Atmosphere in Italy


-minus 6 000

Trump psychology ========================


basket of disorders. hubristic.

true self and false self

ignoramus. emotionally brutal. not a thug lacks bravery or energy. irascible. egomaniacal. uncultured foul mouthed. a loser. spiteful. revengeful. faithless.

heroic. stoic. intelligent. well informed. clever and equable. morally upstanding. a winner. a zealous christian.

cognitive decelension. alzheimers. senile dementia?

not even republican. lockstep republican.

maladaptive . adversity. unwelcome truths. refuses to accept inconvenient news

denies easily observable facts. size of crowd at inauguratioin. self serving bias.

illusory superiority. excessive confidence in his abilities unwarranted by evidence. is he capable of these cognitionsen.

professors of epidemiology in depth comprehension of virology. evidenceless proposition

none of them said it.

insensitive. 9.11 boasted about his building.

military. ISIS. bible. ultracrepidarian.

I have the best people. ”always be around unsuccessful people because everyone will respect you.” trump.

muzz the media. alternative universe. news worthy. simple. repetition. a wall. understandable.


coverage. oxygen of publicity. name recognition.

media. curse of knowledge. asusmption that the public are informed. People do not care about complex matters. truth uncetain. requires attnetion span.

the death of shame clinton.

never apologises.

J F K defeat is an orphan. he was man enough to accept responsibiluty for bay of pigs.

Trump a moral coward. so courageous. run into a school wihttu a weapon. never physical or morally brave.

tenedncy to over estimate himself

grandiose delusion. medicines . wall. winning. economy. ISIS. trade war.  optimism bias. USA.

self esteem culture.

impulse control. tweeting

OCDC about his status. status anxiety

superlatives. biggest tallest greatest richest

you know what they say about men with flash cars. or big towers.

slothful. indefatigble self promoter. self publicist.s

zeal for boasting. why such a braggart?

big penis. show it.

bezos does nt speak about being rich.  donated money.

usian bolt did not talk about being fast. specialst forces. unassuming. undemonstrative. feats speak for themselves.

braggocodico passes for confidence. bespeaks inner self doubt

does not claim to be a polyglot. two foreign wives. marla maples kind of foreign

a mezzofanti.

anomalous that trump is so far from Jesus.  knows nothing about bible. did not pretend to be religious

christianity. st ignatious loyola. black is white.

belief in falsehood is virtuous. tests faith.

praying. so blatatly acting.

congitive dissonance.

cyrus. Iranian.  R N C

chosen by God. so was Obama then. No one said that aboyt him.

witch’s brew

slanted media.

pertinacity in face of fake news media. hauteur.

cause environmental? brother alcoholic. sister judge

a lunker. self confidence.

aggressive arroggance. mammon worship. greed is good. swaggering .


new name for Trump


The Fake Tan Fuhrer. hubristic.

self serving bias . perceiving himself in the most favourable possible light. blowung hs own trumpet.

unabashed braggart. plugging his business. wine he does not drink. steaks. towers. vanity.

cannot cogitate. speaks in half sentences. cannot complete a thought.

what is the problem. what do we need to solve it? ventilators. isolation. how can we do it? pros and cons of each option? likeldhood of succes

level head. cool calculation. clarity of mind. crystal clear instructions. resolve. people can repose trust in him.

true self. false self. true self is a dim, incurious, graceless, morally bankrupt. cowardly. vulgar, unsophisticated. fork tongued, foul mouthed loon. maleficent ,

he is the greatest in one this. His capacious ability to deceive himself,

never apolgise. excuse me – wto meghan kelly

defeat is an orpahn. man enough to accept blame. JFK took it like a man

shift the blame. scapegating. economy,  immigration, coronavirus. ISIS. foreclosures. bankruptcies.

the deah of shame. clinton

slothful but an indefatibility self publicist.

self deception. clever, affluent, courageous. christian. so blatantly faking it . praying. acting a part very poorly.

you can fool some of the people all the time. a lie if told often enough will be believed by many

told brazenly and with sufficient panache acquires the ring of truth.

tirelessly self promoting.

poor competence


professors of epidemiology blown away by his profound understanding of the intricacies of virology.

ultracrepidarian – knows so much about ISIS. knows more about the bible. How to negotiate brexit.


impulse control. tweets. OCDC for self-laudation. self praise is no praise

boasting that Kim Jong On sang his praises. I would not want a paean from a tyrant. should be proud to be detested by evil men

to be glorified we must also be vilified

intolerance for reasoend criticism. take it personally.

muzzing the media. caustic against moderate republicans.

coruscating atatcks on FBI.

wider malaise. Trump uniquely immune from ethical or legal standards . divine sanction

God chose trump. so he chose Obama

cognitive dissonance. trump as far from jesus as can be.  meek and mild. magnanimous. unboastful.

modesty. worldly goods. lust. inciting violence.

mandate of heaven. Cyrus. Iranian?

maelstrom hubris. malice. mendacity. spiteful  , bears grudges. nurses resentment over decades.

illusory superiority. cognitive bias towards self esteem.

richest . smartes, big dick . best soldier, best doctor, tallest tower.

self esttem cultrure on steroid.

optimism bias. economy. drug prices. being the mightiest. winning wars. coronavirus.

america is where the optmists went.

attention deficit disorder


indifference to suffering. when 9 11 happened he felt it an apt moment to brag that hus building was tallest

environemental? Did not seem to affect him. alcoholism. his sister a judge. he is a lunker – self assurnace.

well known bromide that one president s the opposite of his predecessor.

obama has such elan vitale – trump a layabout. never brusque despite unfair press he had to put up with.

hypermnesia. but trump cannot remember meeting people




Uk lockdown ==========


mostly killing old and ill .

101 deatsh

excess morbidity

3 weeks. economy

when is itsafe|?

italy. slwoing it. one swallow does not a summer make

a blip. rogue result

norway gera=many. switzerland. high cases. efficacy of healthcare

singapore. contorl

heat? thailand. vietnam. cambodua. indndesoa. poor healthare

disganosis. no testing?

USA 32 000 cases 200 deaths. tip of the iceberg#

government cannot tell me what to do. govt bad. federal. vaccines. faith.


coronavirus ====================


rationale proportional fear. tranquil. soberly reflect on the severity of the situation.

pandemic. not epidemic

film outbreak.

rand paul . poetic justice.

fix the roof whil the sun is shining.

measures that would make draco of athens blush.

NI, Wales, Scotland

england most impacted . particularly london

firday PM order

M and S. wetherpsoons. barbers. geriatrics

cull the senior generation. respiatory

prophents of doom. jeremiad.

4 000 ventilators

5 000 cases


coute de coute.  quarantine

south korea

singpaore. warmth

police state.

france police and gendarmeria. .

fear is a friend

racist gargoyle.

USA. deny, deflect, disinform

mendacious ignorant ghoul.

economy going to hell in a handcart.

pants on fire. hoax. insurance paying for more.

kung flu. pander to sinophobia.

nativism. xenophobia


this does not resolve issue

underlying issues. health insurance.  seema verma. ventilators. testing.

paid sick leave. devin nunes. governor of oklahoma

mega churches. trumpsters. snake handlers. providentialist view. anti vaxxers.

reduce life expectancy.

trump would end debt.  make drugs way cheaper and far better.


worst equipped president

lacks the cognitive ability. the temperament or the empathy. problems needs to be examined unemotionally.

corona USA



a month behind italy. 4 000 deaths

increase a thousand fild

republicans unperturbed. church. evoluton. anti vaxxers. 80% approve of his handling.

fox news. chinese corona virus.

democrats. science.

Republicans older. churchgoers.

USA cannot quaratnine effectively

population more diffuse in USA. democrats more urban.

federal government. public funding medical care.

single payer is worse.

intervention in ecomony. wall street bailout. auto bailout

postpone elections. never constitution. wars. online voting. postal.

sporting evets. olympics

test athelets. sectators. japanese only.