Daily Archives: August 26, 2019

August comedy


start comedy. woman take drink. racist against whites. some of my worst against enemies are white. Indian get us back. curry. teeth marks on the sink. I will never call the n word. nurse. deliver babies of women

trans gender. gf giving birth. poor me. rohypnol ched evans. lioness den

constable. cons table.

constable cunt. molester. sex dream self bj. middle east shoplifting. take it literally.

solve Israel Palestine become a colony. boris Johnson. anne wideecombe. defeat gays.


war against iran

meghan markle. el paso shopping centre. princess diana. royal porn. NHS

. protstae exame

Trump willful ignorance ==================================


belligerent stupidity

entitled to your own opinions not your own facts

comment is free  . facts are sacred.  c  p scott.

incurious. obstinate idiocy.

emotionalises things. preconceived nostra. head in the sand attitude.

confirmation bias. filters according to preference.

inconvenient truth

objectivity. lay aside prejudice.

watn to believability. a fatal lflaw

dispassionate. open minded. intellectual humility. comprehend arguments of the other side

see it from the other angle

trump is volatile . volte face. only cares about numero uno.

rep. dem . rep

guns. iraq. no walk back.

obama founded isis. did not did.

launch missiles on iran. aborted last minute.

Bill Clinton asked the right questions – Colin Powell.

there is truth with the opposite of falsity and it is worth the seeking. John Locke#

trump is against the enlightenment. anti intellectual.

construction. ISIS. deal maker. bsuinessman. milita ry

overestimates his abilities. no aptitude for learning. no scholar#

dunning kruger.

people have committed. to embarrassing to come down

harden their positions. entrenched supporters. invested in him

beliefs disconfrmed. fake news. refuse to face facts. cognitive cowardice

truth hurts . will not acknowledge unpalatable truth