Daily Archives: August 10, 2017

The North Korean crisis.


North Korea has been threatening to launch nuclear missiles on South Korea and on the US island of Guam. The United States is accustomed to such fulmination from the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. However, President Trump is not reacting as US presidents usually do to such antics. The United States’ usual response is to remain tranquil and disregard the bellicose rhetoric emanating from Pyongyang. North Korea’s tyrant is a shrieking toddler. One should not pay attention to the infant when he throws a tantrum. Instead he should be ignored and allowed time to calm down. Once he is placid then one can have a rational discussion. If concessions had to be made to North Korea this meant food aid. This is appeasement and appeasement is much under rated. It often works. Which is worse? Feeding the starving in North Korea or a war in which millions are killed?

President Trump has yet again revealed himself to be an ignoramus. Has been undermining his own spokespeople and cabinet by contradicting them and indeed himself. The government of the USA has no coherent policy on North Korea.

The unanimously agreed sanctions on North Korea are laudable. This will hurt the country and mean it is more likely that the regime there is compelled to parley.

Donald J Trump has hailed the sanctions as a triumph. They are only as willing as China’s willingness to enforce them. Almost all of North Korea’s trade is with or through China. The People’s Republic of China may cheat on the embargo as before so as to sell more goods or indeed buy cheap coal.

North Korea is a handy tool for China. Beijing seems reasonable in relation to Pyongyang. As China is the only country with any sway in North Korea this means that China can wring concessions from the United States on other issues in return for inducing the North Koreas to do this and that. North Korea is also useful to China as an ally. If it ever came to a war between the USA and China then North Korea is armed to the teeth and would definitely take China’s side.

Donald Trump has aggravated the situation by his puerile sabre rattling. The trouble is this rattling may lead to the sabre falling out. Too much provocation and Kim Jong On might launch an attack on South Korea.

Is Trump playing the madman as Nixon did.? I suspect not. Nixon was only playing insane. Trump really is deranged. He is wildly erratic and highly emotional. He is impervious to evidence and prone to invent fallacies that please him. He has a short attention span and he is very hubristic. Because he avoided military service he is keen to prove himself as tough. He has surrounded himself with generals and is eager to win their approval by a gung ho attitude to complex problems.

Trump may do something foolish that leads to war. North Korea will of course be to blame for its oppression of its people and its hyper militarism. Trump will also be to blame for his stupidity and his warlike remarks.

What will happen in the long run? At this rate North Korea will one day have nuclear missiles able to reach the United States. What will the USA do then? Mutually Assured Destruction might not deter a totally irrational regime. This regime cares nothing for its people. It allowed hundreds of thousands of them to starve to death as it put everything into pursuing its nuclear programme.

China and Russia want to be sure that the USA will not invade North Korea. Comments about the USA wanting regime change mean these governments are less likely to assist the USA in reining in the maniacs in Pyongyang