slogan

MAGA. easily memorable. vapid as slogan are. good acronym.


trump has no hinterland. ideology. beliefs.

poses as a chritsina. clias toknow bible. contrived

campaign faith based initiative.

no biblical scholar. love your neighbor expect mexico.

as far from jesus as can be imagined

no humility. not self effacing. no ascetiscism. fasting.

all is vanity.

edifies us with his views.

morally improving bible.

avoids profanity. lords’ name in vain too mich

insouciance about middle east. non chalance is seen as courageous

no depth or subtlety. berft of all social graces.

Hannity is a publicist for trump. virtue is toughness. Hannity a key consigliero.

fake tan. manly? unspun,.

voataries are supine and craven for villain.

cult. believe me. trust me. I guarantee. I  primise me.

Manichean. good v evil. they swap places. tortue kill civilians

truth and lies swapped.

suspending disbelief. switch off critical faculties. emotionally satisfying. sense of beloinging. community in atomized land.

plain as the nose on my face that fox is not news

newsppers too close to Clintons. house journal of clinaton admin.

I do not savage Hillary she is no president.

popinjay sacarmucci. he was a scaramouche

babe in the woods. appoints people out of their depth. no experience


middle east. stability. security. no plan.

faustian pact Saudi araba and Israel. blood brothers. sold your soul to devil. Saudi promotes protical of the elders of zion.

Saudi will not print the wird Israel. expirate the Zionist entity.

leagued quench flame of democrac in iran


industry will come back. Rust belt statate. smoke stack industry

heavy industry.

chasing rainbows.

one swallow does not a summer make. some factories back.

sell those workers dowen the swanee of the Chinese offer him something.

he will find a new cause to betray and they a nother false proft.

trump good made abroad.

money . kudos is money. conscprious consumption. define dby possessions. fetishise items. commodities – people are.

my kingdom is not of this word. soulless materialism. what proft a man to gain the whole world….

ostentation. garish interior design. expresses personality. dazzle. show off.

no taste. over stated. nausteainh braggadocio.

surround himself with military men. makes him butch. hard man

homoerotic. why impelled to constantly reiterate that he is tough. buzz word.

deep seated sense of feebleness.

not challenging to expose his wholesale and incessant lying.

off the chart for mendacity. why support so deceitful a man?

no tells when lying – no artifices.

people are disposable implements. means no ends

many minions to work his wicked will. jut jawed creep. his camarilla of sycophants.

some gullible. gulled them

they pursue the might dollar.

discarded women.

each person is a mark for this conman

cares for penurious but never gives a penny. no decent wages. not rich throygh liberality

tight fisted. ungenerous.  cognitive dissoancne when this is pointed out – employed immigrant workers coz they are chaper.

spares no expesnive in himself,

propsiety gospel. wealth sign of divine favour. in gods good grace.

dwelling place is oplent. lap f luxyry hotels paid for by taxpayers.

adheretns come from same democgraphci as easy prey for televanganeltis

t depredations of trump. seen a new messiah. wake minded. credulous

apocalytoc message

millernairna on N  korea. final showdown.

deranged. would be funny if not deadly serious.

then crush on kim. soulmate. so changeable. does not know own mind

no bedrock beliefgs.

witless policies.

loves N korea beaitfuol lcean caol political orsioenrs. hotels in N korea. wise investment.

republicans used to value democracy and free speech. complain about lack of it in USA.

bunum about democraxcy under bush. cosy with dictatotres. hypcorsy

nelson eye to abuses.

trump to spinkle iran with bombs before election

dust off war plan. hair trigger.

roll out the guns. start the drum beat of war. mood music.

posturing. hundreds of Iranian civilains will pay with their lives for his election

iran kept deal. N korea broek deal. see whom he attacks.

lobotomized much of the USA

long term impact. all nation’s vices incarnate in him.





Sinn Fein’s hypocrisy on Brexit=================================================


SF all about self determination

Ireland as 32 counties not recognized by any land nor ever has been.

Ireland consisted of semi indepent kingdoms until 12the century

Siamese union – Isaac Butt. a dependency on England.

SF decries Brexit. adams said it was  ahostile act. democracy is hostile>

52% voted for Brexit. not in NI

NI should have another border poll. had one in 1973 58% turnout. 98% pro Union.

why ever revisit it? we were told EEC referendum was forever and EU referneudm was forever.

1918 election SF 73/106 seats.  25 unopposed wins.

but 51% of vite. see Wikipedia article. much personation, intimidation . voting th dead.

allowed to recosncier.

SF had no plan. no particular objections. what policies did they want differently?

lAWS, tax, socialism, language?

Brexit questions. what about trade, military, immigration and emigration.

all these apply to Ireland 1921 even more stringy

currneyc. sue sterling for 50 years? print it on differnet paper. allowed to do that anyway as in NI and Scotland. interest rates se tin London.

follow rules but have no say in them.



Crowder wrong on Jersualem======================================


doing German accent be anti GERMAN calling them Nazis for not recognizing Jerusalem

other presidents said Jersualem was capitla . he did not show them saying they would shift the embassy

open a US Embassy to Palestine.

UN founded israle. it is true. then obey UN resoltuons. he then calls it anti Israel league

UN said Jerusalem should be a shared capital/ crowder speaks about being correct.

murder of count Bernadotte UN diplomat.

1956 attack on Egypt which he did not mention.

cited helen Thomas saying pasltine is occupied

go back to Poland and germany. no danger there. some Israelis have taken german citiznehspp. safwer there than in Israel.

crowder hated idea of israels leaving Israel. he likes deportations from the USA.

Palestinians have been driven out.

germany never stopped saying sorry and payinf reparations.

crowder opposes reparations for others. not many countries have done that.

wipe israle off the map. Palestine was wiped off the map. under illegal occupation

jewish only roads. discrimination

torture. miderate physical pressure. illegal detention incluidn of minors.

mass civilian casualties.

anti arab prejudice in Israel. detah to the jews. no conscription for arabs

Israel is a jewish state in #

Palestine is not a country. it is recognized by many nations has embassies.

arab israelsi 4 times higher standard of living in Israel. yes israle had investment. has not had brain drain. is not under illegal occupation. has oil. does not have stuff blown up.

”use your military to protect your border.s” he says people should do that. so let Palestinians defend their homes.

”shoot a home invader in the middle is certainly morally acceptable.”

”is it nice to blow away 50 something people because spome of them people are laying down land mines but it is certainly morally acceptable.”

churches – bimbs there. some palestinaisn are christina

UN school bimbed by Israel.

”It is morally wrong to target women and children,”


”home invaders” he deprecates.


”hard to bargain with these nations when they want the complete and totral destruction of Israel.” – Jordan and Egypt have had diplomatic relations with Israel.

dozens of unarmed Palestinian protestors killed by Israel

right to self defence.

right to bear arms.



TuckeR Carlson v Avenatti==============================================


Carlson is a demagogue and a liar

said he would not call him seedy porn lawyer but the screen said it.

he did not let mike speak – interrupted mostly.

two modes – sychophancy and savagery. monstered avenatti.

you are wearing $1 000 suit. should a lawyer be badly dressed on telly? Tucker wears expensive clothes

nothing wrong with that

stormy is stripping. because she wants to. she makes lots of $$$$

tucker thinks avenatti should pay stormy. clients pay laywers not the other way aroud

Carlson loves profit motive. so why dislike avenatti making money

stormy likes profit

stormy is exploited says Carlson. not at all

Carlson haa no problem with expolotstion . againsr minimu wage

what is wring wit porn and strippers . military like it.

Carlson did not answer question about porn

Carlson would not answer if trump lying was ok. led to illegal campaigb payment,

Carlson is very punitive n law

she has got so much publicity and money from avenattis defence and publicity.

Avenatti has not lied so far as I know.