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These are personal views on topical issues. Some of my opinions are popular and some unpopular. These articles are written in a punchy style.

A dream of discipline


I was caning some calpygian. the Bavarian?


Bye bye Mugabe======================


farwell late lamented of happy and glorious

memory. summoned to conference chamber in the sky

cricket match

only God can remove me. he has

national hero. endorsement by mnangawa. judas kiss#

heroic liar. sayinf there were no food shortages/

his virtues

modesty. mugabe everything

fidelity . adultery

generoisyt. to himself kleptocrat

mercy. slaughter

avarice. gluttony.

he can suffer AIDS without meidicine

he can hae his shakc bulldozed.

he can be starved

he can be calumnated as an uncle tom


see hsi family burnt alive

slave to a homo

doppelgnager of ian smith

labour of syspheus counting the ost of his palaces in one dollar bills


more british than the british.



Bo Jo boxed in =================================


2  months in. honeymoon evaporating

political paralysis

7 % lead dropping

cannot do no deal

cannot call election

must ask for an extension till 31 January. France said they will reject

cannot get parliament to agree to the deal on offer

cannot get a new deal from EU

only thing is to withdraw article 50 notice. requires parliaenaty approval

whip withdreawn form 21 rebels.

might be de selected. rory stewart PM hopeful

amber rudd. reisgnf from party. close to losing seat.

corbyn is wily. said no to new election#

no confidence motion may follow#

Bo Jo is paralysed

can he defy parlament and leav wth an agreement

can he pr [oen leaing?

executive power. rroyal prerogative.

how vile is trump


mind virus. a belief system gone wrong.

uniquely odious
no common courtesy
treated with unexampled deference and indulgence
followers forgive him 77 times to the power of 7
dispute him showing no contrition
unrepentant about adultery, theft and fraud
psychopath. no shame, mo mercy, no compassion, no fear
narcissism.  explain origin of it.
brazen lies told unblushingly.
never feels embarrassed
cannot coagitate.
what animates my animus
disordered mind
soulless. spiritual poverty
nakedly egomaniacal
unmoored from reality.
bereft of values
lacking all common humanity

Trump’s fails ======================================


lost afghanistan

fake tan fraudster

first defeat since vietnam

trade war

wall. not a peso

syria. iraq. iran.

medicare. medicaid. end the carnage.

end illegal immigration

state of emergency

orange ogre

new york narcissist

casino clown. failures. gambling with nation’s future.

horror show hairstyle

halloween permanently.

he was on the apprentice. like sorcerer’s apprentice. starts thins he cannot stop. has no idea

trade war. tweets. knock millions off the stock market

troubling that he has not been called out by GOP

party of business and family valyes

the chosen one. clerhy supposed to gainstand blasphemy.

messianic delusions. psychiatric case? Or is he mocking the christian faith?


mugabe dead ==============================================


ding dong


death is not always regrettable

cruel tyrant. despicable cult of the personality

oppressor worse than many colonialists

1924. parents chimurenga. shona

catholic. teacher. fort hare ANC


anglophile. lit , suits


ZANU. 1964 prison

university of London. 10 years in prison

chimurenag. switzerland

welcomed north korean troops. all you need to know.

matabeleland . 5th brigade

pm. president

economy going down the tubes. a month salary one bottle of cooking oil

kleptocracy. hyper inflation.

rcaism and scape goating.

harare principles. sir

rigged elections.national youht training. brutality.  CIO.





2017 putsch.

death in singapore.



THW kill a poacher to save an endangered animal===========================================



model. rangers to protect endangered species. elephants, rhinos etc… where possible move to zoos. breeding programme.

Kenya does it. poachers are armed gangs. rangers need to protect themselves. ppached animals fund crime.

difference between man and beats not so great. we need biodiversity. we need them for medicine.




value of himan life. we are not animals. human life is sacred. legal rights.

we can enforce law without this. guns raise level of violence. increase price of ivory etc..

rangers will shoot innocent people and call them poacgers. honest mistakes. general brutalization of society.

no principle. no morality on the other side. we have ivory. we kill millions of animals. why not kill us for eating beef.