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More tales by 7 year olds


The happiest day in my life

My auntie Suchitra was getting married. We went to the temple for the wedding. Everyone was wearing their best clothes. Rahul was there because he was going to marry Suchitra. There was fabulous music when Suchitra came in wearing a beautiful long red dress. Then there was a ceremony with prayers. All that talking was a bit boring for me.

Then we went to the hotel for a party. We had a really nice drink and I was playing and running around with the other kids. I was so excited by the music that I could not stop moving.

We had a delicious lunch and there were some funny speeches. Then the adults started dancing. It was amazingly happy. Then I got tired and I had to go home but it was a really fantastic day that I will never forget.


A visit to another country

Last year we flew to Spain. There were so many people at the airport it was crazy. On the plane I had a window seat and it was cool to see it take off. It was a strange but fun feeling. Then I slept.

We landed in Spain at night and it as warm. I heard people speaking Spanish for the first time in my life. Luckily some Spanish people speak English.

The hotel was nice and it had a pool. I was so excited that I swam that night.

That week we went to the beach every day. I got good at swimming and building sandcastles. There was a kids’ club at the hotel and we did lots of great games.

I learnt some words for Spanish. Spain is marvellous and I want to go back.


The Big Game

My school was playing football against Crawford School. I was in mid field. I had a butterfly stomach as the the whistle blew for kickoff.

Crawford was good – passing accurately. I managed a tackle but then my team mate lost the ball. I got a few passes and passed it on to the striker. But he just could not score.

At half time we were three nil down. At half time the coach gave us a talk about what to do . He said we could win if we believed in ourselves.

After half time something clicked. This time every pass got through. Crawford hardly ever got the ball. It rained and became muddy. We were sliding all over. We scored and again and again. Just before the final whistle I got the ball and slammed it into the back of the net.

4-3 to us! It was splendid.



”Good evening”, said the woman.

”Good evening”, replied the waiter.

”Please may we have a table for five people?”, asked the woman.

”Let me see if we have one madam”, said the waiter.

After a minute the waiter came back. ”Yes, we do madam. Would you like to sit inside or outside?”, inquired the waiter.

”Outside please”, said the woman.

”Certainly madam”, responded the waiter. ”Would you like to sit here?” , the waiter asked ushering them towards a table.

”Yes, that is ideal”, said the woman. Then she and her four children sat down.


Write about someone you know. Say what this person looks like, sounds like and how she