Daily Archives: August 5, 2017

Yet more evidence that Trump colluded with the Russian State in the election.


President Trump signed the latest sanctions act put forward by Congress. This bill stated that the reason that Russia was targeted (along with North Korea and Iran) is because the Russian Government interfered in the election. Trump is accepting that the Russian Government intervened to advantage him in the election. No one has ever said that the Russian State tried to help Hillary Clinton. Trump called the bill unconstitutional but signed it anyway. This is yet another example of his mendacity, idiocy and illogic. No one else has claimed it is unconstitutional. Trump is notorious for his ignorance of the US Constitution. If it is unconstitutional then why sign it? He is acting unconstitutionally by doing so; Yet again he undermines his own statements.

Doing business with Russian individuals and the Russian Government can be a totally honourable thing to do. However, if Trump’s dealings with Russians and with the Russian Government why did he nght to conceal this? Eric Trump has said on television that the Trump empire has received a huge amount of money from Russians who “really love golf;” There are Russian golf enthusiasts but it is not a popular sport in Russia at all.

Trump is very keen to close down the investigation into his team’s collusion with the Russian Federation. Why is he petrified of this investigation? Presumably he must know it will find hard evidence of illegality by his campaign. At the very least it causes a constant drip, drip of bad news about him. This distracts from the few positive stories about the US Government such as a healthy economy and limited success against ISIS.

The Trump Campaign repeatedly denied contacts with the Russian State. In recent weeks it has been proven that such contacts in fact took place. Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Junior lied about their contacts with the Russian Government when they were going through security clearance. If such deception was discovered in most jobs that would lead to instant dismissal. Meeting Russian officials could be completely innocent. If it was an innocent thing to do why did these men feel compelled to lie about it?


A dream of unwise conduct


I dreamt that I was in a skole. I was a pupil once more. But I had shown some slides to y classmates or was I in a pedagogical role? In any case these images included some snaps of women. Made me cast ly mind back to the boozy evening before sent in the company of Mr Westchester when images of mature females were exhibited.

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