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Sir Humphrey on why women can’t be senior civil servants


we are all agreed that women must be promoted to the highest levels in equal numbers to men

except the MoD because soldiers do not respect women

We are all agreed on absolute gender equality

Except one more exception: the foreign office. Muslim countries will not accept female ambassadords

so we all agree that women must have all the opportunities that men have in all departments

except for the MoD the foreign office and the Home Office because the police the prison officers never respect women

So we all argree that females must have all the same job opportunities in all departments except those three and of course the treasury because women can’t count

quite. we all agree on equal opportunities for women except in those 4 departments except for the department of health because most people in the NHS are women – they are nuses. so we cannot give women too much power

so women will have equal opportunities in all areas except those 5 departments

but we have to exempt the department of social security because women get most of the benefits anyway as they live longer and get child benefit

so women can do everything except in 6 departments

but we must exempt the departmenr for education because most teachers are women and women cannot be too dominant and schoolmarsmish

so women can do anything except in 7 departments

but there is another exception – women cannot be promoted in the department of culture because artists and actors are all queer. They want a pretty boy

so we all agree that women can do anything except in 8 departments.

but there must be an exception for the department of argiculture. women can’t farm

quite. so women can do anytyhing except in 9 departments

but we have to except the northern Ireland office. attitudes in the province are very behind so we cannot provoke them

yes – so total equality except in 10 departments

and we have to exempt the scottish office because the scots are very behind on gender equality and we cannot impose it on them

so women will have quality in all but 11 departments

but we have to rule out equaluty for them in the welsh office since the welsh do not except gender equaluty

so wimen will have equality in all but 12 departments

but we must exempt the departmenr for local government because too many women are coucnillors anhyway

therefore there will be equality in all but 13 departments

but we must rule out women in the department for trade and industry – trades union leaders and captains of industry cannot deal with women.

so total equality for women in every department except in every department.

More tales by 7 year old


Best film I ever saw

The best film I ever saw was a Harry Potter one. The story was really fascinating. Even though it was over two hours long I could not stop watching it. The music was really suitable for the film and made the mood. The acting was brilliant and the words they said were just right. The costumes looked great. There were some scary moments and some funny bits. On the way home I kept saying lines from the film and I could not get the theme tune out of my head. It really made me want to read every single Harry Potter story book. 


I dressed up as Frankenstein, my sister dressed up as a witch and my friend Simon dressed up as a mummy. We went trick or treating. My mum came with us because you must always have an adult with you. That is because a few adults want to hurt children.

We knocked on the doors of houses that had a pumpkin head in the window. Then we made scary noises so people were so scared that they gave us sweets to go away. We sang a Halloweeen song to the people. We were on our way home when a ghost jumped out of a bush and gave us a big boo. We were all frightened out of our wits. Then the ghost disappeared. Luckily we all got home safely.

disruption of transport act


The purpose of this act is to prevent people disrupting any means of transport and any transport network. People and goods must be allowed to travel around freely.

Anyone who disrupts transport shall be guilty of an offence.

Disrupting transport shall include but not be restricted to:

obstructing any road, port, cycle path, footpath, airport, heliport, petrol stations or waterway. Any of the foregoing or any similar place is held to be part of the transport network. This whether by placing oneself, other people, any animal (living or dead) or any other object whatsover or injuring the transport network in any manner. Injuring the transport network include vandalising it in any way, breaking or damaging lights, breaking or interfering with signs, digging up the road or damaging it in any way. Removing any necessary object from any part of the transport network.

Flooding the transport network is an offence under this act.

Disruption of transport shall include damaging any means of transport. This includes automobiles, bicycle, boats, ships, trains and any other means of transport. Blocking these vehicles or injuring is a crime. This includes taking their petrol or means of propulsion. Removing any object from a vehicle for the purpose of immobilising it or making it more difficult to move is an offence

Any of these offence can be committed purposively or recklessly.

Nothing in this act shall be construed against cleaning, building or rennovation work so long as these are legal activities carried out by people with proper authority. if however, someone engages in such work in a manner that is delibertaely very slow or very obstructive with the objective of obstructing transport this shall be deemed an offence.

Nothing in this act shall prevent the police or emergency services from disrupting transport when they do so for legitimate purposes.