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7 year old tales


My school was playing against the other school; St Anthony. We wore blue and everyone chanted ”come on you blues.” The other team was in red.
Right before kickoff I had a butterfly stomach. The referee blew his whistle and we played. It was so exciting. But I was just a bit slow for the game. The other team had the ball most of the time. We tackled them but kept losing the ball. We slid in the mud and fell.
The others scored and again. Half time came. We were two nil down. Our coach gave us a pep talk as we had oranges. We changed some of our players.
After half time something clicked. This time every pass got through. Every tackle worked. We scored and scored one more. 
It was almost the final whistle. Would it be a draw. Abdul from out team shot. But the goalie saved the ball. The ball bounced off his gloves and landed near my feet. I was right in front of goal. I did not have time to be nervous. I just kicked it right in. I had scored. I felt great!
Seconds later we heard the final whistle. Yes! We won!



My favourite teacher is Mr Black. He was my teacher in 3rd form. The first time I saw Mr Black he told all of forms 1, 2 and 3 that we had to do our best. He seemed strict and a bit scary. Although he was firm Mr Black was also nice and funny. He told us lots of jokes. He kept us listening and set us important work. We would have done anything for that man.

Mr Black was tall and slim. He had grey hair and was clean shaven. He always wore a suit and was dressed tidily. He had a lively voice but it was not too deep. He had engaging brown eyes and a sallow skin tone.

In the classroom Mr Black held our attention. He corrected us gently. If we needed to go out to the loo he always said yes.

We all respected Mr Black because he had won an Olympic gold medal for swimming. But he was modest. He never showed off about it. He also coached us for rugby. He inspired us and gave us great advice.

I shall always remember him as a fantastic teacher.



My granny’s real name is Lydia but I never call her that. She has black hair with some streaks of grey. She is medium height and slim. Granny usually wears glasses. She likes to wear woolly jumpers especially in the winter. I stay at granny’s house sometimes. I like it when she drives me to the playground. I like her house because there is a dog, a rabbit and some birds there.

Granny is very nice to me. She never gets angry with me even when I am bad. Granny has a soft and gentle voice. She made a cake one Sunday. She was going to serve it later. I just put my face into it and started eating. She told me off for that.

Granny really likes gardening. She goes to church a lot.