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Pence on socialism========================================


Pence frame socialism and freedom as opposites. 1 March. replete with logical fallces and

sets up freedom and socialism as antipodes as thouhh they are necessarily mutually exclusive.

dislikeable. gulls his audience.

untrthfuyl statement.

praising America to the moon. guarnatedt to put a lump in the throats of his hearers

an orgy of self congratulfaiton.

I do not deprecta te USA. USA is better than my countr in terms of technology.

socialism.  it is variegated and defies  brief and all encompassing definition. protean. st simon invented it. foght in American revolution

common ownership. sharing. sciare governmental or co operative.

market or non market. can allow profit.

st Thomas Aquinas. st Augustine.  monks. socialists

communes existed in USA. socialism can co exist wwith capitalism.

chimera. idea thst dems want full socialism

they want to be Denmark not north korea. as though one is a simulacrum of the other.

”what they are offering is more taxes more spending and more government”

his party cuts tax for the rch. tax budern on poor and unborn. he is supposed to care for the unborn.

more government. big military. PATRIOT act. spying.

”it wwas freedom not socialism that ended slavery”


gladsome tidings. people complained it was governmental interfence. property rights.

”it was freedom not socialism that won ww2” – communism.

75% of german army on estern from. hungairans Romanians,. Bulgarians. Slovaks. Vichy French. SS volunteers from belgiaum Norway. bosnia.

”it was freedom not socialism that moved us being the prejudice sof the past to create a more perfect union”

slavery. capitalism. commodities.

rights for black people – government intervention. federal

jim crow. free trade.

as though there is no via media

socialism can be in a free society or an unfree one.

capitalism can be free or unfree

how stringent is definition of socialism/ it is a lving organisma.

evolves. he does not believe in evolution

republican party is not what it was in Lincoln;s time

capitalism and socialismt not at loggerheads

not inimical. we can have a mélange

scare mongering. catheroail thinking . absolutism.

US surreptitiously assisted overthrow of democracy in other countries.

indignant when I point this out

preaching demoracy while destroying it

spoutinf the word liberty while spreading dictatorshop. civil liberties suspended.

hacked elections. interfering in Italy.

military junta in Greece. 1967.

people indignant when this is drawn to their attention.

pig ignorant will not know this dark history of crushing freedom.

iran. might have developed democracy further. UK involved. I do not resile from stating that.

trrjhillo in  dominanc republic. papa doc Duvalier.

samosa family in Nicaragua.

slaighter house states of centrl America. el salvdaor

Argentina. pincihet chile.

support military junta in Indonesia and Pakistan.

oppose democracy in Palestine.

ngo dinh diem. Eisenhower said Vietnamese would vote communist

banana republic.

socialist government elected in france, the UK, spain, protugal, Italy, german, Netherlands, Denmark Sweden, findland Norway. Poland.

india. communist kerala and west Bengal.  high literacy. richer. Cyprus communist president.

ANC. south Africa. Bolivia venzeual. jamaice. labour party pro USA. Antigua.


founding fathers. liberty. not for African americans

no guns rights till 1791. no president. no large milirary

5000 men.  no spying on citizens. no drug laws. no mass incarceration.

bewails socialism

” what medicare for all really mean is  quality healthcare for none ”

quality healthcare through mediocre. you can go private elsewhere.

”impoverisged antions and stifled the liberites of millions”

PATRIOT act that penece supported. then trump saus he was illegal surveleld by obam

they are not longer repeating that lie

wants to keep people in Guantanamo bay. no fair trial. military tribunal.

pence is into depriving people of lberty. wants federal laws to limit gambling. federl ! states rights.

people should control their own lives. big government. nannu state.

”the only thing green about the green new deal is how mch green it will cost us.”

replacing combustion engine achievable. UK and singapore

”replacing every building in America” epoch times

venzuela. failure.s look at healthcare

Cuba. literacy. health . life expectancy.

”freedom is about enabling people to live their lives as they see fit and not government control,”

drugs. prostuton . pornography. guns. alcohol. gay marriage.

he wants gays to be discriminated against . religious freedom. same for anti black discrimination.

opposed repeal of don’t ask don’t tell. would destroy unit cohension 2009

has that happened?

NSA. prison industrial complex.

public ownership. national parks. NASA . state owned and. federally owned land.

”freedom procudres more and better goods” true

”respects the dignity of every single life made in the image of God”

why not save them? alleviate suffering.

socialism. corporate welfare. farm subsidies.

bail out wall street/ auto industry. pence did not support.

sought stiumulus money for his district. hypocrisy. socialism. hand outs. pan handlers. scournager. lakazakdieancl. layabouts.

opposed national minumu wage rise since it would hurt working poor?

Give back some of your salary it is hurting you. daft. casuist. argue that up is down.

military spending helped civil aviation

founding fathers were suspcisous of army. 5 000 troops max

militairms contains vices fatal to liberty. blind obeidnce. turning people into automatons

sychophanyc. chauvinism. martinets. jackboot.

veterans hostpails. GI bill.

opposed to globalism. what about global trade? owning things abroad. US bases abroad

used to want to limite federal spending to revenue earned in last 3 years. work towards balanced budgets.

now a credit addict with a credit card

USA not lowest taxing country in the world.



not socialism that defeated Nazis. You are right. communism defeated it.

USA high average income. mean is skewed by billionaires

”freedom not socialism gave us the highest quality of life”

big lie theory

lyng lips are an abomination to the lord

human development index. happiness. UN survey . scandidnaive top stress. crime.


people pay more for health. need car. work longer hours more days. no paid maternity leave.

”the cleanst environment”

pollution from cars and factoris.

UBI. Alaska. palin

if trump is so anti socialist why does he like former communists. Putin, Kim, Xi.

Pence is anti scientific. against sex education. abstinence only. 95% of americans not virgins when they wed. young republicans virgins but not throygh choice

said smoking does not kill. 2001

said climate change is bogus.

no sex ed. anti pedagogical. his wife’s school will not tolerate gay students!

pence is family values. when family deteriorates civilization falls. he broke up families with child separation policy. condemned by every church.

talk of freedom ehn kow towing to dictators n Saudi. Qatar and UAE

heartless and cruel. worships mammon

said affordbale care and patient protection is like 9.11

they say ilhan omar makes light of it.

impeachment of bill clinont. first family must set example

trump has morl airhituty

pence decried divorce. trump twioce divoredded through adultery. one rule for the elite.

do as I say. like ginrich.  Pharisee.



A dream of Northants


was with radio rentals in an ishmaelites house. but the ishamelites were not there. things wre up in Arabic writing. there were swords. it was a flat – very fragrant. marble floros. spacious. had seen a beheading scene phoot – had not found it traumatizing. occidentals were invited to touch the sword. the deceased did not ppear to have his head smitten from his boyd. ly at such an angle that it was not gruesome. no blood

anywhoe.. my radio rentals chided me. they were afeaed that the family who owned the place would come back. what was this about? mabe since radios are in araby right now. I fer for them. one may succumb to an infarction any moment. spoke of that yeternight.

later I got into bed to sleep. shared a room with divya. him of all people / I saw this little indian on fb wed a gor some months ago and wore morning dress. we discussed females. It wa a lrge and usuxoru bedroom with a mirro on the wardrobe

;later  I was in northans. where I began to many years ago. I was recognsied by people talen aback but mostly pleased. I heard zaxk simons had luekeameia. spoke to chrisr orton. he got married too some years ago. chris was a hcool boy again. told me it was not true about zack. chris did nto spek respectfully. used to be impudent.

met some nubule slender woman on the street. a techer. spoketo her. do not know who she represents. truned out to be a friend fo denis edwar.d denis Edward was on the street and cgatted. had been at uni with him. in lancester? he did not go ther.e dnaiel did.

I wondered should I stay in northans? I had anther job in London. no. not northans. tied that lifeytl. sock of it. get back to London. I resoved to steal away.

decline of WASP America ========================================


WASP . W Wealhty. white trash red neck.


natives. Africans

English. prod.

dutch, swedes. scots. welsh. Scotch-Irish. Washington on them

founding fathers.

no thing

germans. irish catholics.


Italians. poles.  eastern Europe.

Russian.jews. luthuanisn.

Portuguese. Mexicans. Chinese.

Indians. Koreans. Egyptians. nigerians. iranians

whites 65%. WASPs under 50%.

not united. not conscious as WASPs. colpur and faith matters. not prod as such. fundamentlaists.

less religious. abortion. drugs. guns. gays. militarism.