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Șampania vine cu elicopterul la Quando Beach, din Mamaia. (English). Champagne is brought by helicopter to Quando Beach, Mamaia.


Cea mai tare petrecere estivală de pe Litoralul românesc va avea loc luni, pe 14 august, la Quando Beach, locație situația în Mamaia Nord 546.


The liveliest festival on the Romanian coast takes place on Monday 14 August at Quando Beach which is at Mamaia North 546.


La eveniment sunt așteptate peste 1.500 de persoane, iar programul de distracție este bine structurat, pe tot parcursul zilei. O petrecere va avea loc ziua, unde atmosfera va fi întreținută de DJ din România, iar la lăsarea întunericului ne vor chema la dans doi invitați celebri, care au făcut furori în străinătate cu programul lor muzical. Este vorba despre DJ Patris Gero și Jim Rolland, cunoscut sub numele de Jimmy Sax.*


This event is eagerly awaited by about 1500 people. The list of events is well structured to fill all the days. The party will take place in daytime in an atmosphere will be kept going by Romanian DJs. But after dark the dancing will really get going with foreign celebrities. They have caused a craze abroad with their music. This is what they say about DJ Patris Gero and Jim Rolland who is known Jimmy Sax.



Evenimentul se numește „Party like in St. Tropez, Miami or St. Barth”, iar rezervări se pot face la numărul 0799.782.636. Miezul nopții va fi marcat de un moment unic, de care se bucură în special cei care apreciază distracțiile exclusiviste. O șampanie uriașă va fi adusă cu elicopterul și va fi oferită gratuit invitaților, scrie romaniatv.net.


The event is called “Party like in St Tropez, Miami or St Barth”. You can reserve by calling;;;; In the middle of the night there will be a unique moment . It will be an outstanding privilege to be there in this exclusive ambience. Champagne will be delivered  by helicopter and will be given out free to the guests, wrote romaniatv.net.


La petrecerea de la Quando Beach vor fi prezente mai multe vedete din țară, dar și de peste hotare, care se vor delecta, pe lângă muzică bună, și cu un meniu ales, în care se regăsesc preparate pentru toate gusturile: scoici, creveți roșii, calamar, mușchi de vită, risotto, burgeri etc. În pahare va curge șampanie de lux, celebra Armand de Brignac Brut Gold, la sticlă de șase litri, având un preț pe măsura renumelui: 60.000 de lei.


The equality of outcome lunacy.


Equality of opportuity is a praiseworthy policy. Any decent state has this enshrined in law. What is not praiseworthy is seeking to enforce equality of outcome. If group X comprises 50 per cent of the population it is rash to assume that they must also comprise 50 per cent of those who wish to pursue a certain occupation, that they have 50 per cent of the talent for the said occupation and further than they must rise to hold 50 per cent of the top posts in the said field.*

Nursing has always been a female dominated occupation. In the United Kingdom it has not been presumed that as many males wish to do this as females. There is no reason to guess that this is so. I do not know it to be bogus but the evidence suggests so. WHY IS it in every society in every era more women than men have followed this occupation? Could it be that more females are drawn thereto and women; on the whole, have a greater aptitude for it? Now the government is offering bursaries to attract more males into nursing. This is daft, unfair and a waste of money. It is just as foolish, profligate and pernicious as offering bursaries for women to become engineers. *This social engineering is deluded and pernicious. So many able candidates will be discriminated against just to achieve race and gender targets. The latest inanity from the UK GOvernment is that men and women can change gender by declaration. It appears to be a quick fix to the gender imbalance/.!