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Stella Creasy ==============================================


pro abortion.

abortion in NI

nationalism. hello?

she is 9 weeks pregnant

photo of fetus at 9 weeks.

stop stella

she calls it harassment

what she does it worse than that

if I call it harassment then it is not free speech

potassium chloride in the heart.


used in executions

first principles. is tis a human


stella has a baby

matneral health. why maternal? mother has baby

this is not healthcare

late contraception. abortion is not a disease or a disability

not to be cured#

why is abortion for others and not for you?

princess michael =======================


born austrian in czech

hungarian too

maria christina von reibnitz

Nazi member



fine art Victoria and Albert

interior designer

own business


ed stourbridge



children ANglican but worship in both

kensington palace

prince michael

no civil list

commerce prohibited.

two children

lord frederick

princess pushy


alleged racist remarks in the US about Irish people and blacks


interview with conrad black,

holding hands with another man. veridity.

normal in austria

is she a naif.

said harry’s swastike armband was overblown.



Terence O Neill ============================


1914 london marne

english ancestry. tyrone

house burnt

mum MP

eton. guards


stormont. brookeborough

did not know names. aloof. cold. conceited.

captain. OO

1963. reform


PLAIN truth#


catholic schools

reform. Lemass

ulster at the crossroads


reading from bible.


IRA 1966



riots. 1968. radicalism. US sorbonne

civil rights USA

peoples democracy

bernadette devlin

republican labour


blown from office.

The Trump Ukraine imbrolgio =========================


Biden . funding. his son. gas company . sack the judge.

hunter biden was not in the company when investogation began

no prima facie case against biden or his son.

no case to answer. funds frozen. unfrozen.

Trump . investigate.  withhold 400 m dollars

quid pro quo

what for where

giuliani said it was ludicrous to say that trump asked for an investigation in ukraine

a minue later he acknowledge that trump asked for just that.

talk of impeachment. he has reacted with ire just like the whirligig he is

trump covering up conversation

evidentiary element of this imbro    glio is not disputed.

concealing evidence.

what happened to GOP and national security.

did it with MBS and Putin

not with leaders of france, Canada, Germany etc

Imagine if Obama had secret conversation with Saudi Arabia?

Fox race baiting would have gone into overdrive

all the people claling hi a muslim. Trump said Obama founded ISIS

There is a pattern. Trump has secret discussions with Russia etcc

why secret? Because the content is so scandalous

public would be outraged.  Trump apparentlu said to Russia do it aai in election

they have shown no contrition. they helped him win. would not have won without him

Russia did not pay a price for it. what would they conclude?

do it again? It worked beautifully. paid huge dividends

trump is a manchurian candidate

whatever happned t GOP speakng up for national interest?


phone calls. transcript redacted. 30 min conversation

4 page memo double spaced.

the so called transcript they admitted is not a transcript.

how do we know if a word of it is true?

Trump has previous. with Putin no American official in the rule

we know how he operates

almost nonstop flagrant mendacity

wholesale deglutition of such brazen untruths is galling

sheer shamelessness he takes the biscuit

occasional blurts out a damaging truth.

it is all transactional. no ethics. does not care for national interest

evokes shades of al capone

he was involved with the mob

motivated by money and self aggrandizement.

he finds a soulmate in putin

trump wants to gull the gullible

beguile the ethnically insecure.

dimwits fall for his blatant lies

ukraine situation

kiev. russia. volodymyr


rusisna empire

language. ski or enko ending

independnece 1918.

language suppressed famine

stepan bandera

famine after war

1991 independence nukes


2004 election. yanukovich v yukeschenko

orange revolution

2014. yukeshcnko ousted. 100 shot dead by police


crimea seized




mariupol. odessa.

nemtsov released dossier proving chapter and verse.