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History of England on one page


England has been a country since the 5th century AD when the Anglo-Saxons arrived from Germany. A monk named Bede wrote ‘A History of the English people’; thereby inventing the word ‘English’. Egbert was the first King of England; crowned in 802.

England was conquered by the Danes in the late 9th century. The English regained their independence after a century. In 1066 the Norman conquered England. The Normans provided the new royal family. However, the Norman kings intermarried with the old Anglo-Saxon royal family.

In the Middle Ages almost everyone was a farmer and 99 per cent of people were Christians. Only a few boys went to school; learning everything through Latin. Very few girls attended school.

From the 11th century England and Wales gradually united.

The English royal family fought each other several times over who should be king. When not fighting each other the English fought against the French. The English conquered much of western France in the Hundred Years War but eventually lost it all.

In 1533 Henry VIII took England out of the Catholic Church and set up the Church of England. This was to allow him to annul his marriage and to seize church property. For the next 150 years there was upheaval as the country argued about whether the country should be Catholic or Protestant.

In the 1640s the English Civil War took place. King Charles I lost and he was beheaded. Oliver Cromwell ruled the country but did not become king. Then the monarchy was restored.

In the 18th century England and Wales became fully united with Scotland. This formed the United Kingdom. The UK fought against France at this time and conquered many other territories.

In 1801 Ireland joined the UK. The UK was busy fighting Napoleon at the time.

The 1830s was a time of great change. More men were given the right to vote. The country came close to Revolution. The Industrial Revolution took away some jobs. Cities and factoris grew apace.

Queen Victoria ruled in the late 19th century. She set a sombre tone for the country’s zenith.

In 1914 the UK fought the First World War. It was Britain’s bloodiest ever conflict. The British and their allies finally prevailed.

The 20s and 30s were times of mass unemployment but also technical innovation. People desperately wanted to avoid another war. The Prime Minister Chamberlain strove to do so. But he felt obliged to declare war on Germany in 1939. Chamberlain was then replaced by Churchill who was a much more inspiring war leader.

The Allies won in 1945. A Labour government came in and founded the welfare state. For the next 35 years power passed back and forth between Labour and the Tories.

In the 80s Thatcher was Prime Minister.  She controlled inflation but caused mass unemployment.

In 97 Blair became PM and Labour was back in office. Blair was popular until the Iraq War. Labour was booted out. Then the Tory government called a referendum on the European Union. Now the UK is leaving the EU.

Overview ; Bucovina


The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina (located in the North East of Romania) are among the most picturesque treasures of Romania. Whether you are interested in religion, art, architecture or history; Change the comma to a semi colon the exterior and the interior of these edifices will make you want to discover more about their story. Their outstanding design, the decor, the elegant outline and harmonious colors blend perfectly with the surrounding landscape.

The traveler who comes to Bucovina will have the opportunity to taste ( cut out ” the”) local food. Whether you are an expert or a beginner in gastronomy, your taste buds will be impressed by what is called (cut out “the”) Bucovinean food. The local culinary identity was kept intact here. (New sentence) People are still proudly cooking using natural ingredients; (add semi-colon) most of them from their own gardens.

Dreams of the past few days


The night before last I dreamt of a woman and a car. Perhaps  was in the car ; going whither I knew not. Maybe it reflects a lack of any sense of direction in my life. I feel adrfit and wish for certainty. I do not know who that female represented. Can it have been Soul? I saw her photo lately.  crave returning to Kaz but fear if they iscover I am there that onsequences lay ensure; I have doen nowt to the Gldens



Yesternight I dreamt of that mother in France. The chidl pinged a stne at me or something: teh he id it again and it hit me. I shouted that I resigned; The mul ws ther;e he turned anrigly and told me she did not agve tile for this ebfore stalking off. Back at my hosue I discussed it with a woan: As I rash to resign? It was not effective till I put it on paper. I thogbmaybe I would give thel a moth’ s notive;

Later I dreamt f a mixed race woman.

Then I felt there w assolethin insurs me>. I stabbed lyself not with any aparsuicidal intent. It was painless; I puled a larhe worm out of lu guts and kept pulling; It wa s auge tape worl: Oddly it did not isgust me not was this in the lst tarulatic;



Trump will not be removed from office.


Some people are saying that Trump will be removed from the presidency. I do not see him being deposed. I desperately wish to be proven wrong. Those who predict that D J Trump will be legally defenestrated are mostly his avowed enemies.

Only two presidents have been impeached by the House of Representatives; Johnson and Clinton. Neither of them was successfully impeached by the Senate. Only the Senate can kick a president out. Nixon resigned because he believed that the Senate would vote him out; the House had not even had a chance to vote when he stepped down.

The House is in Republican hands. Many Democrats would vote to impeach Trump over Russiagate. However bad it gets I suspect only a few Republicans would vote to impeach him. Even if the House did vote to impeach this disgrace to the presidency it would then move to the Senate. The Republicans have a thin majority there. The House needs a simple majority to impeach but the Senate needs a two-thirds majority. Even if the GOP was trashed in the mid terms it is hard to see how they would ever have fewer than 40 Senators. Only a third of the Senate is up for election each time. Many states are so safe that the Republicans cannot lose them. Unfortunately Trump is safe.

Will he resign? The one thing he will never do is to fall on his sword. He is such an egomaniac that he would rather collapse the house around him. He will never do the honourable thing. He would never put the public interest before his own.

The notion that Trump will be lawfully deposed is pie in the sky. This is overoptimisic. As I say I would be elated if it turned out that I was dead wrong.

Chat up lines


At our age you should be flattered that I am even interested

I have always had an ambition to fuck someone twice my age

If I fuck you will you let me do your daughter?

You probably won’t get pregnant this time

You look menopausal so can we do it bareback?

HIV is now a manageable condition

I have fucked uglier girls than you so you have a chance.

If you are desperate enough; I am drunk enough

What is Islamphobia?


This is hating people for their faith . It is hating people who are nominal Muslils; those who do not really believ ein the relgion or pracitse iteither.

A Msulim is someone who believes in Islam; Shahada

much of Islam is laudable like giving alms to the poor. Some of it is morally netural such as the haj, prayer is good exercise

Judge Muslims b average believers and unusally good ones not the wsorst only

The d rise of Jacob Rees Mogg


followers known as Jacob-ites

quoted on front pqge of newspqpers eqch weekend; this is illy seson

leqderhsp bid? Some Tory Mps say his leqdership would  cqlqmitous; they do not sqy it is impssible

he is v weqlthy self mqde lqn does ot clqim expnese just like adam afriiye

a good role model; has voiced qdmirqtion for trump thqt will cost him.



Trump’s Pershing lie.


President Trump has peddled a myth about General Pershing again. Gen Pershing fought in the Philippines around 1900. The United States defeated the Spanish there and then conquered the country. Many Filipinos then revolted against the American occupation. Over 1 000 000 Filipinos died in this insurgency. This attempt to gain independence was eventually quelled. Trump said that Pershing fought radical Islamic terrorists. 90 per cent of Filipinos are Christians. It is true that some of the Filipino nationalists were Muslims but the majority were not. Filipinos whether Christian or Muslim fought for independence rather than their faith. It is dubious whether they can be called terrorists.

The claim that Pershing dipped bullets in pig’s blood before shooting dead prisoners is widely said to be bogus. Would it not be an affront to human dignity to do this? Executing prisoners without a judicial process was controversial at the time. If they were unlawful combatants it might have been legal. But to put bullets in swine’s blood seems perverse.

Trump said that Mohammedans are so petrified that they might come into contact with pig’s blood that no one cause trouble for years afterwards. If this were so why has no one ever tried this tactic since?

Some Muslims eat pork. Few Muslims follow the Koran entirely. The Koran even states that one is allowed to eat pork if it is a matter of life and death. Moreover, to touch it by accident is no sin. Being shot but such a bullet would be a matter of life and death. Or indeed an accident since nobody intends to get apprehended. Further, in a war the usual rules are suspended. The idea that such a stratagem could best ISIS is for the birds. It is yet another example of Trump’s childishness. He is a simpleton and a pathological liar. His has long known that this tale is specious. It is an insult to the memory of a highly decorated general that a story of him visiting such indignity on prisoners of war is retailed by the commander in chief. It is also belittling the grief felt by the people of Barcelona to make such asinine remarks as though this is a solution. I wonder why the military genius Trump has no issued this as a standing order for the US military.