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Katyn and Molotov Ribbentrop ==================


EU condemned Molitic ribbentrop

putin denounced polish diplomat as a scumbbag and anto semite

if USSR cared for jews it would ot have handed over millions of jews in w poland

atrocitiries by wehrmacht in 1939 but ussr an ally.

soviet leadrshop later racist. ukrainian famine. kazakh famine

USSR only talking back former russin territory

germans were taking back former german land

bourgeois nationalusts. tatars and chechens deported. anti semitism. doctors’ plot.

friendship agreement.

active support.

huge trade. allied blockade ineffectual.

secret annex.

2010 putin denoucnes it as immoral

what is so wrong aboyt not wanting to go to war?

USSR went to war!

Western lands wanted ti avoid war. France and UK did not gain land from CZ

putin said molotov ribbentrop pact saved lives. how?

basis nord

propaganda against allies. international communism

#anti war activism. desertion

commies and nazis united front 1932.

opposite though similar

the big lie.

hypocrisy. rank dishonesty. rule by fear.

Katyn. 22 000 Poles. april 1940

Blokhin. Red cross

now plaque removed. commies say they were not poles but red army.

falsifiered os history said stalin.

Kursk tank battle. 12 july not so successful

diminishing milutary glory ofred army

valour. reds won.

not every battle was a success.

why so touchy on this?

anything they do not like is anti russian.


Keith Vaz


He left Parliament due to a scandal with a rent boy.

It is a pitiable end after a long and distinguished career. The rent boy’s career that is.

I cannot believe that he would lower himself to doing it with a Labour MP.

yes minister on education



being bored 3/4s of the time is an excellent preparation for working life

school leaving age was raised to 16 to learn more and they are learning less

we raised the school leaving age to keep teenagers off the job market and to keep down the unemployment figures

education is a joke it has always been


a dream of horror


Friday’s child dasked across a road. a yellow but hum. why yellow. American?

He slid under it. did not seem hurt – no blood. WAS UNder t but unconscious. I awoke with shock. was he dead? thre was no sign of movement

why fear his mortaloty. perhaps because yestrnight I vouchsafed to italian what one day differnet in a flught would have meant .

election result =============================================


tory win

why ? brexit and corbyn. get brexit done

almost match labour spending pledges

manifesto. longest suicide note in history. trident. weaponse NHS

labour. convoluted on brexit

tory simplicity. but still negtoationa. NI

lib dems extreme remain party

votes 7 % to 11.5%. net less

jo swinons. I will be pm? gp home and prepare for government

ed daivey leader

SNP 45%. 48 seats.

tories lost 6 seats in scotland. second party 25%

labour 3rd in scotland again

lib dems dd well in twickenah. richmond and kingston


DUP lost belfast N and belast s. alliance gain down N

SDLP gain foyle

unuonists neet to amalgamate

votes share as predicted

brexit party a damp squib.

UKIP barely registered

corbn standing down

labour needs total rethink

labour retreated to urban britain

labour strongest in wales.

accept brexit/

brexit will not help tories next time

4 tories on the trot.