Daily Archives: October 21, 2021

stories to be inspired by; for 7 year olds


MY first day at school
I was going to school for the very first time. It was big school and not nursery. There was a special school bus. I was scared to go. Luckily the driver let my mum on with me. We got to school and met the teacher Mrs Robinson. She had such a nice smile when she said hello that I was not scared anymore. Mum went away. We had a nice day. We did counting and practising the alphabet. We had playtime in the playground. At the end the teacher read us a story about Winne the Pooh. The other kids were good. I made a friend called Dean. 


My hero is Mr. Barak Obama who is the President of America.  I like him because he is smart and he has the right ideas. He speaks really well and not too fast. He gives us time to think about what he is saying because he pauses a lot. President Obama is trying to make the world better and he always tells the truth. He is good to people and never nasty. Some people hate him but that is because they are mean. The President also plays a lot of basketball and that is setting a good example. 
I really like Italian food. We would have garlic bread to begin with and I would drink grape juice. Then we would have meat lasagne. It has to be fairly solid and not too hot when served. They need to use good quality ingredients. The company is important too so my friends would be there. There would be a little bit of easy listening music in the background. There would be no side dishes. At the end there would be tiramisu for pudding which in Italian means pick me up.