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Judge Kavanaugh hearing========================================


lengthy detailed testimony by dr ford

some interview better than others

senate is not a court cannot convict or acquit.

evasive. circumlocution. repearing himself. about beer.

blinking a lot on answering qunesitons

devils’s triangle.

why periphrastiantion? he is a judge.

bring u family. a pity party

supreme coirt judges should be all but blameless. unipeachibale integrity’ he lacks probity.

THB in proportional representation=====================================





PR is democratic. it represents people

first past the post – loser can win. cf trump. Bush

leads to overmighty executive and legislature. elected dictatorship


does not mean weak govt. cf spain

full gamut of opinion is represented. greens etc…

coalition governments are good. many examples. coalitions happen under FPTP too.

string opposition holds exec to account. critical analysis role. scrutinize legislation

no mere echo chamber or rubber stamp.




feeble govt. unstable. pallid palsied

coaltions tat no one voted for.

horse trading. cynicism. jobbing/

chaos leads to frequent elections. dictatorship

lets extremists in.

Israel has govts falling like nine pins.

AV voted down in UK

most western democracies have FPTP

parties are coalitions in themselves.

THW abolish inheritance=======================================


THW abolish inheritance


what is inheritance

property is theft

there is limited property in world. land minerals. running out

how was it acquired?

Some strove for health. heirs do not. unfair. they accrue more wealth over time.

wealth amanegemtn.

would do not allow debt to be inherited

social justice

we propose only personal effects to be inherited. items worth under $10 000/




people strive for children

family values


cruel tp take away heirlooms


does  not bring social justice.

people will give it to children in their lifetimes

the state will misuse funds/