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What has been killing people in the USA since 9/11?


Yemeni terrorists: 0

Sudanese terrorists; 0

Iraqi terrorists; 0

Iranian terrorists; 0

Syrian terrorists; 0

Gun crime; 528 000.


Note this is people being killed in the USA. It excludes Americans abroad.

A Somali American stabbed some people in a mall last year. In the US he counts as American and not Somali. Only a racist would say his Somali birth should matter more in the US than his American citizenship. When white Christians Americans kill people they are not listed as Irish-Americans, English-Americans or Italian -Americans or whatever. Their faith is not held to count even when it motivates their crime as in the case of white supremacists.

Trump’s policy has nothjng to do with national security and everything to do with xenophobia and stoking baseless fears.

Dreams of the past few days


There was a dream about being in Switzerland.. I remember the very modern dark grey stone walls such as one sees in Zurich Airport. I passed through that airport not so long ago.


In my dreams I have sensed anxiety and uncertainty. Am I coming or going? I long to know and to begone.

Were the British Police brutal?


I have often heard the rumour that the British police commonly beat up those suspected of major crimes. The allegation is that the cozzers frequently compelled suspects to confess to crimes they did not commit.

I have read The Autobigraphy of a Thief by Bruce Reynolds. This career criminal had more than a few encounters with the boys in blue. He only recounted two occasions on which he was in any way mistreated by the police.

In 1946 Bruce Reynolds was cycling in London. He sped past a policeman and said something disobliging to this officer of the law. The police caught up with the 15 year old Reynolds and according to himself they gave him a hiding.

In 1959 Reynolds was a notorious criminal. This career thief was caught committing robbery with violence. The police interrupted this escapade and Reynolds according to himself attacked a police officer. When Reynolds was taken to West End Central he was severely beaten up. Even then he never alleged any broken bones.

Until the age of 50 or so Reynolds almost never worked. He was only ever a felon. He committed hundreds of crimes and was arrested on many occasions. If even he claims only to have been beaten up twice then the reputation of the police deserves to be much better. He said that the police sometimes manufactured evidence against him. He is an unreliable source. Reynolds said he was only once ever wrongfully convicted and that was in the 1980s. Why would he claim that the police fitted him up if they did not? That means they created bogus evidence. He would say that because he wished people to believe that he was so cunning that he could never be convicted by fair means.

On the other hand he got away with hundreds of crimes. He was sometimes wrongfully acquitted.

Despite all this even this public enemy tipped his hat to the police. He said that he had the highest regards for many of the officers who performed their duty honourably.



The nobleman;s drawing room was spacious and airy. The French windows were sligtly ajar and looked onto flowerbeds and landscaped gardens. A welcome fragrant breeze blew in.

The drawing room had a high ceiling and a giant Persian rug covered the dark teak floorboards. Dark silk green curtains were held back by strings. There was a large beige divan in the centre of the room. It was made from an ancient door. An enormous crystal chandelier was suspended from the vaulted and fretted ceiling. Near the edges of the room sat several ornate chairs fashioned form wood. The white walls were hung with tapestries displaying hunting scenes.