Daily Archives: August 6, 2019

trump an el paso ================


shooting. Hispanics. white trumpster drove there

so predictable. OIn forecast it. makr my words it shall happen again.

when muslim kills all muslims are bad. when white and or Christian does it only he is responsible.

trump said he rejected hate and racism.  crocodile tears. weasel words

has not apologized . got down on his knews and begged forgiveness from the beraved.

this refuated everytung he said since he netered the political forum.

constantly calumniating ethnic minorities. this odium directed towards them causes some to take up arms.

he de humanizes them. calling them an infestation. as if vermin . to be extirpated.

his ulic life has been about hyper aggression and spite.

his heart was not in speech. delivered in a montone bland. not fired up. those were not his words

lip service to common decency.

he has pumped out invective for years

he inveighes against ethnic minorities. central park jogger. white only tenants.

spews venom at Hispanics

invasion. what do you do? fight back. kill invaders. no metahor

Hispanics and existential threate. US in mortal peril from demographic change

was once anti british sentiment. anit german bigotry. anti Semitism. his jewish in law.

media very unfair to me. cry baby. wimp. whining. snow flake.

trump provides mood music. sgegsting non whites should not have same rghts as whites . do not have right to disagree.

he is vile and dishensty. does not have courage of his convictions

not anti black. omarosa and ben carson. ted cruz/

satanising ethnic minorities. blaming them for crime. stoking hostility towards them

bound to increase asperirty. heighting prejudice and discrimination

abuse the dignity of his office

words lead to actions. inciteful language.  traducing religious minorities.

a bully. punching down. appeaing to the bastes prejudices of knuckle dragging ignoramuses. nauseating.

set a clock . it will happen again. I forecaste another before the year is out. would be delighted to be proven dead worng.

guns nothing to do wth gun deatsh. drugs do not cause drug deaths.

dreams of days


trying to get out of a station very steep ladders. was in Moscow. almost falling. then awoke. realized why I feared the drop. was almost being pushed out of the sack


dream the night afore. gaelic games. reminisced about GAA when I played those frw times and overheard boy say I was dreafufl. knew he was right.

In this game could not keep up woth pace.a war eof poor hand eye co ordianiton. had told pupils this in real life. I am going to Hibernia ere long. but this revery signifies something deeper. anxiety. uncertatiny. where am I goung? arnie schwarzneggar says to have a vision. need to pursue it

worried about row with rado renatla as not gojng to eh bay.