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Trumps state visit China ========


I went to this country called China

not a lot of peoole know it has got a town called be jing

I am a diplomat. I respect other cultures. I know how to be polite. nobody knos that beter than me

looks even worse than Detroit.

so I am speaking to the Chinas people and I said what is it with you? Why so many Asian around Looks like I am in san fracnsio

or an ivy league college. yo are not democrats are you?

some if you kids speak English better than my cabinet

but look at all those signs. your handwiritn it errible

so then I made a big speech in china in the great hall of the people I said

I am here for high jinks and high chinks

that wa s ajoke. cut it out with the booing already#

people who boo me get carried iut in stretechers

I am real happy to be here in Japan.

some guys stood uo and said excyse me mr pressient but this is china not japan

what do you mean this is not Japan. Fuck you. He said how you know my name

I said how dare you say I am wrng. I am a geniys. I am never wrong. If  say this is japane then this is Jaan. Ok yoi dumb Chinese fuck

Ya so yoou chinas people. remember pearl habour.

we kicked your asses. I saw the movie. Ben Affleck and liv tyler.

so shut up or we boomb you again

what do you mean that was the japs who did it?

the jasn were on our side

what are you stupid or something/ ?

The jaos are on our side. that is why we got the military based there.

while I am here in china can I get some sushi?

I could beat you assholes at judo any day.

then I said to this Chinese dude

you are a snub nosed , slit eyed little yellow bastard mr president. that is why I respect you

you are great president of great people,

they said you want to see the great wall

I said I tld you thse Mexicans motherfuckers would pay fr it

it is a great wall byult by great people and a great country.

they said no it is between us and the miongols

# I said I told you them Mexicans were dumb

in china they like their old king. name is mao. or mo. not mohammed is it?

got his face on all the money. I want that too.

I like the Chinese vcoz they are small. some of them got smaller hands than me


then this jap comes up to me and says

I went to trump univerisyt and I was robbed because it is not a university. you lie to e. give me my mney back. you sent me prmotitonal video yu do on it . trump university no a university no registered as a univerisyt. state of new yokr say it not a univerisyt an dis fraud.

I saidI never said that trump university was a univerisyt. I never said it was anything to do with me. The word trump is ,,,, latin for…..  best in the wrld

I said, I dondlad J trump have never heard of Donald J trump

that is the maiabtream media

the liberal media

fake news

you Chinese need to become American, everine wasn’t to be use. we are the master race

look at our constition. demoacacy

artiles. one. people must choose the dumbest dn the dishnestst person to be presidet.

two. the man with the fewst votes win

three.e black people are not born in America]

four. wimen cannot be presiset

five. rape is not rape if you are called trump

six. if you do not wnt something t be true then it is not.