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Sentence completion tests


Sentence completion test. 5 May



1. How old are you?

A. I have 27 years old
B. I have 27 years
C. I am fine
D. I am 27 years old
2. He went to the Stadium …..

A. with taxi
B. by taxi
C. on taxi
D. in taxi
3. How long have you been living in London?

A. for 7 years
B. at least 7 years
C. since 7 years
D. 7 years ago
4. We haven’t got ….. money.

A. a lot
B. some
C. any
D. many

A. He like going to the movies
B. He likes going to the movies
C. He liked go to the movies
D. He like the movies
6. Peter ….. fly to San Francisco tomorrow.

A. to going
B. goes to
C. is going to
D. go to
7. He plays soccer …..

A. on Wednesdays
B. in Wednesdays
C. at Wednesdays
D. by Wednesdays
8. …. some more coffee?

A. Do you?
B. Do you like?
C. You’d like
D. Would you like?
9. I wanted a green shirt but they only had …..

A. a one white
B. one white
C. a white
D. a white one
10. He ….. never been to America.

A. does
B. has
C. haven’t
D. hadn’t

A. Richard usually arrives late
B. Richard late arrives usually
C. Richard late usually arrives
D. Richard usually late arrives
12. The house was empty. There ….. there.

A. wasn’t nobody
B. was anybody
C. was somebody
D. was nobody
13. If I were rich, I ….. buy a house on the beach.

A. will
B. would
C. should
D. wish
14. When she arrived, he …..

A. already left
B. has already left
C. had already left
D. left
15. I forgot ….. the lights before I left.

A. to turn off
B. put off
C. turning off
D. shot
16. By the time you finish the class I …..

A. will have left
B. leave
C. going to leave
D. would left
17. The room can’t be dirty she …..

A. is just clean it.
B. have just cleaned it.
C. just clean it.
D. has just cleaned it.
18. He plays soccer, ….. ?

A. don’t he?
B. does he?
C. isn’t he?
D. doesn’t he?
19. If only I ….. to the party instead of staying at home.

A. went
B. had gone
C. did go
D. have gone
20. Has Mrs. Smith arrived ….. ?

A. yet
B. still
C. now
D. already
21. Wendy is ….. Paul to get up now.

A. telling
B. saying
C. saying to
D. telling to
22. Have you sent that letter to Mr. Taylor?
Yes, I’ve ….. done that.

A. still
B. yet
C. already
D. now
23. It’s no use ….. to him. He doesn’t listen.

A. speaking
B. to speak
C. spoke
D. have spoken
24. This is the girl ….. I met on Thursday.

A. whom
B. which
C. what
D. —–
25. ….. is your house from here?

A. How much
B. How long
C. How far
D. How many
26. You can watch TV ….. you like.

A. whenever
B. soon
C. always
D. whatever
27. This house is quite old. It ….. in 1910.

A. built
B. was built
C. build
D. has built
28. She ….. go to school yesterday.

A. must
B. had to
C. ought to
D. should have
29. That’s the ….. of my worries, it’ll never happen.

A. fewer
B. less
C. last
D. least
30. Don’t ….. me. I’ll be back late.

A. hope for
B. waiting for
C. expect
D. wait for
31. The lady ….. in the corner is my aunt.

A. whose
B. is sitting
C. sits
D. sitting

A. He used to play chess very often
B. He uses play chess very often
C. He was played chess very often
D. He didn’t playing chess very often
33. He doesn’t like ….. what to do.

A. told
B. said
C. having said
D. being told
34. I ….. it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I’m going for a picnic.

A. wait
B. expect
C. hope
D. wish
35. I thought you …..

A. will come to the party
B. were coming to the party
C. come to the party
D. have come to the party
36. He remembers being ….. to the fair as a child.

A. visited
B. brought
C. taken
D. shown
37. Finishing a course is always …..

A. satisfying
B. satisfaction
C. satisfies
D. satisfied
38. She worked hard yesterday and ….. finish everything.

A. can
B. was able to
C. is hard
D. let

A. Ask her when will be ready the food
B. Ask her when the food will be ready
C. Ask her when will the food ready be
D. Ask her when will be the food ready

A. That’s a little beige British proud bulldog
B. That’s a proud beige little British bulldog
C. That’s a little proud beige British bulldog
D. That’s a proud little beige British bulldog
41. I wish I ….. a car, I’m tired of catching the bus.

A. have
B. had
C. would have
D. had had
42. Peter can eat ….. as twenty oranges in one sitting.

A. so many
B. so much
C. as many
D. as much
43. I know he didn’t thank you, but he …. have done so.

A. should
B. may
C. must
D. would
44. I won’t go to the cinema ….. you come with me.

A. except
B. otherwise
C. unless
D. therefore
45. He wrote the letter ….. , he didn’t need anybody’s help.

A. on his own
B. by his own
C. on himself
D. by his ownership
46. Hotel rooms must be ….. by noon.

A. vacated
B. evacuated
C. abandoned
D. leave
47. You can take the book with you ….. you give it back.

A. as well as
B. as time as
C. as far as
D. as long as
48. Let’s go watch the game, …..

A. will we?
B. shall we?
C. let us?
D. don’t we?
49. I need to finish this ….. Friday.

A. during
B. by
C. until
D. at
50. After many years of research, they found the solution …..

A. at the end
B. at last
C. by the end
D. on the end

Biology test


Biology. Animals, plants and food.

1. Describe the growth of a plant starting with a seed. Remember to mention photosynthesis and what a plant needs for this.

2. What is a mammal? State the things on a mammal which make it a mammal and give an example of such an animal.

3. What is a fish? State what distinguishes a fish from a dolphin which is a mammal. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
4. What is a balanced diet? State which foods we need most of and which foods we should eat less of and why.

Geo of the world test


GEOGRAPHY Test on the world

30 May

1. Name a continent other than Europe.
2. Which continent is the Maldives in?
3. Which ocean surrounds the Maldives?
4. Which ocean separates Europe from America?
5. Which ocean separates Asia from America?
6. Which continent is to the east of America, to the south of Europe and to the west of Asia?
7. Brussels, Madrid and Milan are all cities in which continent?
8. India, China and Japan are all in which continent?
9. The United States, Canada and Mexico are all in which continent?
10. South Africa, Kenya and Egypt are all part of which continent?
1. What is tourism? Describe how tourists travel and what things they like to do? What different sorts of tourism are there in beach destinations and snowy mountain destinations?
2. What is the desert biome? Name at least one desert. Describe why it is difficult to live in a desert.
3. What is rain forest? Name one of them. Describe rainforests in detail in terms of rainfall, temperature, plant life and where they are found. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. What is the coast? Describe how it is formed and changes. Describe erosion and the features this produces such as arches and stacks. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


April Maths


Test April 2017
1. What is 25% of 8?
2. You hear the following number:

4 thousand, 5 hundred 50

How do you write it using digits?


ten thousands = 700 hundreds
4. What is 7,917 rounded to the nearest thousand?
5. 4 2 6 , 9 8 2
– 2 4 0 , 1 1 6

6. A 7-pack of T-shirts costs €12.81. What is the unit price?

per T-shirt
7. Write
as a decimal number.

8. 3 6 . 5 3
– 2 2 . 6 5

9. 2,436 ÷ 10 =

10. 9 ÷ 6 =
11. 7 . 5
× 1

12. A doughnut store uses 2.1 kilograms of sugar each hour. How many kilograms of sugar will the store use in 4 hours?

13. Zack bought plastic tubes that are each 0.5 metres long. If Zack makes a line of 4 tubes by placing them end-to-end, how long will it be?

14. How much does it cost to buy 3 rides on a Ferris wheel that cost €2.46 apiece?

15. Divide. Give the exact answer, written as a decimal.

1 ÷ 5 =
16. 12 students went on a trip to New York City. 4 of them visited the Statue of Liberty. What fraction of the students visited the Statue of Liberty?

Use a forward slash ( / ) to separate the numerator and denominator.

17. 9 9 , 2 3 9
6 , 5 0 8

85 divided by 5 =
19. Write an expression for the operation described below.
add 2 and 9
20. 214
× 2 =

Test on Europe


TEST on Geography of Europe. 17 May

1. What is the capital of Italy?
2. Are all European countries part of the European Union?
3. What money is used by many European countries including France?
4. The Alps are a range of mountains that pass through France. Name one other country where the Alps are.
5. Which sea is to the south-east of France?
6. Which is the highest mountain in Europe? (Exclude Russia from Europe for this question).
7. Is the UK in the European Union at the moment?
8. Which continent is the east of Europe?

9. Which of these biomes is not found in Europe? Desert or Mediterranean biome.
10. Which country has its capital at Amsterdam?
11. Name a country which has a land border with France.

12. Which of the following countries is not in Europe? Algeria, Switzerland or Germany.
13. Which of these countries is in Europe? Peru, Ireland and Japan.
14. Does the equator pass through Europe?
15. Which hemisphere is Europe in northern or southern?

1. Describe why la Cote d’Azure attracts a lot of tourists. Write at least five sentences.

2. Much of Europe has the Mediterranean biome. Describe this bioeme in terms of temperature, rainfall, plants and so on.


History Test


HISTORY TEST. Roman Britain. 15 May

1. Which city did Julius Caesar come from?
2. What was the language of the Romans?
3. When the Romans said Gaul which country were they talking about?
4. Rome is in which modern country?
5. Why did the Romans not use guns?
6. What did the Romans call England?
7. Because they did not have cars what was the fastest way for Romans to travel over land?
8. Which Roman emperor conquered Britannia 100 years after Julius Caesar arrived in Britannia?
9. Did the Romans have slaves?
10. In which year did Claudius arrive in Britannia?

LONG ANSWERS. Write five sentences or more for each question.
1. Why did Julius Caesar turn back from Britannia? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. Why did Claudius think he should conquer Britannia?
3. What did the Emperor Hadrian built to protect the border of Britannia? Describe it in detail.
4. What changes did the Romans make to Britain in terms of language, architecture, building, trade, unity and culture?


Spelling test


ENGLISH Test – spelling. Friday 21 April

Read the passage below and correct any spelling mistakes.
I am a buoy.
I have threa sistars.
We live in a nise house.
The howse is very smal.
But our jarden is quite bigg.
My familly also has a dog.
The dog’s name iz Sally.
Sally likes to catch a ball.
My mother is a dokter.
My father is a polliceman.

Write the plural of the following words;
for example
child children
man __________________
woman _________________
house _____________
person ____________
goose ____________
mouse ___________
apple ___________
knife ____________
live ____________
wolf ___________
Read the words below. Circle any words with a mistake.