Daily Archives: August 24, 2019

mEGhan markle and priate planes =================


climate change. MM guest edit vogue. prince harry. make sacrifices.

flew to nice Elton john

approprieate donation. how much?

”much needed protection” from what? people? they meet people. live by the media die by the media

public figure complainting about press is like sailor complaining about the sea

if you can’t stand the heat.

jameela jamil. muppets – too dangerous for the public for them to fly on ordinary planes.

they flew on schedule flight last year

princess anne fkies scheduled flights. takes train so does queen.

terrorists try to kidnap people anyway and blow up planes.

renounce titles

people say it is racism. honesty and science are not racist

there is racial anumus against MM.

prince harry could renounce royal title.

MM claims to not care for wealth or status. so she married  a prince?

harry is now anti racist.

princess of equality. contradiction in their somewhere?


more gags


In Ireland we can clean something up by changing one letter. Fuck becomes feck. Not rude at all

We have legalized abortion. We will call it abertion. then that is ok. OR should ot be aberration ?========

Which dog knows the time? A watch dog?


what do you call a body under calcium oxide? sublime.