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What causes mass shootings>? ===============


white supremacy


mental illness?

economically motivated crime.?

religious mania?

notoriety? do not name killers. A cooper

knives kill but not many arm’s reach.wrestle or run. throwing knives

guns are weapon f choce for mass killers

we cannt ban everytug. we can ban some things. we cannot ban hands.

not left right.


gun nuts ditsrarc things. look to revolution,

false tales. many killers. FBI did it.

most right wingers awant gun control

trump does not want gun contrl. wo by 77 000 votes in three states. his name is more imortat to him than the klvies of children.

if there is gu control trump will lose NRA votes ad tye all vote republican

how do we make it less likely?






Lithuania is a country in Europe. This nation is situated in the north-east of the continent. It is mild in summer and cold in winter. Lithuania is mostly flat and wooded. It is located beside the Baltic Sea. The neighbours of this country are Latvia, Russia and Poland.

At times Lithuania was independent. It was a pagan country until the Middle Ages. Lithuania was a commonwealth united with Poland in the late Middle Ages. Jagellonia was the Duchess of Lithuania. She wed the King of Poland.

The Russian Empire absorbed Lithuania in the 18th century. In the First World War the German Army took Lithuania. Lithuania then became independent. In 1940 Lithuania became part of the Soviet Union. Lithuania left the USSR in 1991.

The population of Lithuania is about 3 000 000. There is a significant Russian minority.

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. This city has a well preserved historic centre. It is popular with stag groups. A river runs through it.

The Flag of Lithuania is a tricolour. The horizontal lines are yellow, green and red. That is top to bottom.

Lithuania is a member of NATO and the European Union. The currency is the Lit. This country is due to scrap its currency and adopt the Euro as its currency.


  1. Which continent is Lithuania in?
  2. Name three neighbours of this country. Three marks.
  3. What sea is Lithuania beside?
  4. Which country was Lithuania part of a Commonwealth with?
  5. Which enormous empire absorbed Lithuania?
  6. What is the climate like?
  7. Name the capital of the nation.
  8. What is the currency.
  9. Draw the flag of Lithuania.
  10. In which year did the country most recently become independent?


keep the Charlottesville statute =============


robert e lee. he opposed memorialisation. we do not respect his views – he wanted to keep slavery

I am not white supremacist

at was confederacy.

like Hirohito in pearl harbour

like bin laden at new york world trade centre

history art

not terrible to remove statue

balance statue with signs about evil of slavery

heritage is not always good

because my ancestor did something does not make it good

probably no statues on bicentenary of confederacy

other president were slave holders.

#people centuries ago did things we consider wicked.




Latvia is a country in Europe. This nation is located in the east of the continent. It is adjacent to the Baltic Sea. This country borders Lithuania, Estonia and Russia. This country has a cool climate. Most of the country is pine forest.

The transport network is good in terms of roads. The railway system is behind the times.

This country has sometimes been independent. At other times it has been part of the Russian Empire. This nation was sometimes pagan. It became Christian in the Middle Ages.

In 1918 Latvia became independent. In 1940 it rejoined the Soviet Union. Many Latvian politicians and intellectuals were sent to labour camps in Siberia. Not many ever returned.

In 1941 Latvia was invaded by Germany. The Latvian Jewish community was killed in huge numbers. In 1944 the Soviet Union retook Latvia.

In 1991 Latvia proclaimed her independence. There is a significant Russian minority.

The Latvian Flag is dark purple and white. The top and bottom horizontal bars are dark purple.

The currency of the country is the Lat. Latvia is part of the European Union. She is also in NATO.

#The official language of Latvia is Latvian. The capital is Riga. It is on the sea.

Latvia is a high income country. It has a very well preserved mediaeval centre. Wagner was head of the opera house.


  1. In which continent is Latvia in?
  2. What are the three neighbours of this country? Three marks.
  3. Draw the flag. Two marks.
  4. Which empire was Latvia part of?
  5. In which year did Latvia become independent in the early 20th century?
  6. When did Latvia become independent most recently?
  7. What is the currency of Latvia?
  8. Is Latvia in NATO?
  9. What is the large ethnic minority in this country?
  10. Which sea is this land by?

Hannity of fake news.===============


Fox News is Fake News.

lies all the time. claims to be under surveillance. puts on hurt face. was all in favour of unlimited spying. anyone who wanted to restrict it was against national security.

illegal spying is wrong. what is his source? No corroborating info. trump his pal is responsible. if trump cannot control FBI he is feeble.

Hannity bangs on about Hillary. she is bad but will never be president.

shut down muslim American spokesman because he would not agree with him,

false stories. accused a gay man of being anti gay.

malevolent. no recognition of wrongdoing by the USA and Israel.

Map on classroom wall


produced by ministry of education.

It showed crimea as part of another country. It has since been coloured in by hand to show it as part of the motherland. What an extraordinary oversight that the Ministry of Education showed it as being part of the wrong country. It has always legally and morally belonged to the Motherland.




Luxembourg is a country in Europe. This small nation is situated in the west of the continent. Luxembourg is landlocked. The landscape is very hilly. This country borders Belgium, Germany and France.

The Romans conquered Luxembourg. It later became a Grand Duchy. It was part of the Holy Roman Empire. It has been independent since 1806. This country was occupied by Germany in 1914 and 1940.

NATO has this nation as a member. Luxembourgish troops served in the Korean War.

Because of Luxembourg’s much larger and more puissant neighbours she built up her defences. This country was called Gibraltar of the north.

Radio Luxembourg was a famous radio station from the 1920s. It played popular music.

The Benelux was formed in the 1950s. The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg co operated on various matters. The Benelux was an embryonic European Economic Community. These countries co-operated on trade, regulation, electricity, telecommunications and transport.

Luxemburg was a day one member of the European Economic Community (EEC). The EEC turned into the European Union (EU).  The European Court of Justice is sited in Luxembourg. The currency used here is the Euro.

The name of the city and the country are the same – Luxembourg.

The Luxembourgish Flag is a tricolour. The bars are horizontal. The top bar is sky blue, then it is white and the bottom one is red. This is the same as the Dutch Flag except for the shade of blue.

There is a large Portuguese minority in the country. This nation has a thriving financial sector. It is one of the richest countries in the world.

The Luxembourgish language is closely related to German. Most people here can speak German and French.

This country has gorgeous architecture. It has many well preserved buildings. There is a ducal palace and fabulous cathedral. The infrastructure is superb. There are plenteous parks and art galleries.


  1. Which continent is Luxembourg in?
  2. Draw the flag. Three marks.
  3. Which language is Luxembourg most similar to?
  4. What other nationality lives in Luxembourg in great numbers?
  5. What European Union institution is based in this nation?
  6. Which empire was this country part of until 1806?
  7. Name the three neighbours of this nation. Three marks.
  8. What was the Benelux?
  9. What sea is Luxembourg on?
  10. What money is used here?