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These are personal views on topical issues. Some of my opinions are popular and some unpopular. These articles are written in a punchy style.

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Adams as president.

if Mugabe has been a Marxist it would have been better.

muslims can be democrats and can be good.


Address to gun nuts =================


some are soi -disant gun nuts. self confessed mentally ill.

I am a libtard. American revolution was liberal

boston tea party was against a tax cut. so you want more tax?

tax to support army. You must want  tiny army

I am coming to take you guns. you cannot be trusted.

teach your kids evolution and global warming

your revolution was not conservative

I allow prayer in school – Islamic only

muslims in USA since 19th cenutry

USA seels arms to muslim lands

muslims vital ally in cold war


Why gun right should be more circumscribed=============


there is a hierarchy of rights. rights collide. courts adjudicate.

right to life.

if you had to chose between right to life and right to a gun which should take precedence? Life takes priority over others.

if the right to possess weapons a human right? Why not extended to Iraq, Afgahnistan , Iran and Palestine.


A lot of ad personam. are you devoid of rational arguments.?  Hot air. What if I am elitist?  not germane. does it make it good to get shot. engage with the substantive issues.

Martin Luther king – I am not 1 per cent as moral or as valiant as he was. Not all gun nuts are racists bt there seems to be a correlation.

adulterer, alcoholic, communist, plagiarist.

it is a smokescreen. nONE of these means the harm is good.

stop changing the subject.

petty name calling does not bother me

I have doubts about my position. There are lacunae. do not be too entrenched

even wayne lapierre supports mental health checks and extensive menalt health register.

1000 feet ban on guns near schools. Is that oppression?

-disant gun nuts. self confessed mentally ill.
I am a libtard. American revolution was liberal
boston tea party was against a tax cut. so you want more tax?
tax to support army. You must want  tiny army
I am coming to take you guns. you cannot be trusted.
teach your kids evolution and global warming
your revolution was not conservative
I allow prayer in school – Islamic only
muslims in USA since 19th cenutry
USA seels arms to muslim lands
muslims vital ally in cold war



What is wrong with you tube rants.


Too many youtube videos are overly partisan and discourteous. The titles of these boast of how decisive and degrading screeds. The titles promise that one’s idol will ”destroy, humiliate, educate, school or demolish” an opinion former on the other side.

Milo Yiannopolous is one of the best offenders. He is a contrarian and an attention seeker. He is entertaining in small doses. It is gratifying to see him trash leftists and feminists but sometimes he goes too far. Milo will do anything to make a splash. He adulates Trump. It is easy to perceive why. He is like Trump in that he is vapid and self-obsessed. He craves publicity. Milo courts Nazis and is a flagrant hypocrite. Yiannopolous boasts he is gay and then says gay should be in the closet.

Milo does not tell the truth abot his name. He twice dropped out of university. This is perhaps why he over compensates and makes strenuous efforts to claim he is bright. He dishonours good causes by linking himself with racists.

Gun control.


my suggestions. USA advises other lands unsolicited.

first principles.

society Is entitled to restrict or ban dangerous items.

  • Sudafed.
  • guns to defend against tyranny.
  • 30 000 gun deaths per year. 9 .11 times ten every year. very little air time, legislation or money. fixation on  few foreign terrorist attacks#
  • gun deaths are a national security issue. all civil liberty is thrown away for national security,
  • advertising aimed at children – crickett guns in Kentucky. 5 year old shot his baby sister.


Second amendment

– it says arms

– it is a dead letter.

  • no guns in court, prison, planes, white house etc…


Gun nuts want more guns.

congregation might shoot#

guards or teachers might shoot.


Guns abroad.

guns taken away from iraq and Afghanistan

  • nukes for Iran. Defend home from americans who want to attack

guns for Palestine,

  • ============
  • American revolution. guns confiscated due to threat of revolt. Revolt did not begin due to threat to confiscate guns.
  • ========
  • #=second revolution.
  • guns nuts want to be cop killers#
  •  to kill US military
  • would this work? Us government has nukes and drones.
  • which revolution do you approve of?

Peaceful revolutions in eastern Europe.

how do you know that the militias will not be the tyrants.

#African – Americans were tyrannised despite gun laws.

use Sudafed to kill tyrants

  • =============
  • Shapiro – Holocaust his grandparents killed due to lack of small arms. Gun laws were lax in European countries in the 30s and 40s. Many partisans resisted with small arms

cars kill people. cars exist for transport

# burgers kill people. burgers are nutrition. many burgers to kill people . one bullet can kill.  people chose to eat not to get shot.

guns do not kill people. do guns fire themselves?

it is a menal health issue. it is also a gun issue.

a bad guy woth a gun is only stopped by a good guy with a gun. stpp the bad guy fetting the gun then you iwl not have to shot him.


machismo. penis extension.


raises the stakes in crime . turns robbery into murder.

increases suicide rate.

US police killed more people in 1 month than british police did in 100 yeears.


counter examples  – Latin American countries. lawless due to drugs trade. drugs sold to usa. GUNS SOLD to Latin America.

  • ===========
  • My idea.
  • raise gun ownership age,#
  • allow on handgun one hunting rifle
  •  tax on guns and bullets.
  •  No loop holes on gtun trades. 40 per cent of all gun sales are private trades.
  • gun owner’s course like in Germany.
  • legal liability for selling guns and bullets.



Brexit doom mongers proved wrong.


I recall 18 months ago Remainers preaching doom and gloom if the United Kingdom dared to vote for Brexit. The economy would collapse and millions of people would lose their jobs. Hundreds of companies would go to the wall and multinationals would relocate out of the UK. A year and a half on and none of that has occurred.

The British economy has grown and grown. It is at a slower rate than prior to 2016. Whether this is due to the referendum is questionable. The sterling has lost value and this has been an economic boon. A someone who earns in sterling and spends other currencies this has hit my finances hard. But it is worth every penny and a lot more. Some people are totally mercenary. They only care about money and if they lose a farthing they shriek. That is the case with many selfish Remainers.

There are honourable Remainers. There are a few passable Remain arguments.

I believe that the British economy will be given a boost by Brexit. There will be a contraction for several years and then a long term boom. This is because the UK will no longer have to pay to be in the EU. There will no longer be unlimited immigration and harmful regulation.

It may befall that I am mistaken. It could turn out that Brexit harms the UK economy severely. Then so be it. It is still worth it for freedom from over regulation, undemocratic rule,  avoidable wars, waste, theft and excessive immigration.


A few companies have left the UK but only a fraction of those that were predicted to move in the eventuality of Brexit.

Pro- Life Polemic


What abortion is.

Abortion is the deliberate termination of pregnancy. In bygone centuries ‘abortion’ signified a miscarriage – both the event and the dead foetus.


An embryo or a foetus is a live human.

Let us start with the premise. We must first of all establish the premise. Only then can we proceed to more complex aspects of this very tendentious issue. Is an embryo or foetus a living human? I submit that a human embryo or a human foetus is a human being. Moreover, they are alive.

There are seven signs of life. Among these are respiration, excretion, response to stimuli etc… Embryos satisfy all of these. Foetuses do even more so.

A foetus or embryo has DNA. This is not exactly the same as the mother or father. It is a composite of their and inherited from more distant ancestors. This underscores the individuality of the embryo.

Pro Choice people tend to prefer the words embryo or foetus. They do not like to use the word baby because that emphasises the humanness of an unborn child. But sometimes they slip up. Bill Maher joked about abortion law in North Carolina. ”If you say I am getting rid of my baby you had better say that you are selling your truck.”

On Loose women Colleen Nolan and Katie Price talked about aborting ‘babies’. They beamed and giggled as they cheerfully discussed killing their children. They somehow thought it entirely acceptable to kill their children. They were even boasting about it. They were able to distance themselves from it. A baby was somehow not a baby. Killing was not killing. It was the most jaw dropping double think.

I have made a concession to the pro Choice side. I used the word embryo or foetus a lot.


When is a foetus a human?

The Pro Choice side is not a monolith. There are moderates and hardliners on that side. Some moderate Pro Choicers recognise that a foetus at some point becomes a human. All but the most extreme pro Choicers feel queasy about partial birth abortion. So when in  a pregnancy does a foetus become human? When does he or she acquire human rights?

Pro Choicers are divided on his question. As some pro Choicers accept the principle that at some stage a baby in the womb is a human then I suggest that we urge on the side of caution. As we are unsure when a foetus is a human let us assume that he or she is a human right from the beginning. We could start it at the moment of conception.


Frozen embryos.

A sperm fertilises an egg. Then there is a fertilised egg. This is usually through intercourse. It can be done in a laboratory. These test tube eggs can be frozen for a decade. They are sometimes used for stem cell research. Is such an egg a human being? it is difficult to perceive of something that is microscopic as human despite their having human DNA. Because these eggs can be frozen for ten years and they do not have all seven signs of life one could argue that they are not human or not alive. The latter is more convincing.


Away with the euphemisms.

Pro-Choice people try to disguise what abortion is. They say it is an issue of ‘women’s right’ or it is about ‘reproductive health’, ‘family planning’, it is an issue of ‘controlling women’s bodies’ or indeed ‘healthcare.’ This last one is particularly galling. It takes some nerve to say that abortion is a matter of healthcare.

A pregnancy is not a disease. In fact a woman in very poor health can usually not become pregnant. If a pregnant woman is very ill she often has a miscarriage.

Pregnancy is not a condition to be cure.


When abortion is permissible.

Some pregnant women have a health issue which means that continuing the pregnancy could prove fatal for them. This would likely lead to the death of the foetus as well. Among these are an ectopic pregnant. That is when the fertilised embryo is lodged in the Fallopian tube. As this embryo grows into a foetus it will be too big and probably kill the mother.

Some women have congenital heart problems. To carry a pregnancy to term would probably prove fatal. Such women are counseled to terminate the baby. It is not certain that carrying on with the pregnancy would kill the woman. Of course a woman is allowed to take this risk if she wishes. Health treatment is not force don adults who are compos mentis unless it is an emergency situation.

In these situations almost everyone agrees that abortion should be allowed. That is the position of the Roman Catholic Church. It is called double effect. That means that by killing on person one saves the other. If one did not do so it is probable that two people would die.

There are some Protestant fundamentalists who oppose abortion even in these circumstances. They cite the book of Genesis. Therein it is written that God cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. Eve was penalised for tempting her spouse. Pregnancy and childbirth would be made painful and risky for her. Therefore this mortal peril to a woman is part of God’s plan. It would be wrong to seek to frustrate divine will. I utterly reject this line of reasoning about now allowing a women with a dangerous pregnancy to have a termination.

What about rape. This is different. The woman might commit suicide otherwise. In this case abortion is acceptable. How do we know she really was raped? She might be lying. Even if she is telling the truth a trial could take months and by then the baby is born. I suppose one just has to take her word for it. Even if she speaks the truth her rapist may never be apprehended. If only permits abortion only in the case of rape it will lead to even more false accusations.



Specious pro abortion arguments.

Laurie Penny says that pro Lifers hate women. There is no evidence for this. It was an utterly mendacious accusation. There are more women than men who are pro Life. The pro Life men often have wives and girlfriends sisters and daughters. Do they ate all the women they love? Laurie Penny’s screed was utterly irrational and despicable. She was the one shrieking and full of hatred. Saving a child is not hating a woman.

This is not feminism. Feminism did a lot for women and men in the 20th century. Women not have equal right sin most countries. It is true that the feminist movement is overwhelmingly pro abortion. Abortion is often sex selective in places like India and China. It is illegal to abort a baby because she is a girl in India but it still happens . The feminist movement has had the abortion boomerang on it. This has led to the ultimate discrimination. That of baby girls being killed for their sex.

Children would be born in poverty if they were not aborted. As the late Labour MP Kevin McNamara said – that is not an argument that people on his side of the House should make. Is it better to be poor or dead? There are many things to be done about poverty. Killing children is not one of them.

It is about choice. Whose choice? The baby does not get to choose. Nor does the father. It is true that sometimes he urges an abortion. It is not a matter of choice. You being killed by someone else is not an issue of personal choice for your killer. It is not a choice which society has to allow.

If abortion were illegal then women would die in backstreet abortions. They would only did in such circumstances if they did this. They are not obliged to do so. Prior too 1967 perhaps 50 women a year died this way. There are no accurate statistics since people hushed it up as they were doing something unlawful. Anyone who procured an illegal abortion could go to prison for several years. 50 people dying is not as bad as 300 000 people dying. A woman died trying to kill someone else. Who is at fault?

Babies would be born disabled. That is better than being dead. This is discrimination against the disabled. Are they unworthy of life. Killing is not curing. It is about eugenics. Any child that is not perfectly heathy is to be killed? next time you sneeze will you take a cyanide capsule.

The pro Life side is emotional. It is an emotive issue. The pro Choice side is emotive too and uses many sob stories. It is true that giving birth in a bad situation takes immense courage. An image is not an argument say pro Choicers when pro Lifers who the reality of abortion with the photos of dead babies. Pro choicers do not like tp confront the horror of what they do because it is unconscionable Pro choicers also show photos of women who died through illegal abortions.

If you were a woman who was pregnant in a bad situation would you have a termination? I do not know.  I hope not. I am weak and have many failings.


Being righteous is difficult.

The financial incentive are very much weighted towards having an abortion in many cases. It is true that for choosing to be moral one pays a very heavy price.  I conceded that woman having a child in trying circumstances can lead to penury and stigmatisations.



Problems with the pro Life movement.

There is a lot wrong with the pro Life movement. This is not a left – right issue. It is true that left wingers are usually pro CHoice and pro Lifers are often right wing. The right needs to do more to support women who are pregnant in difficult circumstances. That includes generous benefits payments.

The Catholic Church is at the forefront of the pro Life movement in the Western world. The Catholoc Church has had many scandals with child molestation. Pro Choicers like to bring this up. This is a distraction from the ossue of abortion. The Catholic Church teaches against contraception. This is a daft an d pernicious doctrine., It leads to more unwanted pregnancy and more abortion.

There are some rebarbative people on the pro Life  such as Islamic extremists and Nazis.  All the failings and the hypocrisy of the pro Life side do not make abortion good.


If abortion is so good then it starts at home.

Abort yourself. You are at least choosing to do so. The baby has no choice. Saw your head off and hoover out your brain.


Doctors tell pregnant women not to drink because that will harm the baby. Killing the baby is allowed though. It is so illogical and inconsistent.