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Romanian women like…


their favourite currency is Botswanan


favourite Croatian town



Wy do some buy Trump’s pitch===============================================


doomsday cult. belief disconfirmation.

rapture into heaven. religiosity and irrationality

sunk cost fallacy. invest time , money, emotion in trump

more cmmited you are harder to amdit that you have been fooled. no amount of evidence will sway those who have shut their minds to truth and reason.

entrenched belief. dig deeper. dig heels in.

emotive topic

Semmelweis efefct

self esteem

opinion polarized. bifurcation of politics

Manichean. them and us. demonise democrats, illegals , muslims etc…

make people think they are udner attack. circle the wagons. ox lager mentality

trump tough. vulgar vile. now asks for civiluty

allow trump to get away with so much . unrepentant. no remorse. never apologies or admits he told a lie

caravan dropped . will reappr in 2020 bet the bank on it. mark my words

mark you will be some unknown middle easterners. what if jesus mary and joseph

Obama slammed by Hannity fo mustard choice. elitist. grew up poor, mixed race. did not meet dad. but trump is not elitist. double standards.

ludicrously childishly hilariously pathologically partisan.

trmp si so pro military. yet skips commemoration because of rain

rain of bullets for soldiers. teenage soldiers lied about age tp get into army. these boys died shrieking in agony. trump will not tolerate a drop of rain for those who shed their blood.

no criticism.


What happened to blue wave========================================


cf. 2016

canadoan border. fly over

some gains in house

none in senate. net


blue dribble. no shocking blue. midnight blue?

msulim americna woman. native americamms. gay governor

democrats winning in growing groups. ethnicities an d the young

dems v close gerogia and florida. one mor psuh over the line.

8% ahead

all small states possible to win senate with about 15% of the vote.