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I look at the politics of the UK mainly. I express right wing views, euroscepticism and libertarian views.

death of khasoggi================================


push back

did Saudis underestimate fall out?

maybe they knew there would be response but consider killing a priority

money or morality?

is trump an ingenue thinking he was not killed

only a naif would doubt he was murdered.

cleaners in. chemicals can clean up blood stains.

Turkish staff suddenly given day off.

Turkish police cannot go in. diplomatic immunity. no demi viergerie.

mid terms. USA distracted. USA has a one month attention span. think about florida school shooting in march.



Why are religious people usually anti abortion?==================


used to have a different time for ensoulenent in RC church boys and girls’


born. body and soul

at death soul takes wing

beforebirth you have boyd/ when do you have a soul?

religious against extra marital sex. natalist.

Sinn Fein’s hypocrisy on Brexit=================================================


SF all about self determination

Ireland as 32 counties not recognized by any land nor ever has been.

Ireland consisted of semi indepent kingdoms until 12the century

Siamese union – Isaac Butt. a dependency on England.

SF decries Brexit. adams said it was  ahostile act. democracy is hostile>

52% voted for Brexit. not in NI

NI should have another border poll. had one in 1973 58% turnout. 98% pro Union.

why ever revisit it? we were told EEC referendum was forever and EU referneudm was forever.

1918 election SF 73/106 seats.  25 unopposed wins.

but 51% of vite. see Wikipedia article. much personation, intimidation . voting th dead.

allowed to recosncier.

SF had no plan. no particular objections. what policies did they want differently?

lAWS, tax, socialism, language?

Brexit questions. what about trade, military, immigration and emigration.

all these apply to Ireland 1921 even more stringy

currneyc. sue sterling for 50 years? print it on differnet paper. allowed to do that anyway as in NI and Scotland. interest rates se tin London.

follow rules but have no say in them.



Crowder wrong on Jersualem======================================


doing German accent be anti GERMAN calling them Nazis for not recognizing Jerusalem

other presidents said Jersualem was capitla . he did not show them saying they would shift the embassy

open a US Embassy to Palestine.

UN founded israle. it is true. then obey UN resoltuons. he then calls it anti Israel league

UN said Jerusalem should be a shared capital/ crowder speaks about being correct.

murder of count Bernadotte UN diplomat.

1956 attack on Egypt which he did not mention.

cited helen Thomas saying pasltine is occupied

go back to Poland and germany. no danger there. some Israelis have taken german citiznehspp. safwer there than in Israel.

crowder hated idea of israels leaving Israel. he likes deportations from the USA.

Palestinians have been driven out.

germany never stopped saying sorry and payinf reparations.

crowder opposes reparations for others. not many countries have done that.

wipe israle off the map. Palestine was wiped off the map. under illegal occupation

jewish only roads. discrimination

torture. miderate physical pressure. illegal detention incluidn of minors.

mass civilian casualties.

anti arab prejudice in Israel. detah to the jews. no conscription for arabs

Israel is a jewish state in #

Palestine is not a country. it is recognized by many nations has embassies.

arab israelsi 4 times higher standard of living in Israel. yes israle had investment. has not had brain drain. is not under illegal occupation. has oil. does not have stuff blown up.

”use your military to protect your border.s” he says people should do that. so let Palestinians defend their homes.

”shoot a home invader in the middle is certainly morally acceptable.”

”is it nice to blow away 50 something people because spome of them people are laying down land mines but it is certainly morally acceptable.”

churches – bimbs there. some palestinaisn are christina

UN school bimbed by Israel.

”It is morally wrong to target women and children,”


”home invaders” he deprecates.


”hard to bargain with these nations when they want the complete and totral destruction of Israel.” – Jordan and Egypt have had diplomatic relations with Israel.

dozens of unarmed Palestinian protestors killed by Israel

right to self defence.

right to bear arms.



TuckeR Carlson v Avenatti==============================================


Carlson is a demagogue and a liar

said he would not call him seedy porn lawyer but the screen said it.

he did not let mike speak – interrupted mostly.

two modes – sychophancy and savagery. monstered avenatti.

you are wearing $1 000 suit. should a lawyer be badly dressed on telly? Tucker wears expensive clothes

nothing wrong with that

stormy is stripping. because she wants to. she makes lots of $$$$

tucker thinks avenatti should pay stormy. clients pay laywers not the other way aroud

Carlson loves profit motive. so why dislike avenatti making money

stormy likes profit

stormy is exploited says Carlson. not at all

Carlson haa no problem with expolotstion . againsr minimu wage

what is wring wit porn and strippers . military like it.

Carlson did not answer question about porn

Carlson would not answer if trump lying was ok. led to illegal campaigb payment,

Carlson is very punitive n law

she has got so much publicity and money from avenattis defence and publicity.

Avenatti has not lied so far as I know.

Mid terms in USA ===================================================


Trump behind by 14 points. might sink. could recover. economy foreign affairs

35% his rock bottom so far

you can vote GOP but dislike trump

but trump will drag GOP down. how much?

only 2 seats needed by dems ins enate.

quite a few seats in house

dems to gain bith narrowly.

cRuz hang on by skin of his teeth. beto o rourle only 4% behind. raphael

Trup slammed cruz’s dad saying he jknew lee Harvey oslwas. even of cruz’s father was his pal does not suggest that old cruz killed JFK.

cruz sneered at tofu and California

is he against healthy eating. is it because it is Japanese? is he against the Union? what about ebing all American. he is married too a Californian as well. so is cali bad or not?
some liberals and leftists sneer at texas.

no policy to appeal to people.

Leaver coup against May================================


50 or so in Euro research group. Rees Mogg

BoJo trying? divorce has not hurt him . last gambut

this is why Barnier is suddenly being heklpeful

lacks critical mass. will ot work

he who wields the knife never wears the crown. . Heseltine

attempt by Major 1995.

1997-2005. bianncual leadersip conttests

no big beasts. Davis a charisma free zone like May.

Gove, Fox, Leadsom. Crabb, Hammond all on team May

Remainers and moderates will rally around her

even if Leavers won they might not get no deal Brexit.

they shall be punished. save labour from civil war

oddly lib dems not ebenfitting. all parties in disarray

a putsch will backfire. make Brexit more EU friendly than ebfore.