unit 4 research methods. lesson 2. ethical requirements


have a briefing form/ te;l them they cn withdraw

the must have read and understood the info

thank them for participation.



A dream of Zhanna and worry


I bedreamt me of various snippets.  A man had made advances on a female and she rejected him. Then I saw Zhanna the hotty in the office. I desired her but decided it eas unwuse to hint at my attraction. Perhaps she came up as I reminisced about school and she taugt there. I reflected on how deprived I was of womankind at that stage in my psychosexual development. The Bvarian was my first substantial relationship and imprinted on me.

Then various messages came to me. One was that some young woman accused me of hassling her. I realised it was a case of mistaken identity. She was accuing another male ot me. so much of this in the ress lately.

Judge O’Neill did nothing wrong.


A judge in the United States recently wrote on the internet about his sexual encounters with women. Many have objected to this and called for his removal from the bench. This man listed about 50 females he had had intercourse with but did not name them. He identified them by other means.

I perceive nothing amiss in what the learned judge did. It did not bring the judiciary into disrepute. Juriconsults have intercourse like everyone else. He is a philogynist and is to be admired for his candour. Why is it immoral to appreciate females?

Some in the United States are very puritanical. These po faced people cannot accept that a judge has urges too. O’Neill has been accused of being demeaning to the fair sex. It is staggering that his appreciation of the opposite sex is said to be disrespectful.

Judges are often thought to have antediluvian attitudes and to be too distant. They are portrayed as frosty and inhuman. Some see them as ivory tower intellectuals and prematurely old. But this eaRTHY judge has shown he can be erudite and also one who values the fleshly pleasures. There is nothing to decry in carnal glee. I only wish we had more like this person. He is not a stuck up bore nor a judgemental killjoy. He is facing election and is  Democrat. The feminist bigots in his party may well crush him for desiring women as if that were a foul felony. They have joined forces with the theocrats to declare implacable warfare on male heterosexuality.

Was Mugabe Marxist?


would have been better if he had. common onwership

said he was Marxist to get support. fad in 60s

non aligned movement

state visit to USA in early 80s

Marxists anti religious. he was not.

elderly whites cannot rule country. was untenable under smith with 6 per cent of population

always saying UK would re colonise. UK would not take zim back. no desire to do so.

UK trying to wash its hands since 1965


Russia will host the World Cup.


A few years ago some mused aloud about taking the World Cup away from Russia and holding it elsewhere. The UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was one of those who made this suggestion. He was since voted out of Parliament. This is a severe humiliation for someone like him. No party leader has lost his seat in decades. In fairness, he was a former party leader when he lost his Sheffield constituency.

Nothing further has been heard of the proposal to strip Russia of the World Cup. The World Cup will take place in Russia.

Unit 4. lesson 1. research methods. Ethics.


designing ethical research

thesis life cycle.

phases. planning. write proposal. ethic approval. data collection, data analysis. writing up phrase.

iterative process.

think about that ethics permeates every step.

get out and collect data.

realise that ethics is throughout the thesis. it pervades it

do not ignore things or over egg

research related to education is seldom given to all encompassing solutions#

vital for democracy.

moral duty.

researchers have a moral duty to protect people. protect participants. keep them from harm, distress or abuse of power

emotional, implicit or social distress. physical distress.


resaeach offers benefits to society.

there are stakeholders.

reasonable t expect that people behave in a socially responsible wat by taking part.

they have right to privacy, protection from harm.

researchers have to respect and protect their participants.

ethical dilemmas. right to privacy, anonymity and

sensitive info

personal date could identify participants. this must not be leaked

must not be tied back to person – data

if given permission to observe a serting – if anything happens outside remit of the reaech that it nevr leave the seting

when disseminating the info – when writing up do do not identiy people

names and addresses must be kept sepate from data