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a dream of evil females


two nights ago. I had a dark face – like tan or foundaiton on it. But I never but cosmetics on! what does it represent? It was not spread evebly. saw myself in the mirror. felt ashamed

later was bhan MacDowell. that foul woman. I felt cursed by her all those years ago. I hope you fall flat on your face = she said. it happened. I had reflected on my sorrows. perhas that is why that hideous woman arose in my revery.

then I taught. there were some young pupils. in the caucasus it seemed. docile. blue garments. behind say denise and the giant. she chided me loudly. I disliked being interrupted and reprimanded. she upbraided me for using the textbook . perhas it refers to the unhappy valley. I have thoygh of there and denise. exacting restitution.

someimes I think of ely or dorset. maybe it is a bad idea. so this is a warnign


Tory leadrrship ==============================================


Raab eliminated

stewaet. javid. Gove. hunt. Hunt is most credible. prime ministerial

Bo Jo was on back foot. challenged by ithers. did not want it. no one liners. comedy could not cut it.

Bo JO skipped debate

like heselintine

if Bo Jo PM

election? seemed to rule it out

honeymoon. brexit disappointment. labout may get more credible leader. can tou see him in downing street?

I can see BoJo backtrack on brexit as he did not early elections for new PM. Brown

heathrow. noc lear answer. opportunist. not jusy trimming.

intersection of egotism and lack of principle.

putin’s persona ==============


born 1952. old parensts. two siblings died in siege.

cook for stalin and tsar.

street hoodlum,. tearaway. did he make that up? Judi\o

common theme – toughness. walks with swagger.

machismo. viluntererd for KGB/

law. ger,an. KGB

internal repression. oppression. inconsiderabte. girlfriend ludmila/ always late to nderline importance. brittle ego.

no afanistan. titute human rights acsitives.

east germany. disliked collapse.

authoritarianism. conscientious. not open to experience. not agrreable. demands uniformity. wears a uniform

conformist. follow the crowd. no moral courage. no individuality.

sensietive to threats – real or symbolic. hate out groups.

categorical thinking. order, security , predictability

coercion. submissive and demand submission. a sworn enemy of civil liberty. abominated diversity. demands people cower. cruel.

narrow emotional range. no sense f humor. zero sum game.

conventional. aggressive.


intolerance. anti gay.

exalt leader. cultr of the personality. policing opion. censorious.

attitudianla evidence . loathing of deviancy. hair and face. clothes.

rigid. control freak. ethno centric. lack intellefucal humuluty. my side bias

muzzle media. no free press. Kursk. free foor all of 90s.

violent. militaristic . conformist. zealously advovate for prevailing ideology political or religious.

soecialt norms. narrow minded. blind onbedience. iron discipline.

wears a uniform but was never a soldier. poroshenko was a soldier.

riding without a shirt. a guy like putin. anti gay. petty and pathetic

inner homosexual urges? homoerotic?

demeanifn red army. rehabilating fascism. spreafina animosity

spread it afainat Azerbaijanis. against chechens. many thousands killed.

against jews. they hgacked election.

double think. communism and orthodox hurch

excessice deminations of stalin .

communist and kleptocrat.

more land. megalomania. monomania – might of the state. does not accept that Ukraine is a real country.

alina javanev 2 little sons.

blatant lying. constant cracing for adulation. need to underscore his impoetance.

toadies. revengeful. long memory. merciless gas attaxjs Syria..