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Carson speech================================================


first recording

me loyal ornage brethren

we don t want those Dublin jackeens coming up telling us what to do.

if thems dubs come up here we will say will youse feck off out of it now will youse

youse will be banjaxed and my mammy will break your face for you.

they say we are irish. we are not irish

if you said that in Belfast you would be thrown in the liffey

I remember when the king as his mot came over. his mot is called the queen

they landed in the phoenix in a big balloon

we will not have a republic republic me rocks.


Helsinki meeting ======================================================


Trump fawning. Putin dominated him and outclassed him.

brags he is tough. never tough on Russia

what is secret deal> I suspect US pulls out of Syria and Iran does likewise to satisfy Israel.

trump said Russia did not hack. then changed his mind next day. feeble statements

pathetic. senile.

trump cannot answer easy questions. asked about Brexit he segued into talking about his golf courses. self obsessed.

what do hacking allegations amount to? Release of information

no bogus voting and no disqualifying valid votes, no giving franchise to illegals.

USA has interfered in many elections but not recently.

USA clearly wanted Yeltsin to win in 1996.

libertarian v authoritarian==========================================


liberty, choice, pleasure. individual rights.

authority. safety. security. common weal.


speed limit

substances, tea, coffee, choc, ciggies, alcohol. what strength? cannabis, coke, heroin

age limits



night watchman state

necessity s the creed of slaves. pitt eh elder

doctrine of necessity

who would give libertuy for security  Рfranklin . hypocrisy

salus populi lex suprema est