differences between british and American====================================


bills. bank notes

bill. check


I need a ….

quarter of …

4th of July – July 4.



trump shutdown==============================


it is his shutdown he said it on camera

test of mettle

ballsiness. this nonsense about being tough.

impetuous. walking out of meeting. immature. that is not leadership. not sagacious.

tough means admitting you are wrong – standing up to  ultras . defending messy compromises. honourable compromise preotects us from absolutism – bob dole

who is blameworthy>/

trump guesses it will be dems

they offerd border security in form of patrols. trump refused. if he wanted border security it was his for the tkaong

state of emergeyc. may fail in court.

if he wins wall is way to cosrly will take a decade to build with seizing land etc…

property supposed to be sacrosanct. get government hands off my property. republican mantra. jack booted government thugs

republican posing by guns and money seized from illegals

I thought you were pro gun> anyone, anywhere, any time any how.

free trade in guns. more guns more safety right? American with a gun is a patriot.

bringing moiney. in yikes!

republicans will wprry and drift over to compromise

if trump has to climb down the humiliation may finish him.

bitter disappointed to the base.

kick in the teeth to the illegal immigration alarmists.

this was all so predicavlt. wall uncisted . unworkeable. impratcal to build . a slogan not a policy,.



A dream of being held


I was walking around a shopping centre. I thnk in this city

I was probably with one who was norn in Mildenhall.

There was a white Americna taller than me – a strng young man with abeard. saw him peform comedy last year. he grabbed me and held onto me in a café. hE Was just showing how strong he was. I was humuliaited. did not ever try twiggle free. he said things to belittle me’

I spoke to eht efamel shop assiatnts asking them to call security/ at this ppint my companion vanished

eventually ythe male let me go

I felt unmanly. is it because I do not rise to the occasion much? not going to the gym because I am ill. missing out on comedy.

british American English=========================================



check. bill

bill. banknotes.



ass. arse

excuse me. pardon. sorry

lift . elevator

telly. TV

cinema. movie theater

bar tender. barman barmaid. alewife

coach. class.

railway railroad

pavement. sidewalk

highway freeway motorway

bike is a bicycle. motorbike


come back at the shop


where y all from?

Celsius. not fahrenheit

metric except for miles and personal height


mam. we do not say much

shop. shop assistant

clerk – almost never

barrister and solicitor. rarely attorney

non rhotic

lead/ leash

math. maths

principal. headmaster, headmistress. headteacher. head

fags. cigarettes

college. secondary school. can be a part of a university.

jerk. not used.

gov’nur. guv.

I get pissed at them.

it irks my nerves.

pub. bar.

we use titles or names not both together.

rubbish. trash can.

mate. matess. /








sick. as in good.


no room to swing a cat.

sorry. apologise when not in the wrong.

pear shaped. pete tong.

flat. apartment.

buy you dinner.

brekker. rugger. . old hat.

lad. chick. bird.

lag. bang to rights. a fair cop

cops – police. rozzers, fuzz filth, pigs.



pack it in. turn it in.

wankered. cunted. pissed. wasted. sloshed. smashed.





British royal family=====================================


house of Windsor. mountbatten Windsor

von schlewsig Holstein von sonderborg und glucksburg.

where does ot come from?

brian boru

Egbert. Wessex. soutj west england

Kenneth macalpine

MQS. ancestress of the queen. SNP chap said why honour their queen when they slew ours.

Wales –  princes.

related to most royal households.

look in family tree for generations to find a mr or miss.

st james palace.

1688 . crown is in the gift of parliament. proven in 1327, 1641, 1660. likewaise in Ireland and Scotland.

coat of arms. royal standard. when in residence/

balmoral. private.. Sandringham/ gatcombe park. Highgrove . osbonr house

permission to wed.

dieu et mon droit